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Story - Buckle up, dear players, for a roller-coaster ride through a narrative that's as thin as a wafer. Don't come in expecting an epic tale of star-crossed lovers or intricate character development. This game subscribes to the notion that actions speak louder than words, and boy, does it deliver – but not in the way you might hope. The "plot" consists of fitness trainer escapades with various women, each captured in a bite-sized, mini-chapter format. These tales are more like fleeting snapshots, leaving you longing for more substance. The game flirts with storytelling but leaves you wanting. - 45%
Visual - If there's one thing "Love Sex & Fitness" has nailed down, it's the visuals. The renders, showcasing the characters and their provocative interactions, are unquestionably the game's strongest suit. The models are alluring, beautifully designed, and capture the essence of the intimate encounters. A saving grace, indeed, that elevates the overall presentation. Unfortunately, as the saying goes, beauty is only skin deep, and in the grand scheme of things, visuals can't prop up the game entirely. - 70%
Engagement - Here's where things start to get a bit dicey. The gameplay loop of "Love Sex & Fitness" revolves around solving a color-matching ball puzzle before unlocking each animated scene. The puzzles themselves feel tacked on, providing more frustration than fun. Sure, there's a challenge element, but it's less engaging and more of an obligatory hurdle to access the steamy sequences. The initial intrigue wears thin after a few repetitions, and you'll find yourself wishing for a more varied and immersive experience. - 55%
Core Loop - Ah, the heart of the matter. The core loop in this game resembles a repetitive dance that overstays its welcome. The puzzle mechanics, while not overly complex, feel more like padding to extend the playtime artificially. The disconnect between the puzzle gameplay and the intimate content leaves a peculiar taste, like pairing caviar with grape soda – both delightful separately, but not a winning combination. The lack of variety, choices, or meaningful progression diminishes the potential enjoyment, rendering it a mere shadow of what it could have been. - 40%


out off 100%

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User Rating: 2.61 ( 10 votes)

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  1. Last Unity game I tried made all kinds of changes to my registry and tried to DL a bunch of files without asking. Fuck this spyware platform.

  2. … “color matching ball puzzle” … YEAH, NO THANKS. When I want to do an AVN, I damn sure don’t want stupid color matching ball puzzles.

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