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Imperial Chronicles [v0.4] [Lazy Monkey]

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  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe left to roll back
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
  • swipe up&down to toggle a small window with memory usage information
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

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Editor's Rating

Story - Imperial Chronicles successfully combines a good plot with a fine balance of action and slow burn moments. The game introduces you to a captivating medieval setting, complete with personal and political intrigue that adds depth to the narrative. The characters, particularly the physically appealing ladies with distinct personalities, are a commendable highlight. - 92%
Visual - Imperial Chronicles presents an average visual experience in terms of renders. While the visuals may not be groundbreaking, it is important to remember that aesthetics are subjective. So while the renders might not be everyone's cup of tea, they don't necessarily hinder the enjoyment of the game. - 76%
Engagement - Imperial Chronicles excels in its ability to keep players engaged from start to finish. The balanced pacing between slow burn moments and the occasional steamy scenes maintains a captivating rhythm. The well-designed dialogue keeps you interested and rarely tempts you to skip text. The choices you make throughout the game have genuine consequences, ensuring that your decisions truly matter. - 94%
Core Loop - The core loop in Imperial Chronicles revolves around navigating the medieval setting, exploring the personal and political intrigue, and interacting with a diverse cast of characters. This combination creates a compelling loop that keeps players invested in the game world. - 88%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 3.85 ( 18 votes)

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  1. this is actually a good game. the girls can even get pregnant?? congratss?? haha. Other game always potray barren dude creampieng girls but the dude probably got a weak sperm LOL .. I tell u crossing the law / taboo and make the inn keeper wife preggo is good also the girl. And give preggo option for all girls.. Maybe the end MC could be known as a good ruler but lecherous with bastard kid everywhere LOL . Just like robert baratheon in game of throne? The story of MC skill is good. But no fight scene yet. If there are fight scene just make em exciting and bloody. ANDD DONT GIVE option of bypassing the fight scene. Make the person who play this game work hard in punching the sequnces to win the fight. Probabkly MC should be a warrior only and kick out the nerds and mage… this is my personal opinion

  2. Okay, first – if this is going to be a harem = DO NOT make me choose between points with one girl or points with another. That’s ALWAYS BULLSHIT.

    Second; picking certain classes SHOULD NOT lock you out of a given LEWD scene. I do not care if I’m a bookworm, a mage or a warrior = I WANT TO FUCK THE WOMEN!!! {Sora loses massive interest to me because the ONLY way to actually fuck her is to be a Bookworm; the same way that you have to be either a mage or a bookworm to freaking BREED the Nymph…

    Two of the pursueable females are your fucking SISTERS! One of whom you gouged the eye from, because she scarred yours… Bit over-kill (and I have NO CLUE how she’d get to the point of wanting to FUCK/Breed with someone that MAIMED HER…)

    The Val Sex scene is currently RAPE = No Bueno! (Also – I like BREEDING. There should be OTHER PATHS TO THAT than NON CONSENT!!!) So far as I can see her sister or friend or whatever the fuck just buggers off to be a later add; so there’s NO REASON that if you were kind to her three times (Spring comes to mind motherfucker…) you shouldn’t be JUST as able to CONSENSUALLY fuck and BREED Val. [Make a deal wherein he becomes her protector at court, she HAS to trust him and fuck the Tsundere “trust issues” bullshit – if you’re going to let me rape her, you obviously don’t give a toss about this freaking character…] That way she actually HAS A VIABLE PATH for BOTH variants!!! Asshole.

    If there’s going to be scenes involving the mother; Breeding should be an option with ALL of the females that you put in this game that MC can pursue – family or not. Or you can fuck off with the entire point of the incest content. There’s a billion games out there that have it, and most of them fuck the player around with “it’s not right” mental muckery for the whole way. DO NOT do that. You want game of thrones, then go for it. You don’t want to focus on sex, or sex with siblings, then don’t try for the glorification. Going half way, or trying to be too psychological about it will irk your audience more than you already have with everything mentioned above.

    Other than those points, it’s not a bad start… but if you can add vampires, and he seems to like Doggie Style so much; werewolves aren’t out of the question ; ) I’ll give it an update or five to really get running. You do too much to screw the MC over, or screw the player around in making choices and it’s going to tank your game. So keep in mind we DON’T want to play with a Rubix Cube. There don’t need to be six hundred and sixty six ways to fuck everything up, if there’s ONE PATH that counts to you as the story teller as an abject WIN. And even IF everyone wants to fuck the MC over politically you SHOULD be making him gather alleigances and power in protection so he CAN’T fuck up like the red emperor. Because that’s what the women are REALLY there for in a harem…

    1. No - Violence Against Males is NOT SEXY DEVS. Jesus fucking CHRIST I wish you'd all LEARN that point. Tits and Ass do not equate a FREE PASS to do whatever the fuck you want to whoever you want. says:


      The mom can ABSOLUTELY go fuck herself now; and so can you for not making the opportunity to get even and remind her that she has NO POWER if he chooses to kill her himself. You dick. Do not EVER make the MC a “warrior” and then NOT make him fight back if he’s attacked. You abject fucking retard. What you can have him literally RAPE a girl who’s done nothing but steal a goddamned horse that we don’t even see – and she didn’t even properly steal for fuck sakes – but his Mom gets a free pass to slap him because HIS SISTER is an IDIOT?!? Fuck. Off.

      I WILL NOT pursue an asshole that decides to threaten me with knives (so fuck the idea of marrying Cass if you’re going to make her greet MC that way for ANY REASON!!!) and FUCK. THE. MOM. BULLSHIT!!! Decide if you want incest content or not; because the only reason she should still be breathing or not looking at him through one fucking eye herself is because YOU DIDN’T CODE A PROPER CHOICE!!!

    2. No - You are rapidly losing any points that the premise might have built with me. Fix. This. Pronto. says:

      Also ALSO: DO NOT do political marriage BULLSHIT in a HAREM Game!!! (It’s in the planned tags you colossal dick; the ONLY ONE ANY OF THE GIRLS SHOULD BE FUCKING OR BRED BY IN A HAREM, IS THE MC!!!!!) * And yes; dipshit – the dwarven bitch better get pregnant. Fuck low chances to conceive. Let the MC’s “special blood” be actually PROVED by breeding the dumbass that doesn’t think it’s possible… Since you DIDN’T let the vampire actually have a proper sex scene in TWO out of three class choices : /

      You really must want to piss everyone in your audience right off. Also again: Fuck. The. Mother. Character. You DO NOT get to make her slap her son for any reason, and then STILL try to do ANYTHING sexual with him afterward just to BLUE BALL THE BASTARD. THEN pull this arranged marriage SHIT. No! She is a mage who can rip his head right off his body and LITERALLY SHOVE IT UP HIS ASS. Telekinetically; do you REALLY think it’s a good idea to piss HER off?!? Come the fuck on. Even if it is political intrigue do NOT treat the King like he’s a fucking nit wit. You can do that to a girl that DOESN’T have as much magical ability (or actively has better CONTROL) AND would be biddable to her king’s decree. You DO NOT get to do that shit in a HAREM (it defies the genre) and you DO NOT do that with MAGES.

      1. Last comment = Why the fuck is Sona in the game??? No. Seriously? There’s ONE path that can get the sex scene with her, and if you choose warrior the ONLY thing you get is fed on (you can’t stop her & You DO NOT GET TO SEE HER AGAIN IN THE NEXT SUPPOSED SCENE OF THE TWO THAT CURRENTLY INVOLVE HER!) So: Why. Is. She. In. This. FUCKING. Game? First, unless you can make Dhampyrs with her [and I vote for the bullshit you put the MC through in CLASS CHOICES you SHOULD MAKE EVERY DAMNED GIRL BREEDABLE] Then her supernatural race already marks one of the tags impossible. Again: She has ONE actual scene you can see if you choose the right fucking class. For anyone that DOESN’T WANT TO BE A BOOKWORM because Oh, I don’t know… IT’S A FUCKING POWER FANTASY AND MOST OF US PLAYING WOULD ACTUALLY BE BOOKWORMS TO READ THROUGH THIS MUCH DIALOGUE YOU GODDAMNED GENIUS, You’re just Screwed out of seeing any actual content involving her = BUT YOU HAD TO NEGATE the choice to a) fuck Spring, and b) get her pregnant (which is content that again, is stated to be planned; a kink that a fair few that would play this damned game actually have or enjoy, and frankly something that shouldn’t have been a bloody choice – you SHOULD be able to pursue BOTH women!!!)

        You also again: Should NOT marry off any of the princess sisters to ANYONE but MC (FUCK NTR!!!) and I SHOULD be able to MARRY BOTH FUCKING PRINCESS’ that you’re insisting I have to be married to. Because H.A.R.E.M! Jesus fucking Christ you couldn’t bork the formula for the genre you profess this game to be any harder if you tried you smooth brained git… You DO NOT make Lewd Scenes Based ON CLASS: You let the player choose WHAT SCENES THEY WANT TO SEE. Regardless of X Class. For any number of potential reasons you can swing. If you had half a brain to write with. [Also – Lia better not be a self insert, and by TAKING HER TO THE RUINS I should be able to do SOMETHING with her if I can fucking SPANK her for not taking her to the ruins… and BOOKWORM shouldn’t be the only class that can bloody fucking CORRUPT her! * I also shouldn’t god damned have to corrrupt her; she wants to fuck me fine and fair enough… There’s no need to “corrupt” anyone and I don’t think she’s as naive as you want her to seem. Sickly does not mean stupid. Innocent does not mean dense. Gah

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