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Of Birds and Bees [v0.7 Beta] [DiscipleOfVirginia]

Download for Windows/ Linux

Download for Android - v0.6

Usual Features:
* Touch Gestures (menu, hide, skip, rollback, skip, fast-skip, performance, console)
* Medium Compression (Image / Video / Audio)
* Video Hardware Acceleration / Powersaver
* Quick Menu Toggle (standard,icons,disable)
* Quick Menu Customize
* Text Size Zoom
* Text Box Opacity
* Transparent/Default/Dev’s Text Box (optional)
* Accessibility options
* Optional named saves
* Customizable text borders
* Sliders for text size, opacity and sprint size
* User mod compatible: on your phone, copy mod’s .rpy or .rpyc file(s) into /Documents/Renpy_Saves/com.estrada777.gamename/game/
* Dual save locations (Standard + Documents/RenPy_Saves) that will not be deleted when uninstalling
!Grant storage permissions on first run!

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Editor's Rating

Story - Like a carnival sideshow, "Of Birds and Bees" introduces you to a story that feels like a fusion of contrasting worlds. At first glance, the narrative may come across as an odd concoction of horror elements and a vivid exploration of intimacy. As the protagonist navigates her path through life's intricate maze, you'll encounter moments that range from genuinely chilling to intriguingly titillating. - 72%
Visual - In the visual department, "Of Birds and Bees" weaves a tapestry of atmospheres, captured through the lens of its artistry. The visuals, reminiscent of a vividly painted canvas, contribute greatly to the game's identity. From the eerily lit corridors to the intimate spaces where connections are forged, each scene is a testament to the creators' dedication. - 81%
Engagement - When it comes to engagement, "Of Birds and Bees" is a game of highs and lows, much like the tumultuous ride of its own narrative. The music creates an atmosphere that's equally enchanting and haunting, pulling you further into the labyrinthine corridors of the protagonist's experiences. - 66%
Core Loop - The core loop of "Of Birds and Bees" is akin to a carousel of choices and consequences, each turn offering a glimpse into the shades of human desires and fears. Yet, this carousel sometimes loses its rhythm, leaving you disoriented amidst the whirl of decisions. - 58%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 2.24 ( 30 votes)

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  1. “Thicc” other than being intentionally misspelled, has connotations of “I’m either not skilled enough or don’t care to make the woman proportionally attractive” I’m not knocking it, but it’s also not to everyone’s tastes. I don’t mind curves, to an extent. I would however caution that using it in the overview may turn some players right off. Thicc thighs don’t so much save lives as they can crush your head like a walnut… unless of course you never feature eating at her Y.

    The NTR tag is also going to be polarizing. For me; it’s the fact that not only do you tout it, and Thicc women, but you’ve made the only 2 men you’ve shown an ogre in human form and a pencil about as pretty as Freddy Kruger respectively. I called out Manilla Shaw for this kind of BS in more than one article and I’m not above saying your Misandry is showing. So I suppose since you’re doing an NTR game at least I can call you an equal opportunity offender, and mean it quite literally. Since between that all, and the puzzles on top you’re pretty much designing a game that won’t piss somebody right off.

    This one is going to be a pass for me. You guys may disagree and that’s fine. But I don’t need to play a game that’s going to try to do puzzles, on top of insulting designs on men and making every woman look like ballooned versions of Barbie, that are GOING to get treated like blow up dolls; sluts or whores. Because just with one tag, any assumption of romance and actual relationships or happy endings is outright gone. If you can get any supporters my friend, good luck to you. Truly; but I do hope if you continue this you’re either going to refine a few things, or fund the game more on your own support. Because you’re fishing for a VERY niche audience, in a niche corner of the gaming market already.

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