Lab Rats 2 [v2023-07-11] [Vren]

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  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe left to roll back
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
  • swipe up&down to toggle a small window with memory usage information
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

Download Quick start Guide

Console commands

# How to console – If its activated its SHIFT+O (ESC to close).
# To activate console – edit the following file
# \Lab_Rats_2-v0.xx.0-pc\renpy\common\00console.rpy
# Find this line (around line 108) config.console = False and edit it to True.

# mc. <- You
# the_person. <- The person you are currently interacting with in the game. Its not a name but literally the_person)
# Letters goes in “”, numbers without “”. Example: = 6 and = “Yolandi”
# Words are case sensitive. Example the_person.relationship = “Single” NOT “single”’YourNameHere’

# = xx <- This may not be used in the future. It seems to have been removed from the game. = xx <- These are your company funds ingame. = xxxx
mc.free_clarity = xxxx <- Used for research purposes (recently introduced mechanic)

mc.charisma = xx = xx
mc.focus = xx

mc.hr_skill = xx
mc.market_skill = xx
mc.research_skill = xx
mc.production_skill = xx
mc.supply_skill = xx

mc.sex_skills[“Foreplay”] = xx
mc.sex_skills[“Oral”] = xx
mc.sex_skills[“Vaginal”] = xx
mc.sex_skills[“Anal”] = xx
mc.max_arousal = xx
the_person.happiness = xx
the_person.core_sluttiness = xx (From 0 to 100)
the_person.sluttiness = xx (From 0 to 100)
the_person.obedience = xx (If you’re having trouble with tier 3 research, set this to 140 or something.)
the_person.tits = “xx” (“AA”, “A”, “B”, “C”, “D”, “DD”, “DDD”, “E”, “F”, “FF”)
the_person.body_type = “xx” (“thin_body”, “standard_body”, “curvy_body”)
the_person.height = x.x (From 0.8 to 1.0 – will take effect once the character is redrawn by the game engine) = “xx”
the_person.last_name = “xx” = xx
the_person.relationship = “Single”
the_person.age = xx

# Changing titles of a person while keeping color and font formatting:

the_person.set_title(“custom title”) # e.g “friend”, “employee”
the_person.set_possessive_title(“their custom title”) # e.g “your friend”, “your employee”
the_person.set_mc_title(“what they call you”) # e.g “Boss”, “Master”, “Friend”

# Someone asked about changing the positions of locations on the map.
# All Room objects have an attribute called map_pos which references their [x, y] position on the map grid.
# e.g the newely added strip_club has a map_pos of [6, 5] meaning 6 on the x- axis from the left and 5 on the y- axis starting from the top.

room.map_pos = [x, y] # This will re- position the location on the map.
room.visible = True # Determines if the location is visible on the map.
room.public = True # If set to False then people will not roam into the location unless specified.
room.formalName = “new name” # Changes the name displayed on the map.

# If a room does not have the sexual positions you would like available it is most likely due to not having the correct objects available.
# You can add any objects to the room by using the add_object function together with a “make object” function.

room.add_object(make_wall()) # Adds a wall that can be leaned up against etc.
room.add_object(make_floor()) # Adds a floor to the room that can be used for sex.
room.add_object(make_bed()) # Adds a bed to the room.
room.add_object(make_window()) # Adds a window to the room.

# NOTE: room needs to be replaced with the variable of the room you want to edit.
# There are a couple of ways to do this. Easiest would be to go into the room and use mc.location which references your current location (room)

mc.location.map_pos = [x, y] # This edits map position of the current room you are in.

list_of_places[0].map_pos = [x, y] # Replacing 0 with another number e.g 10 will reference a different room. You can do list_of_places[0].name or formalName to see which one it is you are editing.

strip_club.map_pos = [x, y] # This uses the variable name that the room is saved to. Names of all the rooms can be found in script.rpy ca. half-way down the label create_test_variables at lines 9150~ to 9500~.

# You can also add actions to a room by appending it.
room.actions.append(sleep_action) # This will allow you to sleep in the room. Adding actions to a room you can basically move the office into your bedroom.

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Story - 79%
Visual - 84%
Engagement - 80%
Core Loop - 77%


out off 100%

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  1. That short walk through is nice and WILL get you started but it doesn’t take into account the more recently added game mechanic “Attention” which is a nuisance where the serums you sell draw unwanted municipal attention and visits… they come and randomly take serums, supplies, or recipes so you may not actually want to auto sell serums anymore. You can manage the serums sales with the natural attention decay.

  2. Played this game quite a long time ago and loved it for what it is which is a MANAGEMENT GRINDER GAME, … sure its centered around sexual corruption but its really not a fap fap fap game. The corruption kink is solid but its all about management which is one of my favorite genres whether its 4x or an MMO. Still when I saw it come up, the memory of it was solid enough I wouldn’t mind trying it again – even if it hasn’t been updated (no change log, so can’t tell without visiting Dev’s site). Anyway, the allure of the relentless call to corrupt, fuck and impregnate every family member, employee, store clerk and citizen of the town is pretty irresistable.

  3. Is this game considered officially abandoned if an update hasn’t come down in a year? Or when the dev’s attempt to get past some buggy paperdoll system by going open sourced hasn’t been updated in 5+ months? Other game devs got the paperdoll system to work, not this one.

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