Genesis [Ep.23 – Floor 05] [Solensis]

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  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe left to roll back
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
  • swipe up&down to toggle a small window with memory usage information
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

Download Gallery Unlocker

Mod should be universal and should work with any version of game.
You will find a button named “Unlocked Gallery” mid game on lower right corner just click on that to view the scenes.

Extract file from file to the \game folder and overwrite when prompted.

You can also mail us at :- [email protected]

Editor's Rating

Story - 69%
Visual - 87%
Engagement - 74%
Core Loop - 75%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 3.52 ( 20 votes)

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      1. It’s a dumb piece of shit game.

        The character models are fucking grotesque and you play a worthless piece of shit simp.

        Not even worth this page it is posted on.

  1. First; fuck off with making every battle a rock paper scissors outcome – with WAY too many ways to fuck it up.
    Do you want this asshole to win or not???

    Next: GIVE. THE. MC. DECENT. POWERS!!! * What he’s got is worth fuck all to the point you keep killing off characters

    * Anastacia – you force a sex scene with her for BS reasoning; screw up the blood scene that is Patent to PROVING she is a VIRGIN – and then fuck her like a porn star when she told you to “be gentle” Dude = what are you, 15? Do you think we are? God damn it. ALSO… DO NOT BOTHER WITH CREAMPIES AND THEN TELL THE PLAYER X CHARACTER JUST CAN’T HAVE KIDS!!! Fuck off with that; you’re screwing the audience out of Harem EndGame content that way and borking a good chunk of the draw in the genre. The demon ALWAYS takes a SOUL. She already possessed the body, and bound Anastacia’s soul into a living hell doing it, THAT is good enough. Asshole!

    * The shadow warriors = dumb idea: you are literally killing off women that again should be able to join the harem while LIVING, probably again just to get out of drawing marriage/pregnant scenes with them. {If the fucker is going to be a GOD down WHATEVER FUCKING PATH = He brings them back, and EVERY GIRL he has gained along the way is a) his bitch owned, forever… and B) Pregnant with his blood legacy. Otherwise there’s fuck all point in wasting time with all this edge lord bullshit you want to shove in the game. (By the way, that goes double for Lillie or Laurie or whatever the hell her name is = Especially if you think I don’t realize you probably turned her into the chick with the magic armor who is now one of the suitors. Changing the hair color and the personality doesn’t do much to fuck with the base model – and it’s a “twist” that anyone that’s seen five seconds of anime can see coming a mile away. It’s NOT as clever as you think, since SHE. SHOULD. BE. THE. PRINCESS. AT. THE. END. OF. THE. GAME. She WAS MC’s end goal. So screw your DEI bullshit, and let her be the goal he works toward. She DOES still have import to the story, in a very large way as his DRIVING FORCE. She DOES NOT need to be more than that.

    While we’re at it – Stop making the harem girls show the Harem Leader up!!! You do know that’s a cardinal sign of a BAD anime right? They can be even with him, they can shine in certain ways that maybe he doesn’t have necessarily, but the HAREM LEAD is the star of the show. Women do NOT follow a male that is weaker than they are; and most of them these days see kindness as weakness. So please, just one of you fuck off with making him a sub to all of them just because “I don’t want to fight” [In a medieval setting, no less… Might as well just give the simp a death wish]

    No Riddles. No mini games, no dramatic bullshit that’s just there to make the Audience incensed, which you’re going to walk back with a sudden Dues Ex Machina (All of that is either an asshole DM or bad writing. Take your pick) There DO NOT need to be FAIL STATES in a HAREM game! Jesus fucking bloody H flying God damned Christ I wish you guys would all just screw off with that idea. We do not play these games for incredible story, and we DO NOT play these games to LOSE. They are supposed to be fun, and an outlet. If you have frustrations in your work, take them out somewhere else, because remember – YOU. CHOSE. THIS. JOB. You can’t blame the player for wanting to play, and then complain when we don’t play the game because there’s too much passive aggressive, hamstinging “choices” or no choices to be made period (like with Luna, Mr. “You chose this path Huh?” No. Dumbass, I was in fact never even consulted!)

    I’ll play until the end of this update but my dude… so far, you’ve fucked up in several ways according to the GENRE. If nothing else. So no, unless there is an overhaul where you fix ALL of it, I’m probably not going to bother risking a stroke just to see whether you actually do untangle this Gordian Knot.

    1. ma dude relax its a good story, all the damm aspects you dislike some of us like, the shadow warrior thing is a fine idea, makes it diffrent then all the other harem style games. also your goal is to become god of everything so you can just bring the girls back in theory,

      1. Fair point, and I do bring it up – BUT the thing is; your GOAL is to become the god of everything. If the dev keeps fucking this MC over so much, then you AREN’T going to be the god of ANYTHING. Bringing the girls BACK should not be necessary if the MC is this “chosen one.” They shouldn’t die in the first bloody place. It’s needless. There for nothing but ‘I wanna be an Edgelord.’

        Taking girls out of the game who should otherwise be fully functional IN the game, is pointlessly jarring and outside of the Genre he is going for in “Harem.” Doesn’t matter how you explain it. It breaks investment in them. It kills character development or any sort of relationship building. Both of those are NECESSARY to the genre. There’s also the idea that some of us like Impregnation, and you CANNOT do that to a figment of someone’s imagination. At this point good luck figuring out what IS a figment of the MC’s “mind castle” (Imagination) There’s the fact that as far as I saw, most of the women are still mostly being assholes to MC, and even then begging for his help. There’s the point that every other contestent seems to be OP for no reason, and the combat decisions are frankly repetitive and unnecessary. The MC. IS. NOT. SUPPOSED. TO. LOSE. Period. So adding tension and killing off females to make it seem like the dipshit will, is NOT how you sell the merits of a game like this. It just tells the audience the writer or the dev if not both, do not know the genre they’re writing for, or what the hell they’re doing.

  2. Nothing can fix lack of content. Calling it ep22 is just plain laughable, if the content weren’t gated and more gameplay than text its like a five min drive from start to finish with barely two episodes.

  3. Answers to the Kina quiz. Would be smart for the dev to add different wording cause I had the first answer but never added “the” before it was it was always wrong
    Q1 – The Scarlet Sky / the scarlet sky
    Q2 – A Katana / a katana
    Q3 – The Zodiac War / the zodiac war’

  4. Stop playing with Us, dis is part 1 not 2. We use data to download Ur master piece. U are Killing Our mood at downloading

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