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  1. can anyone tell me how to continue this game from the last update?!
    i mean i have completed the previous version and now in the new version i’m starting with new game. i dunno how to continue it like where i left

  2. The trans community actually does NOT in fact want to be equal. They, like any other LGBT zealot enjoy playing the victim is the gasoline that empowers the transgender community, who frequently fudge the data to get the propaganda they show.

    The trans community simply cannot exist without having all these so called homophobes running around victimizing trannies. According to the rainbow flag Einsatzgruppen, the poor trannies take their life into their hands every time they leave their house. And they want YOU to believe that some homophone is responsible for their inevitable demise, when there are really not enough attacks to carry out that facade.

    The evil tranny simps driving their LGBT victimhood agenda couldn’t wait to shove their “non-binary” fallen hero Nex Benedict down everyone’s throats by claiming HE had been beaten to death by girls in the bathroom. And there’s literally any number of fake news pamplets with the story as the headline. Yet the reality was HE, Nex Benedict, commited suicide.

    The evil LGBT community will even go so far as to include anyone trans that dies as a victim of homophobia, whether they actually were or not. The majority of trans deaths are actually not the result of homophobia, but either suicide or for playing stupid games and winning stupid prizes, such as for example being killed in a shootout between police and Antifa in Atlanta. Sorry to say, my dear tranny simps, but shooting at police has consequences. Often deadly consequences, and no they aren’t going to ask you what your pronouns are before they return fire.

    But it’s always very entertaining to see the great lengths the LGBT and trans zealots will go to in order to fool people and turn them over to their side.

    1. Their whole identity is wrapped around deception. They are also insane. Then there is the fact they have no morality. These facts explain a lot.

    2. you’re trying really really hard to make it seem like your bigotry is justified empirically just to avoid unpacking why you think about gay shit all the time.

      1. Weren’t you one of the HIV shills that was telling everybody all about how your little tragic hero Nex Benedict died from being beat to death by high schoolers, and then went totally silent (as usual) when it was brought up he killed his own dumb self? Why yes. I do believe it was you.

        Now that’s what I call a real cool story, bro. A cool made up propaganda story, bro.

        You are just further proof, as if any were needed, with how LGBT constantly manufactures and spoon feeds everyone garbage.

        1. They act like catching HIV isn’t a form of suicide. Nature is adapting as well. You have super gonorrhea and HIV now. Not to mention hepatitis which is easily spread by shit. Oh yeah, monkeypox. These faggots can’t stop humping everything around themselves. Even though they are literally spreading death. Being ENCOURAGED to do it in fact. Millions affected. But they try and use one person (in another false story). To continue their spread of death unopposed. They really are nuts and so is everyone being silent. A sane society would not stand for this.

        2. you have to be even more retarded than i previously thought if you can’t see the correlation between people like you bullying trans folks and the high suicide rate. maybe if y’all just left them the fuck alone you wouldn’t generate your own ammo to reaffirm your bias. but very kind of you to not deadname them, very woke of you.

          1. Yes, we know, little globohomo shill.

            If people would just use the unstable trannies preferred pronouns and agree women can impregnate men they wouldn’t be tempted to go and shoot up innocent people like the latest would be killer tranny in Maryland.

            How dare rational people not accept their mental illness?

            1. we’re all well aware of how difficult it is for you lot to consider anybody other than yourselves. you didn’t need to use so many words.

              1. Maybe women do not want men in their bathrooms running around flashing their dicks? Or be made to compete against men in women’s sports?

                I mean, how dare women.

                Did you reach out to your and yet another killer tranny who plotted to kill helpless grade schoolers? Did you send tranny Alex lots of hugs and kisses and words of comfort from your fucking disgusting LGBT terror group? I guess you would probably agree that elementary school was full of homophobes who didn’t show up for drag hour to watch crossdressing clowns in rainbow suits tell 6 and 7 year olds all about puberty blockers and genital mutilation.

                1. two out of the tree things you listed here are verifiably not happening. and by “yet another killer tranny” are you ignoring the multitude of straight white incels who have carried out vastly more school shootings than lgbt? is that not a problem for you? you don’t get to use gun violence as ammo only when it suits your narrative, they’re all tragic. you sad pathetic worm of a person.

    3. Considering how you and truth make a POINT to comment on every game that has futa or trans content in it speaks volumes. You should just stop with the projecting and come out already. It’s obvious to everyone else.

      1. So deep into being a fag you can’t accept that someone just sees it as unhealthy and immoral. That it is destroying society and that causes concern. Nope to you it’s “you must be a fag as well”. That’s how deep into globohomo you are. A true believer.

      2. Don’t delude yourselves anymore than you already have but I guess this is a common way for tools like you to cope with people that won’t accept your LGBT bullshit.

  3. More commit suicide globohomo death shit.

    Anything and everything to turn everyone into fags.

    They already have people convinced there is more than 2 genders.

    Dumb people who play this kind of garbage don’t even know the difference between man and woman anymore, and refer to mentally ill men who got injected with fake tits and took hormones as “she”.

    They groom your kids through LGBT propaganda sent through cartoons and in schools.

    Congratulations on being so stupid.

    1. “But we just want to be equal”. They said. Now you can’t say jack shit about them or mention how unhealthy being gay is. They groom the kids and act militant and fascistic about their asshole cult. They must be put back into the closet where they belong. It’s only a matter of time and they will be. Gay is about death, destruction and suicide. It must be stopped or those civilizations that accept it will cease to exist.

      Gay and feminism are an existential threat to humanity. Much more real than supposed “man made global warming”. Every single country that adopted feminism is in collapse demographically. EVERY SINGLE ONE! Globohomo just speeds things along for the destruction of a society. In fact Globohomo and feminism have been connected from the start. I’d post proof but am not allowed.

      I’m sure you know all this though. Just repeating it to piss off the brainwashed. Brainwashed people who believe everything they are told from those in power blow a fuse and it’s amusing.

      1. rewriting history is fun anyoen can do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just like the gays did when they said they werre okay but now were all dead in 20 yrs. its sCIENCE!!!!!!!!!!lololololololololol.

        1. I think it’s funny how asshole centric you globohomo cultists are. Looking at the world through the eye of an asshole. History must be changed. Old books, movies and tv are all something you hate. Because they aren’t grooming homosexuality. I didn’t think much on that one till you brought it up. You fags really are nuts. But you are what you eat.

          1. im not homosezual I hate homos no homos is my name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! homos want world haet u no that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. See here is the thing. You are part of the globohomo cult so you can’t relate to the censorship normal people are put under, moron.

    2. Do you spout your bile in the games that have loli content? No, because you think fucking kids is okay. That’s the grooming shit you should have a problem with you sick fuck.

      1. Shame is important. It can encourage others not to do stupid things like being a fag or junkie. Only problem is when your society becomes so degenerate that being a degenerate is encouraged.

        1. We’re trying to fix that but people like you keep popping up.

          The word you’re looking for is “humility”. Another is “self-awareness”. Shame only harms, causes fear, and one cannot live a healthy life in fear like you do. I know you say you don’t, but your actions say otherwise.

          You’re advocating the Sith Way. Get help.

          1. Shame is only okay when you consider someone a “homophobe” or a “Nazi”, or a sexist etc. etc. etc. Shame only harms, unless its done to advance YOUR best interest. We call that a HYPOCRITE, and nobody takes a hypocrite seriously, not anyone with a brain anyways and the rest don’t matter.

            You get help.

            1. Good reach there. For 1000’s of years while families were normal, healthy and growing. Being a fag or whore was rightly shamed. Now suddenly being anti faggot or slut makes you a “nazi”. Not sure how that works as there were gay nazis. In fact hitler was probably gay. But I digress. Opposing unhealthy behavior and shaming it is NOT being a “hypocrite”. It’s the right thing to do.

              Your asshole is not designed to be fucked. No, you aren’t meant to whore around and not have a family. Being gay is destructive for the family and humanity.

              1. You misread. Smoke was calling the wokes hypocritical for saying it is not ok to shame someone for being gay. but it is ok to shame them for being “homophobe”.

                1. Smoke is falling to “false equivalency”.

                  That is: Hating and trying to bring harm on someone who is doing nothing to harm

                  IS NOT THE SAME

                  as hating someone for trying to bring harm on someone who is doing nothing to harm.

                  This is why it’s always okay to punch a Nazi. Their edict is death to people regardless of their status of innocence, so they do not care who they hurt outside Jews, Blacks, Gays, et al.

                  Homophobia is just as destructive and cares not who they hurt as long as they are gay.

                  I’m not saying it’s always okay to punch a homophobe, but I am saying that’s why they are not equivalent and therefore not hypocrisy.

                  And Now You Know!

              2. Nohomo = Does Not Know History.

                This isn’t a shame, just the truth. For 1000s of years, fathers have had gay relations while raising children. Those people who decided not to raise families have not stopped the overpopulation of the planet.

                Assholes are not designed to be fucked. Screwdrivers were not designed to be used as hammers. Chairs were not designed to be stood upon. We use things that are outside their design all the time.

                When you start using everything for their designed purpose AND NOTHING MORE, I will consider your words valid.

                A porn game website was not designed as a political platform.

                Which you won’t. Because you only bring up the asshole thing because it’s convenient to your thesis, which is all you Fascists care about.

                Prove me wrong, even once.

                (There we go. An entire shame-free post, even tho Nohomo didn’t have the same respect.)

            2. See this one’s good, Smoke. That’s how you engage the brain. I see some wrinkles showing up there.

              However, you fail to take into account that I am trying to harm someone who brings harm using the very weapon they’re using. Part of that is irony, which you mistake for hypocrisy because in your limited experience on the topic they seem to be the same.

              Oh my, I seem to be shaming you some too. Hmm, I think we have a consistent pattern. You troll me, I troll you. This wasn’t a troll so I’ll response more or less genuinely. It was a tepid attempt at a gotcha, but at least you actually tried.

              Nohomo wants people to hurt themselves. He wants them to suffer. I could be a moderate gun control advocate and still own a gun, use a gun, and not be a hypocrite. It’s your black-or-white viewing that makes it so.

              And yes, liberals and conservatives do this tapdancing on sand thing all the time. It’s called “debate”. It’s used when people with opposing views want to express, defend, and even come to a conclusion. You don’t see that in modern American politics because Populism is against this kind of critical thinking.

              Would be nice to have more people here who think critically. Thank you for being one.

            3. For those who didn’t understand my previous post for too much nuance:

              I used shame after saying it brings harm. This was on purpose. That purpose was to bring harm to someone who wants to bring harm to people who have not brought harm.

              Mankind has debated for thousands of years whether or not this kind of thing is okay. Obviously I’m one of the people who do.

              I am willing to participate in this debate, if it is genuine.

              Sorry to anyone who was confused by it. Like others in this thread I keep forgetting this is a porn game website.

              A website.
              For porn.
              For jerking off.
              Jilling off.
              Certainly not expanding the population of the planet.
              Kind of the opposite.
              Hands don’t make babies.
              (Hands were also not created for taking your dick.)
              (So apparently you’re ending mankind by masturbating.)
              (Honestly never thought of that.)
              (Why are you still reading this, breeders?)
              (Get out there and fuck!)

              This was not my intention for my post, but while I’m still not shaming anyone I thought it was funny to think that someone so against homosexuality for the reasons stated of “not keeping up population” would not be against masturbation, the main use of porn (as far as I know; I’d love to see numbers if it’s not).

              To those for whom the above is still too nuanced:

              GIT GOOD OR GET REKT. LOL.

              I hope you enjoyed coming to my Ted Talk.

              1. You wrote all that for me? What a triggered little limp wristed liberal lol. I’m not reading all that, like you said, this is a porn site where I occasionally take a jab at people who disgust me. Like low iq leftists that can’t think it’s okay to be a hypocrite with double standards. Fuck your standards, and your ideology.

  4. STD rate is sky high for trannies. Even higher than the normal faggot. It’s almost like nature is trying ti say something.

    1. Personification of Nature is ignorance. Even higher than the normal transphobe. It’s as if #nohomo is trying ti say something and failing.

        1. Not all stupid things have consequences, else we wouldn’t have the US Government or Elon Musk. Or you, changing your name out of paranoid fear every other post.

          Get help.

        2. For that matter, not all smart things don’t have consequences. The world is nuanced and even the Darwin Awards acknowledges itself as being a joke, for humor, not as a life-lesson for someone to use in a Serious Internet Argument. To do so is moronic but I expect nothing less from your desperate attempts to save a world that does not need saving. (More on how that’s a joke in later posts. It’ll come up.)

          Your black-and-white punishment worldview and Thought Police posts are coming off as awfully Fascist, as well as your pro-Sith ideology above.

          Get help.

  5. I don’t understand how you can enjoy games on this engine!!
    I really ask the developers to stop making games on God-forsaken engines.
    Fans, how can you stand it when they give you real shit on a plate ?

    1. stfu, some games using rpgm actually good. if you really hate progression and just want to stright up sex go play something else or search using renpy tag and use skip whole games just to make choices and get some sex scene. i dislike this game but there are some good rpgm games out there. you’re too noisy to live.

      1. RPGM is trash engine. Very rarely a good game manages to overcome the horrendously bad engine. But they are working with quite the albatross around their neck

    2. I think it’s laudable that you, Vomond, are taking time out of your day to try and accurately assess and correct the wants of people in this world. I don’t know why you don’t instead run for public office and make a lasting difference, but if someone has to White Knight for the porn game community I’m glad that it’s you.

      Best of luck on your crusade, Vomond. If you discover information that passes your stringent requirements, please let us know.

  6. Lol, gr8 b8 m8, I r8 8/8. Good job regurgitating a random statistic without even understanding it. I can tell you got a gold star in trollschool, were your moms proud? And how’s the cherrypicking going this time of year? 1 in 6 gay dudes have aids, huh? Impressively hyperbolic, if i do say. XD

  7. Well, to be honest “futa(nari)” is not a common thing. So if our fellow gamer is not into this kind of thing, well his reaction can be understood.

    Now this little detail set aside, the rpg part is not bad, although there is some space to make it better (it feel a bit sluggish, compared to Zelda A Link to the Past, that is already 30 years old). But it has some potential. I hope, before adding content the dev will focus on improving that part first.

  8. You are an expert on penises for sure.

    1. Yes, because I have one, unlike you.

      (I personally don’t care if anyone has a dick or not, but this is the kind of thing that the incel I’m responding to thinks is effective as an insult. Knowing your audience is good for both comedy and debate, or would be debate if I wasn’t attempting a battle of wits with an unarmed opponent.)

  9. Not just on this one, on DOZENS of them. This might not be a secret kink for you but it sure is a weird obsession. There’s no way you have a normal life.

    1. Being a faggot isn’t having a “normal life”. The reason you hate seeing these comments is because they are true and it effects your conditioning to accept degenerate homo crap. You’ve been groomed.

      1. NO U!!!!!!

        …Is what you’re saying. At least nohomo has done a modicum of research. They’re a sociopath, but at least they have a brain.

  10. Something’s wrong with you, dog. You’re clicking on games with titles and pics that clearly state they’re gonna be about a kink you claim to find “disgusting” and then whining about it down in the comments. On a porn game site. What a sad degenerate.

  11. Among men who are bisexual or gay, HIV statistics from the CDC indicate that 1 in 6 will be diagnosed with the virus in their lifetime. The risk is higher for those in certain racial groups. Among men who have sex with men, 1 in 2 African-Americans and 1 in 4 Latinos will be diagnosed with HIV.

    Then there are things like monkeypox and hepatitis which are practically std’s but not classified as such. But it’s clear you fall in the “mental disorder” category and live in fantasy land.

    1. That’s one out of three, making me still more right than you. Waiting for your further attention, my good sociopath.


      Happy Gay Pride Month, everyone.

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