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Immoral Stories Rebecca [v1.7.0 Ep. 07] [GGG33]

Download for Windows/ Linux

Download for Mac - v1.6.0 Ep. 06

Download for Android

  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe left to roll back
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
  • swipe up&down to toggle a small window with memory usage information
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

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Editor's Rating

Story - Immoral Stories Rebecca tantalizes players with its dark, controversial narrative, which explores themes of blackmail and corruption. The story is engaging and well-written, drawing players into the complex world of its protagonist, Rebecca. The game's premise, while provocative, is undeniably thought-provoking. However, it leaves room for improvement in terms of pacing. - 73%
Visual - One area where Immoral Stories Rebecca truly shines is in its visuals. The renders are of high quality, and the main character model, Rebecca, stands out as a well-designed and detailed creation. While the facial expressions do not always align perfectly with the emotions of the scenes, they avoid the over-the-top exaggerations seen in many adult games. This restraint contributes to a more immersive experience. However, a lack of animations hampers the game's potential to fully captivate players visually. - 84%
Engagement - Immoral Stories Rebecca offers engagement that teeters on the edge of being truly captivating. The provocative storyline keeps players intrigued, but the absence of meaningful consequences for choices and the brevity of sex scenes prevent the game from reaching its full potential. The world within the game feels somewhat confined and could benefit from expansion. More public interactions and varied scenarios could boost engagement significantly. Additionally, the absence of sound further diminishes immersion. - 65%
Core Loop - The core loop of Immoral Stories Rebecca centers around blackmail and corruption, which should appeal to its target audience. However, the lack of consequences for choices and the brevity of sex scenes weaken the core loop's effectiveness. The game's potential to allow players to shape Rebecca's progression and appearance is intriguing and could be further explored in future updates. Side jobs and additional fetishes, could add depth to the core loop. - 66%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 3.54 ( 74 votes)

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  1. potential game but
    no real update, month after month no real update, or month after month no update…
    no work no gain dude

  2. Accurately portrays negros as rapey. Other than that pure shit for fags who want to be women and then get raped.

  3. Old guys raping and hurting a teen until she cries and on top of that taking advantage of, what look likes, 12 year olds. I think that sums this game up pretty well. Horrific in real life, hot as hell in this game. Choices in this game don’t matter. The girl will get raped anyway.

    No, you don’t have to say anything. I know I have mental problems.

  4. As people stated before, this game is technically and CG-wise above average. But it’s not true the player can skip unwanted content, particularly because there are barely any decisions to make. I don’t have trouble with the focus on old-young, but the story and characters are so stupid and act totally unbelievable that I have trouble getting some fun out of it. Not the age-gap fetish is the problem, but the blatant and crude forced-sex, blackmail and actual rape is. In short: A nice wrap, but stinking contents.

  5. Really well done so far. The modeling, expressions, camera work, lighting, clothing, backgrounds, writing, story work, and stuff are all top tier. First-rate, and the situations are believable. The eroticism comes from the situations the lovely models are in. There’s no music, but I don’t think it’s the kind that should have any. There’s also no animation, which for me is a small loss, but still works.

    Player is able to skip most stuff they aren’t into. Choices have fairly good impacts. If you want mild erotica, you may want to give this one a skip; this one isn’t afraid to delve into some strong stuff. Get work so far! Can’t wait to see where so much of it goes!

  6. This game is so messed up, Not because old n young but fuck mc got anal rape by bbc until she’s broke wtf is this game i really want fuck dev ass so badly and make him/her scream in agony

    1. So you willingly chose to play a game that has a rape tag and then you subsequently complain about it in the comments? What a virtue signaling tough guy you are.

      Maybe next time DON’T play a game that has a rape tag and just play a game that is more up your alley?

  7. Игра … Будем ждать обновлений , какая-же история тупая) особенно её младшая сестра… Самое странное , что автор дал нам выбор , но выбор на события не влияет .

    1. So did you actually do what you insinuated you would do here? Probably not, huh, keyboard warrior. It’s totally fine if this isn’t your kind of game, but don’t go virtue signaling here. If you are such a morally upstanding citizen yourself, you wouldn’t be on a website that has porn games in the first place.

      Don’t be a clown, move on and pick a game that is more suitable for your perverted taste.

  8. this game is entirely based upon the dev exploitation fetish the mc was being exploited by some old fucker if u want to see him exploiting and some sort of rape bc the mc was in tears then go for it satisfy ur fucking fetish

    1. it also says game old young don’t like it don’t play all commentators write angry comments go to hell with your comment losers)

  9. Let say renders are nice and it’s well written ….. in it’s genre but damn there is no fkn corruption just cheap and unbelievable blackmails leading to sexual assault and rape,add a powerless mom, a sister with superchildish attitude thinking, reacting like shes 8.
    Spice it up all this with lolli perversion, that I was so surprised to see an hairy pussy but dev quickly switched to porn tendancies and shave her, fuck u dev with ur disgusting underraged tought and pussy
    The fmc is so trapped in KN that her dream would be buy a shotgun and shoot all those old dirty bastards.
    I dont mind old/yound genre but fuck the way it’s presented here flirting with underraged perversion that I want the story turn into a revenge path.

  10. This is someone’s broken EXPLOITATION fetish. I tried really hard to keep clicking through the story to give it a chance to improve or find something redeeming about it but I FOUND NOTHING. The writing is bad, the artwork is marginal, and most importantly to me, the character of the female protagonist is not consistent with her purported behavior… the dress theft is total anathema to her character and makes this whole set up WEAK. The lechery that follows is just foul and I didn’t find anything to keep me clicking through. I don’t even give this project one star.

    1. You actually believe that crap? Supposedly years ago with no PROOF. Just some word of some supposed women. Most every man gets accused of such nonsense. Who are rich and famous. And plenty who aren’t. Is that the world you want to live in? Women claiming decades ago you did some shit? You actually believe women would not abuse such power? That women are incapable of lying or doing something out of malice? That’s awful naive. It’s also very suspicious how that happens when somebody is saying something that is some find politically offensive (typically leftists).

  11. So my last review of this game didn’t make it past the moderator. It’s ok to have games like this on the site with big banner advertisement but not ok to post my preferred guess on what the consequences should be to adults committing these crimes against children. After watching the game thru the current episode; I’m still hoping for a burst of justice mindset from the mother against the perpetrators of manipulation and molestation on the minor children. I just won’t be so graphic and cross some line the moderator has although I described what was in another game taken from this site (Long Road Home).

  12. Wow, so far interesting story and about 3/4 way thru. Sooo looking forward to those nasty guys get what’s coming. Anyone who does stuff like that to children deserves castration at a minimum. Looking forward to mom rising up and slicing off the member then stabbing in the throat.
    It is always interesting seeing what the developer has come up with showing glimpses of what it is like “out there in the real world”. The choices are just illusions and you are seeing what the developer came up with in each choice although it is pushed as you are in control…yeah right.

  13. Avoid this crap, while mc look decent but bruh too many stupid blackmail in this game. this story is about female mc stealing dirt cheap dress from a shop owned by an old guy and he blackmailing her and turn her into a sex slave then he enjoys mc with his friends and this is unavoidable bcs this is all this game about and i’m surprised this game just recently added to dikgames while this game already exist around 2-3 yrs ago

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