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Desire of Fate [Ep.2 v2 Final] [KKpotato]

***Old Saves prior to version Ep1v1 Will cause bugs. It is recommended to play from the start.***

Download for Windows/ Linux

Download for Mac

Download for Android

  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe left to roll back
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
  • swipe up&down to toggle a small window with memory usage information
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

Download Incest Patch

After entering your name, you will be asked what you desire. Type “sweethome” (without the quotations) to apply the incest patch.

Download Walkthrough

Download multi-mod


An in-game walkthrough focused on the choices that give the most points.
An option to name saves.
UI improvements: can use numbers for menu choices, choice menu background is removed, ‘q’ toggles the quick menu.


PC: Unzip the mod and put the folder named “game” from the mod into your “DOF” folder.

MAC: Unzip the mod -> Right-click your “DOF” app -> Click “Show Package Contents” -> Open the “Contents” then “Resources” folders -> Hold the Option key and drag the folder named “game” from the mod to the “autorun” folder -> Click merge

You can also mail us at :- [email protected]

Editor's Rating

Story - 80%
Visual - 84%
Engagement - 77%
Core Loop - 72%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 4.35 ( 25 votes)

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    1. Since it’s meant to be a harem game (at the end, and on the journey) the NTR is probably the only type that most who would be hesitant would accept; where it would be an eventual clean break – and she will cheat with the MC in order to get out of a bad relationship. Or trade up for him, as a better one. Sharing I agree is just stupid. The one I can see it applying to is Camilla with Samir – and frankly, I’ll never want him to be that close a friend. I don’t mind winning his girl as I wrote below… but for me the stipulation is she’s WORTH winning from him to start, and wouldn’t actually have been interested in a relationship with him so much as forced into it. [Which is basically how it reads if you bother paying attention to the actual dialogue in game – except god forbid she still be a virgin… can’t have that. It might actually be a point in her favor as far as desire to claim and keep her in the MC’s harem : / ]

      Does that make it any less a mark against the female: Not really. It’s sometimes more understandable that way, but that depends on the skill of the writer, and I’ve read this team’s work. The guy talks to his dick, and so does his mom. His dick is at least two times (a delusion) but a functional character… that’s all I’m going to say as to their “skill” at the craft.

  1. Having completed what I take to be the most current update – which did not as far as I can tell add anything much from the last time I saw it updated by the way – I will try to offer some constructive criticism and observations more kindly than done previously.

    – First: Is this a harem game or not? Because if it is = you really do NOT get to limit the amount of wives MC can have, and then say the stipulation is he has to be Emporer to break it; and then make the path to becoming emporer so damned convoluted that no one is going to figure out if they’ll even succeed by the end of the game. Even with the walkthrough. If you added a stipulation that he can break the set cap with X state, it means you know the cap is bullshit in the first place and will piss your audience off. Four wives, does not mean no girlfriends on the side. No lovers. There are different names, and all are commited relationships. There ARE ways around every freaking rule you want to impose. There’s no need to write your characters into corners.

    Killing the one son of a bitch or not, is not clear as to what the hell it gets you. Because it’s not clearly beneficial to have the girl in power – if it complicates MC’s life by getting him fucked by the “cops” (or if it’s an introduction properly to Kate, as a Blue Knight = Say so!!!) Because that WOULD be beneficial in a HAREM GAME.

    – The stats: Should not matter. At all. They can count toward HOW you approach the end goal, and we’ll get to that. It should not EVER be a question of barring content your players might want to see. That’s just assholish. No one’s going to count it as “replayability” just to take maybe 3 different choices across the board, to be able to see the one or two scenes they might get locked out of for not being smart enough/dominant enough/ or too much Karma (which shouldn’t freaking be a stat at all) You could make them define what type of Emporer MC is set to become. [On that note: why bother with Dominance at all, if you’re not going to make ALL of the girls LISTEN to it. Mina does not get to be a raving psycho because she wants to see if he’s actually going to fucking put her through the wall. That’s not Sub, that’s not brat, and it’s not princess. It’s called being too stupid to live]

    Jessica: Tied to that = screw the idea at all that this woman has ANY power to stop the game in it’s fucking tracks just because she says MC is not good enough to marry Lilith. That is the dumbest way to give her WAY too much influence she SHOULD NOT FREAKING HAVE that I have ever seen done. Bend her ass over the table and BREED her (fuck the infertile bullshit) and THEN tell me she thinks MC is not “good enough.” He’s GOING TO BE THE FUCKING EMPORER! There IS NO OTHER END GAME PATH BUT THAT. You don’t want to design a game ending where the MC fails and ANYONE else takes that throne. You’d basically be sending up a double flipped bird to anyone that bothered to download your game. That’s not just short-sighted in the extreme, it’s borderline suicidal in job standards. No one would trust your work again to bother subscribing if you’re going to pull that shit.

    You have over complicated things; introduced females who are already taken – and put several of them on the back burner for basically no reason, and made it impossible for the player to tell if they’re even WINNING. Just with four women. Samira is in the shadows and fuck the idea she’s going to be “difficult.” No. Just no. It’s a HAREM. She’s one of the FOUR FEMALES YOU NEED TO MARRY. Period. That’s why they’re in pink, right??? So she’s NOT going to be difficult. There’s Lola; who wants to be MC’s girl… and can’t because BULLSHIT. She WILL BE. When MC is the Emporer, if not before. There’s Camilla – who why the fuck did you even bother introducing her, if she’s going to be Samir’s girl?!? If she’s not going to stay that way then fine. But really, she should still be the blushing virgin that’s tying otherwise Mr. Smooth’s pants in a knot with promises she doesn’t intend to surrender. Which of course the MC will find the key to make her. I already covered Jessica. She’s not even on the god damned list to gain points with. That’s how stupid her character is as far as relevance to this game, and exactly how much influence she should truly have on it. You do NOT get to make her the ultimate ice queen, at the same time as trying to convince the audience she gives any sort of flying fuck about the MC. The two DO NOT COMPUTE! Tonal dissonance.

    Lisa: Should not seem like chasing her is going to be a punishment if you’re going to arbitrarily decide for the player that because BACKSTORY, she matters as a goal to the MC. First she fucked off before the game even started to follow her own dreams, so that’s a point of you do what you want but you obviously didn’t give a fuck about my feelings. Not a great intro to her character – and further SHOULD NOT BE TIED AS AN INSTANT YOU CANNOT REFUSE THIS GIRL IF YOU TAKE DEBBY! I swear to god if you put her in the game just to fuck with the players’ heads because you understand that most players want as many girls as they can have who play this genre; stop. Being. Assholes! If we’re not supposed to chase her, fine. IF we CAN chase her, leave that be as you did the work > you win. Flawless Victory! Mommy doesn’t get to say fuck all about it. Again = The politics in this game DO NOT MATTER. They are there for spice to the story, and for you to create a self imposed challenge to write your way around. Harem does NOT have fail states. It’s not the sort of genre you’re meant to fuck up. At all. It’s meant to be: Do you want this girl. Do you want to go to the effort of chasing them all. Do you want to breed them all by the end into eternity for the rest of your lives. Yes or No? That simple.

    The Mini Games: This one I’m not holding back on. I never will: Fuck. You. All. Every single one of you that came up with them. Who thought it was a good idea to put them into your game. Jesus. I don’t give a rat’s ass if it’s simple or hard. They DO NOT belong in what basically amounts to a VN. Also as a bonus: You can’t put Jessica on the list, so that we could viably “convince” her with Sexual Healing not to be a raving bitch, but Miss Ridiculously Massive Tits is somehow worthy of a spot?!? Come on… Best I can say is, stop writing the MC into a corner. Stop trying to screw with your audience’s head as to whether they can even successfully complete the game. Stop overcomplicating things in general. If you mark the answers that ARE important, ALL OF THE WAY to the end with up to date walkthrough mods, then fine. Even still, you should really just code the damned answers for what they give you. No walkthroughs needed. It could still be complex enough to be compelling, without being convoluted enough to be a labyrinth we’ll never find the exit from. I’d also question if you’re going to make Chisa or whatever her name is, a super soldier as well. Because she’s a fairly chunky monkey compared to the other somewhat “idealistically” (Ridiculously? depending on your tastes) rendered women in the game. These sort of games are a power fantasy, and don’t really need the DUFF.

    * On the one side, I said I’d try to be more constructive and polite… so you can take this as either I’m invested enough in the game and it’s outcomes to be this passionate, or you can just say fuck it and call me a troll. But then if you do that, I don’t want to read a damn thing lecturing me in game if I do bother downloading the next chapter, about ambition or determination. Or hard work. Because if you take that second path bub, guess what you lack?

  2. This is one of the best projects in the genre! 1)Sex scenes are very well drawn 2)The plot is simply gorgeous the main character is not a rag but a real man! Results- I highly advise you to download and support the developer because projects where MS is a real man and not a homo rag are very rare!

  3. This is fucking whorish game , Start with Slut of M(other) and whore of S(ister) to Bitch of MC ,
    If u don’t have good story with solid plot why u guys start making VNs

  4. Okay, from the start there are two main points:

    * You are OVER COMPLICATING just about every system in the game.
    = No one is going to be able to choose the right choices to actually get to be the Emporer
    – you have left HOW to do that entirely undefined. Other than arbitrary BS rules
    – That OTHER PEOPLE are calling the shots on.
    {If this is a HAREM = MC WINS. I don’t care how you spin it, HE WINS}

    – There are too many factions that have way WAY too much influence.
    ** Jessica DOES NOT get to be the one to control whether or not MC is made Emporer.
    – Fuck right off with that implication and LET MC bend the both of those MILF’s over a desk to BREED.
    = Problem solved. : / Asshole.
    – NONE of the families should EVER be implied to deny MC the female he wants to chase.
    = The WHOLE point of the game is WHICH GIRL DO YOU WANT IN THE HAREM?
    – NOT why…

    – The breasts are frankly a little ridiculous and going any bigger than you have (fuck the scientist!) is stupid.
    – End of the day; there should ALWAYS be a choice that helps MC succeed.
    – The ONLY choices that matter are the GIRLS accepting MC’s advances AND…
    – Whether THE PLAYER chooses to pursue them in the first place.
    *** Seriously: NOTHING else should matter!
    – MC being Emporer SHOULD be a FOREGONE conclusion!
    – HOW he gets there, and that is where the stats can come into play, would be how you get replayability.
    {It’s how I would make the stats matter}

    – There should be NO DIALOGUE/MAJOR PATH CHOICE that can DERAIL the game.
    – Killing X person when you’ve been told you need to be RUTHLESS.
    – Sending them to jail = DOES NOT MATTER!
    – Going after your ex; YES. That should not even be a Punished aspect of the game. Fuck right off!

    – NONE of these characters AT THE FUCK ALL need to be Tsundere for more than ONE chapter.
    – They do need to melt; and build relationships with MC, or take them the fuck out of the game!
    {Not too many guys want to date someone who’s Bipolar and that can WRECK a marriage. Fast}
    ** In a SEX GAME = Tsundere only has a SET amount of applicable before MC walks off…

    The story line is somewhat interesting; but you DO NOT create a labirynth and wonder why you get no real subs.
    It’s not hard math. It’s a HAREM. You’re not SUPPOSED to have FAIL STATES. Jesus what the fuck is wrong with you devs??? It’s not a genre that needs to be complex. It’s NOT any more engaging to thread together a spider web of you will FUCK UP and have to start again a hundred times to get it right once.

    = AND FUCK YANDERE MAID GIRL!!! >.< Seriously; is she SUB or not?!?
    – Submissive means MC calls the damned shots. Fuck the test your might/test your worth.
    * Do NOT forget that at the end of the day – This FAMILY fucked MC right over, AND HE CAN STILL WALK THE FUCK AWAY FROM IT ALL!!! (So will your player base if you don't start making sense of the RPG elements and figure out ways NOT to fuck the player over at every seeming second sentence…)
    – Jessica and MC's Mom (who IS NOT HER WIFE YOU FUCKWIT!!!) NEED to help the MC be what he's meant to be.
    – Otherwise what is the fucking point? Because so far, what I've got from your game is massive blueballs, and a headache trying to figure out whether the MC is really the one who's supposed to win or not. Which is NO BUENO.

    * EVERY. SINGLE. GIRL. IN. THE. GAME = MC's by the end. All of them.
    – Every. Single. Girl. Should. Provide. Some. Means. Of. Help. To. MC. Without question.
    – When you keep bringing up testing the MC's worth: You ARE making the PLAYER concerned about NOT being good enough. So if more subs is what you want, do kindly fuck off with all the "TEST YOUR MIGHT" bullshit. This ain't Mortal Kombat. The girls may be drawn hot, but Jessica's daughter's base attitude is a TURN OFF. So maybe let him throw back into Jess' face that HE doesn't WANT to Marry her. Because it should not be TIED to success THAT HE HAS TO. There NEEDS to be a breaking point where MC HAS proven himself. Period. To at least the inner family (WHO ALL WANT TO FUCK HIM!!!) It needs to happen soon, or you're going to see Subs drop. I can almost guarantee it.

    Stop with all the insults; stop with the MC talking to his dick – He's not DeadPool, and fuck off with any of the girls being more capable than MC at ANYTHING. They can be even; they can be equalized, but if HE is supposed to become the EMPORER as your ENDGAME then HE is the one they should WANT to shine. {Meaning they do not go out of their way to potentially damage the relationship by beating him at anything, just so they can take the free shot to insult him. Most True Dominants will tell them to go take a flying leap and be done with it… OR BREAK THEM for it. And yes, I mean NOT in the fun way} * At this point, I'm about ready to tell EVERYONE in the story to go fuck right off. That's how little patience I have left with how you're handling the MC, and the females in it.

    A harem is not a complicated genre, and trying to make it that way will not make your game better.
    * Harem Game with Male Lead = Male is Harem Master. Unquestioned. = MC is THE MOST POWERFUL PERSON IN THE GAME! Full stop. Period. I cannot put it more clearly than that. IT. IS. A. POWER. FANTASY!
    You are currently about three seconds at any given point, from shredding that. For BS story reasons that again are overly complicated. Fix it. Or you're going to have no one interested in the game's continuance in the long run.
    But these are just my thoughts, and end of the day I know damned well you'll do whatever the hell you want.

    1. Thank you for your comment. Because of it I wont play this game. We appreciate people like you.
      Also the developer of the game is not here so he wont receive your feedback.

      1. Thank you for the courteous comment; I tend to appreciate those who appreciate me.
        The developers do sometimes read from sites like these in order to gain proper feedback, though I’ll admit you’re mostly right. Not that I think he’d have taken the insults at all well, mind. What made me more angry than most games that get too involved in mechanics they don’t properly implement (or go too far with ‘female empowerment’ when it has nothing to do with the genre they’re writing the game to be…) is that the game does have potential to be an intriguing, “Kingmaker” story. It does have it’s politics laid out, and it could be clarified succinctly to actually make sense as a path to victory for the MC. Thus his family in turn, because when He wins, they do. Including everyone eventually to be introduced to it, by tied of accepted marriage to him. The people trying to pull the strings in the background SHOULD know this.

        I do wish I received more feedback like yours. I might comment more often, and converse more with others. I’ve not usually received positive commentary to my takes on games.

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