Lily [v1.0 Final] [Joker 3D]

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  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe left to roll back
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
  • swipe up&down to toggle a small window with memory usage information
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

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Editor's Rating

Story - Lily, a game that promises an exquisite tale but falls short on delivering a satisfying story. The art, albeit pleasing to the eye, can't compensate for the lack of character development, conflict, and depth in the narrative. It's like sipping a beautifully crafted cocktail, only to discover it lacks that essential punch. The frustration ensues when plot advancement becomes a tedious task of hunting for hidden triggers scattered randomly throughout the map. - 47%
Visual - Kudos to Lily for its visually appealing artwork, despite the controversial depiction of the main character appearing rather young. The artistic execution shines, capturing attention to detail through vibrant colors and well-drawn character designs. It's a treat for the eyes that manages to somewhat redeem the game's flaws in other areas. - 75%
Engagement - Prepare yourself for a rollercoaster ride of disappointment, as Lily struggles to keep players engaged. The lack of choices and linear progression destroys any semblance of agency. Scenes feel forced, and advancing becomes a chore, leaving you at a loss for what to do next. The invisible stats system only adds to the frustration, as progress hinges on repetitive actions that quickly drain enthusiasm. - 56%
Core Loop - Let's be frank, the core loop of Lily is flawed. Poor indications of what to do next coupled with missed scenes due to vague exploration mechanics make for a frustrating experience. The overemphasis on lesbian content is evident, limiting the game's appeal to a specific audience. It's regrettable that Lily falls short here, as it had the potential to offer so much more. - 40%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 2.34 ( 22 votes)

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  1. There are other sites that can be used for downloading, but this one has to be the best for off-topic comments. What I find odd is that no one seemed to comment about those creatures. Would that be considered beastiality? Those green goblin things are pretty small. Are they past the age of consent? And the most important! Those ‘Grey aliens!’ I believe that this is an extraterrestrial conspiracy to brainwash us into some intergalactic grooming! Just wait and see! By the next update, we will all be probed and impregnated by E.T!

    1. Hello Awam and welcome! We are an amusing lot!

      I bet none of the truly flaming commenters have played it. I haven’t mostly because the main character looks too young for me to feel comfortable. Everyone has their kinks and everyone has their limits. This is one of my limits.

      There’s no #Beastiality tag so the person who submitted the game doesn’t think so but there’s also no #Monster Girls tag so it could be mis-tagged. What do you think it should be?

      1. Hmmm? #Just Plain Weird! Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, so I am not meaning to kink-shame the alien monster fetishes out there. Lol!

        Even though there are many genres that I do not care for, the only thing that truly disturbs me is when people cannot distinguish fact from fiction. Just like most people with healthy sex lives have their ‘Dirty Talk’ and I enjoy it as well, the key word is comfort. If one is not into something, it should not be forced upon them, nor should one ridicule the other’s fantacies.

        Then again, it would be a mood breaker if during sex I burst out laughing because my husband told me that he wanted to be ‘cucked’ by me getting gang-banged by those three green monsters up there! 

        1. Decent if somewhat bland story. For all the drama that could’ve been crammed into this, I’m surprised more wasn’t. Waiting for the next thing to happen is kind of frustrating in a not-quite-sandbox way. I might or might not finish this.

          Also the game groomed me, whatever that means, and now I will be participating in the downfall of humankind. Sorry about that.

          There is one person listed under “quests” that says “not complete this version” but the page here says “1.0 Final”. Is it final?

          Thanks for participating, Awam.

      2. So you actually tried it. I do not think that it would appeal to me. Not because of the MC’s appearance. Even if she is rather young, that doesn’t bother me that much. I am just not into interspecies coitus, let alone interstellar copulation.

        I do hope that the probing encounter was somewhat enjoyable and I am sure that humanity will still prevail, not because of some heroic endeavor we partake in. I just heard that they are scared to death of contracting monkeypox.

        One more thing. Although I am by no means a part of any feminist sodality, I did notice that you used the word “humankind.” That was nice.

        1. I generally turned on Skip Unread Text and held down the control key until I got to the story segments or the saucy lesbian encounters. I didn’t see any “probing” scenes in the quickly moving segments.

          I won’t be continuing this in part because of the frustration of having to wait for certain times of day to trigger certain encounters, and in part because most of the encounters don’t do it for me.

          I had to look up “sodality” and I learned something today. Thank you.

      3. The “probing encounter” was more of a joke and I did not actually expect it in the game, let alone it being enjoyable.

        I mostly work from home and although it pays decent, it sometimes becomes monotonous. So I sometimes check out this site when I am bored on another PC. When I am writing things for my work, it sort of bugs me when I type ‘group’ or ‘organization’ twenty times, so I tend to change my vocabulary up. Even though I make sure to keep the two separate, my writing techniques tend to carry over.

        I have made a few commentaries (some quite long), but I have only posted one review. It was for a game that I tried and did not care for. It was called “Idol Island,” and I quit as soon as I entered the sandbox phase. The reason that I am bringing this up is that I commented that I did not know what “Trap” meant and you responded by suggesting the ‘Urban Dictionary’ for reference. Even though in my home life I cuss like a sailor, I have learned a lot reading these posts.

        Also, I wish that this site had an off-topic forum so that these sections could be more about the games instead of ideologies. So it was nice of you to do so here. Unfortunately, if this game is actually final, as it moves down the list, most will never check it out anyway. At least I don’t feel as bad clogging up this section with my remarks. Still, for some perverse reason, I do enjoy reading others lewd fetishes, even if I don’t agree with them. I think that even though my own kinks are quite unique here, it makes me feel more uninhibited when reading others.

        1. Oh yeah, I remember the “trap” reference! Huh. Seems like years ago now.

          F95 Zone is a more structured WebBB porn game listing site. I find it harder to find things, but since they banned Nohomo you know that there are admin monitoring of the threads.

          I haven’t looked deeply into it but I’ve seen some slight “no fukk u!” style cookie-cutter boring trolls, but its signal to noise ratio seems far lower than here where it’s largely wild west rules. There are obvious missing sections of comments here, but I can’t make any patterns out of them. It’s certainly not “post removed for salacious comments”. Maybe some admin here are culling comments but hey, read your TOS before joining communities people! (“Git Good or Die Mad.”)

          Hereabouts it’s one game with a detailed preview, and one thread to…talk about it, supposedly. I fully believe there are human beings keeping an eye out here, I just don’t know who nor what they’re doing, and I’m okay with that.

          Hope that helps.

      4. About the missing comments:
        A while back, I replied to ‘Nohomo’ in a respectful manner. He replied back likewise. This started a side string in his comment ‘box’ main string. This was in the comment section for the game “Thirty Days.” I ended up writing a personal account of mine from long ago. This was something that I had told myself not to do, but I did it anyway. It was rather embarrassingly long, but it was accepted and posted. Then the next day it disappeared along with the whole side string that I had started. He thought that it was just him, but his original string remained. Since I do not believe that my remarks have ever been offensive, it made me a little perturbed.

        I am by no means an expert on these things, but I know someone who is. After he shook his head and smiled, he explained it to me this way. Sites like these are basically automated but get backed up regularly. Still, they tend to get hijacked by other sites trying to steal their traffic. E.g., ‘Dikgames’ vs. ‘Dik-games.’ The latter being fake. They will then back it up to their last save point, which was just right before I started the side string.

        So I asked him if he could get it back. At the time, he was in a hurry, but he did. I am sure that you have come across “The Wayback Machine.” Well, everything we do is stored in the internet archives. Even if you later delete it. The only way to stop it happening automatically, other than by requesting it, is to use a ‘captcha’ or make people log in to veiw. This site does not. This does not bother me for I never provide personal or financial information, nor would I do anything illegal. The biggest problem with this is that if someone complains to the servers that provide this stuff, they have a means to get them kicked off the servers.

        The issue that I had was when I reposted these comments. I did not think about the fact that, although the posts are in ascending sequence, the replies are in descending order. So when I reposted, the comments were sort of backwards and made it look like I wrote a huge article reminiscing of “No.” (No offense to ‘No’ if you ever read this!) If you are unsure what I am talking about, you can check it out yourself. I believe that you commented there as well. [Thirty Days]

        I hope that I did not add to any conspiracy theories about ‘Big Brother is Watching!’ Of course they are, but no one has the means of checking on everything unless it is worth checking out. We all have things to hide. For myself, I am more worried about my banking information than my deviant nature.

        If anyone out there wonders about my husband knowing what I do, why should I hide it? Couples being open only enhances what they have. If he doesn’t like it, then he needs to say it. He trusts me to stay safe and it’s not like I am going to replace him with a cartoon character. So if it really bothers him, I will just give him a blowjob to reassure him. If he gets really upset, then he will never get a blowjob again, not to mention some of the other perks he has experienced by having me as his partner. In some of the statements I have heard, many might say that he is a ‘Beta’ for putting up with me! Well, for the ones who do have partners that are not pixelated, does your significant other know what you do on the internet? We are equals in and out of bed.

        While I am here ranting, there is something else that I would love to add. I sometimes wonder how others find the time to do this. One can say the same for me. The truth is that I am “fucking bored!” right now! I have three computers in front of me and technically I am working. Right at this moment, I am attending a mandatory live video conference. In order for us to get credit, we must leave our cameras on at all times. The conference is to help us be more aware of the political correctness and the plight of gays, transgenders, immigrants, as well as people of color. I wonder what they would think if they knew that I had already been doing that on a porn game site. My biggest dilemma is that I need to make sure that I don’t enter these statements on the wrong PC. I don’t think that they would see the benefit in me claiming to support their cause by adding that I have been with another woman. Or that since my hubby has already had some Asian pussy, that I would like to reciprocate by getting some black cock! (I had to add this so not to give ‘Nohomo’ any inclination that I was ready to join his camp!)

        Anyway, that is my state of mind at the moment. Although I do believe that I have compassion for those with indifferences, why must I sit through a four-hour meeting and smile to the camera? I must admit though, that I do take some solice. For during this enlightening experience to expand my awareness of the plight of others, I am posting comments in a forum that enables games that have rape, incest, and Lolis. Anyway, have a good day!

        1. I am personally more than glad to read comments that are more than “kys” and other brain-dead kink-shame trolling, so thank you for providing some levity and humanity to, er, a porn game web site. It might not be on-topic, but it counteracts the pointless negativity pretty well.

          Also thank your friend for explaining what kinds of things happen to missing posts on WordPress sites. I know that WordPress is a spaghetti mess of code so this kind of loss of data doesn’t surprise me, but hearing about the hijacking is interesting as well.

          I’m glad you got on well with nohomo. He is pretty desperate to matter in this large and uncaring world and could probably use genuine friendliness.

          Hope your tomorrows are less boring.

            1. Like this one from nohomo. He’s okay pissing on people and telling them it’s kool-aid, especially while telling you there’s mind-control drugs in the rainwater, but how dare two people have a civil conversation.

              Hey #nohomo, if you can jerk off wherever you like, so can I. It’s freedom of speech, motherfucker, ever hear of it? I will not be canceled by you incel cucks or groomed into suicidal silence!

              …Okay, Awam, where were we? 😉

      5. I guess that this comment area has become our own personal chatroom. LOL.

        The night before I wrote that long essay, my sister came over and I stayed up way too late drinking too much wine. I wasn’t drunk, but I am more of a beer person and I had a headache the next morning. After my post came up and I reread it, I was sort of worried that it might have come out the wrong way. I guess that I need to add more “LOL’s” to make it clear that these remarks are my attempt at humor.

        That person who explained to me about the deleted comments was actually my husband. More than likely, what he conveyed to me was right, but I probably explained it wrong, but oh well. I really don’t play these games very often because I just do not have the time. I just can’t focus on them while I work and I have other things to do while I am off. Still, I like coming here from time to time to check out the lewdness of others. What is funny is that everyone tells me to do Facebook, but I reply that I am just not into that. If they only knew what I was doing in this forum. LMFAO!

        This might come off wrong, but I actually feel sad for the ones who kink-shame and ridicule others. I think that is their way of coping with their own shame. For instance, I like incest topics in fiction even though, in real life, it is sick. I have zero desire to ever indulge in that activity personally. This includes fantasies and dirty talk about certain members of my household. although other characters doing things that I find vulgar is sort of hot. Does that make me hypocritical? Yes, so what? But who am I to judge others perverse desires as long as they remain fantacies?

        You might have noticed that I posted some comments in other threads today. I tend to come here for a day or three, then move on for a few months. I will more than likely add more responses here, but if it is not for awhile, do not take it personally. I just never know what tomorrow will bring. Still, there are other things that I want to say. I just don’t have the time at this moment. Never feel obliged to respond back, and I am sure that I will be back here soon. TTYL.

        1. I don’t mind having actual conversations on a board where very few people are trying to follow the board rules. I’ve learned something and that’s worthwhile.

          If there are other more constructive location to find porn games, I’d love to know.

          Thanks, Awam. Have a good porn!

      6. The reason I haven’t replied lately is that I have been really busy. I do want to say that I appreciate your comments in that other thread. I will get back to you on them at a later time.

        I only have certain windows of opportunity to do this. Why am I even here? I will save that for another day. Anyway, I have some other comments that I think I might respond to. Have a good day

  2. Holy fuck this made me cum so many times. It does get a little repetitive because you have to earn the sex through the story instead of just getting your reward up front. If you get stuck, there is a quests button that helps you out if you’re able to think with both your heads at once. I don’t like that despite being marked as completed, the story ends without resolution to be continued in the, as of this posting, incomplete sequel because delaying stuff as long as possible while people are subscribed on subscribestar is lucrative.

  3. This game is about how a dyke grooms a younger female. It’s good as an actual depiction of what goes on today in the real world.

      1. in this case i feel like the accusation is most likely a soft confession. he is the real groomer and he is angry thinking someone might outgroom him. it’s always the same with these kind of people. i assure you, anyone who protests this often, this loudly and this obsessively does not have any noble intentions. i’d bet good money he is not allowed within 200ft of a school zone and his hard drive is a literal crime scene.

        1. After a different Porn Game Website banned him (not censored; censorship is done by governments), he came here to sulk and start over.

          I personally think he’s a fully indoctrinated incel who cannot see out of their bubble of hate when interacting with anyone else. The homophobia allows him to lash out at people he considers to be lessers so that he can be seen as important, strong, or at the very least help him see himself as something besides a loser.

          It’s sad, really, since from time to time he’s made comments that shows he has a decent memory and true concern for people. It’s just too bad this comes out as “all fags must die” for a variety of ever-changing and equally neurotic reasons.

          He really, truly does need professional help, but here we are, trying to jack off to porn games while in the background this braying goat keeps screeching conspiracy theories. Is it any wonder he was thrown off the other boards?

    1. you know what grooming actually is? look at your church, that’s grooming, but noooooooooo…. Use your other head for a change, it might actually be useful, but i doubt it.

    2. your absolutely unhealthy obsession with homosexuality is a pretty good indicator that you are not operating in any kind of “real world.” paranoid delusion is a classic symptom for some pretty serious mental health issues. please, seek help before you hurt someone who doesn’t deserve it.

    3. Yeah, pedophilia is pretty gross, but it does happen in the real world. Dykes, straights, they’re all doing it, and every time we think we’re getting a handle on it, they change their tactics. A real cult, pedos. We normals should do something about them.

      Sometimes but rarely nohomo gets it right. I know he wants people to focus on the homosexuality part of it, but that’s just a side-effect. The truth is: Children can easily be abused, and it’s deviant behavior when they are.

      So his title should be: Child grooming is real.

    4. I’ve read some of these disgusting responses from these minor attracted perverts that are attempting to gaslight you into believing you’re the deranged one and you’re the one who’s projecting. If what they’re doing is so just and right and true, they wouldn’t be such cowards about it, having “18” year old girls in these games who physically look 12. They know what they’re doing and they know they’re a fringe group trying to make their perversions mainstream by piggybacking on the LGBTQ movements. That’s why, when you criticize their pedophilia, they automatically default to calling you a homophobe. Don’t let these sick people with unhealthy, harmful and exploitative interests beat you down. 2024 is the year of truth and it’s all gonna come out. And when it does, all these filthy cockroaches will scatter like they always do. Ignore these heathen and keep doing what you’re doing.

      1. the fact that the girl in this game appears to be underage is NOT what this sad, sad person is upset about, unfortunately.

      2. you and nohomo should get together and jerk it to some Andrew Tate podcasts. you don’t have to wax it by yourself.

      3. I’ve never once seen anyone credibly try to piggyback pedophilia on the LGBTQ+ movement, nohomo. Tho if you really are reaching out to say pedophilia is harmful then congratulations on becoming human.

        Trying to make pedophilia the responsibility of LGBTQEIEIO++ is just another instance of a long line of you making things up. Nothing new there.

        PenisMike: This is nohomo trying to reform his post into something about Teh GAYZ because he cannot accept that there are things worse than…well, a sexual belief. I’ll see if I can’t get him to start trying to connect incest porn to homosexuality. It’ll be fun.

      4. Oh, I’m aware of whats up. The groomers are in schools, media, churches, libraries, disneyland, games, and the like for a specific reason. Groomers are everywhere and right now nobody is stopping them. But they will. There is absolutely no way everyone will turn gay and allow their children to turn gay. The gay crowd will eventually die off. They would have already but they keep grooming. Eventually they will run into a group still having kids who wont allow the grooming of their kids. This group will grow and eventually take over.

        Who will be this group? Sadly probably the Muslims. I don’t want to live under sharia. I don’t want to see Europeans disappear from the earth either. But currently this is the direction we are going. Doubt me? Look up demographics. All Europeans are around 1.2 kids per couple. So unless there are major changes in time they will cease to exist.

        1. Nohomo cannot define what a “groomer” is, so can be safely ignored.
          Nor is he having kids, so he’s part of his own problem.
          It’s pretty sad someone would do that to themselves.
          But here we are.

          1. Just by your moniker, I do believe that we share knowledge of the same customs.

            When I was younger, we would partake in a holiday tradition. After going from house to house believing we were scaring adults to give us candy, we all gathered afterwards and played ‘Hide-and-seek.’ The rules were quite simple. We all had to stay within a specific area, like this website.

            So if you want, you are ‘It!’ Come find me! (Hint: Trick or treat!)

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