I Wish [v1.9] [30avenger30]

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(if it gives you a .zip, just rename it as .apk)

  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe left to roll back
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
  • swipe up&down to toggle a small window with memory usage information
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

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Editor's Rating

Story - 86%
Visual - 86%
Engagement - 84%
Core Loop - 82%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 3.33 ( 18 votes)

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  1. So far the game is alright. Dev did good job to not make it a grind. Lots of variety and interest. Lots of misspellings and grammar issues. Understandable but at same time annoying for a novel. The biggest issue I have with the game is music tied in with sounds and voice. The music like so many games is just non stop annoying rhythm and if you turn it down, you also turn down the sounds. Sorry but that is laziness on part of dev. The game is already 7g so putting in proper music and separating the sounds won’t add much to file size.

  2. Okay – just for the new update alone (Do you know what I Wish?)

    Fuck off with all the implied NTR. Period. Fuck all the lesbian subtext, or actual lesbianism.

    Mark the game AS HAREM!

    The reason I state this is simple; you make allowance that a harem can be buit and you actively let the player choose whether they want to see NTR in certain warned routes – and then you bloody go and make Tina sacrifice herself to Cobra Commander (I get that YOU SAY she’s going to play double agent, but she ain’t black widow and not just because she ain’t a ginger) The asian bitch doesn’t need to be the bull dyke (Sue me if I don’t know a better term) and it should NEVER be implied without being another NTR warning choice, that she will be. There’s NO good reason for it in story. Period. This isn’t GI Joe, and while I do believe the Asian is a Thunder Cunt (as much as I dislike using such terms) it’s the wrong word. I do like Sanchez, so her at the very least, better be able to turncoat. Hell, here’s a freebie; turning Sanchez who really enjoyed the fun time with MC, lets her stand up to Lee, and in the end they both surrender to join the harem. Because Sanchez finally found a good reason to Domme her partner, and it actually BREAKS her. [It would be a good apology for Tina buggering off, considering the pain in the arse it was to even get MC’s scene with her]

    Stop. Fucking. With. Your. Audience!
    Decide what you want for an actual end game. Leave in what NTR is there, as a choice based thing and that’s fine.
    Fair enough. It’s warned so that’s okay BUT the rest of this needs to focus on building the team. Especially to ACTUALLY rescue the technically UNDERAGED girl who is still part of the family/going to be part of the harem because of her wish. Which was probably skirting paetron rules, for the kink. It IS a harem game. There doesn’t need to be every single freaking girl wants to get with every other girl = the only way you’ll let MC have them all. Bite me. That’s not how lesbians work, and there aren’t in fact that many of them. Bi still would not be a large enough group statistically to mark every female character willing to munch on each other’s rugs. Harem is NOT everyone fucks everyone. All of the time. Harem is each girl decides for her own reasons, she chooses ONE guy. He can have them all, and they will allow it, because he shows them all equal, powerful love. It’s not really that hard a freaking concept. It’s like D&D – you DON’T. SPLIT. THE. PARTY. You DO NOT endanger the party. There does NOT need to be an enemy in every type of game. The opposition would be; can MC build enough of a relationship with each girl to make them want to become part of the harem. Fuck it. You’re done.

    So really, I’ve read just in this comment section I’m not the only one seeking clarity about intent. “No El” etc was a Christmas themed joke… but the time for them is done. Make your mind up where you want the story to go. Stop mucking around with your audience’s mind, and I guarantee you’d win far more supporters. Other than that, you’ll need your own Genie In A Bottle, baby… to get any further support for your next project. It’s called trust issues.
    While we’re at it, most good harems at least end with all of the women pregnant. So options to choose that point would also be nice. But I’ve already been burned in this new update, and since some of it as was stated by others does leave a sour taste (A LOT of people are not really that fond of the idea that a potential girlfriend might be a camgirl – sexual liberation/empowerment is all fine and well but a relationship requires very personal investment in loyalty to grow, that occupation does not allow) I’m not gonna hold my breath waiting for it. The updates have already been slow enough that I forgot where I was in the last download’s save files. : /

    1. After having played fully through – You should add an NTR warning to the “breaking” scenes with Tina.
      If I went through the trouble to get the sex scene with her on the boat (which was a bit of a PITA in the first place, it means I. WANT. HER. IN. THE. HAREM! Which means yes; even anything foreplay can be counted as NTR if it involves penetration initiated by someone else. I do not give a flying fuck [Though if one of the soldiers in the helicopter had been a girl, I so would have… Nyuk, Nyuk] if it’s a dildo. It. Still. Counts.)

      ** Also, what was the point of the “highly trained” team if you’re just going to Dues Ex the two named FEMALE agents pully Mary Sue Power to hold MC and captian Badass at point blank range in a capture cliffhanger at the end? I mean… if you’re going to find a way (somehow?!?) to get them both on MC’s team/Harem = Read my Comment if you’re low on ideas, then fine and fair enough. I am getting a bit sick of you painting the MC or his party into bloody corners and then ass-pulling to get them out, but if you at least intend this BS to get the two agents on MC’s side against Cobra Commander because he’s an arrogant, overconfident limp prick… I can deal with that. [So can Viagra, I’m just gonna say it ; ) ]

      I will stand by most of what I wrote, and it was really, REALLY stupid to have Tina (who should be building feelings sexually for MC if you actually had the game recall what the hell the player had chosen in previous updates – so she should not WANT to be captured, or make reference to that point at least) sacrifice herself to save Hailey. It was stupid AF to have Hailey captured at all. I mean, you literally JUST got done with a four way sex scene involving those two named agents. There was a better path to them getting MC to give up the knowledge of the coins in a long/seductive con. Time can’t have been that much of a factor – Besides: If it was, they can just wish to add about a thousand years to their individual ages or be eternally young. [You haven’t really stipulated a limit on what can be wished for, if you can turn a female into a male with no actual cost, then the wishes must be pretty damned powerful… and you might want to factor this point into why the counter organization wants the coins, or why Tina’s wants to protect them. If you haven’t already thought of stuff like that] I’m still not best pleased by how non commital some of these supposed “relationships” are going. Again, add Harem into the tags, and make the audience aware that is the end goal of the MC. That would go a long way to clarity for the fan base. I can wait on pregnancy content. For some reason it’s not as common in these games as it would be in any long term sustained relationship.

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