Intertwined [v0.12.3] [Nyx]

Download for Windows/ Linux - v0.12.1

Download Update Only (v0.12.1 -> v0.12.3)

Download for Mac

Download for Android

Usage of the additional swipe commands:
Swipe left: back
Swipe right: skip
Swipe up: main menu
Swipe down: hide

The game saves are stored now in a persistent folder and should be available even when the game is deinstalled
Location: “(your device)\Documents\RenPy_Saves\com.koga3.intertwined”
(you have to grant the permission for the external storage use when starting the game for the first time!)

Download Walkthrough

Download Walkthrough, Gallery Unlocker + Mod


– cheats for the game points
– an info screen for the game points
– gallery unlocker
– music tracks and a player for it (“QuickMusic”)
– enhanced named saves function
– additional game setting (textbox opacity/textsize/outlines/quick menu)
– new with v0.11.2: cheats for the game variables

most of these functions are optional and can be turned on/off while playing


Installation guide for the Mod only download:
1. of course the original game must be installed
2. extract the Mod archive in a temporary folder
3. move the extracted files and folders into your …/ game folder

See also the installation info in the ZIP file.

You can also mail us at :-

Editor's Rating

Story - 96%
Visual - 95%
Engagement - 95%
Core Loop - 96%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 4.21 ( 464 votes)

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  1. Does somebody know how to get the beach scene with Iris? How can you go to the beach without being Alexis’ boyfriend?

  2. wow – very long update – without any sex scene – I mean I understand when a dev is horny, does some sex animations in the beginning, and then get lost in the story, without any further sex interest, like in a normal marriage – they should be a place in the web, where devs, which lost their sex drive, can upload their vn without sex – or tag like “story focused” – I see all these sex related tags – what a promise which isn’t kept

  3. Still lacking music and the main menu feels kinda cheap but this is without a doubt still the best thing available aside from Dr Pink’s stuff.


    1. Ever played Eternum? its the best VN ever. if this is 11/10 and BaDIK is 15/10 then Eternum is 30/10

    1. it is SOOOOO easy to make the Mac verson v0.12.1 by simply copying the correct files over from the PC to the Mac package… SO WHY DOESN’T THIS WEBSITE HAVE THE LATEST MAC VERSION???? It’s a bit frustrating frankly since now you have to download both Mac & PC to do it! JUST GIVE A LINK TO THE CORRECTED MAC VERSION!

      1. BTW there’s a “report broken link” right above “Editor’s Rating”. I don’t know if it does anything, but it’s at least a way to get someone’s attention.

  4. this shit really is intertwined. Cant choose 1 to be loyal to. Tho imagine being loyal in a rabbit sex game.
    Best thing dev did was they didnt capped ethan getting punched scene.

  5. Well… The last update seems to be a biggest failure of the entire serie. The story is pretty fuck up now, and throw players entire progresses into shit hole… I hope the creator knows what she’s doing.

    1. Obviously there won’t be a harem, so it’s just a further step towards having only one love interest. Additionally the game punishes you if you try to make a harem.

    1. it has fast paced sequences of still images that emulates animation and bloats image numbers.
      Tossing Layla into pool is a sequence of over 20 images playing on a loop, that emulates two guys holding a girl by wrists and ankles and swinging her back and forth… a sequence that looks very unnatural and has no other purpose then to irritate you, not to mention that it is played two times with a break for a picture and comment from your bombshell teacher/possible lover to be careful about the action you are performing…

      in other worlds, all “animated” sequence are old school animation made of renders shown in a sequence so fast that your eye perceive it as fluid motion, but sometimes it looks just weird.

  6. I’ve tried this one a couple of times and didn’t realize some of the relationships friendzone you. I will say – if you’re going to offer so many females to chase; make it a harem. Or at least make a damned path to be harem at the end. No other guy ever needs to date or fuck the girls in game but MC. Why? Because the designated MC is the player’s avatar = most of us do not want to chase someone that’s going to bugger off and boink someone else, WHILE making MC jump through hoops trying to get her to bat her eyelashes at him.

    I don’t think the mom and her best friend needed to be the “wild” ones when they were younger. They’re not that old looking first off, second it’s a tired assed troupe at this point. Call them what they really are: Super Sluts. You’re done. They aren’t pursuable, then fine. Great, good even. Less likely to catch an STD. If they are available; do NOT fuck around with their concept of loyalty. No one’s going to start a relationship with the girl who’s the town doorknob. No matter how young or old comparatively. Lesbians are NOT that common in US and Canada statistically. While every girl might have a higher tendency to be Bi in general than a male, it doesn’t mean all of them are. Most who do fall into that category STILL have preference for one gender to date.

    This game would be far less complex as a Harem, there wouldn’t need to be punitive storylines or mechanics. You could add pregnancy by the end game, even several times over. All the girls would have equal screen time, and you could bugger off with the overly complicated reasoning behind some of the reveals. I do not know why all of you devs seem to think every second game needs Incest. Jesus. That said, if you were never going to make it a harem you could at least properly separate each girl’s route into a true dating sim. Then it would be replayable, so it might be worth the insanely long amount of time pouring through the story to get to individual hot scenes. At this point the only way I’d be interested to re-try this game is if there WAS a harem story line. Or it was segregated into a proper dating sim format. Because most of the girls are assholish if you don’t choose the right answers. Some are still assholish if you do. I believe as far as I played a long while ago there wasn’t even really any lewd scenes (that weren’t alluded to in the Mom/best friend’s backstory) There was build up, but mostly it was blue balling and a little foreplay. So that would ALSO be something that should be fixed. But unless you do decide to add pregnancy and harem into the tags at some point I won’t bother trying to see it. Intertwined is more like Pointlessly Convoluted. Designed to keep you guessing as to whether any of the girls will actually let you get anywhere without see-sawing emotionally into bitch mode every five scenes because Shocking New Reveal…

  7. what a shitty update.. 80% erynn, 10% brooke, 5% elena, 2.5% alexis, 2,5% layla…
    a bit more balance would be nice. im getting sick of erynn and her blueballing.
    no nikki since 2 updates… screw you

    1. it is not the images that are producing lag… where actually they are, but the root of it is that a lot of still pictures are composed into a fast sequence that emulate the effect of a movie.
      that is causing two effects actually. First is that there are lags when images for moving pictures are loaded and displayed in very fast pace, and second is that for a short sequence there are tens of images that are bloating the count of them and the overall weight of the whole game. And as the episodes are not compressed, then instead of 3 or 4 giga you got almost 10

  8. Random question, how the vn go from 1.6 GB at v0.10.5 to almost 9GB at v0.12.1? What was added to make it that large?

    1. I’m really surprised I don’t see another Elendar’s reply here just explaining all the “lots-of-pictures-to-simulate-an-animation” shit again.

  9. Hey guys can u reccomend games like milfy city or this game or games u have the option to walk around the map or the house

    1. Harem hotel, taffy tales, summertime saga. There was one more but I forgot was it was called. The genre of games you’re looking for is called sandbox.

  10. TL:DR
    It’s a draging and boring plot if you get friend zoned and not pursue the few charakters the author wants you to. No 3/4-some. No Sound. No lewd with Mom. No chapter overview. Very good graphics and animations(but sparse)
    -Thats why I have to disagree with all the positive reviews-
    For me a very bad experience and a waste of time. Remove the very few explicit scenes (my playthrough) and put it up on steam or whatever and let it sink into the ocean of flat boring boy/girl stories with college backround and remove this from dikgames. Waste of time for people looking for a lewd compeling VN. But the Dev could have helped it if the decisions would have narrowed down better so a full friendzone path wouldnt even be possible! Or at least make the decissions clear (Lets just be friends /wo benefits (-does not exist))

    This game succeded on getting me emotinaly involded with some character arcs, thats why my perosnal WOT is not at all professional and probably more of a rant… of someone blueballed over and over again …

    I would like to love this VN but the writing (lewd descriptive the worst! or plain missing) is awefully bad and does not complement the great graphics and seriously best animations I’ve seen so far. Please guys get urself a major rampup on the writing (descriptive and story). For the type of games here the writing is as important as the graphics if you want the audiance to get lustfully greedy aroused. The descriptive writing is what raises the expectations in the mind of what to come and prepare for in the crotch to get the fluids flowing where it might be needed … soon. Call it teasing to an happy ending.
    If you dont manage, why would one not want to just get the next best thing then the real, like a porn or even an slowmo animated quality fetish CGI? (regarding the excellent animation loops)

    MLS for excample manages this with much less eyecandy. Imagine what you could do with the animations (loops) you create here.

    The worn out (stereo-)typical college story wont/cant never deliver. It just acts as the frame in wich one aranges the sexual adventures and kinks.
    And only an idiot seriously judges the picture by its frame.

    Well at least you manage on deliver Zach as the most annoying unlikable character from the start … but glueing him to the MC depresses me. Just take a thorough peek at Derek from BaDIK … Derek is hilarious. Zach is a stinkin itching abscess on your butt.
    And how does MC grow hairs after the first haircut (&face change) … disruptive Details (when even Date and Time is shown in transitions)
    Not to speak of the Moms looking even younger than their daughters/sons. MC cant even hookup on Melissa or Emily … or both.

    After the tattoo scene with Lakeyn I almost wanted to stop going further, as it realy hurts how wasted this scene is. The dialog was a bit short but realy OK, but dude I fellt nothing but anger on the wasted plane pictures in between.

    And about the story writing … where to start?
    It is all over the place, throwing in new meat with boring flat stories – Hell why not get something straight and running before tucking in another useless click-away side plot (fex Iris)?!
    5 years of resentment because of a missunderstanding making MC a total dick, blocking !any! communication. Seriously?!
    His dad swaping families with him not telling him for 1 year that he is engaged and moving in to new “step-moms” household?!
    To be kicked out weeks later?!
    The whole Ethan-situation is so forced and inconsistant to Erynn’ character.
    Telling to help with the struggling restaurant(s), but “NEVER” showing up?!
    The new manager (same day MCs arrival) of the new restaurant has a 4-some in her office (mind she was the flight attendant^^!) and was kicked out with all the other participating employes of this new restaurant … ?!! (We were not even allowed to watch (*hint* make it fun!))
    The best friends girlfriend (Alex) accidently f-ing him on a random flight and accidently hooking up after random encounter not realising who he is?!

    Intertwined my ass … watch Crash (2004), or some more of Tarantinos and Marc Forster (Monster’s Ball)

    … *sorry had to vent* after the scene MC confront Erryn … Eryyn … Erynn … DOH!

    It seems I got friend zoned since C4(?)as I cant persue a 2/3 way with Layla/Valeria/Cara/Nikki/xy and was not into follow up Alexis nor Erynn or Layla solo-path. So it forces you all in on ONE character. If you dont want sex at all as side tracks, because it will hurt the others. …
    And the Ethan-Plot became a Ethan/Zach-Plot now and even more disgusting anoyingly stupid … like I would like to punch someone.
    Let the Idiot MC run a round town looking for Erynn and the “author” is so gross to put high-heeled legs next to a back alley dumpster in the backround. “Nice” try.

    I loved Erynn and would wanted her as a lifetime friend I would destroy worlds for to protect, but just not marry her …
    Me feels forced into monogamous boring teenager relationship with “Intertwined”. So just not my cup of tea I think.

    My list of all time favorites(to know where I coming from and I will drop my coins in):
    Beeing a DIK 0.10(awesome story telling!)
    Friendsin(n/)deed Ch8(reward the inner good! so good, make me love beeing a good person!)
    Milfy City! Final (so lewd! it draind me)
    MLS (simplistic lewd writen kink! loved and savoured it)
    Midnight paradise 0.23 (lewd enough)
    Savior 0.14 (BS-Story but lewd)
    Timestamps 10 (lewd enough)
    MyTime 0.6 (lewd enough, eager to see more to come)

    1. ikr. No lewd with the mom is a big bummer. That should definitely be a route we can go and maybe even get a 3some with mom and her best friend,

    2. Hey,could you please Tell about MLS game you mentioned,so i can look for it (i can’t search it with abbreviation)

      Thanks in advance bewell
      19.01.2024 06:33pm ust

  11. My sweet Elena… my little Puerto Rican princess. Why must you be just out of arms reach! It’s simply not fair. Please bring this spicy fox into my life. Please!

    1. when it is completed. Nyx doesn’t just churn out updates. each piece is done to the same level as the rest, and that takes time. if you want to know when the next update is ready, check the dev’s patreon page. updates on progress are posted there, not here.

  12. If Emily is gonna date John then what’s the point of adding Emily romance points. Alexis content is much more than any other Li. It’s really annoying that if you start dating Alexis all other Lis become friendzoned. Why to include too many girls when you can’t have a threesome path. At this pace it will take 4-5 yrs or may be more to complete this VN.

    1. the point is to improve their relationship. having medium to high relationship points isn’t just to have sex with someone in the game. it’s to have a better relationship with them. there’s a point, in the game, at which you can only be friends with layla, if your points are too low, but they are still high enough for a romance option with characters somewhat dependent on your relationship with layla(can’t romance valeria if layla doesn’t really like you, for instance. same with elena). the MC spent 5 years away from his mother. of course he’s going to need to rebuild their relationship. i mean, if he doesn’t do enough early, she doesn’t get him that special birthday surprise. and likely doesn’t end up dating john, to begin with.

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