The Null Hypothesis [v0.4a] [Ron Chon]

Saves from v0.2 will not work with v0.3

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  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe left to roll back
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
  • swipe up&down to toggle a small window with memory usage information
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

View Console Command

Found some console command to make the grind more bearable (hopefully the dev won’t change the code on each update :p )

(replace Rogue with Laura or Jean)
I’ve added 9000 but the quest will lock you at a certain number until you finish each quests, which will reward you with a higher cap

(replace none with bush, growing, hairy, null, shaven, strip or triangle)
Rogue.piercings[“nipple”] =”ring”
replace “ring” with “False” or “barbell”
replace “nipple” with “labia” or “belly”
 just increasing the level throught cheats doesn’t give any [extra points]

I’ve added 5 as to not encounter noclip issue

Those code work but I’m not sure what they do or how they show a difference in the game:

still trying to find the code to enable sex and anal
I’ve added 3 as to not encounter noclip issue

Adjust the 4 different squares:

1st slot:
Laura.status[‘miffed’] = 1
Laura.status[‘mad’] = 1
3rd slot:
Laura.status[‘heartbroken’] = 1
2nd slot:
Laura.status[‘horny’] = 1
no slot:
Laura.status[‘nympho’] = 0

Make the girl at ease with being naked:
best to follow these steps first

  1. open wardrobe
  2. set the outfit you want her to have
  3. open the console and launch the command then exit the console
  4. (optional) save the outfit
^Not worth testing since it will be cancelled after a scene changes and the game checks the current outfit again

oh and message to the dev. Please consider these features
  • re-enable the function to skip text , simply holding ctrl or tab should work like it does with all renpy games
  • reduce the time it takes when navigating the cellphone
  • reduce the amount of white colors in backgrounds. Too many dark-coloured rooms and characters in contrast with brightly-coloured background are hurting my eyes

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Editor's Rating

Story - The Null Hypothesis is an intriguing game that takes inspiration from Rogue-like Revolution while infusing it with a romantic twist. The developers have managed to create well-defined personalities for the main characters, giving them depth and distinctiveness, despite some underlying stereotypes. One notable improvement over its source material is the introduction of story progression checkpoints, which keep the narrative flowing smoothly. - 82%
Visual - Visually, The Null Hypothesis excels in capturing the essence of the X-Men universe with its comic book-inspired art style.The visuals truly evoke the nostalgic vibes of the X-Men comics and movies.Overall, the game delivers a pleasing and visually appealing presentation. - 87%
Engagement - The Null Hypothesis presents a romantic twist on the Rogue-like Revolution formula, which can engage players looking for a deeper narrative and character development. The dating system, while not flawless, allows players to build meaningful connections and relationships with the girls in the game. The activities of spending time together, training, and studying contribute to the immersive experience, making players feel more involved in the story. - 71%
Core Loop - The core loop of The Null Hypothesis revolves around deepening the romantic connections with the girls and exploring the protagonist's hidden powers. Players unlock new actions and progress through the romantic storylines as they establish genuine connections. Checkpoints provide a sense of progression and keep the narrative moving forward. - 58%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 3.3 ( 45 votes)

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  1. Okay – DUDE: For the raw amount of grinding you make the player do just to GET the girls to START to want to be SORT OF SEXUAL = DO NOT FUCK THE PLAYER OVER by having one of the girls ask for a date; when another has PUSHED the player into a relationship and PLAINLY STATED THAT THEY AREN’T READY TO SEE MC DATE OTHER FUCKING GIRLS!!!

    Anne Marie DOES NOT get to rush being my girlfriend when I was WORKING toward completing the other fucking SIDE QUESTS. Dating ONE of them does NOT mean I don’t get to date the others. That’s just you being a jackass for no reason. This is what I mean about Harem Vs. Poly. Harem is SHE DOES NOT GET A SAY. Poly is why the fuck am I bothering when she’s just as likely to go screw someone else, and I have to take that, if I want to do the same.

    FIX this = Trust is TOO HARD to gain. Frankly I was working on getting trust up with the other girls and Jean randomly decided she wanted to date me with a phone update. Right AFTER Rogue had decided we’re Boyfriend/Girlfriend now. Do you WANT players to rage quit???

    1. True, and I did point that out in my previous comments. The points in favor of this game are more fleshed out story and RPG elements. More realistic renders (Though I am a fan of the way Rogue was drawn in X-Men Evolution, so her as the main girl never bothered me in the original game this is based off of)

      It’s a little harder to level up. You do however get more clarity on what points you receive and when. Sometimes in Rogue Evolution you saw the numbers flash, but they pass pretty quick off screen. So it wasn’t always easy to tell what you gained or why. I’m still willing to see where this goes. Just hoping he doesn’t add Spider Gwen or other rando characters into the mix. They should all have good reason to be in the story. Contribute something to it, rather than jumping on a troupe of breaking the fourth wall, or popularity. (Also, if he wants to add Wanda just to give her to Nightcrawler; I’m very okay with that. It’d be the only way we get confirmation of their daughter – Who does exist, but is considered elseworlds content)

      They could cross over with Jennifer Walters. Then we’d get She-Hulk, smashed ; )

  2. Going to point out that Polyamory and Harem are two VERY different things. Poly means everyone generally agrees that anyone can fuck anyone. They may not act on it, but the intent is equity. Not necessarily equality. Harem is multiple girls sign on to ONE man. Period. Or Multiple girls sign on to one girl. That’s less fun, and less common; but frankly works far better than multiple men sign on to one girl. You NEED to be VERY SPECIFIC about what content is in the game. The game you’ve based this one off of doesn’t actually have the harem tag, but frankly given you’re the one guy they’re all trying to win, it REALLY should have. There should be NO OTHER males for the girls to pursue, and I never thought the other game actually needed Lesbian content – as it does NOT serve the MC’s interest in pursuit of the girls, nor does it reward the player for all the work done GRINDING the affection of each girl. You’re already asking the player to do a LOT more grinding than most of us want to do. Poly can be taken as NTR too, is all I’m going to say. The defined relationships need to be CLEAR. Otherwise you’re going to make people nervous to even play through. They’ll stop downloading if it’s content they don’t want to see, and will be less likely to subscribe if they were going to. Or you’ll lose subs that have. For basically no reason but using a more vague and open to interpretations term, over the proper one.

  3. my favorite game I just want more new characters and sex positions and also the different color nail polish system like in rogue evolution 😋👍

  4. How do we get 22 comments but no one mentioning the .exe was killed by win security claiming it’s a Trojan:Script/Phonzy.B!ml

    1. Because you’re a complete retard that doesn’t know what a false positive is and the only one here using a piece of shit junky program you downloaded off some no mame website because you are too cheap or broke to actually buy anything worth using.

      1. Someone too cheap or broke going to a free porn game website? Clutch your pearl necklace, Edgelord, and get over to your fainting couch; you’re swooning.

        @Windows Security: Downloaded and threw it through an antivirus and it passed. No matter what the slobbering pit-monster says, it’s never bad to be cautious with free software you’ve downloaded from a sketchy website.

  5. Another dumb piece of useless shit that doesn’t even work, even worse than then rotten pile of bug riddled garbage it was copied from. Crashes every 10 seconds. Miserable waste of time game, so fuck you dumb retarded bitch of a dev. 🖕

  6. I think there’s a bug. After reaching 750 relationship with them. There’s no more mission left but events are still going despite that

  7. The android version seems to be plagued with random crashing. I just started playing and got booted out twice

  8. I tried it for a few minutes, its very similar to Rogue Like parody, but this has more details in the vn than Rogue Like, which is nice.

  9. This parody reminds me of Rogue Like since Rogue is in it, the art style has a warm feeling to it, I’ll give this a try

  10. The art looks fine to me, and I’m an X-Men fan, so I’ll be giving this one a fair shot.

    Will post a review once I’ve done all that can be done, but since it’s probably early days and based off of previous works with a more realistic art style (though the game named did win points with me for it’s adherence to a very well received alternate version of the X-Men teens. I happen to have liked Rogue’s design in that show, and the show itself)

    One point though, unless Kurt is now canonically considered the same age as Rogue, he wouldn’t be that young. He was in Storm, Colossus and Woverine’s group of “back up” X-Men (as one of the two “original” teams, and the first secondary line as a team – he’s far older than he’d be portrayed here; and I’m not sure if they’ve retconned his “immortality” as his father’s son… BUT I do know about the Butt Baby retcon in the current comics. So now Azazel might not even factually BE Kurt’s father)

    While I don’t necessarily agree with Vomond’s near Copy/Paste “reviews” in general; how exactly would you like him to prove his drawing work? He’d have to have a scanner at least, and god knows how that would turn out. He’d have to be willing to potentially lose money, or an IP, if someone steals the work like they can on Deviant Art; and be able to upload it himself on this site. There’s the fact that I’ve been asked to prove my own points as well, in writing my own game and I’ll tell you guys what I told the last – Coding a game is different than writing a story, and both skill sets are required to actually MAKE a game. I’ve spent hours fucking around in RPGMaker trying to get one event to do what I want, in a game I did at one point try to make. I haven’t got the programmer’s skill or mindset. I am a novelist. But a) I’m not going to post a copy of my works for free, and b) Gmail tends to have a set limit to the amount of info it will let you send in one mail. So asking anyone to “prove it” when you likely know they can’t for even just purely technical reasons, is you guys being dicks. Not him. He has the right to express his opinion. No one actually has to agree with it, and you don’t have to like that point. However do note, people could just as easily turn your “prove it” back onto you. I doubt you’d like that very much.

    1. Having played to as far as I could get – the game froze the first time I tried to get to the pool because Kurt popped up and bampfed into locking the game somehow – It’s a slower burn than the game that inspired it. Which you could get farther in, faster. However there are additions that make this version a better RPG, and the renders while not in the vein of the X-Men: Evolution TV show are actually very attractive. I did not get far enough to get to any sexual content, again it’s a VERY slow burn… but there’s enough of an actual story there now to make it viable to keep going. If it can do away with freezing at any point. I blame Bobby. Then again, so does everybody…

      The level up grind is a bit slower as well. There’s a skill tree I couldn’t do a damned thing with because I didn’t even get to level 2; but at least it’s there. If the skill trees do better than just letting MC increase his sexual endurance and/or branch out evolutions to the MC’s base mutant power it will be a very welcomed addition. As I said above, the game has the potential to be much more of an RPG in the vein of X-Men Legends. If the developer actually goes there. I’m not sure if we’re actually going to get involved in combat – but it would make sense as we do train in the danger room = I’d prefer there was a reason for that other than graphic jokes about how often we dodge viscerally described death. I’ll probably give this another shot in a few more updates, to let the dev smooth things out a bit. I will mention it adds Jean and X-23 but skipped Kitty as yet. Which is a break from the original game as Kitty was the second person we met. There’s potential in both games, but if you want a clearer marked path to winning the girls’ affection, this game is actually the better option for that. The yellow bar in the base game it’s inspired by always confused the fuck out of me, and the blue bar was harder to get maxed.

  11. Great game.
    Perfect alternative to Rogue-Like.
    It focuses much more on the plot and this makes it a pleasant alternative.
    Great job, keep up the good work.

    1. hey Vomond why don’t you create your own VN then fuck boy just so we can all shit on you for your poor effort since you seem to think your much better than everyone else who creates these

    2. i get that art is subjective but this is some of the most quality and detailed character art i’ve seen from a 2D VN around here. you really just don’t like anything do you? if you don’t like any of the games you play maybe you should just fuck off already

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