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How I Became a Hero [Ch.7] [Naughty tales studios]

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  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe left to roll back
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
  • swipe up&down to toggle a small window with memory usage information
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

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Description: A simple gallery unlock script. Just place it in the game folder and everything should be unlocked.

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Editor's Rating

Story - 83%
Visual - 89%
Engagement - 84%
Core Loop - 87%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 3.53 ( 72 votes)

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  1. 18 months. MC fuck only 1 girl. Milking scam.
    Boring story.
    Pathetic gay MC with black dildo fetish. But “this is not gay. Its spice”.

    Gay Dev of “Max GAY life”

    No hopes of create a male MC STRAIGHT game never.

  2. First off: Fuck you for all the racist assholes – and NO way to answer it back; give the fucker a magic dagger or actual MUSCLES YOU DIPSHIT – BECAUSE AT LEAST THREE PEOPLE HE SHOULD HAVE GRIPPED BY THE THROAT PUT UP AGAINST THE WALL AND SAID “You can either fuck right off and give me what I want; or I put you through the goddamned door.”

    Second = What the hell is the point of making the siscon be sexual with MC if you’re going to teleport his ass away for MONTHS??? You dicks. She already had a fucking boyfriend so you KNOW she’s not a virgin. So that’s one kink that SHOULD be there gone.

    Next = Same deal with the best friends Sister. Next – Every elf girl hates you, and the first one that doesn’t is CHUBBY AS FUCK. Screw your body positive bullshit; and screw making the “I’ll scream rape” bitch have a simp. He’s NOT going to get laid if this is a harem and ANYONE that plays the genre knows that. It’s not a harem game if ANYONE other than the MC is the one getting any girl. Dumbass. Chubby girl does NOT need to be in the game and goes against the ELVEN body type that has been VERY well established in both Tolkein and D&D lore. You’re being assholish.

    You’re making this poor bastard EVERYONE’S BITCH… When it SHOULD BE THE OTHER WAY AROUND!!!
    Stop it. Mr. Fucking alchemist needs to die in a fire. 3OO coins for what he’d usually charge 40 for – when it’s to help an actual elf he supposedly goddamn LIKES?!? Are your writers actually retarded or did he have a secret death wish. Fuck off with the thievery bullshit; just make MC be capable enough of roughin the bastard up to make him see the sense in not being a racist fucktard. You jackoffs.

    The game is called How I Became a Hero!!! Not I’m going to a different world to be treated like EVERYONE’S BITCH FOR THE REST OF MY NATURAL LIFE. You need to hurry up and fuck off with the segregational treatment. If he’s supposed to win over all the girls – THEN ACT LIKE IT. WRITE LIKE IT, Or I guarantee you no one is going to keep signing up to download this bullshit. You have NO idea how much this game has pissed me off, just with the way you’re treating the MC. You think this is a joke? He’s SUPPOSED to win all of these women = HOW? Because right now the fucking redheaded elf has a better shot getting with the slut who was dumb enough to say she was JOKING about crying rape (I would have put a dagger to her throat and said; try it. The second he comes anywhere near the door, you’re dead… and so is he) You DO NOT joke about rape. It is NOT a joke. It’s not a card she should EVER play; because it WILL NOT ENDEAR ANYONE TO HER.

    He IS THE HERO of YOUR GAME. If you don’t respect him, and treat him well, how the fuck do you think the audience is going to ever respect this asshole or take him seriously as any kind of hero? Come the fuck on guys. Writing a good, compelling harem with endearing characters and genuine romance IS NOT that fucking hard.


      How do you think you’d like it if I said hey – I’m gonna cut your tits off. I’m gonna shove a dagger up your cunt, and watch you bleed out? Is that funny to you fuckwits? No… well that’s what it’s like for a guy. You freaking simple minded, dung headed dipshits! Mutilation of ANY body part regardless of gender WILL NEVER BE FUNNY. TO ANYONE THAT HAPPENS TO BE EVEN REMOTELY SANE. What are you three fucking years old?

      Makes me want to strangle the lot of you every time one of you genius’ thinks hey… we can suggest we’re going to cut the MC’s dick off in a HAREM GAME!!! AND CALL IT A FREAKING JOKE.

      1. A magic cat (neko) who teleports between worlds does not fix the issue of the family who doesn’t know MC is not “quite” human. You fuckwits made him vow not to tell anyone, and then you make THE CAT fuck up. If you dare to blame him for it AT ALL I am done with the game and I don’t give a fuck what you do with it. Also DO NOT make the siscon pissed off at MC for any reason now that the cat’s literally out of the bag. She told him she wished he could see her. She does not get to take that back because he actually can [And frankly other than ESG/DEI bullshit there was no real reason to make him blind anyway if you weren’t actually going to go blind swordsman with it]

        Saying that time does not pass in one world if it CAN pass in the other is just stupid; because it creates an unncessary problem. If time passes in the elf world – guess who could already be nine months pregnant, or die giving birth before MC even returns. On any given time he goes off to bugger around in the human world. Which apparently isn’t even really his homeworld. There’s also the problem that the “Big Bad” will eventually catch on and fuck around with things. If you can’t even write the fucking CAT to be competent at her job, and help MC KEEP THE FUCKING VOW THAT YOU DIDN’T NEED TO ASSERT HE MAKES IN THE FIRST PLACE, then I DO NOT trust you not to fuck him over that way too. Just DO NOT add any sort of NTR that doesn’t involve the MC helping pointlessly married women to actually get off. It’s a HAREM. There does not need to be any other sort of content.

        With several of the females you’ve gone for the giganto tits and ass for now reason where at least two of them are designed to be very muscularly DEFINED. Guess what those types of bodies WOULD NOT have!!! You can’t just pick and choose which muscle groups don’t have way too much fat attached. It DOES NOT work like that. Especially with elves. The introduction of dwarves and goblins and ONE girl who’s basically a giant was ALL of it bullshit. Elves fine. Fair enough; I can deal with that, but in one update the only thing we got to see was the potential for midget porn, and a giant girl who wouldn’t even feel the MC’s supposed Horse Cock. Brilliant! (Yes, this is sarcasm)

        We have a married blacksmith whose husband being gay is the only excuse for why she’s on the title card up there above these posts; and willing to do anything with the MC in the first place. We have a new group of elves that are basically werewolves: Who you state bald cannot do anything with men [If you write that they cannot do anything with men OUTSIDE of their own clan = that’s better. It still has the stipulation of rarity and an explanation for the amazon bullshit; but it DOES NOT bork the player from getting involved with any of the women in that context]

        We have two girls from the adventurer’s guild – not counting the mage (and fuck you for the sorceress suddenly being “interested” when she’s literally threatened and actively CHOKED the MC with no goddamned answering back, twice now. The only reason she even SHOWS she’s at all interested past the fucking friendzone is a dumb assed flower with a fat assed priestess who ALSO threatened to KILL the MC. FUCK RIGHT OFF WITH THAT = WITHOUT HIM YOU HAVE NO GOD DAMNED GAME YOU INEPT, JACKASS PIECE OF SHIT DEVS. The adventurer with the way too huge ass gives you a blowjob and asserts she wants more – but this is the bitch that threatened to cut MC’s cock off. And of course she has a muscle bound Daddy that’s ten times MC’s size. Just… you really don’t know how to fuck off with threats to the MC, do you? You already killed the string bean blind boy ONCE you dipshits. You do not get a second shot. He’s either going to save both his worlds or you need to write a new story. There IS NO OTHER OPTION! You wrote this bastard as mostly human; so unless you wanna suddenly tell me he’s part werewolf and can regenerate from any wound at any point, he’s not Clark Kent. He’s NOT a whack-a-mole. Stop writing the fucker into corners!!! You’re only making it harder on yourselves to pull out more dues ex machina bullshit to get him out of it.

        Also, if you’re going to talk of pregnancy at all – do NOT blue ball the audience. Put it in the damned tags, and by the end, EVERY girl that has anything to do with the MC that the player chooses the green option with had better somehow end up eternally loyal to (if not directly married to) and pregnant by the MC. On ANY world you hyenas decide to send him to.

  3. Little bit confusing, but its not bad, I’m only getting into the story, I’ll have to give it more time when I get a chance

  4. WARNING: There is no penetration sex until late Chapter 5.
    The animations are pretty good.
    The choices are whether or not you has later possibility of sex with some of the women. Not everyone wants to watch sex with a giantess.
    Story is mixed. It’s mainly framed as a love story.

    The only tag that is presently incorrect is #harem but if the game is continued it’s only a matter of time.

    CONCLUSION: 6.5/10. Not bad not great. I probably won’t continue following this one.

  5. 1 year milking
    Zero sex scenes in Male MC straight path

    Probably DEV is milking in MAX GAY LIFE (another scam game). And no effort to add porn content of MC with girls here.
    Gay Devs trying make Male MC not gay. Never work.

    Boredom. Deleted.

    1. oh look a snowflake troll there is no gay content in this fuck knuckle man you brain dead fucks are every where these days

        1. LOL is that really the best insult you have for me you cock loving cum dumpster see I can throw out random insults also

      1. MMMMMMMMMMMMF of GAY MAX LIFE is not gay.

        You are a “pansexual panda butterfly queer”??? 100% Not gay. Right?

  6. This game is good i really enjoyed but it felt like very short… Give us a big update so that we can play longer! 🙂

  7. Nice game. A fantasy game where MC is most probably going to be “The Chosen One” or something like that. There’s harem and romance. Story is interesting so far. What’s not to like.

  8. Nice game. Don’t bother with the negative reviews, some people just like to pick irrelevant issues instead of enjoying the game.

  9. It is quite obvious that this game is made to be a sandbox for that reason there are no decisions, but that is not the bad thing, the bad thing is that the story ruins itself, the real world where the MC was blind was much more interesting, but it becomes a generic isekai sandbox with the typical villain that at first “seemed” good and if it was just this it would be fine because at least there is an attempt at a story, not like many others out there in the same style, but don’t propose to me a more interesting prologue than the main story and that had more potential, the worst thing is that it is obvious that the MC will return to his world and any relationship he builds in the fantasy world will be practically nothing, with such a predictable and boring ending really you lose interest

  10. Promising start. So far not much lewd context so if it’s what you are looking for…better wait.
    Most girls (including monster girls) look really good and animations are very good (not much of them however).
    Gameplay is kinetic type with only a couple of choices (all in chap. 4).
    Feels like the author is still experimenting and aiming for a sandbox later on based on dialogues and the way the events are chained together now (might be wrong just personal feeling).
    Current update is pretty short.

  11. Dude you can’t do that to me, you can’t set my blind fucking Mc with his sister and his best bro sister and then send him to a fucking fantasy world full of fantasy creatures I don’t give two shits for, the starting cast of characters was MUCH more interesting than the ones introduced in this different world, what is more, Mc is aiming to return, which is alright BUT will break a lot of fucking elves, dwarves, giants, and whatever other shit you can imagine hearts, unless he can go and come back willingly, maybe in his dreams? But still, that’d be a heavily convoluted fucking story that’d be no different than your regular shit isekai, it’d eventually get out of your hands and you’d suffer from an eternal writers block that’d leave you with no clear direction or path to go, this is why you stick to something, make sure that something is the more interesting setting and not the shitty ones, you know how many fanfics I’ve abandoned after just 2 or 3 chapters? Yeah, I know you probably have too if you’re a writer, what I’d do if I were you, would be to make the Mc return to his home in the next chapter but the elf he’s staying him gets teleported back along him to make things more interesting, he has no real connections with anyone but her anyways, if you don’t, I’m 100% sure this will become abandonware, from what I’ve seen from your writing, you do not have the ability to handle a fantasy setting long-term, nor do you have the ability to write a slice-of-life setting which was why you chose the route you chose, you’ll maybe drop one more chapter or leave it here, but even then, you do not know how to handle the consequences as for going back to being blind and leaving people he’s attached to behind, if you abandon it, try again in the future if you can, and stick to a single path, be smart.

    1. The sun is actually cold. Believe me, I nearly got a frostbite the last time I touched it.

  12. Brother your game is amazing d. Don’t care about insults make the update faster im very existed.

  13. ok there are so many snowflakes on here why the fuck do a lot of people keep asking for walkthroughs and cheats are you that fucking lazy u want someone else to make YOUR choices for you yea Devil i’m looking at u just play the damn AVN yourself or how about you do what smart people do and save the game at choices then go back and pick another choice and why do you want cheats for something that does not require cheats smh fuck me your lazy

  14. starts off as your regular “young mc will soon do his sister, mother and all other female characters” with the refreshing twist that the young mc is actually blind. then he walks through some portal and it becomes some adult lord of the rings, which isn’t my thing. but the graphics are excellent and the dialogues decent.

    1. yea and that’s the problem since there is no incest in this so why the fuck is that in this maybe not give readers the wrong idea perhaps

  15. OMG, the mother says to her BLIND child that she won’t LOOK for help anymore…. what a terrible and sadistic way of phrasing. LMAO

  16. sorry but this has the kinetic novel tag missing as of writing this i’m on chapter 3 where the fuck are the choices if this is not a kinetic novel and i don’t agree this needing to be rated higher 86% is way too high for what this is of course its always humans who wipe out other races this garbage has been done before so not very imaginative on the whole story

  17. This is 100% underrated. Sad to see a great game like this only have 1 thousand player while trash games have hundred off thousands of players. and its sad that this is only rated 86% percent. I can’t wait until this game gets the recognition that it deserves

  18. 10 out of 10 game so far. The Mc isn’t a cuck and he doesn’t bitch all the time like most mc and hes not awkward towards girls. this game should be rated a 95 instead of a 86 its so much better than most of these weird ass Vn’s

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