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A Perfect Marriage [v0.6.1b] [Mr Palmer]

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  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe left to roll back
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
  • swipe up&down to toggle a small window with memory usage information
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

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Editor's Rating

Story - 79%
Visual - 77%
Engagement - 77%
Core Loop - 71%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 3.26 ( 48 votes)

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  1. Passed away? Shit, more like he committed khs, no one makes a plot like the one this game had if they don’t have mental issues, guessing the things that happen in the story happened to the guy irl, he was trying to tell the story of his life through this crap of a game, that’s sad man, really sad, instead of developing this crap he should’ve gotten a therapist and pray, meditate, and then ask his family for help, poor guy, all because of a bitch, he wasn’t strong enough to keep going.. may he rest in peace, I rest easy knowing that there isn’t heaven for humans and he’ll isn’t real, he can’t think nor feel anything anymore, and that’s beautiful, peace like that is beautiful

  2. Somewhat engaging and slow build-up. Has potential for some interesting story, but not much of anything as of version 6. perhaps wait a few versions if you want some action

  3. Unavoidable NTR and and slut wife. This is first. Usually if NTR is unavoidable the woman is reluctant to the the advances but in this case however, it’s the complete opposite. I wonder what the dev is trying to achieve here. Obviously, its not about the money since cucks are the only one the would buy this and they’re like super minority. Perhaps he’s trying to express himself? You know, that he loves to see her girl getting bang by other dudes or maybe he’s just simply ill I dunno.

  4. Oh, so people can’t have a strong opinion to something they find absurd because “iTs fiCtiOn” haha that’s fucking retarded and a lot worse than those people you labeling as “moral faggots”. Great job you tool.

  5. Dude what kinda girl have you been with? If your girl is doing that you should straight up break up with her without giving her any room for explanations and look elsewhere, you should learn to value yourself the highest as a human being, you don’t deserve leftovers or something ok, you deserve THE BEST, and if your girl can’t give you that she’s not the one for you, you should be the one breaking her fucking heart not her yours, with this I don’t mean that you should cheat on her, but any girlfriend will care for you even if she’s a fucking cheater or prone to it, so don’t take revenge or do stupid shit just get them the fuck outta your life and cut off any contact with them that way you’ll make her feel unworthy and ostracized and it’ll hurt her like a damn knife, and then the best you can do is look for nice girl right off the bat so she can see you don’t give a single fuck about her, no one should accept being cheated on dude, you’ll find someone that’ll reciprocate your feelings in a pure way, love is not love if it hurts, real love only feels good all the time dude, the pros are always way more than the cons, if love doesn’t feel like that then it isn’t there and you should run the fuck away dude, I’m looking out for you here as are brother.

  6. i got goosebumps playing this game, the wife’s texting with her suitors is painfully close to reality anyone who has had a girlfriend or has a wife can understand how easily women are predisposed to flirt with any guy they get game and when you start to suspect and want to put them in order they take out the card of trust, they act offended and that’s when they climb up to open their legs and suck cocks behind your back

    1. What’s your girlfriend’s contact details? I’ve got a big dick, would be more than happy to pleasure her for you in front of you or behind your back. I’ll even let you guide it in if you want and take photos? Guaranteed make your girl happy multiple times and you’ll come out on top as a hero for allowing it to happen. Win win

  7. Ugh apparently another one of those “slow burn” AVN’s. As of v 0.6 best that happens is you get to see her bush and a glimpse of her pussy lips. Probably by the time the MC gets to cum inside her you will be too old to fap to it in real life.

  8. This is story is cruel as fuck, the wife is not fucking naive and innocent she’s a fucking shameless slut, the presence of the baby makes it all the more uncomfortable since I’m pretty sure she’d cheat on the mc right there and would get fucker by a rando right beside the baby, there’s not multiple viewpoints as the dev says because you can’t make decisions for the wife and the decisions the mc makes have no influence at all on her actions, she’s still a slut through and through and it seems NTR is unavoidable, if I were mc I’d walk the fuck out and sadly, would forget about the baby, because I’m not willing to raise a baby and deal with a fucking slut cheater of a wife, or would wait till’ the baby has a sense of reason to get involved with them and them alone, I’d divorce the fuck out of this “wife” straight away, sadly this kind of games never have that route, it’d be nice if there was a ntr game where you have the option to say fuck you to hell and beyond to the cheater, it’d be nice if they later come back all remorseful and you can’t treat them like the pieces of shit they are.

  9. This is very good, very intersting game and very underestimated also. Very real story, without incest, taboo ,fucking own family or symiliar shit.

  10. Hey WTF i thought a good marriage couple game with avoidable NTR and good story but all i get is a wierdo mc and a whore so called wife who flirts in front of his husband, surely an NTR lover dev made this, for cucks

  11. The story of the game is progressing in a truly wonderful reality. You can’t see the sex scenes right away in the game or you can’t easily reach the women you interact with. It’s nice that it’s not a Point&Click game. I recommend playing the game, but if you’re here for the sex more than the story, definitely don’t. The current version has no sex scenes, just teasing.

      1. Most people who like NTR are netori guys (MC steals someone else’s woman) only handful sick bastards are into netorare (cuckolding). Unless it’s not about the money this is really a bad business move for the dev.

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