Lab Rats 2 [v0.51.1] [Vren]

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  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe left to roll back
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
  • swipe up&down to toggle a small window with memory usage information
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

Download Quick start Guide

Console commands

# How to console – If its activated its SHIFT+O (ESC to close).
# To activate console – edit the following file
# \Lab_Rats_2-v0.xx.0-pc\renpy\common\00console.rpy
# Find this line (around line 108) config.console = False and edit it to True.

# mc. <- You
# the_person. <- The person you are currently interacting with in the game. Its not a name but literally the_person)
# Letters goes in “”, numbers without “”. Example: = 6 and = “Yolandi”
# Words are case sensitive. Example the_person.relationship = “Single” NOT “single”’YourNameHere’

# = xx <- This may not be used in the future. It seems to have been removed from the game. = xx <- These are your company funds ingame. = xxxx
mc.free_clarity = xxxx <- Used for research purposes (recently introduced mechanic)

mc.charisma = xx = xx
mc.focus = xx

mc.hr_skill = xx
mc.market_skill = xx
mc.research_skill = xx
mc.production_skill = xx
mc.supply_skill = xx

mc.sex_skills[“Foreplay”] = xx
mc.sex_skills[“Oral”] = xx
mc.sex_skills[“Vaginal”] = xx
mc.sex_skills[“Anal”] = xx
mc.max_arousal = xx
the_person.happiness = xx
the_person.core_sluttiness = xx (From 0 to 100)
the_person.sluttiness = xx (From 0 to 100)
the_person.obedience = xx (If you’re having trouble with tier 3 research, set this to 140 or something.)
the_person.tits = “xx” (“AA”, “A”, “B”, “C”, “D”, “DD”, “DDD”, “E”, “F”, “FF”)
the_person.body_type = “xx” (“thin_body”, “standard_body”, “curvy_body”)
the_person.height = x.x (From 0.8 to 1.0 – will take effect once the character is redrawn by the game engine) = “xx”
the_person.last_name = “xx” = xx
the_person.relationship = “Single”
the_person.age = xx

# Changing titles of a person while keeping color and font formatting:

the_person.set_title(“custom title”) # e.g “friend”, “employee”
the_person.set_possessive_title(“their custom title”) # e.g “your friend”, “your employee”
the_person.set_mc_title(“what they call you”) # e.g “Boss”, “Master”, “Friend”

# Someone asked about changing the positions of locations on the map.
# All Room objects have an attribute called map_pos which references their [x, y] position on the map grid.
# e.g the newely added strip_club has a map_pos of [6, 5] meaning 6 on the x- axis from the left and 5 on the y- axis starting from the top.

room.map_pos = [x, y] # This will re- position the location on the map.
room.visible = True # Determines if the location is visible on the map.
room.public = True # If set to False then people will not roam into the location unless specified.
room.formalName = “new name” # Changes the name displayed on the map.

# If a room does not have the sexual positions you would like available it is most likely due to not having the correct objects available.
# You can add any objects to the room by using the add_object function together with a “make object” function.

room.add_object(make_wall()) # Adds a wall that can be leaned up against etc.
room.add_object(make_floor()) # Adds a floor to the room that can be used for sex.
room.add_object(make_bed()) # Adds a bed to the room.
room.add_object(make_window()) # Adds a window to the room.

# NOTE: room needs to be replaced with the variable of the room you want to edit.
# There are a couple of ways to do this. Easiest would be to go into the room and use mc.location which references your current location (room)

mc.location.map_pos = [x, y] # This edits map position of the current room you are in.

list_of_places[0].map_pos = [x, y] # Replacing 0 with another number e.g 10 will reference a different room. You can do list_of_places[0].name or formalName to see which one it is you are editing.

strip_club.map_pos = [x, y] # This uses the variable name that the room is saved to. Names of all the rooms can be found in script.rpy ca. half-way down the label create_test_variables at lines 9150~ to 9500~.

# You can also add actions to a room by appending it.
room.actions.append(sleep_action) # This will allow you to sleep in the room. Adding actions to a room you can basically move the office into your bedroom.

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