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Motherless [v.Anamarija What If] [Mr.Mister]

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Chapter 01 - 11

Season 2 Chapter 12 + Onwards

Download Season 3

Download Full Version - FULL VERSION S1+S2+S3

Download Full Version Update Patch

Download Halloween Special

Download ANAMARIJA WHAT IF (standalone)

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Chapter 01 - 11

Season 2 Chapter 12 + Onwards

Download Chapter 3

Download Full Version - FULL VERSION S1+S2+S3

Download Full Version Update Patch

Download Haloween Special

ANAMARIJA WHAT IF (standalone)

Download for Android - Season 1

Download for Android - Season 2

Download for Android - Season 3

Download Haloween Special

ANAMARIJA WHAT IF (standalone)

Swipe up: Open Menu
Swipe down: Hide Interface
Swipe right: Skip
Swipe left: Rollback
Textsize, opacity slider added
Rename from menu option added

If it says unknown developer or something like that just press install anyway.

Download Season 2 Data Transfer Patch

View who is related to whom

For season 1
Natassja: MC’s mother
Valerie: MC’s adopted mother after birth to set to hell of a boarding school mother to Mirella and Eva
Gissell: MC’s adopted mother (sister to Moon) after escaping from hell that was the boarding school
Lia: MC’s step-mom married to MC’s father Giacomo (her cousin) Greta and Bianca’s mother
Mirella: MC’s half-sister/stepsister or sister MC’s cousin Valerie’s oldest daughter Vato’s daughter using in vitro fertilization Sonny and Domenica half sister Greta and Bianca cousins
Evangeline (Eva): MC’s half-sister/stepsister or sister MC’s Cousin Valerie’s youngest daughter Vato’s daughter using in vitro fertilization Sonny and Domenica half sister Greta and Bianca cousins
Domenica: MC’s cousin Vito and Giulia’s daughter and Sonny’s sister Evangeline and Mirella’s half sister
Giacomo: father or dad Greta and Bianca’s father Giulia’s half brother
Sonny: cousin Vito and Giulia’s and Domenica’s brother Evangeline and Mirella’s half brother

For season 2
Bianca: half-sister or sister Giacomo and Lia’s oldest daughter Evangeline and Mirella’s cousin
Greta: half-sister or sister Giacomo and Lia’s youngest daughter Evangeline and Mirella’s cousin
Yulia and Polina: MC’s aunts Natassja’s sisters
Florencia: MC’s Grandmother Giacomo and Veto’s mother
Giulia: MC’s aunt/cousin and Sonny and Domenica mother Giacomo’s half sister
Anastasiya: MC’s Grandmother Natassja Yulia and Polina mother
Vito: Giulia Husband and cousin Evangeline Mirella Domenica and Sonny father Giacomo half brother
Savina: Giacomo’s second cousin
Vinny: a distant cousin
Massimo Giacomo and Giulia father
Drusila a distand cousin
Bripo is sonny’s cousin


Download Walkthrough & Mod


In-game walkthrough that highlighted dialogue that gives points and leads to scenes or Routes with different colors.


PC: Unzip the mod and put the folder named “game” from the mod in your “motherless-” folder.
MAC: Unzip the mod -> Right-click your “Motherless” app -> Click “Show Package Contents” -> Open the “Contents” then “Resources” folders -> Hold the Option key and drag the folder named “game” from the mod to the “autorun” folder -> Click merge

Download Gallery Unlocker


PC: Unzip the mod and put the folder named “game” from the mod in your “motherless-” folder.
MAC: Unzip the mod -> Right-click your “Motherless” app -> Click “Show Package Contents” -> Open the “Contents” then “Resources” folders -> Hold the Option key and drag the folder named “game” from the mod to the “autorun” folder -> Click merge

Download Scene Player

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Editor's Rating

Story - 55%
Visual - 78%
Engagement - 63%
Core Loop - 61%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 3.87 ( 83 votes)

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  1. This game…well, you are forced to forgive your Mother. She didn’t just give you up at birth, which is fine, she was not in a place to take care of you. Instead she gives you to a friend who is taking VERY GOOD care of you, and because some asshole shows up to say otherwise, she takes you from your loving new Mother and gives you to the Church, you know, the Sexual Assault Club.
    I would never forgive this bitch, she never even talked to her friend before taking you away from her, I don’t walk to fuck her, but you do…

  2. Okay, why the fuck are we looking at Eden at all; if she’s attached to fucking HUNTER??? That’s NOTHING but a giant assed cock tease.

    You do realize that vexes the players that expect this is a HAREM Game. Clue here bud: The ONLY girls I want to see, and most other players of this genre will WANT to see, are girls we can fucking ATTAIN, AND KEEP. She doesn’t need to be invested in ANYONE else but MC.

    You already did the GILF thing which I’d frankly like to kill most of you devs that go there for. It’s NOT sexy. It’s not even remotely realistic to think that a 47-60 + woman can still fucking get pregnant. Have you heard of Menopause? There’s a reason men chase YOUNGER women. Historically and to this fucking day. Other than that the space suit thing = Fuck right off. All of the way off, with all of that. The story was already bonkers enough. There’s jumping the shark, and there’s I can’t even see where we left the damned shark. Guess which one you just went to with this crap. You already have half a god damned character list that’s either not filled out, or not even listed as BEING ABLE to get pregnant – although Drusilla is… so what the fuck? Do you really think new characters that are attached to SIDE CHARACTERS * and yes, I would include Mary/Betty and Mary’s daughters in the freaking Harem as well by the end = You can get Hunter just as killed as you got GI Jerkface that buggered off for like 2 decades… it would be the same thing, and at least leave an opening that keeps the genre as HAREM * Were the right way to go forward.

    Vito should straight up be dead. So should brillo pad. There is mercy; and then there is just plain bloody densely fucking blind. Both of them have been too much trouble and have actively tried to kill the MC. At least you have managed to make Brilo useful, sort of… but again; TOO MANY PEOPLE ON THE SIDE. The hot assed guardian girl we fucked once – and haven’t seen hide nor hair of since becoming the leader who frankly SHOULD be able to claim her for a full wife. Period. No question, especially since she should have missed hers. God damn it. If Eden doesn’t somehow end up in the harem, with EVERYONE else that isn’t a freaking dinosaur, then I would say I am done. One scene that even remotely implies any other girl that looks hot has done ANYTHING with any other male but Sunny as the MC and I would call your Harem tag BROKEN. If you don’t understand why, you should not be designing this kind of game in the first place.

    1. Just saying, not disagreeing really but the oldest woman to get pregnant naturally was 67 years old. Healthy baby girl was born……just saying.

      1. If this idiot thinks that this game shows reality, then he really has problems with his head, a friend is a fantasy and everything can be here!

  3. Can someone please tell me if Halloween Special is different content or if it’s included in the complete game package?

  4. If you just want to fap, then this game is for you.
    Straight forward incest harem game. No story. Scripts are the worst of all. I don’t know if it’s because they google translated some other language but it’s just terrible. MC meets a girl and without any development, they fuck in first sight.

  5. i don’t usually mind sound effects but in this VNs case there ass the whole mc grunting bullshit is so annoying the models are pretty gross looking then there is the game over shit yet again why is that garbage in there this is not an rpg fucking retarded devs not to mention the dumbass family tree makes zero fucking sense and is all over the place this garbage is worth 40% if that oh almost forgot your choices in the first part don’t even matter so you should just skip part one and just play part 2 instead because the devs a dumb cunt

  6. With translator 3000 translators some games are not possible? I ask for the admin and player, you can at least create for the one where no English can, so that you can play with Translator 3000. in this game you can play first chapters but 2-3 chapters is not possible.?

  7. Okay, Mia Culpa (which frankly is about the only Italian other than Cara Mia I actually understand – HINT: English subtitles, all of the time as I doubt 90 % of your audience is either from Kiev or Rome and you’r not making the Korean girls speak in their home tongue)

    The family tree shows someone entirely other than Malone, so on that I was wrong – BUT it still implies that Gaylord (which frankly isn’t a name I would have used, though I don’t doubt in antiquity it may have been used differently) wasn’t the father of Valerie’s girls. Which is still ham-fisted. You realize they don’t all need to be by blood connected to still be MC’s girls? They’re just as important to him, if you can make the player invested. Having Vito be their father is very close to breaking suspension of disbelief that nobody would know something about it, or try to warn MC (or curry favor with the heir – and I will at least say thank you for finally pulling the trigger there, but it took you long enough dude) that they are his half sisters down two different branches. I mean what did Giancarlo’s little brother get jealous and decide he needed a hot american girlfriend too; only he’s such a limp dick he needed to drug her first? (“Sleep” sex is a fairly big flag for non-consent, especially when drugs are involved. I’m honestly surprised Paetron let that past) My point being it stretches the bounds of suspended disbelief, for what? To try to make two girls who already have their place in MC’s heart more important in rank than they should really need to be. It doesn’t change much in the story if they aren’t directly related to the Borgias – because thanks to MC’s deep dicking, the next generation from their loins will be.

    Just figured I’d be man enough to cop to my mistake – and offer some advice. Up to you whether you take it or not.
    Still want to know what all your obsessions with boning grandmothers is. I mean I’m open minded; but by that age, you’re kinda missing the entire point. (Whatever emotional attachment you want to overlay as the excuse for the bond, at it’s core, we’re attracted to those we think we have the best chance to BREED with) * Breeze being 50 and still menstrating, come the fuck on. Yes, it’s possible, but it’s also HIGHLY dangerous. Most doctors would advise if she did fall pregnant at that point she should strongly consider not keeping it. Because of the very many things that can go wrong, and the fact that as we age our metabolism falls. Which means we don’t bounce back as quickly. Point being, I know that you think we all have some strange tastes for playing these games… but jeez. There’s a reason for the aesthetic attraction most of the world has developed. It fits down certain lines. It doesn’t apply to everything. Old people need love too, and that’s fine. They can either find it off screen, or settle in friendship. Tell me; when’s the last time any of you devs actually thought about what it would be like to watch YOUR grandmother fuck? Do you find that attractive, no… see what I mean?

  8. In the family tree you name Malone “Vito” and tie him to the Borgias. By the implication in the finding out about Malone’s secret room/intent, and the family tree you clearly show that Gaylord was not the father of Valerie’s daughters. So the correct label for them would be cousins. By blood – though the only way your audience will know this is being able to reason out the difference in age in the pic shown, to the Malone in the story proper. Combine that with the fact you give the MC the ability to not only be named, but nicknamed on top AND still choose to call him “sunny” (which really isn’t as clever as you think it is by the way) most people with some level of common sense would reasonably deduce that it’s the same character. However it’s jarring to have to go to that length, when you could have just used his current name and in game render like you’ve done for EVERYONE ELSE. There’s also the fact that Pink and Soo yun or whatever her name is, are stated to be COUSINS. Not sisters. You have them marked in the tree as sisters from different men.

    I also don’t know why you have links that download the whole game when the walkthrough mods only cover sections. It broke the game to try downloading the full game and then downloading the season 2 walkthrough. So now if I want the right answers and not to have to reload a billion times trying to find it, I have to download the seasons individually anyway. Hopefully by at worst the end of the most current update you’ll have revealed MC’s actual role with the Borgias family. Because even heading into what I believe was the start of season 2, the draw out on it was straining incredulity. To keep it simple: It’s a HAREM. Nobody – NOBODY, but the MC gets the girls. Full stop. Sonny better either die on his way back to Italy or die directly by the MC in trial by combat before Bianca is ever in danger and by the way… you NEVER split the party. Which goes doubt for a harem. Call her anamarija or natasha or black freaking widow for all I give a fuck. There was no reason to make her lose status as a nun and then have her become (for one night – which is STILL BS) a stripper. You need to learn to stop fucking with your audience. Or you’re not likely to keep very many of them for long. MOST of the girls are hot and I appreciate the attempts to add moaning. That’s about the only reason I cared to keep going as far as I got. Because the story is contrived and frankly nonsensical. Maybe you should learn to fix those broken wings bub. Before it’s the audience that flys away. But hey, at least it’s free. So, or not. [You picked the name. You had to assume some of us would know the song] * Side note: In The Ghetto is most famously done by Elvis. Willie Nelson is an entirely different artist, so that line didn’t hit as well as you might’ve thought. You’d have to know both, to get the allusion at all.

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