Intertwined [v0.10.5] [Nyx]

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Usage of the additional swipe commands:
Swipe left: back
Swipe right: skip
Swipe up: main menu
Swipe down: hide

The game saves are stored now in a persistent folder and should be available even when the game is deinstalled
Location: “(your device)\RenPy_Saves\com.koga3.intertwined”

You have to grant the permission for the external/second save storage use when starting the game for the first time.
On some devices the game seems to stuck on the very first start after you granted the permission.
Please close the game completely and restart it, it should work after that without that issue again.

Download Walkthrough

Download Walkthrough, Gallery Unlocker + Mod


– a status/info screen for the game points
– some cheating functions
– renaming the MC
– named saves
– additional game settings like textbox opacity, textsize, outlines etc

additional in the audioWT Mod version:
– game music (v0.1-v0.7)
– a “jukebox” function to play all tracks manually
– some erotic sounds (v0.1-v0.7)
– function to mark recommended game choices (“Walkthrough”, EP1-EP7)
– function to show the available points in game choices (EP8/EP9)

most of these functions are optional and can be turned on/off while playing)


– extract the archive in a temporary folder
– move the extracted files/folders into you game directory

see also the installation info in the ZIP file

General advice!
This Mod changes some game files! Old saves may not work anymore after installing it.
Also, saves with my Mod installed can cause that they are not working WITHOUT my Mod.
As this Mod overwrites game files, other Mods/addons may also not work after installing it.

You can also mail us at :- [email protected]

Editor's Rating

Story - 96%
Visual - 95%
Engagement - 95%
Core Loop - 96%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 4.21 ( 296 votes)

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  1. Animation is a little rough, the hair thing was pretty dumb…devs got lazy there. But the storyline is interesting so ima keep going at it

    1. I think the same. Hoping for improvements in the sex scenes, these scenes are at least sad. A great plot, good characters, but not so good sex scenes.

  2. One of the worst games on this site. I honestly don’t know why people hold this in such high esteem. Reviewing the image files of the game I realized that I couldn’t finish chapter one when I was already skipping texts due to the boring story. In addition, a rather ugly fact completely took me out of the little immersion that the bad / slow story allows. MC has a haircut, on day 2 of school his hair is with another hairstyle and much longer than when the game just started. If such a mistake goes undetected, I can’t even imagine what other nonsense the developer will let slip by later. And finally, I’m still looking forward to a Latino doing a VN who knows how to speak English. This guy is definitely not the one I’m looking for. Y no vengan a joder por mi critica al idioma. Yo soy latino y tengo derecho a decir que alguien no sabe hablar ingles cuando definitivamente no saben hablar ingles. Quizas yo tampoco lo hablo muy bien, pero no estoy haciendo ningun juego.

    1. brother no offence but I genuinely think you should reconsider your views coz the game picks up pace after a few chapters i.e. approx. 3-4 hrs in it when it has properly set-up all the characters in it…..this game has some real great humor (obv subjective) but mainly the character knows what he is doing and doesn’t feel like some other games where the MC does absolutely nothing and acts as if he has never seen a naked girl before and still somehow the girls are like he is the only man alive….atleast here the MC speaks in a way which makes him charismatic……..

  3. Aside from the Menu customization which is near to 0, and the fact that there’s basically 1 piano song and that’s it audio-wise for the entire game…


    Depending on how you are as a person and how you end up having your playthrough go based on that, you could be in for a 15+ hour ride with the quality of emotions/writing reminiscent of the mad DrPinkCake himself at times.

    Undercover gem, hope it gets some more TLC without having the story quality dip.

  4. can someone suggest me a game with a compelling story and descent visuals……I like this one and the story gets a grip on you from the very start so I never had to smash the spacebar…..but te only thing I felt (many might not agree) but the lewd scenes needed more attention especially ig the dev is unaware of “BJs”……

    1. Here are some of the titles that I would recommend! Happy fap..gaming!

      1. Eternum
      2. City of Broken Dreamers (excellent BJ scenes!)
      3. Pale Carnations
      3. Melody
      4. Karlssons Gambit
      5. Tales of the Unending Void
      6. Once in a Lifetime
      7. Becoming a Rockstar

      Let me know if you have any recommendations!

        1. And to add a few more: (Personally I have played and love almost all the topics listed above)
          – Artemis (Personal Fav)
          – Summer Scent
          – Chasing Sunset
          – Hillside
          – leap of faith
          – Depraved Awakening
          – Deliverance
          – Acting Lessons

      1. hey thanks for the suggestions mate!! though go ahead and try out….
        1. Summer’s gone (only if up for excellent story and visuals)
        2. Desert Stalker (warning : high male domination)
        3. How to fix the future
        4. Somewhere I belong (not much content yet)
        5. The lust city

  5. Well i wanted a game withe animations and moving graphics does this game provide it
    If not can anyone recommend me top 10 animated games with sexy girls and good story please

    1. Not exactly animations, the dev is also not that experienced with coding, he stated on his patreon that he’s learning on the go. BUT…!
      The story of this game is good and the choices you make impact the story (somewhat).

      Here is my top 10 with animations and/or story.
      1 Being a DIK (imo one of the best)
      2 Freshwomen
      3 The Headmaster
      4 Ripples
      5 Public Sex Life (animations are pretty good, story not so much)
      6 Echoes of Lust (ground hog day-esque story)
      7 Being a Rockstar (not really animations but the story is wholesome and who doesn’t want to be a rockstar? :P)
      8 Leap of Faith (story is really sad and heavy, but its a good story nonetheless, though its not for everyone)
      9 Welcome to hell (vampire the masquerade-esque story)
      10 Kaiju Princess (story is a bit comical, but the H-scene’s are fully animated and you can control what happens and is part of the game’s mechanics)

    2. Being a Dik
      College Kings
      Become a Rockstar
      University of Problems
      Acting Lessons (from the same dev of Being a Dik)

  6. I have enjoyed the game. But let me guess Lexi’s father is also MC’s father. 🙂 Please do not make this like that. Please please please. 🙂

    1. Tbh my best theory is that it’s Andre who is Lexi and Layla’s dad. Santi and Andre hated each other but ended up raising each other’s kids.

    1. Recommend some some good animated games with sexy girls and better story please
      I saw your comment at every popular game
      Reply is appreciated

  7. This is the first game i’m replying to, have played most of the top 10 games.
    I want to say it’s a breath of fresh air that most girls have realistic looking breasts.
    Most of the other games the girls have like triple D and beyond it’s fucking annoying.
    But this game keeps it realistic, thanks for that, also one of the fewer games where almost all girls are pretty and also very versatile, they dont look like eachother.


    1. The quality of the renders have been downscaled for the compressed version. Similar to how you can have a song that’s 5mb and 50mb. Just more raw data on the larger one.

  8. I just started playing this game and I already like it alot…The only thing that bugs me is that after particular choices i got a pop up saying
    “An Exception Has Occurred.
    While Running game code”

    Please help me i am stuck and can’t play further.

  9. Why give obvious harem vibes and the not follow through, especially since at least for the first eight episodes the main change in not going after someone is missing some scenes.

  10. I found it fairly hard to follow the plots, or simply because the author don’t have enough life experience to make up stories at all? So many things don’t make sense, felt like watching series of trash pornos.

    1. yep most of these vn are created by students and other young people so you are right they dont have enough life exp and most of them dont have writing talent

  11. I just started playing this game and I already like it alot…The only thing that bugs me though is that there is absolutely no sound whatsoever…No background noise, no music, no nothing…Is it possible to add at least something in the effects of some music and background noise? Thanks!!!

  12. There are people who say only morons support patreon. Really? If people stopped supporting game devs, there would no VN games to play. Think about that.

    1. Really? So all those Devs who say it’s a hobby & they enjoy it & they’d do it whether someone paid them or not, you’re saying they’re liars?
      Or, is it that *FAR* too many devs R flat out *GREEDY*, hiding things behind pay walls, slow updates, poor quality, “abandonded”, Remakes, etc, basically anything they can do to keep the $$$ flowing!

      1. There is this weird concept that most countries call work… Greed doesn’t factor into “working” for your money. Greed factors into netting money “without” work. These Devs are working on products with their own hands and making money from it. It’s like calling me greedy for getting paid by my company…………. Please let me be a slave!! Pllllease!

        You should try this weird concept called work sometime… It’s almost like the idea of work has been around for centuries. Who woulda thunk?

        1. Actually the concept of “work” as most know it, is that many people work for 1 boss, who pays them *AFTER* they’ve done their work—-not prepaid, “charge up front”, etc.
          What most of these devs do is run Pyramid scams—-that’s a whole bunch of people paying just to support *ONE* person, who often does very little actual “work”—or maybe no work at all. (depends how much they can sweet-talk people, influence them—like Hitler)
          It’s the carrot in front of the donkey—a “promise” that often is never actually fulfilled. A chain letter.
          Then again, millions followed Hitler, people R easily deceived!

  13. Hello, first of all, I would like to thank those who run this page. I discovered these types of games 7 years ago and I had no way to play them other than through a web page and I couldn’t save my progress, until I found this page 3 years ago.
    As for the comments, I see many demanding and criticizing people, when you do not offer these games for free, since if they want to complain about the games within each one of them, there is a link to the creators’ patreons.
    and stop demanding they are porn games, the vast majority are made for you to masturbate and that’s it, but there are exemptions and it’s good that there are creators who put an extra effort and you have to support them to improve, and in the end those games are made with fetishes, or is it that they are also critics of porn videos.
    Download the games that suit your tastes and that’s it, stop criticizing everything because they are not to your tastes.
    And lastly, a GOTY is not going to come out of these games, there are only very good games and others not so good, because everything is a matter of what you like and that’s it.

  14. > So the DEV cuts at least 700 mb from the game and made the beginning better and leaves the rest the same as it was . My question is WHY .

    I really really really think you answered your own question there bud. Sorry you didn’t get the update and I was looking forward to it too but this one is fun enough that I want to see what gets fixed and I hope that helps them move forward. Hope they don’t keep refactoring over and over like some other games.

  15. So the DEV cuts at least 700 mb from the game and made the beginning better and leaves the rest the same as it was . My question is WHY . I was more looking out for an update .

  16. I mean, the story is enough to keep me interested. There are multiple great, well-developed characters to choose from. There’s a solid sex-to-story balance.
    I like the game, and almost didn’t play it because of these comments. So I figure I’d throw my two cents in.
    I’m just very patiently waiting for a Mel route to be fully in place. ?

    1. You tease! A Mel route would be fantastic.

      And considering how avoidable every sexual relationship is in this game, the complaints about incest are way off and entirely avoidable. Ignore those people. They are liars.

  17. Here I thought I can make decisions but no. Every important decision is prevented, only those that don’t matter. Why always in those types of games you basically have no options when it comes to important choices? Like how MC on his mom being lesbian and his father not being his biological father. If i was in his shoes I would just left his mother house. So the protagonist is not angry that his mother threw him out when he was a little boy and now he is ok whit all the shit his mother did.

    1. Well it isn’t a CYOA game (choose your own adventure), so don’t expect a lot of choices that impact the game. It is a virtual novel in essence. And yes I agree that the choices you CAN make isn’t that impactful, but to me it isn’t about the choices in the game, the story is imo more important. What would you rather have; a good story with a few choices here and there or a horrible story with lots of choices?

      And the reason why the MC has forgiven his mother for kicking him out is because the MC realized he was acting like a delinquent brat so he had to go. It wasn’t like his mother WANTED him to go. And I wouldn’t say the MC’s mother is lesbian, more like bi-sexual.

      By the way, what shit did the mc’s mother do exactly? The kicking out of the house part or the omitting part about the mc’s real father?

      First of all, the mc’s mother promised Andres that she wouldn’t tell the mc. She was just keeping a promise, even though she shouldn’t have promised it. Second, the one who should have told the MC about his real father, was his adoptive/step father because he forced emily to keep her mouth shut. It was Andres’ responsibility not emily’s.

      So yeah, if I were in the MC’s shoes, I would’ve also forgiven Emily.

    2. I agree w Sew here—started out ok, then finally i’m like WTF?!?
      –>> ***NOTHING YOU CHOOSE MATTERS! *** (stuff is forced on mc player often doesn’t want)
      BTW tags R wrong—there’s FEMDOM in game, but haven’t seen *ANY* maledom—quite the opposite, basically MC’s forced 2 be a beta/sub/doormat for many of them.
      Women treat him like sh*& & he does nothing! [no OPTION 2 do anything, or, it doesn’t matter]
      ** The whole idea of a VN–instead of a Kinetic Novel [normal “book”] is to have a story where we choose what happens. ***
      To those who say it doesn’t matter:
      I say to you, I seriously doubt you support & pay $ to people who do things you hate.
      So if devs & creators want $$, then yes they should listen to the “boss” [cause when you “WORK”, bosses —that’s the people paying the $, they’re the one giving orders you have to please]

      1. yet? Because there is some fore-shadowing that there will be an option for that in the future. For example; Emily (mother) gets jealous of girls dating the mc, Emily is very handsy towards the mc, the opportunities to perv on her. Seems like to me that there will be a Emily route in the future. Just like Melissa.

        And FYI if you go with the Alexis / Layla route, you’re problably already comitting incest since Santiago is problably the father of Alexis and Layla, making the mc their half-brother. At least if I try to connect some dots and do some speculation.

  18. I did the routes of: Alexis, Layla, Eryn, Nikki, Cara and Mrs. Ramirez in the new update, in multiple playthroughs.

    I have to say, the Layla route changed a bit, because instead of paying attention to class, you have to perv on Layla at least the first time to start the route, else she will not like you.

    In my opinion; I like the Alexis and Nikki route the best. Layla not so much and Eryn route is meh.

    Don’t get me started on Tori, I hate her guts

      1. right, I have tried valeria too, but her route is only beginning at the end. Though story-wise it is interesting to NTR the fuck out of Zach, the traitorous moron.

  19. Moderators of this dikgames are a bunch of pussies, Can’t even handle basic comments without having a cry and removing them. Didn’t know a bunch of children ran this site.

  20. Great game but a really short update unfortunately (30-60 Minutes). Guess it’s time to wait another 12 months 🙂

  21. Great game but chapter 10 was pretty short unfortunately, Felt a lot shorter than past updates I’d say roughly (30-60 Minutes long) Oh well, I guess it’s time to wait another 12 months.

  22. Guys i played this game before. Can someone tell me how to continue the game from where we left in the last update? (In pc)

  23. This game really nice in my opinion. The visuals are really good, and the story is quite interesting.
    I hope this will not go on for years and that a final version will be put on steam.
    Most of the girls are likeable especially if you consider their age which is barely above 18 and thus you cannot expect much maturity from both them and the MC.

      1. hey keyboard warrior,. i have tons of hdds , i was fucking pointing out the length of the story against its size,. since its 11.9 gb was expecting more then 15episodes,.. i played games around 4gb that had more chapters than 9,…

        1. @spencer09: I knew what you meant. Dude’s reply is exactly why some people have to hide behind the Anonymous moniker!

          Another sad thing about this site, not F95, just this one, is that everyone thinks that everyone else is a sad loser in momma’s basement with a jar of Vaseline and a bunch of Kleenex who can’t get laid if their life depended on it.. I’ll have you know that I have a hot wife, and we browse this website together to find a game we can both play!

          P.S. Even ugly dudes can get laid, they just need to go out and find some ugly chick … whiskers or not, they still have a pussy that’s wetter and tighter than their stupid hand!

          Anyway, later, bro!

  24. This motherfucking stupid just showcase reality of girls being filthy whores, and complaining like a bitch for every damn thing, like that bitch erynn, you are not a pure maiden, a slut model who is friend with someone like Ethan just for career then you dumb whore just go and sleep with him, psst i don’t care for you whore, what’s your problem it’s not like you have a bf, or you aren’t slut who sleeps with anyone and records it.

      1. Seperate my ass, this game shows the reality like girls are filthy whore and would suck anybody’s cock for money like slut erynn, whats that bicth deal? Why mc has to waste all his life for that whore, mc sick fuck mother kicked him out and the blamed innocent guy mc stepdad who raised him as his son even though he was child of a whore cheater and a rich bastard, and mc immediately forgives a bitch like emily who throws mc out just so she could fuck in house without any query, such a whores are, girls are terrible of this game,

  25. That’s the other way. You can be 18 already going in to your last year in high school but you cannot graduate skipping years. Unless you’re some kind of a prodigy, finishing semesters early but hanging out/posting on random msg boards suggest otherwise.

    1. You don’t have to be a prodigy or genius, just determination and accelerated classes. My son graduated at 16 and I gave parental consent for him to join the USMC at 17. He’s 24 now,

  26. So i really enjoyed that game until Episode 6 or 7 … but now it just feels like “fake” drama … you cant rly choose between girls, and the Story just keeps escalating without any Problems being Resolved… at this point i just keep forwarding the game … not to the sex scenes but to generaly know what is happening … Art is rly good but in general its just not my Game anymore…

  27. The links are only old versions? I just completed the compressed 0.9.2 version there’s no new content it ended at the same spot. I’m confused..

  28. SPOILERS ALERT: Erynn is the dream girl for MC and the script made her to be like hooker and raped (v0.9.2) ? We suppose we play this game for fan to enjoy it NOT to be sad. Who wants the love of his life to end up this way with no choices to change it ? How can i say this game is good ? IS garbage for me. It left me with very sad emotions. I know it’s just a game, but when i play it for hours i “live” this game and i end up very sad. My life is garbage and i play games to change the emotions, to forget things not to escalate them.

    1. thanks for the warning, sorry you had to go through this garbage of a game hopefully you are feeling better if you want good games I recommend no more money and no more secrets and away from home and wvm

    2. That dumb whore deserve it, love of live, living shit that fucking bitch even though being an adult just let mc drown hus own life over rejection and just made fun of him and now after his returning no apologize nothing, just acting like common slut and flirting with random pool boy, when she’s threatened to be raped, a bitch who loves to have sex in camera, and now acting like mc was his whole life or something, just a bitch move to seduce to him to make him so her filthy job, and get that footage goddamn bitch, it’s good i wish I had a choice to leave her there.

  29. The best for me is Emily (Mom) too. I hope to had the option to choose her. Also impregnated too, will be very welcome. That’s the best end for me. Harem mode will be welcome too.

  30. most people turn 18 their graduating year, if not the summer after, at least in american schools. could be different for different countries tho

  31. dude most people arent whores and scums lollll not perfect, but the vast majority of people dont cheat on their loved ones, sorry

  32. Are the links correct? The title says “Intertwined [v0.9.2]” but the newest MEGA link points to an older “Intertwined-0.9.1” version. It works, but it’s not 0.9.2 as far as I can tell…?

  33. I hate this game. Not because it’s bad, no. It’s because I just can’t choose between the girls, I already have problems with picking between options in real life, this game just makes it all the worse, with there being feelings hurt. I just want a harem game so I can be happy damn it. I definitely recommend it, just a little less if you have trouble choosing.

      1. Everyone has options in real life. Both of you opted to post here. I opted to respond. Did you think that he said that he had enough problems with picking between options of women in RL?

        It’s just as likely (moreso, even!) that they’re complaining that they can’t pick between Subway and Taco Bell for lunch. Or buying a PS5 or paying rent. When playing a game for fun and having to experience the drawbacks isn’t what they’re looking for.

        So, y’know, chill, LOL.

        1. Yeah, that’s what I meant, thanks Murikan Dreams. I just have trouble making myself understood.

          I have difficulties choosing between even simple everyday things..
          I couldn’t get a woman for the life of me. Not that I’m all that interested in a relationship, but, still.

  34. This is a good game but every time I try to play it, it crashes on the warning screen or when I try to change some of the settings what is causing this

  35. Android version works perfectly fine until you reach the scene where you’re throwing Layla into the pool. then it just constantly crashes at the same point everytime no matter what you do, unfortunately stopping you from progressing.

  36. Well the story is amazing I like it, I hope there would be another update on Android or PC, since the last scene was so tempting to see what would happen next and pls make sure Erynn is safe XDD?

  37. Looks like NTR/Cheating/Sharing is on the menu again…ok, only worth as free game when finished then.
    Let those who like that type of content pay for it and then maybe if it can be avoided, as free game it yould be worth it.

  38. I can’t make the mod work…
    The cheat is working fine but the “Highlighted dialogue” and scene replay not

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