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Where Love Leads Us [Ch.7] [JJsworld]

Download for Windows/ Linux - Chapters 1-3

Download for Windows/ Linux - Chapters 4 Revision

Download for Windows/ Linux - Chapters 5

Download for Windows/ Linux - Chapters 6

Download for Windows/ Linux - Chapters 7

Download for Mac - Chapters 1-3

Download for Mac - Chapters 4 Revision

Download for Mac - Chapters 5

Download for Mac - Chapters 6

Download for Mac - Chapters 7

Download for Android - Chapters 1-5

(don’t try to load any save file that was not created with this “complete” version! you would only get error messages, so these files are marked as incompatible and cannot be loaded.)

  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe left to roll back
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
  • swipe up&down to toggle a small window with memory usage information
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

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Editor's Rating

Story - The narrative of "Slave Lord" has certainly undergone a transformation since its inception. After engaging with the game at various stages, I've noticed commendable improvements in the storyline. The English localization, while not flawless, has undeniably progressed. However, the tale itself remains a work in progress, showing promise but not yet reaching its full potential. The inclusion of a diverse cast of characters is intriguing, catering to varying preferences, albeit with some room for growth. The unfolding narrative holds enough intrigue to keep players invested, but refinement could elevate this score further. - 47%
Visual - In the realm of aesthetics, "Slave Lord" exhibits competence without attaining excellence. The art and renders are serviceable, yet there's an evident scope for enhancement. The developer's choice to sidestep conventional depictions deserves credit, and a nod to more modest forms. However, a more robust visual appeal could amplify player immersion and emotional resonance. The game's potential shines through but lacks that extra flair that truly captivates players. - 75%
Engagement - The game's ability to engage players has both peaks and valleys. As a kinetic novel, it relinquishes choices, which might be a deal-breaker for some. Nevertheless, "Slave Lord" manages to weave moments of captivation through its evolving characters and evolving scenarios. Some interactions feel a tad unnatural, yet the potential for engaging experiences remains evident. Balancing engagement throughout the narrative would elevate the overall experience, garnering deeper player investment. - 51%
Core Loop - The core loop of "Slave Lord" exhibits a somewhat uneven cadence. The inclusion of explicit scenes, while common in this genre, sometimes feels gratuitous rather than integral to the storyline. Striking the right balance between adult content and narrative coherence can enhance the core loop. A more seamless integration of these elements could result in a more immersive and captivating experience. - 39%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 2.73 ( 13 votes)

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  1. To add on to Would Not Recommend; you started the story originally with one main character – went on for WAY too long with no actual player input about who does or does not enter his harem. Named him supposedly the reincarnated Dragon Emporer (and then never confirmed that…) and captured one of the girls in the harem without ever actually resolving that point. Shyanne is mentioned in the 2ND game to have killed the general and become an assassin herself – but I played the first game, and I don’t recall more than it building up to the point she MIGHT have to save herself or be that underhanded. Because you were set on pushing a fight between the Antagonist, and the Dragon Emperor; and then blue balled it to rush the next game.

    Wherein you actually make another cardinal sin and try for Double Impact. With no way the MC is Jean Claude Van Damme. Now the MC from the first game is JUST a little bit thinner (which most won’t even notice – and I sure as heck didn’t) and has GREEN eyes instead of blue – who the hell was looking at his eyes??? Seriously. In the current second version [By the way, the supposed revised version of Chapter 4 wouldn’t even let me begin it because it went back to “fixin’ to change my name” which it should NOT be doing if there was a save where I literally saved RIGHT BEFORE the part that said ‘End of Chapter 3’ and the next one just goes back to the main menu… dude, what. The. Fuck?] Anyway, in this current version your new MC exactly like the old MC has a girlfriend and a harem to begin with – or at least a girl who’s just as pushy even though ala the first MC he’s “resistent” (Fuck off; who as a red blooded straight guy who has a girl who’s that in love with him as far as ride or die, who WILL willingly share him and encourage it, would refuse to accept others. When they are just as willing to sex him up? There’s loyal to a fault, and then there’s just plain brick headedly stupid – not to mention directly insulting to your audience as you still haven’t learned to give Player Choice) You introduce a prick of a professor, just to make him pork a side character while chasing the new MC’s main girl, just to introduce possible NTR and BBC content [Dude… did you forget you made the Asian guy horse cocked; like a freaking clydesdale kind of horse cocked… come on!] The black guy’s actually probably at least an inch to an inch and a half SMALLER. So why bother?

    Given I doubt the story’s going to get less complex, or player choice will ever actually be something you allow besides maybe, MAY-BE one or two points, I don’t think I’m missing much if I never get chapter 4 to actually work. The only thing I can see you could do to uncomplicate this mess of a story is kill off one of the two protagonists, and absorb the harem into the other; and it’d still be likely you choosing which one succeeds, and which MC dies. There’s very little of actual value to find in this work. In the second one you have I believe exactly one scene that even shows he ends inside. There’s no choice not to. There’s no actual pregnancy through most of the first iteration of the game – except at the very end I think, or dream sequences. They were only actually starting to all show when you put them in Asia to do the whole Ninja clan thing as I recall. It never got a definitive ending. If you pull the same for the second game, which I expect you will, you really don’t understand the kink. Or the reason people play most RPG style visual novels. Harems or dating sims, in general. I won’t discount the art, but it’s not enough to make yourself waste at least a half hour on skip text, or several more if you don’t. There’s supposed to be a fifth chapter now, but if four won’t even play, how do you expect anyone to ever get there?

    This game is also mislabeled. It’s not Where Love Leads Us; it’s Where Love Leads Us Part 2. [It’s also even more messed up for me because I tend to name all my main characters the same – and you get the option to name both MCs. So Brian as you term him in this game, should have the name I chose for him when I played the first game… which is the same as I chose for his “Brother” who at the point I left off ending chapter 3, doesn’t know he is] * Technically it’s also got the problem of the site critic part calling it “Slave Lord” again. If you guys are going to do this kind of thing for every new game, you should probably at least use the correct game names. Might confuse less players that way, and it makes you look far more professional.

  2. Instantly deleted. Girls are ‘hot’ on a cartoony level, sure, but you’re instantly fucking them from the first minute of playing the “game”, nothing is earned, there are no choices, there’s no seduction, no corruption, no convincing and no bad choices. It’s just boring and instant. None of the girls are even remotely realistically shy from the first frame of the game.

    An instant coffee is more pleasurable and tasteful than this. Easily one of the worst written VN’s I’ve seen in years. I wouldn’t be surprised if the author ‘JJsworld’ was 14 years old when he first started writing this.

    1. Not even download it, since for me it was evident from the overview that it will be a shit game (and you comment confirmed that).

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