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Double Perception [v3.7] [Zett]

Download for Windows/ Linux

Download for Mac

Download for Android

(if it gives you a .zip, just rename it as .apk)

  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe left to roll back
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
  • swipe up&down to toggle a small window with memory usage information
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

Download Walkthrough

Download Incest Patch

Content Changed

Enables incest.

Patch Instructions

Windows/PC: Copy xyz.rpyc into your “game” folder.

Mac: Right click your  xyz app -> Click “Show Package Contents” -> Move xyz.rpyc into your “Contents/Resources/autorun/game” folder

Note: This patch will work for all future versions as well. Just copy the file for each new game version. It will always stay the same file.

Download Cheat Codes


Special Codes from cheats.rpy won’t work even if we get them straight from newest updates because developers got pretty clever idea of hiding one command used to basically Swap Letter Case and Reverse Whole Input Backwards. Of course all of this could be done by devs for some ohter ‘bigger’ reasons but one way or another I decided to make it simple for myself so I track everything down in the game code and now I will upload edited file here for all of us who are waiting ;D


⌄ ⌄ ⌄ ⌄ ⌄ ⌄ ⌄ ⌄ ⌄ ⌄ ⌄ ⌄

  1. Download cheats(version).zip from attachment in this post.
  2. Go to installation folder of Double Perception at your SSD/HDD etc
  3. Inside where you see executables like DP.exe/DP-32.exe/ etc.
  4. Open GAME directory which is in the same folder as all of the EXE files.
  5. Inside GAME Folder FIND AND DELETE (2)TWO(2) old files named Cheats.rpy and Cheats.rpyc.
  6. After removing (2)TWO(2) old files, unpack cheats.7z to Desktop.
  7. COPY (4)FOUR(4) unpacked files named: Cheats.rpy, Cheats.rpyc, CheatsYES.mp3 and CheatsNO.mp3 directly inside GAME directory.
  9. GL & HF ;)

⌃ ⌃ ⌃ ⌃ ⌃ ⌃ ⌃ ⌃ ⌃ ⌃ ⌃ ⌃

⌄ ⌄ ⌄ ⌄ ⌄ ⌄ ⌄ ⌄ ⌄ ⌄ ⌄ ⌄ ⌄ ⌄ ⌄ ⌄

items – ALL REALITY ITEMS ( sleeping pills, gifts etc. ) TO INVENTORY
mikadoll – “Mika” SexDoll
ragdoll – “Ragdoll” SexDoll
vr – VR Helmet

⌃ ⌃ ⌃ ⌃ ⌃ ⌃ ⌃ ⌃ ⌃ ⌃ ⌃ ⌃ ⌃ ⌃ ⌃ ⌃

⌄ ⌄ ⌄ ⌄ ⌄ ⌄ ⌄ ⌄ ⌄ ⌄ | DP-3.5

In this version it was a lot easier.
All I had to do was to replace words to cheat with simple version of them and to make them work I’ve cut off cha() from cha(cheatcode) call leaving there only cheatcode.
Whole definition starts with line 87 in screens.rpy.

In this file I find solution to decode and change inputs.
⌄ ⌄ ⌄ ⌄ ⌄ ⌄ ⌄ ⌄ ⌄ ⌄ ⌄ ⌄ ⌄ ⌄ ⌄ ⌄ ⌄ ⌄ ⌄ ⌄
/DP-2.7-pc/game/Testing stuff/Anim.rpy said:
init python:
    def clk(s):
        return "".join(reversed(s.swapcase()))

You can also mail us at :-

Editor's Rating

Story - 87%
Visual - 92%
Engagement - 83%
Core Loop - 88%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 3.4 ( 48 votes)

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  1. Cannot Begin the drunk Rachel and Debt quest even when I have 10000 dollars and also cannot meet Riley in the gym even after completing Debbie date and 2 weeks have passed in game. Any solutions?

  2. Nice animations. But the event manager is really crap. Depending on your progress, the game is full of spoilers in the dialogues about events that did not happen yet. A lot of little bugs (like events wrongly or not registered, spells that can’t be used without crash only rollback works and avoid that spell, some missing images (clicking ignore works here).
    A lot of mini games…a lot…I mean really a lot, not sure if the audience for AVN is that much into mini games.
    If you like mini games and are willing to repeat them dozens of times on each session and if you don’t care about non linear story development go for it.
    Tip: Farm stamina and money a lot very early. You need a lot of cash and having a lot of stamina allows more actions before time advances.

  3. This game is so chill. But it should complete the full sex scenes like Peasant Quests, the move on with stories – plots – new char.

  4. A few frustrations and suggestions.

    First – you need to make it clear what you get out of every single PAID FOR interaction. I took Mom out to the restaurant and got affection. I took the daughter out to the movies and got lust and corruption. (Also why in the hell do all of you devs think “corruption” is a good mechanic to include; if you have to corrupt a girl to get her to do anything = YOU are the asshole!) I’ll admit I’ve tried the “sleep attack” mechanics to see what they do, and I’d remove the entire thing. It adds nothing desirable to the game. Even if it’s a Harem; it marks him an actual pervert. Not to mention he’d be most likely to be kicked out [Unless you stated directly that he’s contributing a fair amount to the lion’s share of either food costs or rent. But that’s still blackmail – which I also don’t like that you involved in Jenny’s quest arc in DOA)

    Next: Fuck the minigames. Period. The gathering is a pain in the ass WITHOUT the ambush mechanic [No I don’t care that there’s a recipe that is WAY too expensive that still costs you resources you NEED to gather to make, during which you CAN get ambushed… do you see the problem???] It’s not random. It’s just annoying.

    If the restaurant is going to be your best source of income = do NOT make me need to pay $200 just to get the fucking suit to “help them out” Any restaurant that needed that much help WOULD NOT have a dress code; or would have had a suit available from the last asshole that quit. You’re just being a dick to the player. The Gym costs $350 = Stamina increases as far as I can tell do fuck all. So that’s a waste except to meet Jenny (who you interact most with in the freaking VR game anyway – so here being there is almost pointless as well) The actual headset to get to the part where you CAN play the damned game (which is the HOOK of this entire plot by the way) is $740 down the drain. That’s over a grand in SET UP funds you need to grind for. Just to even have half a hope to get to the good parts. Which…

    Next point: You will never see; because the phone screen that tells you what to do to get the events DOES NOT have a back button that I can find… so you can’t exit out of that without re-loading. Beyond that, the Affection and Lust are barred after a certain point. So you need to find new ways to raise them, and good bloody luck finding them. So by the time you DO get to the scenes you want by basically the literal Grace of God, you’re going to be too blue balled to even care. That’s brilliant game design…

    Lastly: No player of any RPG game EVER likes mechanics that HEAL the ENEMY during battle, or let the Monsters escape. First, monsters noping out of about half to almost all of your damage means it takes too long to freaking kill them. Second your attacks are gated to Mana (so no luck if you wanted to play a warrior/barbarian or a thief. Or an assassin…) which means you can’t attack every turn no matter what. While your ass is stuck regenerating your resources; they get free shots and they have the damage to be able to wreck your day. If you would remove their option to heal or RUN away, then I would think the battles were better balanced. I do not mind grinding for more power. I don’t like face-planting more often than not in a battle, because you devs decided to use to universally detested mechanics to artifically pad the difficulty of the game.

    If you’d either address, or remove some of these issues (preferably all of them one way or the other frankly) I think you’d have a much better overall game. That everyone would much more likely enjoy playing. We’re not actually afraid of the grind. But that grind has to come with an appropriate reward, for the investment of a given player’s time.

    1. There’s also the point that once you get to certain “locked” levels of affection/lust/corruption and can activate the sex scenes, they get repeated in the grind phases. It’s a way to hide there really isn’t that much content yet.

      The innkeeper has exactly one quest – and she’s done. There’s an event that you can’t really access, and other than that; she’s just a friendly pair of big tits. The wizard is worse. His first of exactly 2 quests so far sends you to collect shit that very likely WILL get some players killed – or force about a billion reloads. The second quest is even worse. Also fuck the entire concept of the spell upgrade screen = or needing to buy magical gems that seem to do exactly jack all, in order to make the fucking upgrade screen DO ANYTHING! (That’s WAY too overcomplicated mate) I don’t know much about the respec screen because the only stat I ever put points into was ATTACK. Defense you can get from gear and it doesn’t seem to do fuck all anyway. I have no clue what Mana Control is supposed to do, but whatever it is, I had 19-20 of it thanks to gear, and it wasn’t doing it very well. MOST of your stats by the way WILL come from gear. Not leveling up. You get 1 FUCKING CHOICE ABOUT RAISING 1 STAT each level – and the EXP to get to even level 11 is fucking ridiculous considering that Gathering gives you fuck all EXP (and very often WILL force a fight you may not want… THEY. ARE. SUPPOSED. TO. BE. TWO. DIFFERENT. ACTIONS!!! If I wanted to BATTLE I would pick BATTLE. You Jackass…)

      The item recipes are frankly too expensive, and too resource expensive at any rate to be worth much if you DON’T fight. Because Fighting gets you more Gold. It gets you more EXP too. Which is stupid, and mostly the fault of a minigame you cannot skip – that does NOT need to be there for Gathering. Also, fuck the whole concept of whoever came up with Hacking. Whatever the hell you’re supposed to do in that minigame, first it’s bullshit, and second off your sensor for the clicks is either too sensitive or not enough. So seriously, screw off with trying to make every single god damned thing a minigame! That’s NOT an RPG element. It’s not RPG. It’s just a pain in the ass. By the time I got most of my gear to blue, and one or two purples and oranges I did not need many of the recipes I bought. There’s also the issue that when the item requires an ingot = Iron LOOKS LIKE Silver. Gold you can barely see a difference in color if you squint. The pictures are TOO DAMNED SMALL!

      Also, don’t do the “don’t cum inside me” bullshit. It’s a harem. Worse; it’s a harem where you have to grind your ass off with EACH girl to get ANYWHERE. Mastered the pull out game my giddy arse. They’ll never actually let him NOT. So it doesn’t matter if he’s “mastered” it. You may as well say we’re too lazy to bother coding the option to see pregnancy content; even though it’s a staple of the genre’s ENDGAME. Nevermind condoms. Nevermind Birth Control of any sort. You realize there’s a reason the birth rates are declining all over the fucking world, right??? If I wanted this sort of realism I’d stick to real life. Jesus. For whatever reason, the daughter is locked at like 40/40/40… Mom is fully up on all stats, and Jenny ended up being around 34/30/32 ish by the time I got bored out of my mind trying this out. In order to GET the Mom and Sister past X stat blocking point; you have to waste $740 x2, to buy them their own VR headsets. You can also gift them X-Mas suits, which only add one stupid teasing scene each. For about $420 a piece wasted. I will grant that the restaurant gives you $192 a pop (but you have to play the annoying minigame at least once at both jobs, which is still BS) and again, that doesn’t even cover in one shot the cost of the suit you need to buy to get access to the job. However; once you buy the 3 VR sets, the X-Mas suits, a strap on and a sex doll (neither of which should or need to be in the game, because the Sister should want to ride MC’s cock… not a fake one to share a fucking sex doll. He’s RIGHT THERE!!!!! >.< Bloody hell do you not understand how stupid that scene is? and both are too expensive… and buying NOTHING from the SEX SHOP gets you any points with Cassie…. who really also does NOT need to be in the game IF she's not eventually going to be the MC's LI. Or implied to have her son's fucking attraction, via a questline that's basically there to make the player think they're going to fuck things up with Jenny or they have to be "careful." He's the best friend in a harem game = HE IS NOT SUPPOSED TO EVER GET LAID!)

      * If you as the developers openly admit basically to start that if we as the players feel the game is too grindy for us… X,Y,Z is available; you fucked up the balance and you know it. Which means code in an option to remove it, that DOES NOT involve fucking Cheat Codes we have to separately download.

    2. “Also why in the hell do all of you devs think “corruption” is a good mechanic to include; if you have to corrupt a girl to get her to do anything = YOU are the asshole!” Thank you, glad someone fucking agrees with me…

  5. Why is there a creepy setting called: “Google analytics” in the settings menu? Is google recording your choices or something? LMAO

    1. Probably, you would think they would be in the homo games though. Their logo is a rainbow for a reason. In fact they have used their monopoly to push homo crap everywhere. They even interfere in elections. Along with fakebook. Also out of the fag capital of the world. san fran. There’s a reason the number of gays more than doubled amongst the young in the last decade. The use of social media and search engines were used to groom more fags.

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        Oh my lord i’m Quick to cum
        Prob-ly ‘cos i’m Under-hung
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        then I talk shit to Try and hide
        that Words like rape and loli child
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        so Plumb my bum and Let’s be blunt
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        (jazz chorus – stage whisper 1/4 note rhythm) No ho Mo is Just a Doe-pee Cuuuuuuunt.

        1. the guy that says musical instead of rap
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          when you see a pair of tits “eww that’s gross”
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          bending over daily
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          you’re the gay version of Slim Shady
          maybe you should shut the fuck up
          and stop taking it up the butt
          and tell your mom to stop being a slut.
          I’ll close by saying have a nice day
          I hope to never hear from you
          we can all pray

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