Grandma’s House [v0.18] [MoonBox]

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Note: You need to play Part 1 and save when the game tells you to before you can play Part 2

Download for Windows/ Linux - Part 1 - v0.16

Download for Windows/ Linux- Part 2 - v0.18

Update Patch PC (0.17>0.18)

Download for Mac- Part 1 - v0.16

Download for Mac-- Part 2 - v0.18

Update Patch Mac (0.17>0.18)

Download for Android- Part 1 - v0.16

Download for Android- Part 2 - v0.18

Swipe Up – Menu
Swipe Down – Hide UI
Swipe Left – Rollback
Swipe Right – Skip

Download Incest Patch

Content Changed

Changes the characters to family members

Patch Instructions

Extract to game directory and overwrite

Download Walkthrough

Download Walkthrough Mod


– show point hints for game choices
– ingame walkthrough recommendations (based on the dev’s walkthrough)
– new with v0.09: additional game settings
– new with v0.09: renaming

second Mod variant with additonal function:
– main menu music
– ingame jukebox player with some tracks


Installation guide:
1. of course the original game must be installed first
2. extract the Mod archive in a temporary folder
3. move the extracted files/folders into your …/game/ folder

See also the installation info in the ZIP file.

If using my Mod for the first time it’s recommended to start a new game.
General Advice!
My mod changes the original game files! Old saves will most likely not work anymore!
Also, saves with my mod installed will maybe not work WITHOUT my mod afterwards, too.
As this Mod overwrites game files, other Mods/addons may also not work after installing it.

Download Saves

old saves before v15 are not used from the game anymore,
therefore here only saves from the end of v0.15 and above

Extract file from file to the \game sub-folder and overwrite when prompted.

You can also mail us at :- [email protected]

Editor's Rating

Story - 84%
Visual - 82%
Engagement - 77%
Core Loop - 80%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 4.45 ( 92 votes)

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  1. It was a great game and story.I wish there was a Gallery mod or gallery in this game because its so good i dont want to miss a scene.I hope they keep story good like this in future updates and dont add ntr or shitty genres to the game.It was amazing.

    1. Yes it’s a nice game and story was also best waiting for part 2 as soon as possible i wish the story become more love and effection

    1. I know right? If I’m going to jack off to cartoons I want them to look like toned goddesses. I can get average to ugly fat women in real life.

  2. Too many middle aged fat chicks, but I guess that’s expected when the plot is tryign to fuck your grandma. At least the aunts and cousin (that the MC gets to oral creampie and go down on in v.06) and her friends are kinda hot.

  3. After that 2 painfull waking up the women scene granny came to wake up MC for supper.I was waiting for Slap-Beat the shit out of the granny for waking mc up option but its ok.Ofc its a irony.I want more hugs more cuddles more snuggles and more lovey dovey.

    1. Dunno, stil DLing it. Guessing nothing new, as like most AVN’s the name of the game is milking it for all it’s worth as far as the main plot goal (fvcking your grandma). So give it a couple more years if that’s what you are waiting for. At least it’s not totally blueballing fans like some AVN’s with no sex scenes at all for who knows how long or number of annual updates needed (looking at you OceanLab/Summer’s Gone, MC still hasn’t popped his sis Nami’s cherry, better luck next year).

  4. Hats off to MoonBox for this game!
    It has pretty much all the weird fetishes you want, but without being filthy: that is a performance ^^
    I know some (lots?) people will find it…. let’s say too talkative, lovey-dovey and to sum it up boring, but this is already one of my favorite games.
    You rock dude ^^

    1. Nice try, Moonbox.
      Also, you did a TERRIBLE job on the African-American woman. You literally copy-pasted over another woman, and just changed the skin tone. Black Women have way different facial/body structures than White Women, you ignorant bigot!

  5. Chicks with gargantuan, unbelievable tits and dudes with 15 inch dicks are so unrealistic that it makes me not even want to play it. I’M PASSING ON THIS ONE!

      1. Okay, I tried it, and I couldn’t get past the disgusting fat, stinking asses. You know the longer and deeper that ass crack is, the more shit smell it retains, and I’m not into the smell of shit!

  6. Yeah.. gotta agree the black lady is the ugliest Character in the whole fucking game that it’s an instant rejection for everyone

    1. Yeah. Was there an update in the first place? I thought v0.13 ended right at that point. I honestly don’t know if there was any new content on v0.14

  7. I was extremely hesitant to try this one, and had overlooked it time and time again because the proportions of the female characters were not to my taste. But that was a terrible mistake on my part. There’s so much depth and life in the story! It’s like the characters are real people with real lives who really love each other. Just fantastic!

  8. have to agree on the ass size perhaps make them some what smaller i mean the fat chick is the only realistic sized one also agree on the black chick her model is just off so turned her down (and i went for her and got further into her route and met the mother and father hell fucking no) rest of the girls in this have no problem with also could you possibly make the mc less Narcissistic he ain’t full blown but i say this because this fucktard points at the mirror and goes looking good hate people like that

  9. i don’t usually do multiple comments but this retard dev lets u turn down some girls but not all i just don’t get why fucktards like this think it’s good to let u turn down some but not all just to see what kind of ending you would get i like doing that also for the love of christ don’t fucking force me into relationships that’s just a cunt move

  10. Yeah, I got some mixed feelings about this game, myself. It started out great, and I’ve been following the story so far, but as of recently things got ridiculous to say, at least. And now, when I expected the MOST out of the game & story, I found out that the game is coming to an end…

    Yes, I realize that it’s only the first chapter, and that the game is most likely going to continue into the 2nd one, but still this is getting weird, and to be perfectly honest I don’t even know if I want to play this one any longer. Not without some drastic changes to the story, bringing back some of the older characters (instead of making new ones, every update or two).

    Oh yeah, and what Kazami already wrote, above me – GIVE the player ability & freedom to CHOOSE which relationship(s) they want to pursue and keep, because forcing the predetermined story upon players makes us want to turn away and give this one up even more.

    1. The game isn’t coming to an end, it’s just moving to a separate download to keep it under 5gb so people can use MEGA. It’s also because I had no idea wtf I was doing when I started this and there’s a lot of technical upgrades that I need to do that would break the old version.

      Nana, Liz, Amy, Cat, Jamila, Shizuka and Asami aren’t optional, everyone else is. If you hate any of them enough to turn you off of the game, you should quit now because you’re just gonna see more and more of them.

      The game is meant to be ridiculous. If you take it seriously, you probably won’t enjoy it at all.

      1. R u comedy with us? Who the fuck except for looser cuck would say no to a harem? A harem consist of varied girls, some a bit older, some young, with variety of traits and personality, i don’t see even a reason to give option for others, who would do that, it’s not like some of them has different kinks, all are vannila except for that police girl, some femdom there, but rest all is vannila so what’s the issue?

        1. your obviously a brain dead moron who enjoys taking a devs dick right down your throat and kissing there ass mr Anonymous Ru comedy it has nothing to do with being a loser or a cuck idiot you obviously enjoy being forced down a predetermined path in vn’s without being able to choose which path you wanna follow or go down it makes it boring and this fucktard is one of those devs there are excellent harem games out their which allow you the freedom to either have the full harem or ones with certain LI you like the most

          1. Perhaps I wouldn’t use the same words as you, there’s no need to get vulgar, hostile and/or angry over the silly game but yes – you’re in fact correct. I would have to agree on everything you said.

            Some people just don’t seem to get it, life is all about making choices. Maybe I don’t want a “harem of varied girls”, or maybe I don’t even like Cat, Jamila and Shizuka characters. And yet, I’m forced into wasting my time with them, against my will… Therefore I stand by of what I initially wrote, I’m giving this one up. At least Moonbox was honest enough & told me what’s in plan for future releases.

  11. I really appreciate the quality of writing in the story, everything they say fits them very well and the MC as a witty ladies man is really funny. Though big chicks earnt my thing I can just turn them off, so that’s nice. ONLY complaint is that as of writing this there earnt many scenes with Nana, but I get it, she’s the ‘big prize’ in the story. But oh it breaks my heart seeing her cry, how many times we see her in need of some intimacy, and this mean author won’t give it to her.

  12. You know what? I think Popo is gone forever! Haven’t seen a post of his since April! Maybe he’s doing a 2-year stint at the local penitentiary for boinking his sister and his cousin!

  13. Some of the sex scenes seem to end anticlimactically; the main character just turns away or stops wanting to have sex all of a sudden. Weird pacing. Good writing though.

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