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Story - 84%
Visual - 84%
Engagement - 83%
Core Loop - 81%


out off 100%

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User Rating: 4.15 ( 31 votes)

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  1. 不知所谓的游戏,一大堆人头猪脑的开发人员,开发這游戏來騙各位玩,里面問题多多,建议這游戏快点下架吧!没什么东西好玩而已。👊🖐️👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  2. Tip: Walkthroughs are NOT just for Paid Supporters. IF you want to gain more, you actually need to ALL OF THE TIME tell the player what the fuck you intend for them to do, and when. This is EXACTLY why so many players fucking HATE sandboxes.

    Isabella does NOT get to be that much of a bitch and then randomly because I went to see Bastet enough times I get dragged into an event with her BOSS that I wasn’t even expecting; just to find Isabella all of a sudden DTF. With an ovulation screen afterward that frankly kept repeating negatives for no reason – when she SHOULD NOT BE AT THAT POINT YET. Tonal disonance.

    The EVERY WEEK 200 thing needs to fuck off and die: I can only make $150 even AFTER I went to see the mayor – Isabella says fuck it and takes me back to $0. DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND THE NEED FOR THE PLAYER TO FEEL LIKE THEY ARE MAKING ANY LEVEL OF FUCKING PROGRESS??? Mark it to a reasonable amount (and no I don’t care about your bullshit excuse of a valueable meteorite of EVERY valuable mineral in the world falling across the planet… FUCK OFF AND LEARN BASIC ECONOMICS!) Half of the taxes against ANY profit is BULLSHIT AND ILLEGAL. No matter which way you write it. There is a law as to how much can be taxed, and how much can be taken as profit as far as cutting into wages, and quality control. It’s actually for consumer protection and business sustanance as much as anything else. If you don’t understand these god damned concepts, write another fucking type of game!

    Because so far, the only thing I feel as the MC or the Player is SCREWED. Of which I might add the only actual sex scene I managed to see was randomly on accident, by the ONE FUCKING CHARACTER THAT DOESN’T LIKE ME AND SWEARS IT WAS ONE NIGHT ONLY. : >.<


    You already started the farm fucked financially = Made Pumpkins take a fucking week when it ALL SHOULD BE ONE DAY with the bullshit limiter you put on MC’s ENERGY without a way to RAISE THAT!

    You have 5 GIRLS in the game you are SUPPOSED TO BONE – and if MOOD negates that + you bone the player with taxation & SHIT profits to start with (AND make the fucking phone bullshit TAKE UP A POINT OF ENERGY ON TOP OF THAT) the Player WILL GET NOWHERE!!!

    Fuck making him refuse Bastet. He does NOT unilaterally get to make that choice because YOU want to make the game balanced like fucking Dark Souls. Asshats! At this point I do not even care that there’s pregnancy or a harem – because I will NEVER get to ACTUALLY SEE that content. Fucking hell, you could not have designed this game more backwards if you tried. Which is just sad. It’s not like the game has no potential but fuck me sideways you went out of your way to do everything you could to tie an anchor to this asshole’s ankles right from the start. Including not actually explaining CORE MECHANICS – and offering help as a choice that the MC for BULLSHIT reasons just outright refuses. Fuck off with literally ALL OF THIS.

  4. First off – you insult the MALE MC way too much. No mother would state that she doesn’t want anything to do with Onlyfans in this house, ONLY to turn right around and say to the MALE MC “but if you want to… I want to see!” Gah. Just, what the fuck is wrong with you??? Second; you lose most people’s interest in any kind of plot if you’re going to make the MOTHER character DUMB enough as a supposed 5 Star Lawyer to WANT to go to a Hostess Club to fucking work and you give MC/PLAYER NO CHOICE TO SAY: FUCK. ALL. OF. THAT. IDEA. IT’S RETARDED, AND YOU’RE GOING TO BE RAPED TO HELL, AND BACK BEFORE YOU KNOW IT… It’s called a Roofie. It’s not that hard to think about. Hell they could even use Oxycotin. If they’re the MOB, do you really think they’re going to take fuck off and die, you toad for an answer??? Come the fuck on and use your brains Dev.

    IN. A. HAREM. TAGGED. GRINDFEST. GAME!!! Where the only reason for a scene like that is to PISS OFF The Harem Oriented Playing Audience, or add a pressure that doesn’t need to be there against EVERY OTHER PRESSURE YOU’RE ALREADY STARTING AGAINST!

    The sandbox I can deal with; the grinding, is blue balling bullshit, but I can deal with it too. Fucking the Harem over before it even gets built, or even insinuating that kind of red flag for content = FUCK YOU. So if that’s your damned INTRO to the game, you really need to do better to keep players invested. Because as far as I care about those three right now: One hates MC for NO FUCKING STATED REASON – AND is a massive BITCH. The Mom is stated to be X,Y,Z BRILLIANT at a job she no longer has and you’ve written her like the BIGGEST fucking ditz on the PLANET. And Bianca is just a cute pair of tits who’s probably Bi and into Incest…. Yippee? In ANY management game, there is a push and pull with the economy. You might want to recall that while you want the player to feel like the “rewards” are “earned” you also don’t want to grind them to the bone for every fucking scrap of even just foreplay. Because that WILL fuck your player count right down a hill.

    If the only way he has a hope in hell of getting some in this game is with the help of a “goddess” who seems more like a random succubus at this point; better get on soon to the point where MC actually fucking HAS some level of influence with the girls. Because while I don’t mind a challenge, you started this fucker off with the god damned Titanic, AFTER it hit the iceburg. : /

  5. The Farm part for money is a bit of a pain and the cartoon like renders are really outdates (as are the animations).
    Yet it’s entertaining, some little bugs (like wolf encounter can be repeated and then it messes up with Bastet dialogues, same with Ryo encounter…was unable to trigger the second encounter.
    Too bad the interactions with the main girls are so limited (nothing serious with Isa besides the story events, Sophia nothing at all…).
    Feels like its en very early stage and very slow updated…
    Will pass on future updates.

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