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A Perfect Marriage [v0.7b] [Mr Palmer]

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  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe left to roll back
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
  • swipe up&down to toggle a small window with memory usage information
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

Download walkthrough

Download walkthrough Mod


The walkthrough highlights dialogue or shows points in the choices.
Increase or decrease Text Size and Text Box Opacity.


PC/MAC: Replace/Merge with the “game” folder.

You can also mail us at :-

Editor's Rating

Story - 79%
Visual - 77%
Engagement - 77%
Core Loop - 71%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 3.1 ( 134 votes)

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  1. Cucks are emasculated men with little pee pee. The reason they enjoy getting cheated on and watching others bang their women is because they have little pee pee. Can I get some cuck rage in response to these facts please? I’m collecting cuck tears, thank you in advance.

    1. Decent troll. Clear and honest about its goal and yet will probably work. Solid A-grade material! Will read again.

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  3. Good game and realistic, mc work hard for living and paying bills while her wife busy cheating behind him with his unemployed friend. indeed a perfect marriage.
    i secrectly want to be like mc but my wife’s too timid.

  4. Hardly a surprise to see this was another dumb piece of mentally retarded NTR trash.

    I actually clicked on it just to see if it was.

    Another garbage game for weak beta faggots.

    1. if only all of us were as strong as the man who comes to porn game websites to verbally mock people.

      so strong. much edge. wow.

      (it was hard to have the energy to retort to this lame troll so im saving energy by not hitting the shift key. at least i will sleep well, being bored to death)

      1. 👆 And right here folks is what a weak beta faggot who constantly hangs around in NTR games looks like.

        You end up loitering in random comment areas trying to be noticed because nobody pays attention to you in real life, a side effect of being a worthless cuck.

        1. You know there isn’t such a thing as Alphas and Betas, yeah? That’s just something I made up to get money from stupid people.

          1. It comes from an early study of wolves that was fairly quickly debunked.

            By the very person who coined the phrase.

            Insecure men continue to use the concept to prop up their fragile egos. And insecure men allow them. So this vaguely homosexual interaction of co-dependency creates an insular echo chamber that’s hard to break.

        2. Ssssssoooooo, someone who constantly hangs around the comments to NTR games is a weak beta faggot?

          Someone like you?

          That is one impressive self-burn, Edgelord. Someone who’s cutting themselves that vigorously is normally mistaken for a suicidal. Ask your Dom for some burn cream.


    1. Do you, #nohomo? I mean…okay? This is unlike you so I doubt your sincerity on this, but you do you. Maybe being in the incel cult for so long has finally snapped you, but if so please be safe and get checked by a medical professional.

    1. Yes, your Mr Palmer is combing through this comment section right now as we speak jotting this shit down and taking notes.


      You sound like a desperate little cuck. Go play in the traffic.

      1. Speaking of worthless wastes of air, how are you RanCor? Still spewing unnecessary hate on a forum because it’s the only way you can cum (other than picturing your Mum sucking your micropenis of course)?

  6. Man this story is bullshit. if you pick cheating to your wife you’ll secretly filmed and he will send file of your affair to your wife by your friend and when you are in faithful route you’ll also blackmailed by ur friend by setting stuff like used condom in ur car even that wasn’t your doing so no option is a good option, there is no trust between mc and his wife like almost just a reason to justify to go Beta NTR route. i thought this game more like alpha sharing wifey but nah just straight up Beta cuck and i have problem with that.
    I don’t mind fictional NTR if done right like exciting games, wifey dilema, because i love her and desert stalker because you are sharing with your consent. Not like this backstabbing shit, ur like side character here.
    and also damn those outdated models, character in this game are everywhere esp that fat fuck and also i wonder why he is always portrayed as an annoying piece of shit? lmfao.

    1. stupid then story will end soon
      u guys are watching porn where other guys fucking girl in gang bang
      and now complaining about ntr u dumb

  7. This game is incredible, apart from the betrayal part. They could release a game like this but without cheating, I’ll love playing it

      1. Fuck you🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕 and go to hell man if I betrayed I will kill the man slowly so he will be tormented because I will never forgive someone who betrayed me

  8. I made the mc and fmc fateful to each other, what choice do you have other than complete assholes for the fmc, and whores for the mc, you must be very sick to let them cheat with that scum.

  9. Can dav make changes in the first 2parts where chirs visited there home is left alone with female mc so that there is a chance for more interactions And further twists in plot
    Like male mc being late do to an argent task
    And chirs forceing female mc to drink more

  10. Another copy of someone else’s game/AVN?! I swear I have played this before only it was definitely under a different title and perhaps farther along – though I haven’t see any updates of that (not that I was interested in keeping up) in a long time.

  11. Loved NTR games, I hope you release the part 3. This game have so much potential than any other NTR games. Please don’t abandon this one.

  12. Lol you’re just immature. what you’re described is just a selfish thinking and you said love is not meant to be hurt? lol how naive. you learn true love when you know it’s hurt, that’s mean you’re too attached to that person and trust that person completely, that’s why you will feel hurt. You’re just delusional kid i bet you ever in a relationship, let alone serious one.

      1. LOL, a weak beta male like you aren’t going to make him. You’re such a coward you can’t even say no to your woman.

  13. I think they should update the story after adding sex scene no matter how long it takes. Its similar to awam game they made 6gb of game until now and if you actually notice there is only tease story, no sex scene beside with the husband. I guess it should be like take 1 year of time for making 5/6gb of teasing story. so dont release the update without any scene.

    1. Can you please tell me more games like a wife and mother
      There is blackmail and corruption

  14. attention , android apk contains trojan virus inside. it’s probably a false positive, in doubt delete. Thnx

        1. Hey guys this my insta I’d =(kobe.nty) please reach out to me there I wanna know some more games like this please tell if you know any

          No need to follow me i just wanna know some games

  15. OMG this is such a promising and engaging plot rarely implemented by those AVN!
    YOU who complain about unavoidable NTR is not really understand how to play the game. DONT take yourself as the husband, but anyone arounding suing the gorgerous blonde.
    The dev does have a understanding of FLIRT, and bring this to all his audience with this masterpiece.

    1. Basically cucks project themselves into cucks and get mad about it. Kinda like those closet gays getting mad about other gay people and perching to others about how bad it is to be gay.

      1. Once a Cheetah, always a Cheetah. Those of you who see things through the point of view of anything but the “cuck” are essentially doing it wrong. If she can cheat on a man she professed loyalty to, with you – are you going to like it any better when she buggers off to find the next/better leveled up wallet?

        There is NO good excuse for NTR. Except when it is a true break, cleanly done – because she was already looking for an out and too kind/dependant on a bastard NPC to get out of the relationship. So she joins the Harem Lead MC because he treats her the way she feels she deserves to be treated. Then that one TRUE relationship is what she was always looking for/never knew she needed, or had no hope of finding at the point she settled. Which is probably not NTR as much as it is just forming a new relationship. It’s not that she wanted to be disloyal; it’s that she hadn’t at that point found the right guy to be loyal to. Seriously, that’s the only way most of us who’d decry NTR – yes like myself; I have enough trust issues in general without adding them to women thank you very much. People are assholes. Women can be even bigger assholes. Otherwise explain to me the “friendzone” or the statement “I care too much about our friendship to risk it…” etc. It’s bullshit five seconds after she meets the guy her horomones respond to; but she’ll absolutely string along some overly sweet/naive and well funded geek boy who wants to think he’s got a shot in hell. After all, someone’s got to think of the children, right. Too bad she can’t legally be compelled to share who the father by blood is, in most god damned countries. Which is ass backwards to start with, since blood rights were literally HOW they ended up gaining alimony and childsupport in the first place when the laws were originally written. Now, they’re just an overly abused cudgel.

        Here’s the main point: If you get into a stable relationship you actually want to keep; tell me it wouldn’t rip your heart out if she decides she suddenly wants a guy 2 inches bigger… or with a few more zeroes in the bank account. In reality. Then you find out she’s actually been going for it. Fuck the I can pretend it’s not real, because it’s a game logic. Tell me that if you have a significant other in real life, you would not be hurt at all if she got suddenly pregnant when you know you haven’t fucked her all month. Because you “respect her” and she’s “assertive.” Name me one actual dominant minded male who wouldn’t absolutely strangle the bitch right then and there. Because if I didn’t; she would be out the door the instant I knew it wasn’t mine. No apologies. No mercy. No second chances. She can let the actual baby daddy raise the damned thing and pay for it. I would only care about the kids I can prove by blood are MINE. If a girl isn’t willing to be responsible for her own choices and live up to the promise marriage is supposed to be, what worth does she really have. Because these days, they bring nothing to the table but willingness to fuck – and even that is more a reward system to them because they think every male wants to. : /

        Frankly people who favor NTR ARE the CUCKS. It’s not a reverse Uno card you dumbfuck.
        You people piss me off so, SO very much. Frankly I’d draw and quarter the whole lot of you. Impale you all and make my own damned forest. Burn your asses like Joan of bloody Arc, since you all want to pretend you’re some liberal assed white knights. You guys are why they have to do blood tests for a marriage lisense. Why men don’t automatically trust when she say’s “It’s yours. I’m sure of it. I haven’t been with anyone else.” – We want to; but there’s always gonna be that little voice in the back of your head, especially if she likes time to herself, and calls it an independant streak. You’re why they even needed a “lisence” for marriage to begin with. You are the root of our lacking trust. You are the exact reason “Incels” exist. Period. So go fuck yourselves. Because since you like NTR that much; that’s all you’re ever going to be allowed to do anyway. Better get used to it.

        * As far as the idea of “saving the marriage” fuck that. You can’t. End of. She fucks around, or he fucks around, it does nothing but break the actual vow. It is the severance of that bond, the moment he drives into another woman’s pussy without her willing consent to allow it, or she actively chooses to let another guy push himself into hers. No matter how drawn out the events are that lead to that all important last choice. To go through with full sex, with someone other than your chosen spouse. A death by inches is still a death. Even if only by paper cuts. If she valued the marriage she wouldn’t be thinking to fuck around. If he was happy with being constantly denied because she’ll take any justification she can get in order TO fuck around, then he would never search anywhere but their bed. The marriage is not salvagable. From the moment a third wheel of any sort even enters either mind. The moment that becomes more than a naughty fantasy the pair can discuss for tittilation to spice their given sex up, it’s close enough to flat-lined.

        I know I’m not the only one with the stance; and before you get cute chuckles… I don’t have a girl to be cucked by. I choose not to try to get one, because I do not have the financial ability to afford the actual responsibilities that I would like very much to adopt. Not because I hate women. Or because I’m gay. I may never trust them entirely, but that’s my own issue. Because if I’m going to help a woman bring a life that’s bound to us both into this blasted world – I want to be able to give my progeny everything my own father didn’t bother to. He had his own issues and I refuse to be him. I also refuse to let someone I care for walk all the hell over me. Especially if she’s not willing to actually give me sex in order to get that power as her right. If she was giving me sex; I’d still want absolute control of every aspect therein. It’s not a debate for me. It’s what I will accept, and what she has to consent to, in order to get in the door as far as as my heart’s on the menu. Otherwise, I don’t need friends, especially since the “benefits” are a lie. I’m not looking to solve a Rubix Cube trying to figure out how to “win” her for myself. I do have better things to do.

        I’ll post this, and you can respond as you like. I won’t read it, and honestly I should learn to just not bother with comments. I shouldn’t have let you goad me, because you’re obviously trolling. Or if you’re not, I feel very sorry for you. Hope you both enjoy being the last of your actual bloodlines. Because if you have spouses, I doubt they’ll want to allow you to take any kids of theirs in for a paternal blood test.

        1. Sounds like you’re a gym bro that likes looking at men’s penises in the showers.

          There are many things within a relationship that people can give or take that don’t break it. That others may fulfil this is not a surprise, that’s why people have many friends. But I appreciate that there is always that one insecure friend that sees everyone as a threat partially because they cannot see what irreplaceable thing they bring to a relationship. That seems to be you.

          Trust isn’t trust if you’ve got them chained up in the basement.

          1. Do you really think a “gym bro” whatever the hell that is, could have – never mind WOULD have – written anything that thorough, or long winded. I am the furthest thing from it. And genius, I write romance novels. I don’t happen to be latently gay, bi curious or insecure about my personal level of dominance. If I did have any girl chained up in my basement; it would be because she wanted to play that way. I don’t need handcuffs to hold her down, or make her feel like I own her. Thank you very much.

            You obviously have your own insecurities to share, since it seems you either entirely disagree with my views to the point you automatically discount them, or just skimmed the top and didn’t bother reading most of the actual comment. Believe whatever you want, it won’t change who I am or how I feel about the issue. Nor the ones I expressed, that are valid criticism of today’s society that you simply wish to ignore. Males compete. Females compete in the same way; differently. That’s just nature.

            A final point: do you have any idea how much you would have to trust someone, absolutely, to be VULNERABLE enough to let them chain you up. To do whatever the hell you wanted? Your entire statement is flawed on that point alone.

        1. Think you skipped the part where I said very pointedly I am NOT latently gay. Or any sort of bi. Or anything but STRAIGHT. Dickhead. Try learning to read. Or you can just keep making one sentence comments that ignore the whole point of other’s actually thought out arguments. Whatever works best for you.

          Guys CAN write romance, the same way women can be cops. Or pilots. Or in the military – does it always work as well as it should; fuck no. But I happen to be skilled enough at the harem genre specifically, and romances in general to be able to do so. Like my mother was skilled enough to FIX airplanes. So fuck right off with the judgment. If I found a girl I knew absolutely was going to call me her Number 1, ride or die and no chance of divorce; who wanted MY child without any debate, and didn’t have a body count 20-30+ times mine, I would absolutely marry her and actually have the family I always wanted. But that is MY unicorn.

      2. “Basically cucks project themselves into cucks and get mad about it. ”

        No that’s just wishful thinking on your part but most of us don’t have problems satisfying a woman, we don’t need to watch other men doing it for us. Shame you can’t get a woman, I’d fuck her for you and show you how it’s done.

        1. No - The only comment I will make to lol. Go. Fuck. Yourself. If you can find your cock with a pepper shaker and some tweazers. says:

          No, it’s the truth. You think of yourself as the alpha; you’re going to see yourself as the alpha. If you are intent on focusing on the idea you could be cucked – you likely will at some point.

          I don’t have problems satisfying a woman, and I can get one. I choose not to. Too many requirements. Not worth the effort when she can take everything away in court all but scott free, and not a one of us “manly men” can do anything about it, until they change the laws that allow such bullshit back to what they were originally intended to be for. Jackass. You let me know when we can legally compel a woman to show me DNA results that prove it’s MY kid; and that she can’t treat it like a bargaining chip when she wants to walk away for irreconcilable differences, that she’s never even going to try to reconcile in the first place. Then I would happily try to find a loyal, loving woman. Beyond that, I’m forking over half of everything I own even if she only lives with me 3 Years running. Because Common Law counts.

          I wrote another comment, but at the end, you’re not worth the ire. And I’m half Irish, so that should tell you something.

          1. What are you even talking about? Did I tell you to get married? If you can’t satisfy a woman, and need another man to do it for you, you are a failure. If you fantasize about another man fucking your woman, you are a failure of a man. You can kick and scream all you want but that’s a fact. Your triggered response tells me you already know this though so no need for another comment from you, it will be all cope at best anyways.

  16. My soulmate cheated on me it`s a pain that never goes i despise all females show me a honest female and i’ll show you a chicken with teeth

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