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Fate and Life: The Mystery of Vaulinhorn [Ch. 9] [Celestial Novel]

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  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe left to roll back
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
  • swipe up&down to toggle a small window with memory usage information
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

Download Walkthrough & Patch Mod


The Mod shows points in the choices with different colors, and the “Roomates” are now Family.

Extract file from file to the \game folder and overwrite when prompted.

You can also mail us at :-

Editor's Rating

Story - 83%
Visual - 83%
Engagement - 77%
Core Loop - 86%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 2.31 ( 79 votes)

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  1. Pros: The new music is great. The female voice-over is great. And, the creator is kinda, sorta, getting better with the use of lighting near the end (used a filter), and the clothing is fitting better now (still could improve.) The big sister w/ younger sister w/ boyfriend scene was erotic (if you didn’t read most of the dialog), although the lighting was horrible. And the big scene at the end was well done, once you got past the too verbose dialog.

    Cons: There’s still just a ton of bad scenes that still need to be redone. And, while I can live with the MC having her own, odd nipples, I think everyone else (like her daughter–who needs grownup teeth, pls) should have ones that are different (hopefully of good quality.)

    1. STFU bitch, fucking ass licker cunt, you must be a fucking bot, troll or the stupid dev talking shit, this game is not that good, hell is not even a good one, and you say best game ever???!!! Fucking punk

  2. This is terrible shit! The sex skens are made crookedly, the angles are terrible, full of trash! The strangest thing is the popularity of project 158k when Project Myriam the plot is about the same but the graphics are much higher!

    1. I also can’t understand all the praises. If you are not into horny little boys, interracial and assholes, you are left with bad writing and ugly graphics. Maive’s boobs look like they going to explode, the faces are ugly and the story is boring. Apparently she has a good live and a happy family, but you have to turn her for no reason at all into a whore to get any content. First you get annoyed by stupid kids with a overload on hormones who think they have a change to date and fuck her, second you have to deal with the assholes friends of her husband who is some kind of an idiot, and to make it worse she got an asshole coworker who thinks he is gods gift to the world. And it is multiple mc and fmc, to make it more confusing. Not even going to give it one star.

  3. This is terrible shit! The sex skens are made crookedly, the angles are terrible, full of trash! The strangest thing is the popularity of project 158k when Project Myriam the plot is about the same but the graphics are much higher!

  4. Is it suppose to look ugly like it is now, and why are these games always filled with perverts kids and men you automatically reject.

  5. soooo your saying your gay then if you only wanna look at and play as dudes also you like fucking those beta male pussies then we got you Mr cuck

  6. Going to point out that Fate IS Destiny. Rather, Destiny, is the path which your Fate takes. They are tied. One concept is the same as the other. So the argument that Fate (as a fixed concept that cannot be avoided) is not the same as Destiny (which is essentially a life’s path to get to that fixed point which has already been decided – thus is the same thing at the end argued semantically and most especially as to how much personal control we ever have as the concept of Manifest) is not as philosophical a take as the writer may have thought. It is in fact flawed. Good try though. Maybe next time.

    Personally, I find any game with a female MC is basically just how long can you stay a virgin/rape simulator or a slut insinuator – wherein slut is also used incorrectly. Since it is Promiscuous that actually has the negative connotation, where slut is just a woman that actually enjoys and is willing to allow sex. Promiscuous is a female that ties plenty of men to the IDEA that she will give them sex; usually for favors of some sort like it’s a thing that can be bartered or is else dependant on gifting those favors directly, and has very little to do with her actually fulfilling that promise. Since usually unless cornered, she simply won’t. It’s the same as calling someone a gypsy. [Yes I know it’s insulting to the Romani, but I mean it in the literal sense of the name’s implication – since the person tricked by said promiscuous individual was in fact, gyped out of whatever they gave over to ensure chance at sex would happen. Wherein there should be no insult to the Romani taken * However do note: I can’t stop you if you do, and I don’t happen to control your feelings, so I also really don’t give much of a fuck beyond having to write the disclaimer] Which I also really should not have to do. It’s a name. It was an insult, and some of them in fact, did earn the repute. Long ago. It’s not a badge of honor and changing the generalized name of the peoples does not change the past, or the damage done… so really what is the point? Does it really hurt you that much, that someone called you a bad name – because if so, I’ll trade you my childhood. I got called plenty of them. So does everyone else. On any given day that ends with Y. But these days it seems no one can just express an opinion without offending someone, hence the circle in this argument. My luck it still comes out a pentacle.

    1. That may be how you define the two terms, but I don’t see it that way at all. I think fate it deterministic. Destiny, on the other hand is something you create for yourself. Thoughts turn to words, words to actions, actions to habits, habits make your character, and that character is what determines your destiny. In other words, I think fate is determined FOR you, where destiny is determined BY you. Big difference. But you do you.

      1. damn, man, for me that would be exactly the other way – destiny is what’s destined for you, fate is waht eventually happens to you.
        but i don’t speak english.

      2. You’re actually speaking of the concept of Manifest Destiny; it’s different than Destiny taken as a whole. Manifest Destiny IS the determination, and self drive you’re thinking of. A destiny in general just means something you’re supposedly meant to do. The argument against Fate as a concept Versus Manifest in Destiny, or Manifest Destiny is the point I was trying to make. There is a differentiation in terms at play.

        You are Destined to do X by Fate. You will be drawn to, whether you believe it or not…

        I Choose to do X as my Destiny BECAUSE I believe it is My Destiny/I completely ignore the known in my Destiny as X: Manifest Destiny – Self Determination.

        Fate = A known point that is set in stone. It is fated; it has been written and there is no avoidance of the fact.

  7. Good start. There’s a mystery and a story which provides a nice interlude between lewd stuff. There also some good kind stuff, and there’s always these the ability to direct outcomes and also avoid NTR and whatever stuff. Music is good. And so is the narrative voice provided for some scenes.

    Fortunately, too, the creator gets better at fitting clothing, having it conform to the models’ curves; it starts out pretty poor, though. However, there are an unfortunate number of scenes that are destroyed by bad lighting! I mean, regrettable lighting! They are going to have to re-do so many scenes to fix them. . .

    Animation scenes aren’t something to write home about, but suffice.

    Still, not unrecoverable. Just please use soft lighting to fix and hide imperfections, rather than draw them out. You want the light to always be enhancing your models; it’s a valuable asset, use it.

  8. story too short and nothing exciting and mostly just mc talk and walk around. this game too early to released tbh, not worth the play. story unclear and just pointless talking with some sensual scene with boys

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