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Freeloading Family [v0.32 GU][Final] [FFCreations]

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Download for Mac

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  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe left to roll back
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
  • swipe up&down to toggle a small window with memory usage information
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

Download Incest Patch

Download Walkthrough

Download Multi-Mod


 Adds walkthrough in game.
– Cheat menu. (Added extra option to change name and “sexname” in game/cheat screen).
– Improvements. (All scenes will appear even if you don’t have enough points and it can be disabled or enabled at the start of the game or in the cheat screen).

Extract file from file to the \game sub-folder and overwrite when prompted.

Download Gallery Mod


Add a Scene Replay button to the menu allowing you to replay scenes


Extract file from file to the \game sub-folder and overwrite when prompted.

You can also mail us at :-

Editor's Rating

Story - 91%
Visual - 98%
Engagement - 93%
Core Loop - 91%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 3.98 ( 94 votes)

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  1. For a visual novel with such a high rating and a bunch of good reviews, I had high hopes for this one, only to have my enthusiasm crushed once I played it myself.

    The writing is just bad. The girls are sluts by default. Your sister is ready to have sex with you from the get-go. There is no exciting build up and no challenge or corruption. The main character is presented as a clueless, shy teen, but at the same time his personality changes on a whim. One moment he is taken aback by a girl showing him her panties and whines like a little bitch about a nickname he is given and literally a few scenes later, he uncharacteristically says (to his teacher, no less): “Get up on your desk and spread your legs.” Out of nowhere he suddenly becomes sexually dominant and that did not make any sense to me. I could not even make a choice here; it just happened.

    This game has only one song that plays throughout the whole game and it is the most erectile dysfunctional song I have ever listened to. That does not help when you play a game that is SUPPOSED to give you an erection (or a wet box). I eventually had to turn it off, because it was invoking aggression in me.

    Most of the girls have gorgeous faces. I liked the sister, Susan and that cigarette smoking slut, Melody, who was willing to take it up her ass (a keeper right there). The aunt was sexy and the situations in which she got drunk DID actually excite me. Karina’s innocence was a turn on too. Unfortunately, there is not much variation in their facial expressions and postures. The backgrounds are uninspiring too. The biggest let down in this game are the sex scenes (which, again, is what it is SUPPOSED to be all about, especially if your writing skills are below par). The scenes consist of 3 or 4 images and they are not even that good. Such a shame when you have such beautiful models.

    I must admit that after a little while, I started to skip through all the text, because the writing was so bad. Therefore I may have missed out on some deep, meaningful dialogues. Haha. Nah, I doubt it, but if I want to write an honest review, I think it is important to mention it.

    So to conclude this, I thought it was a waste of time. However, since it has such a high score and several positive reviews, it means there are plenty of people who enjoyed it. You might be one of them. I do think age, where you are in life sexually and perhaps your gender will definitely play part in how you will experience this game.

  2. Totally loved the game, really no words to express the warmth I felt when I played this game… A real shame that I played this game so late… I’m glad to play the final version all at once, the marriage took me to my tears! 💗, I know, I’m a bit too much emotional to these things, but, I totally loved the game, I chose “Alice”, I loved the character, and not to mention her figure 😁.

    Now, this game shares the TOP-1 position with Leap of faith… really, no comparing between them, but I totally loved it! Thanks dev, have a good one, y’all!

  3. What a beautiful character Alice is.
    I fucking loved the game , i only played Harem ending cause I don’t want to ruined my feelings going to choose one ,
    Lesbianism was not that appreciated by me but if I have them all what’s the problem,
    Nothing is perfect and I’m quite satisfied with this game , Good luck for your other project Dev but add harem route there too 😉

  4. Of course it doesn’t, but it’s always nice to be recognized. People do better when they’re not distracted with anxiety, so let’s find ways to let people do better.

  5. i think lesbian is not count as an NTR, because your girl is not riding any dick but yours. irl i don’t mind if my girl is in relationship with woman and share that woman with me too. that’s a fucking win-WIN there yeah a fucking big WIN for you. but yeah if from pov from your girl that count as Netorase more to sharing thingy than Netorare cheating.

    1. for real. why guys think they are allowed to bang as many girls as they want but girls shouldn’t do the same?!
      also that’s against the math. for example, if we have 10 men and 10 women on the planet, and if 1 man gets 5 women, other 9 men should share the remaining 5 women. that can raise a war and violence.
      so either:
      1. men should learn to be ok with sharing their woman with their good friends.
      2. dont bitch about a girl who fucks multiple men.
      3. find a virgin as a virgin and stick with him/her forever.
      4. stay virgin for life.
      choose your option.

      1. perhaps because no man want to raise another cuck child. pussy is just another valuable asset to protect, and if we have to go on war for that, so let’s go. On next war i’ll tell my low rank soldiers to take care of you ^^ don’t thank me, i love to share too ^^

      2. Throughout their lifetime, humans are just a type of animal. How to get married is completely a random event

      3. That’s very easy, the women decide about sex, so for women getting sex is very easy and for men it’s an accomplishment. In normal societies, we value hard work and accomplishments that are not easy to accomplish, therefore a man who got many girls has value, and a woman who let herself be “conquered” is slut-shamed, as it shows her lack of self-discipline. This is only one of many reasons (brain chemistry, biological differences etc.). For the second question, 10 men and 10 women. We would very quickly have a hierarchy, where there would be at least one price man and one leftover man, the girls would all want to be with the price man and only rejected ones would consider the rest. It would end up with few men having more than one girl and some men dying without a woman (and some middle class 1-1). Life is not a smiley friend which will treat you fair, women and men are not the same (thank god), and you cannot use math in an argument where you want subjects to act out their feelings and sympathies.

        1. i couldn’t agree more. life is never fair and it’s not about the number either. i mean some famous celebrity with fangirl base could easily bang virgin girls and some guy unlucky enough got leftover and set with her for life, can you imagine that? just ask kanye west and some nba players i bet they fucked dozen of virgins and fucked someone else’s gf. sometimes i wish i was a star.

        2. that’s not what I was talking about.
          my example was in a passive circumstance not the sickness you painted in your comment.
          dont mistake, im not ignoring the reality you’re trying to point out, but that mostly depends on where you’re living in and the environmental values, i hope you realize this?
          you say price and then you talk about feelings and sympathies? how can these come along with one another? it’s either a gold digger or a lover, not both.
          you totally missed the point.

      4. lol…do you really realise how stupid your hypothesis is?
        If there was only “10 man and 10 women”.
        1 mankind would would be doomed…with only 20 people no way to save humanity
        2 there are “a few” more than that on earth so hypothesise just makes no sense
        3 with just 1 men the 10 women could be pregnant and all the other men could be gay would not change anything…
        4 with only 10 man, most likely the strongest would get all the women and the other would not do shit about it.
        Get real, would is not about some losers needing to share a girl to have some girls accept to share some time with them, but the girls will go with real man not with no consideration for those losers if asked to …they only serve as backup plan if real man don’t want to. You might not like it…but you are just a back up plan, if she is not attractive, if she need a fool to provide, of if she needs a temporary bounce back place.
        Find all the excuses you want… will never be the first choice…even for a virgin as you seam to think.

  6. I really liked that the game was based on teasing, especially at the beginning, can you suggest a similar game based on teasing, please? Femdom, incest, bdsm and feet are also very interesting to me.

  7. Yeah…for me the charaters were interesting, but the devs lack story telling skills. The game lost me when the aunt come in, it was just loose and boring so I just skip till the end to see the CG.

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