Grandma’s House [v0.49] [MoonBox]

Note: If you’re on android, make sure you make the save at the “Save now” screen. Part 2 will overwrite Part 1 when you install it. After that you can just load your save like normal. For PC/Mac, just start the game and load the save. There is also an autosave in case you forgot.
Note: You need to play Part 1 and save exactly when the game tells you to before you can play Part 2
Note2: Same instructions for switching from Part 2 to Part 3

Download for Windows/ Linux - Part 1 - v0.16

Download for Windows/ Linux- Part 2

Download for Windows/ Linux- Part 3

Download Update Patch (0.48>0.49)

Download for Mac- Part 1 - v0.16

Download for Mac- Part 2

Download for Mac- Part 3

Download Update Patch (0.48>0.49)

Download for Android- Part 1 - v0.16 + Mod

Download for Android- Part 2

Download for Android- Part 3

Usage of the additional swipe commands:
Swipe left: back
Swipe right: skip
Swipe up: main menu
Swipe down: hide

The game saves are stored now in a persistent folder and should be available even when the game is deinstalled
Location: “(your device)\RenPy_Saves\com.koga3.grandmashouse”
(you have to grant the permission for the external storage use when starting the game for the first time!)

Download Incest Patch

Content Changed

Changes the characters to family members

Patch Instructions

Extract to game directory and overwrite

Download Walkthrough

Download Walkthrough Mod


– show point hints for game choices
– ingame walkthrough recommendations (based on the dev’s walkthrough)
– new with v0.09: additional game settings
– new with v0.09: renaming

second Mod variant with additonal function:
– main menu music
– ingame jukebox player with some tracks


Installation guide:
1. of course the original game must be installed first
2. extract the Mod archive in a temporary folder
3. move the extracted files/folders into your …/game/ folder

See also the installation info in the ZIP file.

If using my Mod for the first time it’s recommended to start a new game.
General Advice!
My mod changes the original game files! Old saves will most likely not work anymore!
Also, saves with my mod installed will maybe not work WITHOUT my mod afterwards, too.
As this Mod overwrites game files, other Mods/addons may also not work after installing it.

Download Saves

old saves before v15 are not used from the game anymore,
therefore here only saves from the end of v0.15 and above

Extract file from file to the \game sub-folder and overwrite when prompted.

You can also mail us at :-

Editor's Rating

Story - 84%
Visual - 82%
Engagement - 77%
Core Loop - 80%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 4.16 ( 245 votes)

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  1. Damn, that’s what’s a shame that the developer saves on H-scenes in some cases, the complete absence of sperm or a small number of camera angles, which clearly shows savings in non-scenes! It would be better if they went to the quality and not to the number of scenes!

  2. What’s going on with the texts? Latest version seems to have veryyy few words per sentence.

    I remember this game being super wordy, which isn’t a bad thing..

  3. It would be practical for user to have option to start from chapter 3 with some question-determined choices rather than download(again)/having all other chapters. Games long couple years and cant have all them in memory beside dont want to have when i dont NEED.

  4. Nice game , it needs to be worked on the story
    But Girl’s are dashing 😜 , so far so good , but it doesn’t have enough Tanya Content

  5. To Moonbox:

    First, did Sophie REALLY need to be MC’s half sister? Come on.
    Next: If you’re going to pull that bullshit just to pile on more incest Kat CAN be part of the O’Reilly clan.
    Don’t dick people around like that. >.<

    Other than that, PLEASE stop with all the bullshit fetish content.
    Stop TALKIING about Breeding; DO IT. You have the "Impregnate" choice up whenever it happens, so what gives???
    All these girls keep begging to get bred, and you're sitting here blue balling shit.

    Also, again I'd say lay off the geriatric crap. Allie IS NOT sexy. I don't care what the hell you build her body like, she's PAST breeding age. That's NO BUENO. Amy is again close enough to the cut off point that you REALLY need to shit or get off the pot with whether or not she's even in the harem at all. Because again; you're just being a dick about it now. The huge assed cop SHOULD turn Switch at some point because FUCK. THE. "PUPPY." CRAP. You made the martial artist who's THE SAME FUCKING SIZE, Sub to MC. So again, remember most males do NOT enjoy FemDom. Those that do have about fifty or more male sub/cuck games to play on this site, and choosing NOT to engage with a fetish we do not like SHOULD NOT BLOCK CONTENT!

    Have you met a 7 foot girl? Hell even a 6 foot girl? I can guarantee you just to compensate in the right direction the LAST thing she would be is a FemDom (I also REALLY hate being forced into that content, though I'm not opposed to her as a character – HOWEVER: in this current update of 42 ish, as the mod says 43 somehow, you make the MC cum a RIDICULOUS amount and she DOES NOT even actually have sex with him!!! The best you get is a MAYBE on whether or not you breed her boss = the answer is: fuck off. It's a YES. There is no maybe. Jesus. You're the asshole that said he has "super sperm" so PROVE IT!) Hell, start proving it.

    Stop dancing around the 700 year old bitches that aren't letting MC get anywhere for a billion and a half hang ups. Amy pretty much included. You made her LISTEN to Jada being fucked = the LEAST you could have done was have a scene where we see she has her hand down her pants, as a clue to what she really wants, and is STILL spending WAY too much time denying. WAY too hard. There's only so much leeway you can wring from the line "The Lady Doth Protest Too Much." Because at the end, if she's THAT resistent, she doesn't want to be in the harem and should be written the hell out of the game : / As far as I got in the current update before I got a whole bunch of black screen "image not found" crap was Asami and Shizuka begging to be screwed… BUT letting Aiko actually be the one to do it. Who again, begs to be Bred, and no trigger pulled on it. Come the fuck on man. You know what you started with, and what genre you're playing in. They're ALL going to be pregnant at least once by the end. Doesn't mean the player doesn't want to know exactly when that happens, and or control it directly.

    Actually take the older women the fuck out of the game, or demote them to NPC characters you don't do anything lewd with. Because at this point, Jamilla and Allie +++ are doing nothing but more often than not COCK BLOCKING YOU. Fuck. That. You need to decide as well as to whether the unnecessary hijab DEI/ESG M-O-U-S-E bullshit character is even going to be in the harem at all. Because here's the thing: She. Is. NOT. His. Mom! It's not even incest, and even if she partly raised him (which I doubt she actually did – being at someone's house a lot doesn't mean that your friend's parent bloody raised you Genius)

    Other than that, it's about the same as always. If I hadn't been unable to download the last few updates for health reasons currently, It would've been a two day boost and the credits scene. So at least you're consistent that way. You have way too many women in the roster, and half of them really don't need to be there at all because we're not getting anywhere with them, but the content outside of the fetish stuff – and I'm not entirely opposed to all of it; but lesbian stuff does NOT belong in a harem. That's SHARING – is usually rendered hot. You do good work, generally. Other than all the content I do not agree with. One last thing though; stop making every god damned girl squirt. They don't all do that, and more often than not in porn when they do, it's water shoved into their pussy that they expel to thrill the pervs, or actual piss. It's not anywhere near as common as you're rendering it to be.

    1. How dare you put Femdom in this game! There are loads of games for Femdom that femdom fans can go play!

      Also, how dare you put Grandmas in this game called Grandmas House! People who are into Grandmas can go play all the other games that feature Grandmas that don’t exist!

      1. I didn’t say “how dare you,” Asshole. If you’re going to try for snarky dickheadedness in response that doesn’t even actually refute any of my viable points for critique, then you can at least bother typing a fucking pseudonym. If you even know what that word means.

        I said that MOST people are not attracted to that bloody content = because they aren’t attracted to so many UNCOMMON fetishes (look up the damned stats about them, I’m not wrong) he will lose subscribers over time if he insists on keeping the content in. The femdom stuff is NOT common except perhaps for men that have power and want the release. Or people with fuck all for testosterone. The GILF thing is a trend that’s frankly a joke. You’re free to have a different opinion, but for god’s sake… express one. Don’t just be a dick and go “how dare you.” Don’t try to put words into my mouth, when I actually put about twenty minutes of actual work into that critique. Jesus. Read the bloody comment and refute the damned points. If you won’t bother taking the time to do that, your “opinion” doesn’t fucking count. Next asshole that comments like you I’m just going to say fuck right off. To each of you. All of the time.

        1. Sorry, but imo dumbest post I’ve seen for a while. If you don’t like the game move on. And DON’T assume for others, you are definitely not “Most people”. The game is quite successfull as it is, no need for your weird changes.

    2. I hope that this does not come across as derogaratory; on the contrary, I wish it to be the opposite. I as well as many others notice that you like to write a lot. I have not read most of them, but I have no problem with what you do. If it is something that you enjoy, keep doing it and ignore what others have to say. I was just wondering, have you ever thought about writing erotic fiction? You seem to like writing about what you like or dislike; why don’t you try writing a story about what you find interesting?

      Anyway, think of this as nothing more than a suggestion rather than a statement about what you do. Good luck and have a nice day.

      1. To Awam,

        I actually predominantly write erotic fiction. High Fantasy to Low Fantasy, Paranormal Romance and Sci Fi. I have about 300+ finished novels that I can’t as yet afford to self publish. So thank you for noticing. I tend to write about what I like to encourage the devs, and I more often write about what needs work, to try to help them work out the kinks, so to speak. It’s not that I think any of their stories are necessarily bad; everyone’s got different skill levels and game devs are generally not professional level writers. That said not every paid writer is necessarily a good writer. Yes there will be people taking shots at me for that, as I have been paid to write and have mentioned as much in several comments defending myself.

        As to ignoring most, I do. It’s when they get insulting that I tend to fire back. I’ll also reply cordially to anyone that wants to legitimately debate game points, or story elements they like and can articulately defend their argument. So far, no one’s taken me up on that idea. You have a nice day as well, and don’t worry. I took nothing you said as derogatory. You were very polite in expressing yourself, which is refreshing.

        1. To No and anyone else with time to waste:

          The one thing that I have noticed from the statements on this site is that there are many narcissistic people who only care about what they fancy. Sometimes I find it humorous, but moments later I find it sad. I hope that they are not so lost in their own propensities that they find themselves alone, with the need to lash out at others for redemption. I am by no means perfect, but I try my best to not take delight in the misery of others. If I did, then I would end up despising myself more than the ones who implement these negativities. Not to be sadistic, but I hope that their sex life is not anything like the self-absorbed comments they leave behind.

          How I came to be here typing this is different than most, so as my tastes are a little different than most, but in closure, sometimes we all end up on the same path to a destination unknown. I usually don’t snoop much, but one day one of my “tenants” (LOL) left his computer on. At his age, they are always doing “homework,” although it always seems to consist of video games or porn. Well, this time, I guess that it was both. I don’t really mind as long as it is safe, legal, and does not involve credit cards. Besides, he has a healthy academic and social life. He also has many outdoor activities, such as sports. It just puzzles me how he manages to play them when those games clearly state that one must be an adult and surely no one just ignores those warnings. LOL.

          What really shocked me the most were the genres of these games. I guess that I never really thought about him having fetishes at that age, even though we all do. So I decided to discuss this with my “roommate,” and he had no problem with it either. He did decide to investigate it further himself by playing one of them. LOL! We both thought that it was sort of cool and I have zero problems with it. After a short while, the novelty of it was over, and he quit.

          We are like most “landlords and landladies.” We enjoy our dirty sex talk, have watched porn together and experience kink from time to time. So one day, I decided to download a game for him. It was a short one, but the subject matter shocked him. He played it and it sort of turned me on. A few days later, he returned the favor and supplied me with one as well. It was extremely naughty, and the idea of me doing it was more exciting than the game itself.

          Like most, we separate fantasy from reality as only entertainment. Just as if one was into murder mysteries, that doesn’t mean they are into murder. When I was younger, my brother was playing “Grand Theft Auto,” and he showed me something just to appall me. But to the best of my knowledge, he never grew up to be a car thief, shooting thugs and beating hookers in the head with a tire iron at the shorefront.

          So even though much of the subject content these games have to offer can be over the top for me, what I find the most disturbing is that some in this medium have a hard time distinguishing reality from fiction. In addition, many become hostile when a specific penchant doesn’t conform to their own. For instance, I do not care for male gay content, but it doesn’t make me mad. I do appreciate that it is out there for those who do. There are plenty of games out there, and there is no way that anyone could play them all. If one does spend all their time playing them, that is fine, but I myself have other things I prefer to do for sexual release. I will just hike my ass up and have the landlord take care of me, or if he isn’t available, I always have “Bob.” (Battery-operated boyfriend.)

          When most individuals or couples watch porn, it is to watch others perform acts, not pretend that you are one of the performers. The same is true for most people when playing these games. It is fun to be able to control the actions of other characters. Let them do things that we would never do ourselves. It is fine if someone does want to simulate that they are the MC; just do not take it for granted that everyone else is like-minded. There are enough genres to provide entertainment for the masses.

          I myself do not mind subjects that involve “family matters.” That does not mean I am into it personally. I enjoy when other characters do things that I would never do. Just like in an action movie, we want to see destruction and people causing mayhem. Never in the real world though. I also like watching group action involving multiple men and women. That does not mean that I myself want to be in a real orgy. (An occasional three-some is nice though!) This NTR controversy I just don’t get. I had to look it up just to find its meaning, but to the best of my knowledge, unless you are watching or playing a video that you made of yourself, all of this is NTR. Not to burst any bubbles, but these 3D cartoon characters are not you. As long as no real people are being harmed, I have no problem with any of it. Even if I find some genres disgusting or offensive, I can just move on.

          The same goes for the comments. I know that this is long, but no one is forcing anyone to read it. I am writing this because I am bored. My job consists of me being on a PC all day, and even though it pays well, I find myself on occasion having a lot of extra time and wanting a break. I mostly work from home and have multiple computers. This is my personal one, yet still I find it amusing that even though I get my job done, I can often get breaks from the monotomy and do this. So even though it might be a waste of anyone’s time reading this, I have nothing better to do at the moment and am getting paid.

          I have only written a few posts, but so far I have never received any negative feedback. Will that change? Who knows? Who cares? The way that I look at it, if someone made it this far and decided to respond that I wasted their time, well they just wasted more of their time responding. Still, my purpose is not to insult, just to enlighten a few who might forget that there are others out there with their own inclinations and desires.

          To finish this, I would like to add one more thing. I have read many remarks stating that some content shouldn’t be on this site. That this is a porn site and not for soap operas. Well, if you glance at the bottom of this page, you will see this statement.

          “About Dikgames
          Dikgames is a free website that features the best and latest Adult Games, Erotic Comics, Visual Novels, RPGs, 3d adult games and much more.”

          Nowhere does it mention that this is a porn site. This is adult content which is not necessarily porn. (I guess that my tenant missed that part!) It is free and they try to appeal to the masses, not just one particular proclivity. In order for them to stay afloat, they must do so. One can have their opinions, but they will not change the world with the attitude that the world’s opinions don’t matter.

          To “No,” you asked for constructive criticism; there you go, and not in a demeaning manner. Everyone is different, yet the same. Just respect that and keep doing what you enjoy. Life is always a work in progress. Have a nice day.

      1. You first, asshole. Just because it’s called Grandma’s House DOES NOT mean that Grandma (who is well past the age of BREEDING – which is one of the two core tags in the game; that I wish the bastard would actually GET TO) ever actually needs to be shown nude. Or Getting any. Women do not work like that. Most of them when they’re younger can barely decide who they want to fuck… she picked wrong in the lore… whoopie. That’s her dumb call.

        It still could be “Grandma’s House,” where she encourages MC to have a VERY big family, because that’s the sort of thing she wants. With as many women as he wants = because she can live vicariously through it. Instead Moonbox wants to dick us around with the aunt who just barely got to move in, and keeps TALKING about being bred, but hasn’t gotten there yet. And another aunt who for no discernable reason WILL NOT join the bloody harem which is the other core part of the fucking game. Biggest cock tease on the planet that was never factually abused, or raped. Or even close to it – but she ACTS like MC is the biggest douche ever for even remotely being any sort of sexual. Come the fuck on.

        Next time you tell me to take my meds, I’lm going to find the biggest bottle of Extra Strength Advil I can and ram it whole down your throat you little retard. You have no fucking clue if I’m even on medication. You also don’t get the right to insult me, and make judgments when you have nothing of value to offer about the game other than you disagree with my stance about OLDER women having sex. I’ve said it before, I’d say it again: Do ANY OF YOU really want to watch your grandma boinking? No… good on you. That’s my whole fucking point. Genius. If it’s a yes, maybe you’re the one that should be on meds. But I’m not going to tell you to take a whole bottle. Or even to take them if you choose not to. I will still call you seven shades of Dick.

  6. Have you created a bio page for each character? If you have where can I locate it. If not, please consider making one. Thanks. PS. This is one of the best video novels I’ve ever seen. Thanks for bringing a little joy to an old man.

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      Sun Nov 19 01:41:21 2023

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