Fragile Innocence [Ch. IV v0.01 Partial] [Dark Love]

Download for Windows/ Linux

  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe left to roll back
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
  • swipe up&down to toggle a small window with memory usage information
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

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Editor's Rating

Story - 89%
Visual - 85%
Engagement - 87%
Core Loop - 87%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 3.34 ( 22 votes)

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  1. The quote marks hint at this, but just to confirm, you do understand that the game is not actually depicting you, right? I’m with on the RPG thing, but this more of a parallel story than true NTR

    1. Not sure whether you’re talking to me; but yes. I know very well that the game is not depicting me. You apparently however do not understand my argument. The player character – the MC, the protagonist (and generally it’s better when there’s just ONE) IS an AVATAR for the player. It’s a shielded point of view – but we tend to imprint some aspect of ourself to relate to the character, and do so most powerful with the Protagonist. So while it’s not me, and never will be, what the Dev as the story author says to the Protagonist and or does to the protagonist can be taken – at times very, and a little too personally – by the player. Because it’s meant to be how we relate to the story, and interact with it. I cannot make the point more clear than that. Insulting the MC too harshly, or treating the MC like the town bitch boy/doorknob CAN be taken badly by the player because it tends to come off as passive aggression, and if taken too far can be seen as a sleight to the Player. Even if a veiled attempt. You don’t have to be “insane” to identify with the protagonist. I also resent the insinuation very much. Especially when everyone and their dog in video games these days has been bitching about “muh immersion” trying to add realistic mechanics into fantasy genres. Where they don’t necessarily belong, and can frankly break suspension of disbelief. The craft of writing, the skill in it, is that In every possible story that’s ever existed, to some degree, we are SUPPOSED to identify directly with the Protagonist. Not necessarily agree with, in every aspect or decision, but we should understand it. Or think yeah. I would do that too if I was in that situation. With video games being inherently more interactive than a novel, that point is even more ingrained. Because you DO control the interactions, and interactivity in the game world. That’s how you know the story is immersive enough to Hook you in. I’m not saying they CAN’T do NTR, or even do it well – I am arguing there is a specific way to do it well. Which does involve the player’s complete control and consent insofar as whether they see it and how much of it they see. I am very much saying that convoluting the plot, and to a point adding NTR content at all, may be a very bad idea. Because of how divisive it can be. Is that clear enough for you, or should I try again?

      1. main character, or characters, are people who i guide through the story, choosing their paths. i may share their pain over failures and joy over successes, but that’s it.

        for me, you’re just sick. maybe not insane, but definitely disfunctional.

        1. You’re entitled to your opinion; and I’m entitled to tell you to go jump off a cliff.
          Or do something anatomically impossible. I am not sick. Nor insane. I happen to be a very skilled writer. So believe me, I do know what the hell I’m talking about. You don’t have to experience things the same way as me, or agree with my views. That does not mean that I am less sane than you are. Dumbass. Don’t bother responding, and I’ll do you the same courtesy. But for reference; you saying you share their joys over success’ or pain in failures is EXACTLY. WHAT. THE. HELL. I. WAS. SAYING. So here I’ll end as I began. Go fuck yourself.

          1. yea, disfunctional, as i said.
            and apparently people call you insane all the time…
            probably should be sorry for you, but i’m not exactly a good person.
            don’t expect devs to deal with your disability, that’s something you need to take care with by yourself.

  2. I’ll throw in to add that NTR and Harem as tags tend to directly oppose each other. When I tried this last, the actual RPGmaker style of the game made it hard to figure out where the heck I was meant to go to get anywhere. So I probably missed things just trying to navigate. So really, for a VN style game (even and especially a kinetic one) Renpy does tend to do better overall. I don’t mind RPG style mechanics – but the sandbox and figuring out what to click on to make things work to get to the next quest will screw with the audience.

    I’d also call the title either pretentious or a big arsed red flag. By the end, one way or another the girl’s NOT going to be innocent. (You all know what content we’re here to see) Which is why I’d actually have structured her to be the End Goal; and left it strictly at the MALE protagonist. Let her be the Princess In Another Castle as far as the timey wimey stuff and it will be a lot easier to stomach if the “NTR” tag is whether the prince stays loyal; or builds that Harem that his “destined First Girl” may learn to accept. As long as their bond stays strong, which you might implement through magic so they can talk to/reassure each other – or frankly keep secrets in the shifty way that may also break their bond since you’re probably gonna stick with the NTR aspect. It would grant the pair means to build the RPG points in relationship at the same time the Male MC and the Female MC can bond with others. Though trying to tell the story from multiple perspectives is only more chance you’ll muck up a lot of plot points. Or screw the player over with choices they really don’t want – that they also won’t know directly how to avoid. [NTR unless your goal is to tell the story of a breaking relationship to start, and the drive to find a new one that fits better – which NTR devs usually never warn about, or do it from ONLY the Girl’s side… – should always be two things properly. First, completely avoidable if the audience so chooses. Second: Entirely within the PLAYER’S control. That’s the best way to make it even semi palatable – It can be a VERY polarizing thing and I’d catagorize it as overall a “thrill” factor with more negatives to drawing in a sustained audience than most Devs should really want from a business standpoint, but that’s just me] The Story becomes needlessly complicated but not in a good way when you split the focal point to more than one or at the max two “driving forces.” As to navigation, in Renpy you can just code the scenes to put the MCs where you need them to be, which cuts out the player’s guessing game of Where’s Waldo for the next quest trigger point. Simplified doesn’t always mean worse quality. I’d more consider it in this case the anti frustration route. That might actually let more people see where you want to take this story in the long run. But again, it’s your call.

    Game’s a pass for me until I can actually get to where every quest wants me to go. Up to that point, I’d never complete any of it, to figure out if I even can get the ending I’d personally want to see (Harem – Every. Girl. Pregnant/married to Male MC) * There REALLY shouldn’t need to be any other ending if you’re going to add the Harem tag. However if you want to add the thrill of will she stay loyal; it’s first not that thrilling unless you’re a girl – it’s actually a massive trust issue for most guys these days that’s fucking over our ability to trust the dating pool in RL – and next I’d say make a very small pool of actually competitive candidates that can be viable against the Prince MC. With logical/faith based reasons for why she’d allow pursuit and forge a new love with the goal that it work out. DO NOT make the audience question her actual loyalty – but since you’re doing fracture time stuff where they’re in different eras (or however you split them apart: which is still a STUPID idea if you want the audience to trust HER at all by the end of it – Most of us will be Male) you can effectively argue that her trust she can get back dwindles if Main Male MC takes too long to find a way to do it. Like pursuing other women. [In this case I would deliniate a Harem path includes time to do BOTH without consequence. Either because Princess Girl is that in LOVE with main Male, or because she has that much faith that things will work out for them in general. A little naivety is not necessarily bad, and can be endearing] * That last part I know is how you’re going to add the NTR tag; but you REALLY shouldn’t make the Princess dumb enough or “innocent” enough to basically walk headlong into a trap as rapebait. That doesn’t speak well of a love story, or anyone involved in the game’s story.

    1. using so many words you apparently don’t understand…
      harem is when one person ,,owns” a lot of bitches – and more bitches means more chances that they will do something ,,on the side” – thus ntr is more probable πŸ™‚

      vn style? rpg style?
      vn is pictures with text. when there’s more to the game, it’s not a vn. simple.
      so, what the hell would ,,vn style” mean? things are either vn’s, or not.
      rpg, on the other hand, means adventure WITH STATS…

      ok, we get it, you’re handicapped. maybe you should stick to Where’s Waldo.

      1. Harem means one man OWNS (full stop) a LOT of women; who all CHOOSE to be owned by him. Dick head. They would not choose at all to engage in extramarital activities because if you’ve watched even one fucking Harem Anime (which all of these games are factually based on as a genre – since they’re tagged HAREM) you’d know they are much too busy trying to compete against each other for the Harem Master’s affections half of the time to even notice any other guy trying. There was an archaic term that was more directly termed actual legal ownership, partly in slavery; partly in marriage with a heirarchical structure attached that was a LOT more mercenary on any female’s end who chose to go there. And usually not desired, but eventually accepted by those who DIDN’T choose to go there. It has fuck and all to do with NTR as a concept. Any archaic harem member who might be caught doing such would be beaten/raped or cast out to starve. Possibly all three, or straight up executed. The current definition of Harem, the girls want ONE man. Who is usually as dense as dark matter when it comes to them or anything sexual happening. (Because there are censors for what can safely be shown on TV, or most of the series would get A LOT more intimate, and interesting)

        VN = Visual novel. Is what this SHOULD be. Not what it is. RPG is what this is billed as. It has an affection point system, and a skills screen last I played, so it can get away with it. It’s fucking made with RPG Maker… What the hell do you think it is???

        And double fuck you to start, because I haven’t been called “Handicapped” since I was 10 years old. What, you were born in 1980’s too? In that case you should have a better understanding of these words as well. At least enough to know what the difference between a Harem and a Swinger is. Jesus. There’s another handicap that I think might apply to half of you. It’s called Retard. Or do you need to look that one up too? My comments have generally never been about the fact I am disabled. I hate the fact I was born that way, and when I do bring it up as I rarely have, it’s usually to illustrate a point that involves finances and logic. It’s fucking hilarious you all take my factual statements about my life to be whining. Then don’t read anything but that. Yet so many of you type TL;DR. Bet if I was a girl, you’d instead by trying to get in my pants, disabled or not…

        You know what, I said my piece. Some dick disagreed with it and inferred I was insane. Still called me disfunctional when he couldn’t REFUTE my given points. So fuck it; you can all think whatever the hell you want. I may, or may not keep posting on games I want to see improve about how they might do so. But I’m not talking to any of you anymore. I won’t defend you, I don’t care to know you, and every single one of you that thinks you wanna be cute in retorts. Screw off and go find a bridge to jump from instead. You’re all of you trolls – some of whom say the exact same things to complain that I do with less cohesive wording – and I don’t have enough napalm to deal with you.

  3. NTR, Multiple Protagonist (no bonding), RPG style…… I’ll pass. There are so many good games here to stay and watch “my woman” fucked by others and to jump from one MC character to other with no bonding at all and play RPG style while i try to fap with the other hand. So that’s why i believe is not for many of us. But always there are exceptions.

      1. ehm, if your parents remembered about using a condom, maybe world would be a bit better place ? πŸ™‚

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