Lost at Birth [Ch. 9 Part 1] [V19]

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  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe left to roll back
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
  • swipe up&down to toggle a small window with memory usage information
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

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Extract file from file to the \game folder and overwrite when prompted.

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Editor's Rating

Story - 87%
Visual - 90%
Engagement - 88%
Core Loop - 84%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 4.06 ( 152 votes)

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  1. There really isn’t much of a story in this game. Main thing is the relationships with MC’s wife, daughter and co-workers. There are some small side events that help to move relationship drama onwards. Story is pretty hard on rails. At least i didn’t see any point for trying other routes. Story is on realistic type, so my fear is that the game will be more crying about cheating and less about perverted orgies. This game kinda wants to be played with “In real life i would choose” -mentality, but then it would be really boring in adult entertainment perspective. Playing with horny mind, the story is really straightforward.

    Writing is really good. There are some small jokes, nice seductive talk and good realistic drama about feelings. Inner monologue is also well done, as there is just right amount of it and it is rational. Pity that your choises do not seem to affect how the MC thinks or talks. As i said, story in on rails. It would also be nice if the way how characters talk to each other would evolve as their relationships move on. Same conversation topics get little boring at some point. But i like the speed how things evolve.

    Women are pretty. Every girl has same size smallish tits or something, but i love the round asses. Rare delicacy. I love how there is lots of small touches and kisses that make the scenes more erotic. Most of the time women have realistic boring clothing, but there are some nice pictures even when conversation topics were serious. Sex scenes are visually perfect. As the MC does not take DNA test, one could assume that all the sex scenes are pure vanilla. Just normal cheating, as in every game. 4/5

  2. people really come to a game called “Lost at Birth” and expect to NOT fuck their daughter lmfao. Story isn’t great, but it’s a pretty good fuck your daughter simulator. if that’s what you’re looking for, very much recommended.

  3. It’s really nice and good that since chap4 they added some animations.
    But it is at the cost of size….each chapter feels shorter. 8 chapters so far and it feels like 2-3 max in most of other games out there.
    It does have potential but not sure the author is willing to spend the required time on it make it a good story.

  4. My rating for this AVN would be a 7
    It’s the typical AVN “father-daughter meet, the dad rescues her and she goes to live with him”, if you are looking for a great story or a development of seduction go elsewhere, if you enjoy this type of stories and are looking for something to hang out then I recommend it… The models are sexy, the lewd scenes could be better but they are not bad, the girls as characters are attractive… the bad thing, the seduction is very rushed and despite that it has only a few sex scenes, there is some drama in the MC’s office but it doesn’t even feel worth reading so the story is practically null…
    Although personally for me the worst was the last chapter… I mean when the daughter meets the MC, she sees him with a woman who is not his wife, when they talk the MC confesses to his daughter that he is unfaithful, she herself made him cheat on his wife… Ooooh but she gets angry when notices that MC had sex with the same woman she saw him with when they meet… it’s like “are you serious? What did you expect?” She is already sharing it with the wife, she herself is flirting with the wife and gets angry EVEN if you make the MC not have sex…
    I can tolerate that there is not an interesting story, that it uses pretexts to speed things up, but putting on those dramas just because the Dev want to add something to the story when it doesn’t make any sense, that’s a big no for me

  5. The story is complete shit now. It started off so good in the first few chapters but the incest was so forced that I can’t even recommend it anymore.

    1. Story is shit from the start i think dev only want to sell good render but confused about story and how story progressed after. Stupidest incest story in this site. just read the title “Lost at birth” How the fuck this retard lost his daughter at birth? Hinted he is a cuckold, mc here is example of loser cuck. but that also kind of relief because your daughter origin is unknown whether she is your daughter or someone else’s

  6. I think I liked it better when this didn’t have all the animations, Now it just looks stupid Never in my entire life has a blowjob, hand job or fingering ever made the room move , It’s like a fucking earthquake.

  7. story is just stupid, why not just make this game straight up incest like dmd. no long dialogue, no long progression etc just staight to fucking and not even in million yrs a man reject fwb over daughter that is just silly while his friend here is better looking than his own daughter lmfao.

  8. The developer lost it after chapter 2. This makes no sense anymore, a shame because the game looks good, but the story is turned to shit.

  9. What the hell was that scene with kailey :(. It was only like 6 renders and 6 lines long. It felt like it only lasted 10 seconds for them

  10. Harem is possible I think, only the daughter and wife tho since I don’t see the wife accepting any other woman, this would mean the wife and daughter are attracted to each other and Mc and daughter make a plan for the daughter to seduce the wife so that they could later reveal what they’re doing to the Mc, mc would be totally alright either it and would tell her they can still keep their marriage if she allows his daughter to get involved with him also, boom, problem solved, everyone’s happy, the slut and her friend can go choke on a dick for all I care so they’re out.

  11. Ok, this game make no sense at all. suddenly your long lost daughter is joined you while you are have some conflict with your wife. but that’s not the bad thing. the only thing make no sense is when your daughter joined you at your place why she is suddenly become slutty and try to seduce you. Story is just so rushed without great concept, at least try to corrupt her or maybe get to know her better etc rather than stayed at your place like 3 days then make some cake and boom you can get under her pants. maybe devs just screw story and let her daughter like “hey daddy i’m your daughter even when i’m not really sure, why don’t we just fuck?”

    1. Maybe you can write one better instead of crying and whining about it . Better yet stop reading it and just look at the nice pictures if you plan to keep crying and whining about it.
      Jeeze would you like me to mail you a box of tissues.

    2. this exact situation has happen in real life before. I read it somewhere a couple years back. A father got out of prison found his daughter some shit happen they fucked. the girl fiance or husband I’m not sure. Well, he found out about they confront the father and ends up getting stabbed. Father goes back to prison and who knows what happen with the daughter and her partner.

    3. Yeah, would have been agree to this guy if it wasn’t JUST 3 DAYS.
      Dude, read the f*cking story. It took days for the girl’s affection that started to corrupting itself.

      1. you wouldnt have bitched this much if it was cuckold/NTR ! lol ur hand goes blue from that shit that is beyond understanding and then u come and bitch
        go bitch somewhere else.

  12. Very short.. not much animations they only start in ep4 (pretty good animations).
    No need for more as not much happens before.
    Ep4 and 5 have animations but are even shorter than the first 3.
    So far, if feels more like a prologue of a game than anything else. So if you are willing to wait a few years with just a few minutes of playtime every update…go for it. Otherwise it might be better to wait to see if the story will progress or the the game will be abandoned before starting it.

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