My Happy Family [Ch. 2 Intro Part 1] [SayWhatProdutions]

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Story - 86%
Visual - 84%
Engagement - 82%
Core Loop - 84%


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User Rating: 1.95 ( 108 votes)

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  1. Well, I drop because all the talking bored me. Not because they are many, but because they are stupid (plus the fact that there are many errors).

  2. The mother is such a brat, how dare she scold her son for something she is supposed to do herself. Besides, he’d get involved in something, she’d probably scold him for doing it, too. Never seen a mother so incapable.

  3. SayWhatCreations, here is some notes about how you ask for the information.

    First of all, you should say “it is that”, they ask us “what it is”.

    Then, about the ages, no one want to type-in number by their textual representation, and moreover it limit you with what you can do with it, and it shows when you ask us what age it will be for our sister after her upcoming birthday and also when you us what’s the age difference between us and our mom, the game should have been able to calculate it by itself.
    If you really want to show the ages with their textual representation, here is a python code you can use (just put it under a python label) :
    unit_nums, deci_nums = (“zero”, “one”, “two”, “three”, “four”, “five”, “six”, “seven”, “eight”, “nine”, “ten”, “eleven”, “twelve”, “thirteen”, “fourteen”, “fifteen”, “sixteen”, “seventeen”, “eigteen”, “nineteen”), (“”, “twenty”, “thirty”, “fourty”, “fifty”, “sixty”, “seventy”, “eighty”, “ninty”)
    def num2txt(num):
    num = int(num)
    if num < 20:
    return unit_nums[num]
    deci = deci_nums[(num//10)-1]
    if num%10 == 0:
    return deci
    return deci+'-'+unit_nums[num%10]

  4. As of the moment I am reviewing this, the game is not yet finished. Still, despite seeing some negativity here, I actually like the game. No, there is not much sex going on and there is a lot of dialogue, but it still excites me. It has a slow-building story, which I like. I would actually brand it as an erotic visual novel, because of it. It’s about a boy (you), his mom, his sisters and the new man in his mom’s life (who happens to have a humongous Negro penis).

    Again, it’s a slow-building story so far, with a few exciting scenes and some choices, but I do think this game has a lot of potential.

  5. It amazes me the amount of homophobic racist little losers you get on these web sites if you have nothing constructive to say design you own games as you are obviously more qualified than the game developers PS i don`t like NTR and the fact it was in the game description i passed on downloading but i did like to give my pennies worth of thoughts

    1. Amazing how stupid faggots like you think they’re right, fucking piece of shit go fuck your fucking ass mf fuck you faggot lazy punk

    1. MC isn’t in the game enough to even call this NTR.

      Name the MC early but then there are 2 scenes with MC in… No idea what the author is even trying to do with this game.

    1. A kidfucker AND a racist. That’s like winning the Hicksville Lottery. Go for the redneck triple-crown and tell us all how you’ve made out with your sister.

  6. It’s a cuckfest. If you’re down for NTR, cool. I’m out. Best of luck to the developer. You’ll have a audience for this.

    1. How to play on Android:

      1. Download the PC version (windows) of the ren’py game.

      2. Unpack the .zip using RAR or your desired unpacking tool.

      3. Download Joiplay and the Ren’py plugin through the Google Play store.

      4. Launch Joiplay, when your on the main menu click the “+” button on the bottom right. Enter game name, version and (optional) game icon.

      On the “Executable File” click Choose and go to the location where you downloaded the game, when inside the unpacked game folder choose the .exe game file and click Choose. When all information looks correct, feel free to click on the “Add” button.
      You’re now done and good to go.

    1. a good april fool joke! like saying “only loser hate a thing I like”! winners can hate ntr that’s okay.

      losers that whine about hating ntr do it to get attention. remember that.

        1. This is a Nohomo sighting. He’s been drudging up the “single moms” thing recently, not that he’ll ever be a dad being mentally ill in his particular alchemical concoction of incel-adjacent insecurities.

          Likely conclusion is that he was raised by a single mom and doesn’t know how to deal with the abuse. He needs help but can’t even recognize it. It’s pitiable, but not something anyone here has to deal with.

  7. Was not expecting this to be “My Happy Family… but only after all of them get banged by an over weight old black man with a horse penis and a stereotypical Jamaican guy while I get subjected to it”

  8. So many baby whiners. Dev, you’re doing a great job, keep up the good work. Looking forward to the next update!

    Good, new models. Other than the first few scenes–good lighting use. Characters are being fleshed out; it’s still in early development. And the dev is getting better had teasing us with nudity, rather than just dumping it all out there. Other than one time with the youngest sister.

    If you’ve got cuck trauma or don’t like NTR or IC, then avoid. Otherwise, this is a great production and recommended. And, also, it JUST manages to skirt loli for me, so I can live with the models, as is. Looking forward to where this goes!

    1. A plot revolving around dick size is dumb as fuck, better learn body anatomy or open up a biology book ^^
      Story tries to give meaning with a family background but the MC is a useless perv, not likeable at all and he’s going in a humiliation path but since no one will care about him there is no point, the elder sister hate men but change her mind because of a bbc, what a twist 😀 seriously
      Add loli models and all this is just a troll.

    1. I’m pretty sure perverted big black cocks like to see that too.

      And a few tight vaginas.

      I’m saying that you’re dumb.

      1. Time for your sex ed lesson: Let me, an A & P college professor, explain anatomy to you. Black cocks on average are no larger than average white cocks when erect. Nobody seems to understand that, because they’re fucking ignorant. However, flaccid white penises are much smaller than flaccid black penises, and therein, lies the reason for all the silly thoughts regarding penis size between blacks and whites. Many people believe that because black men have huge penises that black women have gaping caves for vaginas. Well, because of what I just explained, their vaginas are about the same size as white vaginas.

        Now all that being said, there is a marked difference between Asian penises and white and black penises, as well as vaginas, which I will address in a moment. Average white and black penises when erect are 6″ – 7″ long. Average Asian penises are 4″ – 4.5″ when erect. That is why Asian females tend to have shorter vaginas from vaginal opening to cervix. They are also much smaller and tighter compared to white and black women, which is why many white and black men prefer Asian women over their own race. They are more petite, have higher voices when orgasming, and are much tighter around a stiff, ramrodding shaft!

        1. > That is why Asian females tend to have shorter vaginas from vaginal opening to cervix. They are also much smaller and tighter compared to white and black women, which is why many white and black men prefer Asian women over their own race.
          And this is totally stupid and more so, if we follow your logic, this will also explain why some prefer ch*ldren.
          Anyway, if they whey not destroying everything they can get their dick in, they will not find the need to search tighter.

        1. And you had to follow a dumb comment up with a dumb comment.

          So who’s the dumber, the dumb or the dumb who follows him?

  9. I validate pretty much all the earlier comments… was pretty horrified to see all of the glorifying of NTR situations with bbc and the protagonist is not only cuckolded from his mother and siblings but will become an outsider in his own house… pretty gross start out. About the only redeeming thing is the artwork isn’t your run of the mill avn art, that isn’t gonna make it worth going through this TURD.

    1. I agree,
      writting try to developp characters and familly relations but push the “mc” in a super weird path.
      Thats not really ntr (with sis and his mom) since hes not dating any but with the GF we can see it coming and the fact he can (or not) perv on sis is fuckin weird, not about the incest stuff but the way he can molest a sleeping girl, so the mc is completly fucked since start.
      The MC and sis really look way to young to be likeable.
      the dick size complex and bbc fantasy feel so unreal and just a dev fantasy, better take this VN as a big joke or a funny troll attempt.

  10. It’s what the tags say it is and nothing is really avoidable so don’t bother if NTR, IR or other tags upset you. The sample images not very good when compared to the game both as relates to quality and composition which can sometimes be outstanding and or hysterically funny, the models look better in the game. The story is well done with a lot, perhaps a bit too much, attention to establishing the various personalities. A fairly long and promising first chapter for those who enjoy this kind of fantasy.

  11. Okay. Based on the pictures, I didn’t like it at all, but I gave it a chance. Well… What I can definitely say is that this developer is mentally ill, because for someone to create a porn game based on children, who not only behave but also visually look like children, it’s completely out of line. Game or not, this is not okay.

    1. That’s exactly why some are here. Now tags are here for users disgression. If you see a loli tag which implies children. Why tf would you even download it in the first place. smh

      1. I don’t care what tag it has. I’m talking about the fact that creating such things is against the law of every country, and from a purely moral point of view – it’s disgusting. And if you happen to like it, seek medical help, and get examined because your mental side probably won’t be completely fine

    2. Those hot little loli girls are so sweet and tasty. I like to see them get fucked hard in their tight little loli pussy. YaaehaHAHAHAA WAAAA ! LITTLE LOLI! WAAAAAA! FUCK HAR DIN THE PUSSHY! YEAH MMMM HAAAAAAAAAA! FAP FAPOO FAP!

      1. No, not really. You can “skip” some scenes but NTR still happens and part of the story. These girls belong to the 20 inch bbc and he has been corrupting them for some time already.

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