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My Brother’s Wife [v0.10.1] [Beanie Guy Studio]

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  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe left to roll back
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
  • swipe up&down to toggle a small window with memory usage information
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

Download Walkthrough

Download Walkthrough Mod


Shows points on choices (see images)​
Adds an option to skip the handjob scene​
Adds an option to skip the free roam event​


Extract file from file to the \game sub-folder and overwrite when prompted.

For MacOS

Unzip the mod -> Right-click your “xyz-game” app -> Click “Show Package Contents” -> Open the “Contents” then “Resources” folders -> Hold the Option key and drag the folder  from the mod to the “autorun” folder -> Click merge

Android – Extract the “game” folder to the game’s “files” folder (the one with the saves folder and log.txt)

For Gallery unlocker Mod:

Extract and Copy to game folder->renpy folder

You can also mail us at :-

Editor's Rating

Story - 79%
Visual - 88%
Engagement - 84%
Core Loop - 84%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 3.94 ( 144 votes)

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  1. Style of the game is more on realistic and slow burn type. This is good game to play without walkthrough and just enjoy the writing and not stress about point system. I don’t think points system determine if you get sex scene, like in most games. Pondering answers to good conversation options make already good writing even better. I’m not sure how much choises matter, but they do make some difference and at least increase immersion. What i mostly like about this game, when comparing to other failed marriage type games, is that the MC is a possible home breaker and not a cuckold husband.

    Sadly visually game is not that impressive. Pretty much zero eye candy while reading. All the erotic scenes need heavy support from the story and writing. I think regular sex with meh graphics was boring, but bathtub scene was really good because all the setup and writing. So there is erotic scenes, just not in the way we’re used to. 3,5/5

    1. Zero realism
      4 years
      Zero sex scenes
      In pandemic, maybe 1 year of no sex because you are trapped in your house.

      But 4 years??? Zero realism. Boring old milking scam.

  2. I really hope that this game survive until the MC fucks his brother’s wife. The Dev doesn’t have many paying members on patreon, so i guess he is prioritizing other projects. But, in general, i insist that this is a very good game, but for a specific public that really enjoy the writting and slowly burn pace. If you want a fast pace game for corruption, but a very good one, i recommend “Special Request”. A slowly pace game for corruption with amazing erotic scenes, play “Kate (S1 and S2), S2 is an evolution in all senses. “A Perfect Marriage” is another corruption game like this with slow burn pace and very good writting, the plot is even better cause it’s about the choices of a couple with a newborn child.

  3. I actually tried this out. Personally I like the female characters. The story is interesting. But it ends there. Not a lot of sex. The complaints about blue balling are correct. Things are dragged out and I found myself skipping through dialogue after awhile. This could be another milker game that never sees a conclusion. There also cuck elements.

    On a side note. Due to the constant stealing of user names. By globohomo cultists. I’m adapting. I’m toying with a different name for every post. I’m a creative type so this is not difficult for me. Plus it should drive the cultists further into madness. I have seen them accusing others who are not me of being me. I found this very humorous.

    I prefer a single user name for conversation purposes. But that has become untenable at this point. This is the cost of dealing with “useful idiots” who have been brainwashed. Good day.

  4. 4 years of GAY MC in love with BROTHER. Not with “brother’s wife”.

    4 years MILKING and ZERO SEX scenes in Male MC straight path.
    100% GAY Voyeur / PEEPING TOM path.

      1. Ok “QUEER Koneser”, after 4 years MILKING, how many times the “NOT GAY MC” peep in BROTHER’s DICK????

        But MC is not gay? MC is a scientist researching in “BRother’s Dick” because science????
        Nope. Because IS A BIG FAG.

        WHY ANYONE NOT GAY will peep in “Brother’s dick”??? WHY??? No logical reason.
        MC is a “ADULT”. Go find ANOTHER HOUSE TO RENT. MC don’t need get trapped with brother. Unless… MC is a BIG FAG in love with BROTHER.

  5. First – from what I can tell the dev literally wants to blue ball us into eternity with a girl that’s arguably not nearly worth it.

    Jennifer didn’t need a past as a “party girl” DID NOT need a friend who counts as Super Slut; Did not need to lose her virginity at 17 to some random asshole who isn’t even her douchebag husband. She does NOT need to compete with him for notches on the bedpost. Ever. She’s supposed to be ATTRACTIVE. There’s more to that than how she’s fucking rendered. If you don’t understand that concept, and the fact you’re selling escapism and fantasy buddy – I can’t help you. You’ve dicked around the player for the entire game now.

    The roster is going NOWHERE. Even though you now have enough girls added to chase to count it as a fucking Harem. Which I should NOT have to “cheat” to gain. Jennifer at all still being with Alan – or more inclined to see Alan than MC when I have built so many points with her it’s not funny is BULLSHIT. They’ve done to this point little more than kiss and see each other naked. Barely rub against each other (And REALLY FUCK YOU for the non-consent scene on him = you think it counts less as rape because she jerks him off when he’s sleeping??? Reverse the scene and tell me he wouldn’t be absolutely right out the window or kneed in the nuts the second she woke up)

    It should not be Wife Love/Wife Hate. It should be Wife Love/Wife Submissive. Period. There should be NO GOOD RELATIONSHIP POINTS WITH THE BROTHER. He IS the antagonist of the goddamned game! You adding Justine just to try to make it seem like MC might have a girlfriend and then fucking around with the wild-child I’ll fuck anything that walks, and make out with your brother in front of you to even the odds… FUCK ALL OF THAT. The game is called My Brother’s Wife. She is the focus. Not Bella Busts My Balls. Justine Time to Make Me Think I’M GOING TO GET CUCKED. You NEED to get to something sexual (and fuckwit, if you can’t tell the difference between a foreplay scene and a sex scene, I do not know how you’re in this business. The scene with Bella in the dressing room is BULLSHIT. It’s FOREPLAY. Not sex)

    At this point, there’s fuck all in the game that makes it worth downloading. You’re either going to be 400 years old in real time before we get to a true sexual relationship with Jennifer, or anyone else BUT Justine (random adds are NOT okay, and not an apology for blue balling the audience for this goddamned long) This WILL be the last damned time I download this game. It will also be the last comment I make here. Too many of you assholes seem to think it’s fine to just randomly insult me for my efforts and half the comments I’ve made have been deleted anyway. So why the fuck should I bother trying to help. You don’t give a flying fuck what I think, and that was never what my comments were for anyway, but since devs generally don’t listen and will do what they want – and the site wipes the comments eventually anyway; FUCK IT. People like Penismike and all the rest of you trolls have finally done your job. I am done. I have better things to do than try to help devs that don’t want it. Or engage with walking dicks that have nothing better to do than get their rocks off trying to wind people up.

    You can either make Jennifer ACTUALLY BE SEXUAL with MC BY NEXT UPDATE – Or I’m tapping out as of now. I’ve wasted several updates on this game, and I am tired of getting strung along when it’s patently obvious Alan’s married the wrong girl. Who is still the slut she was in high school or college; just less inclined to ADMIT that she is. By the same token little miss I married the wrong brother because MASSIVE COCK, has again: Married the wrong brother. Whoopie. It’s not that hard a story to write. It’s not even that hard to make interesting. You just have to realize who your villain is, who your hero is, and DO NOT DEVIATE. Jennifer thus far is the prize that’s never going to be gained. Because as far as she’s concerned she’s already been won, and regrets by whom. So explain to me what the fucking point is of the game? At some point you have to let players PROGRESS things, or they are going to abandon the project. That’s all I’m going to say. There’s so far that you can cock tease, without making HER seem just as arrogant and hypocritical as her husband; and that ONLY means they DESERVE EACH OTHER.

  6. I liked this game vey much mainly cause of female lead character. She was coool. Animations are not not up to date though. Can u guys give me your best games I must try.

    P.S: please don’t suggest 2d or hentai kind of stuff.

    1. WVM could be. Once in a lifetime or the lasted too: Eternum! Even have great humor and beautifull scenes!

  7. pls update…………. i have no moneys pls…………. i can not cum until i get new verious of my brother wife…………………………………. it has been months since i cum pls help update now pls……………………………………..

  8. The game is nice. A like the slow pace. Not particular fan of missing some content with girls just because of choices done with your bother (like neighbour or the stripper) as they are not related at all but well. It’s an author decision and it might make more sense later in the story.
    I also think the Dominant path is a bit out of place. MC is not dominant but rather abusive or even harassing. There is a big gap between both definitions where for the first case there should be consent with both parties. But in the love path picturing the internal dilemma that one could face living with a neglected sexy step-sister that you just met and a brother that you don’t really respect sounds quite realistic.
    Story does not look like going for a harem but the plot did not close the open relationship yet. Not much sexy animations and for sure laking some sex scenes so far but nice.
    I would say it’s promising if the author does not take too long for new content. Otherwise it would be better to wait as so far’s more a VN as a AVN.

  9. 100% agreed with you ! this game is probably made by some 900 stone fat lesbian. That’s why there is no Pussy in it…It’s like that other game called Happy Summer. Pure shite…..

    1. Says the one sitting on their computer perving and diddling them self and then complains about the game after they get them selves off

  10. 1) The dumbest and most boring plot 2)There are no sex scenes 3)The choice does not affect the plot! Bottom line- I do not advise you to download some complete trash!

    1. Here’s something to think about ? What’s better ? A real life partner ? Or looking at a picture book with naked sex scenes ? This should be a no brainer… Which you may not have one … A brain I mean

  11. 1)Самый тупой и скучный сюжет 2)Сцены секса отсутствуют 3)Выбор не влияет на сюжет! Итог- не советую качать какой то полный треш!

    1. Вот над чем подумать? Что лучше ? Настоящий спутник жизни? Или глядя на книжку с картинками со сценами обнаженного секса? Это не должно быть проблемой… Которого у вас может и не быть… Я имею в виду мозг

  12. Pouca coisa nessa atualização 0.92, o cara vai ao shopping com as garotas comprar roupas, apalpa a Jennifer no provador, voltam pra casa, assistem TV dai ele vai dormir, Jennifer vai ao quarto dele e dá uma pegada no pau do MC, dai ela sai do quarto e a atualização acaba… Jennifer está ficando safadinha, o que será que vem por ai?

  13. Dude; you have blue balled the players that want both a DOMINANT MC & a LOVE PATH for FAR too freaking long here.

    * Make the brother be cheating on her; probably with Secretary – Possibly in FEMDOM with Katherine (if you don’t intend to add her to the list of females that want MC – which I am NOT opposing; but only if she lets MC DOM her = Not the other way around) This is the easiest fix to justify little miss I’m so reticent that even though I want to fuck MC enough to jerk off while he’s in the shower right next to me, I’m going to pretend I don’t recall having his tongue jammed down my throat [If she was that drunk she would be unconscious – dumbass] or getting naughty afterward.

    ** This game should NOT be about penalizing the player. Or the MC. There should be a LOVE DOM path & A Rival Dom path. Do Note: I did NOT type Domme. I do NOT want to see that content, and will stop downloading if you take any more power from the MC, or any more choices from the player. You NEED to push the relationship FORWARD. With ALL the girls. Whoever the hell you’re going to include on the list, and you should have a full count some time soon. As much as adding a Harem Tag would help. Especially if you’re going to keep blue balling your audience. Because this is just about the last time I’m going to waste my gigs downloading this if all you want to do is peepshows and masturbation bullshit.

    It’s called My Brother’s WIFE. Not Make Me Watch My Brother’s wife lead me around with false promise and teasing while she feigns like she has any kind of actually healthy fucking marriage. Jesus. The WHOLE DAMNED POINT IS ONE QUESTION: Do You as the MC want to STEAL her from your dickheaded, ignorant callous assed selfish prick of a brother or not? You are done. The answer is yes for most who would play. So it’s not even really a question that should be asked. The real question is how long will it take to actually GET THERE. Because at the rate you’re going, I’ll be dead before the MC even gets inside of her pussy once. Never mind the fact I’m pretty sure the polar ice caps will be just ice cubes by that point. Fuck me sideways…

    If she is this reticent; it means there’s NOTHING there. No actual spark that would make her consider cheating on Alan. And in that case, she’s stuck with what she’s got, she deserves it, and DOES NOT get to use MC as her emotional tampon. Fuck off. You pushed the innocent, naive pure-heart to the point the bubble bursts the second you introduced party girl Bella who tattles that her BFF was a wild girl and is in fact capable of being a massive slut. You CANNOT have it both fucking ways! If she is easy, great. If she is not, fine… but PICK ONE. Because trying for this path to the end of time is only going to piss ALL of your audience off at some point. I can guarantee that.

    1. Some ideas you can use – and frankly don’t have to; so consider it more entertainment – to properly structure the story.

      * The older brother Alan should be about perhaps 12-15 years older than the MC: This would explain his more self involved, lone wolf, do what I say & it’s all about me mentality. He had a good chunk of time where he was the only child. (I believe you didn’t state what age the parents were when they died, or that it was recently as a development from the start of the story, so it can work)

      * The wife of Alan (Jessica/Jennifer?) should be no more than 28 years old. Alan can have married her for the trophy wife/home maker + good for my image type. The MC should be around 22-24 (he just got out of high school? I’d go just got finished a decent degree in college – that way you can let the player pick what kind of job the MC might want = Give the player a few set builds to help work to the end goals)

      * The structure of the game in earning points should be fine as is: but you should make the bars for set developments in lewd sphere more clear. Like I said, I’d go Love Vs Rival. Wherein Rival is about Controlling her. Rather than she loves MC enough to do it. Calling it hate is too negative. She may not like that you control her; but she is willing to allow it. There should be a few break points based on your choices during key events. Like the drunk night where she kisses MC [and REALLY in some part of the back of her head you should clarify that she’s at least semi aware this ISN’T her husband. Because people will forget between updates] Or for example the time she jerks off in the bath right next to MC while he’s showering. Don’t just say she thinks he has a horse cock, make her want to do something about it.

      * There’s a couple ways to approach the brother; but I’d argue friendship isn’t one of them. For the base reason that Alan brought MC into his home on the basis of a debt that wasn’t real. You reveal that the PARENTS always intended tuition be full paid; so either Alan took that money for his own use and possibly to get ahead at his job – impress Wifey – OR Alan was taking credit that wasn’t due, and MC SHOULD rightly be able to either directly call him out… or use that point against him with the proof he’s now downloaded. To perhaps tip the crux point with Wifey into you’re going to do things with me. Either because you realize your husband/my brother is an ass now, or because you want to “protect” him [And eventually will get to the point that as the massive slut she’s trying to escape being aware she still is, she does in fact enjoy being controlled]

      – As to the other women: There should be no consequence to pursuing them that dents the relationship with Jen. Period. You can accomplish this by two points. That would also work off the Love/Rival system.
      * A) Jen will over time – but not Too Much Longer – in the story realize it’s the MC she does in fact genuinely love. To the point that when she finds out about the dirty dealings on top of the mistreatment and ignorance, it will be the last straw. [I would leave actual divorce and marriage to the MC as ENDGAME content] She will begin an illicit relationship with the MC; but since she still has to maintain the commitment with Alan, she will make a compromise. She will never fuck anyone but the MC again, and if MC is willing to let her watch/participate lightly, he can fuck other women because technically he must remain for now “Single.” You can and probably should also ellude to her being a bit of a voyeur, which Jen would never have admitted to Alan but will feel safe and loved enough to share with the MC {You could make Bella have import as means to push Jen into this path; and if MC does get Katherine she can play FemDom with MC’s allowance to Jen to help force her into this path – with the end goal being Jen marries MC with Katherine and everyone else eventually pregnant and happily tied to MC in an “extra carricular” Harem Marriage. They can all hand-fast to him as a commit point.


      B) Jen is on the Rival path to the point where MC controls her in every way sexually. He is the Master. She is the Slave. So she can be a little jealous/possessive of “their” special time, but MC does what he wants, with anyone. Because Jen should know he OWNS her by the time the idea of genuinely pursuing others as well comes up. He can also turn this to his favor with Katherine (as her Dom – especially if you’re going to force the issue of MC possibly becoming the same fucking thing as his brother : / ) and Katherine may with MC’s allowance or not, claim a part ownership as Jen’s Domme. Bella would get involved because she’s “liberated” enough to be that adventurous. I admit I’d actually do away with anyone else. The next door neighbor as a cougar isn’t appealing, if you don’t pursue her, her daughter is just trouble waiting. The Car broke down single mom is too much reality in a fantasy game. However, I would stipulate that if the daughter can dettach from Mommy cougar, she’s fair game. If the single mom ends up being willing to leave the tater tot with Gramps in order to gain a real invested relationship (so the player does not deal with the consequences of THAT parenthood beforehand) then both are better candidates for the Harem that can be.

      For Jobs: Becoming Alan part Duex should absolutely be avoided if you want to at all respect your audience. Aside from the one point of claiming Alan literally couldn’t get it up (which fuck off and stick with that – since it makes it easier for us to deal with since you didn’t list NTR and I would hate it if it came to that, as she SHOULDN’T be getting sexual with anyone but MC) The main gripe she had was Alan’s massively shit work/life balance, out of her favor. So if you’re going to make MC the businessman, make him better with mousetraps. Let him realize that if he wants to keep a happy wife; there is only so far one needs to “succeed” to be successful. It’s not all about money, and it never should have been. Let them live as comfortably as currently shown {And key point if you do allow MC to Dom Katherine, she is the Boss’ daughter – so do NOT fuck that relationship up for any reason. Let her help him financially for the sake of THEIR family. Because yes. All of the girls should be sexual with MC and all of them should be pregnant at least once by the end of the game} but not so far up the rungs of “success” that MC starts treating his new wife like his brother was before he lost her.

      He could be a genius programming consultant. He could be a mechanic that ends up making bank with his own business. A personal trainer that Katherine’s connections will catapult to franchise ownership, OR the businessman who never needs to go bigger than middle rank. So long as you end the game with MC and HIS family happy and healthy most of us would consider the rest a decent time investment well rewarded. As I said, these are just suggestions. You don’t like them, you don’t have to agree with them. And no, I’m not saying my way is right or it HAS to be a harem. I am however going to reiterate that I’m getting a bit tired of getting blue balled by the title of the game. These would be decent paths to help you fix the issue, and make progress. Not the be all, end all. Either way I’m good to wait for at least one more update. But if you can’t make more progress within 2 new updates, than just letting MC in the middle of the night halfway play with her tits under a night shirt… then I think I’m tapping out.

  14. since sharing is caring, your brother’s wife is considered your girl too.
    so there is no point of making a big deal out of it

  15. To the Dev : You might want to fix the text ( The color mixes in with some of the visuals ) and am not able to read it
    Maybe if you change it all to white or something easier on my old persons eyes 😀

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