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My Lust Wish [v0.8.8 10$] [SRT]

Download for Windows - Patreon 10$

Download for Windows (Steam 2023-07-18)

Download Incest Patch

1st option (easiest):
1. Download patch:
Mega or Anonfiles or ZIPPYSHARE
2. Make backups.
3. Extract to game folder.
4. Overwrite.
5. Run MLW_Main.exe.
6. Start a new game.
7. Choose “Lewd”

2nd option (manual patching):
1. Make backups.
2. Open file in text editor:
x:\<GAME FOLDER>\MLW_Main\Content\Logs\DEV_LOG.txt
3. Remove all text.
4. Paste following text:
5. Save and close.
6. Run MLW_Main.exe.
7. Start a new game.
8. Choose “Lewd”

Y cheat menu
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View Walkthrough

Current Walkthrough as of version 0.4.6 (edited to 0.5.0) (Still not my work, just a copy paste from the link on the Discord)
My Lust Wish contains a few different quests that the player can do. Some of these quests offer monetary rewards, some don’t. Some quests offer sexual rewards.

  • A Study in Vermilion – given by Saki
    • Talk to Saki and agree to help her track down her mother.
    • You can ask Saki for further information about her and her mother.
    • Talk to Tom and Antonio.
    • Go tell Saki what you’ve learned.
  • NEW in 0.4.5: A Sign of the Whore
    • Talk to Saki between 9-15 and agree to visit her mother’s house.
    • Interact with the kitchen island and Akane’s desk in her study to advance the quest.
    • Talk to Saki in her room on the 2nd floor.
    • Advance the dialogue to clear the quest.

  • Babes Illustrated – given by Teddie
    • During the day, Teddie can be found near the running track on the opposite side of the campus area from the dorms.
    • Teddie wants you to pose for him while he takes photos. Meet him in the concert hall on the second floor of the main building at 21:00-22:00 (9-10 PM).
    • The poses get gradually more erotic and start paying more money. In the beginning you get measly $15 for a shot, but in the end you get over $300 per shot. If you’re fast, you can do several steps at once.
    • NEW in 0.4.5: Losing Teddie’s clothes makes you go into debt with him, resulting in somewhat different quest dialogues as well as fast-tracking you through the quests.
    • Failing to return Teddie’s loan clothes to him results in diminished monetary rewards and changes the way he treats Ashley for steps 2-9 (a split in this questline is not implemented yet)
    • At one point you need to talk to Sofia to figure out how to do a pose. Talk to her, then get back to posing.
    • To do the naked photo shoots, go to the back room and close BOTH doors, before undressing. After that you can enter the stage and have your photos taken. At lust level 80 you don’t need to close doors anymore.
    • After 30 sessions the quests are finished. End of quest line.

  • Feel the Breeze – given by Evie
    • Second floor of the women’s dorms is where Evie lives. Talk to her and ask why she seems uncomfortable. She reveals she wants to be naked.
    • Raise your lust to 40 to be able to strip with Evie.
    • For the second part of the quest you need to raise your lust to 80. After that you’re done.
    • End of content for this questline.

  • Magic Man – given by Tom
    • Talk to Tom the security guard and he’ll ask if you’ve seen a weirdo selling things around campus.
    • You can then talk to either Sofia or Claire to get information on where the Magic Man is.
    • Talk to Magic Man and he’ll tell you he’s selling magic that can increase or decrease your breast size, fatness and muscularity. He requires money and sex in exchange for these services.
    • End of content.

  • Spellcasting for Beginners A1 – given by Claire
    • Talk to Claire and volunteer to help her in casting a spell.
    • First step is to head to the ground floor of the library and read three books, then talk to Claire.
    • Second step is to find a magical link and a magical focus. You can ask Teddie about the focus and he’ll tell you. The link is in the unlocked classroom and you can choose to either pick up a hairbrush, a dildo or both. Then talk to Claire.
    • After giving Claire the items, you then have to meet her in the auditorium after 23:00 (11 PM). Take a shower before meeting her.
    • End of content.
    • Note: Claire might not always reset from the auditorium after this scene.

  • Tutoring 101 – Given by Sveta
    • Talk to Sveta, the Russian girl in the dorms, opposite of your room. Offer to teach her English.
    • Sveta drops by every day at 15:00 (3 PM) and you get $5 for teaching her English.
    • After at least one lesson, Sveta tells you she’s going to watch a movie in the evening. You can then enter the hallway outside your room after 23:00 (11 PM) and get a scene where Sveta is furiously masturbating with a remote. Confront her about this scene after the next lesson.
    • After the next lessons Sveta asks you to remove the plunger from the dorms bathroom. Do so and give it to Sveta.
    • After giving Sveta the plunger you can head to the bathroom after 22:00 (10 PM) and enter a cubicle to get another scene, where Sveta is masturbating once again. Confront her about it after the next lesson.
    • Eventually Sveta is going to tell you that she’s going to the running track to get some exercise and asks you to join her. You can then head to the portapotties behind the swimming pool and running track at 17:00 (5 PM) and get the next masturbation event.
    • After a lesson Sveta tells her she needs a private room, and asks you to petition Claire for her.
    • You can talk to Claire to get the key, but she’ll require you to finish helping her first.
    • After the next lesson you get a key to the room on the left side of your room, where you can use the wooden horse and review some of the game’s sex sequences. Sveta also gives you $500.
    • NOTE: Sveta might get stuck in the bathroom stall. You can talk to her by targeting her foot.
  • NEW in 0.4.5: Cross Cultural Studies
    • Talk to Sveta and agree to distract either Brad or Marcus.
    • Find the boys at the outdoor gym between 17-18. Talk either one into going with you.
    • Talk to Sveta afterwards. Your choice affects what kind of a reward you get from Sveta.

  • Snatch(ed) – activated by picking up a magazine from Ashley’s room
    • After picking up a porn magazine from Ashley’s room you’ll get a quest to talk to Willie.
    • Willie will then tell you the magazines are valuable and asks for your help.
    • You can find one magazine in the auditorium and another on the gazebo in front of the guys dorm.
    • Return all three magazines to Willie to finish the quest.
    • End of content.
    • Note: Willie will treat you differently based on how you dealt with him during the tutorial scene.

  • NEW in 0.4.5: Do You Even Lift? – Given by Sofia
    • Ask Sofia about her new camera and agree to help her out.
    • Meet Sofia at the outdoor gym between 9-10 and listen to the instructions.
    • Complete 5 moves each of squats, push-ups, bicep curls and crunches, then talk to Sofia again and agree to continue.
    • For the next step, you need to do 5 pull-ups, and 10 each of push-ups, crunches, bicep curls and squats. If you quit half-way there, the progress will be reset.
    • Talk to Sofia whenever you’re finished, and you’ll get your reward.

NEW in 0.5.0: The Sexual Awakening of Margaret Blysdale – given by Margaret
  • Margaret can be found on the second floor of the girl’s dorm in a new room. Agreeing with Margaret increases your relationship with her. By agreeing with her in “Small Talk” you can increase your relationship with her.
  • After you have sufficient amount of relationship with Margaret, she tells you she needs you to masturbate for her. Increase your lust by having orgasms/sex, and you can do just that.
  • Each masturbation session increases your relationship with Evie, until she’ll eventually reveal she wants to have sex with you.
  • After having sex with Margaret enough and increasing your relationship she’ll reveal to you she wants to see you have sex with a man. You can ask either Marcus or Brad to accompany you, and have sex with them. After that you can either have sex with her or leave, and the quest will be complete.

NEW in 0.5.0: Squaeky Clean – given by Zach
  • Zach is the janitor who can be found on the first floor of the main building. Asking him about a part-time job allows you to undertake a cleaning job.
  • Head inside the room and walk far enough in to trigger a cutscene. By “giving” a show while cleaning the table, the bookshelf and the floor and by undressing you can earn more money.
  • This quest is REPEATABLE.

Other interactions:

  • On the second floor of the main building, between 18:00-22:00 (6-10 PM), a classroom at the end of a hallway has a sex-scene the player can watch. Visiting this location again triggers a different cut scene with no sex.
  • Next to the running track are a number of exercise mats, a pull-up bar, some dumbbells and a bench, that can be used to make Ashley stronger. Raising strength allows the player to advance Svetas questline.
  • Buying an HDD and a wifi adapter from the convenience store allows you to access internet. You can then search for work and stream yourself naked. If you get hired by a regular company, you can start a “work project” to gain money.
  • The room with a black door next to Ashley’s room has a wooden horse and a mirror. Interacting with them allows you to view sex scenes.

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