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Letter to My Dream [v0.2.1] [MrConcreteCup]

Download for Windows/ Linux

Download for Mac

Download for Android - v0.2.0

Download Multi- Mod


– Highlight the recommended choices
– Add ‘cheat’ points function
– Unlock Gallery


Unzip the mod and put the folder named “game” from the mod in “LettertomyDream-0.1.0-pc” folder. Or extract the mod’s zip file and move all the files in the “game” folder that you’ve extracted to the “LettertomyDream-0.1.0-pc” ‘s game folder. Overwrite files if required.

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Editor's Rating

Story - Letter to My Dream presents players with a promising concept but falls short in its would be beneficial to see more substantial character development and a more cohesive narrative. Overall, the story has the potential to improve, but as it stands, it lacks the depth and coherence needed to captivate players. - 57%
Visual - The visual presentation in Letter to My Dream is a mixed bag. While some characters have attractive designs, others suffer from questionable facial features. The protagonist's appearance, in particular, leaves something to be desired, with a face that could use more refinement. Additionally, the exaggerated proportions, especially regarding breast sizes, contribute to a lack of realism. - 68%
Engagement - Engagement is an area where Letter to My Dream struggles to captivate players. The lack of compelling story development, combined with unattractive character designs, hinders the overall engagement factor. - 53%
Core Loop - The core loop in Letter to My Dream revolves around exploring the game world, interacting with characters, and participating in sexual encounters. However, the lack of substantial story content and repetitive collectibles weakens the core loop experience. The game would benefit from a more fleshed-out narrative, allowing players to feel a sense of purpose and progression. Additionally, introducing more varied interactions and choices that impact the story could provide a more engaging core loop. - 65%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 4.24 ( 31 votes)

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  1. The editor has the worst rating ever,There is No freaking that he gave This game’s story 57/100 while handing out 81 to ring of lust which is a straight wanking game with no meaningful story. Not to mention he is all for incest games 💀💀💀💀

  2. Why the fuck dev add sandbox shit ,wasting time in searching shit in the cabinet, it would have been good if you have spend your time in rendering to reduce time in upcoming episode or increasing numbers of images in every update than spending in adjustment of arrows.

          1. While you were busy snooping around, your mom was sucking my big dick. Then, I fucked her so hard that she came, over and over again. Your mom is quite the treat. She says she is ashamed of you and your dad’s puny dicks and instead loves my big fucking manhood.

  3. General suggestions:

    First, you shouldn’t need a cheat to make this a harem. It really should just be Harem; or focus on a path that leads to one girl for multiple playthroughs with each girl for differing results.

    I will say unless you intend to add the angry raven haired semi goth girl into the list of LI’s I don’t know why she’s in game currently. You get one actual interaction in which she’s a bitch to MC for no real reason. That’s not attractive.

    There’s also the fact that Sophie for some reason is FemDom fantasy, but the other two are shaded Male Dom (I would argue Izzy goes a bit too far. The wording is derogatory for no real reason – he does not need to be aggressive to prove Dominance. It’s not about Ire. It’s about control. Willingness to surrender. If I have to “make” you submit to me, I’m doing something wrong… This also applies to choking. Which can be dangerous on it’s own. Go look up David Carradine and how he died, is all I’m saying)

    The sandbox is a bit of a PITA format when the arrows are NOT permanently present. If you want me to search for new things on the screen, highlight what can be clicked. It’s far easier that way, and less likely a player will fuck something up that they might want to find.

    Esme and Issabella I would take straight off the list. I get the hot for teacher fantasy – believe me, I had that when I was a teen myself, but it’s too much trouble in a game that’s going for Semi-realism if you think about how likely it would screw more than just the MC’s life up WHEN they get caught. Esme’s little shocker at the end of current update says you’re well aware of this. Drama is one thing, forced failstates that don’t have to be, I would caution against. (Hell introduce the Dean as Angry Raven Girl’s hot mom… have MC begin to fuck the dean to compound on Angry Girl’s Mommy/Rebel issues, and that could solve both problems) Just something to watch out for in the narrative.

    Box head doesn’t have to be an incel shaded asshole to everyone. Frankly the wage gap has been disproven. The fact you write that sentence either means you’re aware of the point, and the credible reasons that one does exist which can be explained easily, or you’re actively making fun of it. Which is misandric. Hatred goes BOTH ways. The chinese asshole who fucks up your sleep for a meal, I am concerned you’ve coded Gay or Bi. Please don’t. Just don’t. He can be that if you insist, but do not force that content by having recommended paths accept his quests, and then funnel the player into stuff they don’t want to see. That’s assholish.

    Beyond that, there’s some potential, but Jesus one last point being what the hell is it with Devs making a near shrimp-like MC face off against a literal gorilla? Let me be at least buff enough that it looks like I might be able to handle myself in a fight before you try to make the MC a white knight. He’s not fire proof, and doesn’t need to slay the dragon. Give me brass knuckles or a chain wrap and it might be more even odds (and yes, that would get MC expelled and charged. I know, but the point stands – there is a REASON for weight divisions in any martial sport. You do not put a pipe cleaner against a brick wall and expect the pipecleaner will come out on top. Ever) The only reason he “won” the fight was because it didn’t start, and that’s just a little too much Word of God. Is Mommy gonna get him out of every situation? Think about these things before you code them into games. Because in real life, he’d be shoved into a locker at best, or in the hospital. If not the morgue.

    Also would be nice if you’d give the player the choice of where they want to finish during the one non-fantasized sex scene. (Which would at least give Esme a good reason to be shocked, and MC perhaps more of one, since she could be just beginning to show by that point…)

    1. Thanks for mentioning choke sex. It might be super dangerous IRL, but this is a videogame. I can just enjoy the kink without worrying about killing someone.

      I honestly was going to skip it until I read your review. Pretty much everything you don’t like I enjoy or don’t give a fuck about. I swear almost every time I see a long negative review by you I know the game is worth at least trying it out.

    2. “You get one actual interaction in which she’s a bitch to MC for no real reason. That’s not attractive.”

      I couldn’t disagree more. In these games, I love characters that start off hating you. It makes it so much more satisfying when they start to like/love you.

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