Being a DIK [v0.9.1] [Dr PinkCake]

Vault Code:

Episode 1: 1386
Episode 2: 4413
Episode 3: 3985
Episode 4: 0421
Episode 5: 4226
Episode 6: 4463
Episode 7: 1159
Episode 8: 3211
Episode 9: 4232


Download for Windows/ Linux - Season 1-2

Download for Windows/ Linux Part Files - Season 1-2

Download for Windows/ Linux - Season 3

Download Update Patch (S3 Only Interlude to EP 9)

Download for Mac - Season 1-2

Download for Mac Part Files - Season 1-2

Download for Mac -Season 3

Download Update Patch (S3 Only Interlude to EP 9)

Download for Android - Season 1-2

Download for Android - Season 3

Android Ports Features:

  • Open Console Mode
  • Enable/Disable Performance Mode
  • Enable/Disable Powersave Mode
  • Enable/Disable Swipe Gestures
  • Enable/Disable Quick Menu
  • Enable/Disable Performance Checker
  • Enable/Disable Tearing
  • Enable/Disable High Contrast Text
  • Adjust Quick Menu Size
  • Adjust Quick Menu Opacity
  • Adjust Textbox Height
  • Adjust Textbox Opacity
  • Adjust Dialogues Text Size
  • Change Textbox Color
  • Change Game Fonts
  • Change MC Name
  • Change Renderer (Not Recommend to change, Break your game and saves)
  • Added Phone Camera (Take Photo of any scene, it’s saves in Phone Gallery)
  • Added Phone Gallery (You can view taken photos)


My Android Ports have a 2nd Persistent save location. So, even if you uninstall the game, the saves will remain Intact.

Saves Location : Brandy0011/brandy.badik.s3/game/saves

SPOILER: Download Addon Codes
Import Season 1 & 2 Saves – 309077
Scrappy’s Mod – 524721

Download Walkthrough

Download Cheat Mod + Walkthrough


  • Walkthrough that shows the results of your dialogue options
  • Dialogue that gives you more points is colored green
  • Phone text messages that give you points are bordered green
  • Answers shown for tests
  • Cheat Menu that lets you edit Points
  • Unlocking all Scenes/Rewards
Scene changes:
  • Episode 2 can see all scenes during DIK party
  • Episode 5 can pick both Maya and Josy path


Extract the folder “game” to your Being A DIK folder then overwrite if asked

Download Gallery Unlocker Mod


-Gallery Unlocker without breaking game (hopefully)
-All Scenes unlocked (50% and 100% ones too)
– Extract the files into “game” sub-folder of the game.

Download Saves

The Ren’Py engine stores save games and persistent data under a separate folder. It’s exact location depends on the host operating system.


This is usually:

C:\Documents and Settings\YOURNAME\Application Data\RenPy\game_directory
Where YOURNAME is your username.

Mac OS X:


Android :

android/data/ or here: SD:/Android/data/com.{gamename}.program/files/saves/.



You can also mail us at :- [email protected]

Editor's Rating

Story - 97%
Visual - 96%
Engagement - 95%
Core Loop - 97%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 4.35 ( 1069 votes)

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  1. If i have to list 5 top games, Being a DIK will be there. Excellent renders, very good plot, amazing characters and a lot of sex. This is the heaven, okay? Yes, but there’s space for improvement here and there. I would like to see at least more of manipulation and corruption theme’s, furthermore, if would be possible, some creepy consequenses exploring SDTs, depression crises, suicide and prejudice. My point is: when you treat a college game like a walk in the kindergarden, especially with a MC so dumb, you just playing around with my intelligence.

  2. hey STUPID site owner
    you should put the “leave a Reply” section ON TOP of the comments not FUCKING BELOW
    you have fucking scroll down for fucking forever to reach it in pages with many comments like this one
    i know you never read this and if you do you never care.
    so FUCK YOU

  3. There is a game like Artemis , in which the MC lost and his job and roaming in the city . Can anyone help me to find the game?

    1. oh Anna !
      will you be my girlfriend ?! pleeeeeeeeeease
      i’ll be totally nice with you

  4. The game is good tho, I mean pretty lit buh please compress the s1 and s2, mega won’t allow me download 4.4gb

    I worked on the big free-roam event all week and estimate I’m ~70% finished with it. To some of you, it might feel like I’ve been stuck here for a while, but there are plenty of scenes and characters in it and I can assure you that everything is going forward at a good pace.

    The free-roam has 771 renders, and I have 15 scenes left to work with before I can move on to something else. 8 of those scenes need writing and art; the rest needs art.

    I mostly posed static renders this week, but I also posed a longer animation that I think will come out great.

    I also produced two new songs I wanted for two specific parts of the episode. I wasn’t sure if I would make any new songs for this episode, but I love how these turned out.

    Meanwhile, my PCs are slaughtering my render queue. 16 animations remain in the queue, but two are very long, making up for ~3000 frames together.

    I have counted six lewd scenes left to create for this episode, and I plan to work on some of them after the free-roam event to get more animations into the queue.

    Have a nice weekend

    Dr PinkCake

  6. Whoa, great story on Season 1 and 2. I like the chemistry with Derek, he was a crazy funny guy. But the Season 3, I never thought it was that short (beside the interlude) but the file is around 7GB tho. Otherwise well developed game, cheers!

  7. Simply put this is the gold standard for AVN’s. There is nothing else out there right now that has matched it for me.

    One thing that this game especially gets right that other excellent games have even struggled with, is the scenery especially in group settings. The party free roam settings feel alive. Every room is fully flushed out and looks like it could be a real room. There’s no strange emptiness that you can feel in similar settings in other games.

    Writing is excellent, pace is excellent, I truly care about the choices I’m making and how they affect other characters. The characters all have unique, consistent personalities. Almost zero complaints with this game.

  8. This is one of the best game I’ve played here. The writing, story and graphics are all very good. Some of the animations are simply amazing. I found most of the mini games enjoyable and not too grinding.
    The choices you make in the game don’t always align with the devs story so be prepared to be forced back on path in ways that seriously break the integrity of the tale.

    I played no cheats, no walkthrough and ended up on the neutral path thinking that it would leave a lot more unseen game play for a second game on the DIK route. That worked for seasons 1&2 but 3 was pretty much a failure as neutrel turns out to mean neutered and pretty much ignores the character traits the dev built into the MC at the begining of the game. I’ll abandon this route and try the DIK route.

    The only two games I’ve played that come close to matching this in playability, quality of story and graphics (granted of a different style) are Our Red String(in progress) and Good Girl Gone Bad(complete).

  9. Hey there is a game with plot that MC is a ex soldier of US Military and he used to live with his stepmom and sister But during his duty period he got injured and he moved to Japan and worked ther as bouncer but he got into a fight with Yazuka and then returned to his hometown . Please tell the name of the game anyone??

  10. Kudos to the author on some quality writing. Most of the characters are distinct (Sam and Mel are a little same-y), have personality, and are consistent with that personality throughout. Although I don’t love being forced to choose, it does make sense within context of the characters why you can’t endlessly pursue every option.

    The part where Josie mentions being concerned about her height relative to the other HOTS then is on tippie toes standing next to Sage at the next party is just genuinely adorable, and an example of A+ writing and animation for nailing down how people’s internal inadequacies shine through even though it’s a super minor part of the larger story – just an example of the great character work.

    Looking forward to future chapters!

  11. yall got any recs of similar games? and by similar i mean the college setting. ive played freshwomen (was meh), intertwined (my second favorite game after BAD, love the drama), AOA academy (loved it but it got canceled 🙁 ), lust academy (dropped it because the mc is annoying and retarded), a shot in the dark (i rly like it but it currently only has 2 episodes), ETERNUM (fucking loved it the full dive concept is great and the waifus are all amazing) and recently college kings which i really enjoyed story wise but the animations are pretty shit. if theres any other games like these w a college setting let me know <3

  12. THIS is the creator of being a dik words on patreon:
    My PC parts have finally arrived, and I’ll put the final rig together this weekend when I feel a bit better from this cold I got yesterday – I have a nasty fever.

    I’ve built a decent animation queue again; 47 animations are in the queue (but some will be merged into one). Animations clearly render faster than before, even though I haven’t got the final rig of the upgrade into place.

    I believe I have six more lewd scenes to write/make animations for, and I will be working on a couple of them shortly.

    I completed the animations for the lewd scene I mentioned in last week’s update and am currently working on one of the remaining free-roam events – the biggest one of them. I’m working on a scene-by-scene basis, and there’s a daily mix of static renders and animations on the schedule.

    I will work on cosmetics for this free-roam event, as only a few characters have been clothed. And I also have to make a handful of new environments for it, which is always fun.

    Today I’d like to end the update by announcing the episode title.

    Episode 10 will be called:

    Episode 10 – Calm Before the Snow

    Have a nice weekend

    Dr PinkCake

    1. that fucker needs to stop working alone and hire more hands to speed up the project
      the quality excuse is nothing but bullshit there is many capable ppl out there
      what a greedy bastard
      once i pledged on 10 bucks tier on his patreon and still regret it

      1. Tbh while indeed it’s annoying for us having to wait so long, and yes he can hire staff to develop the episodes much faster, when you’re getting so much money monthly (he has 13,439 patrons, now let’s consider that each of them has pledged only $1 tier that would mean he’s making $13,439 monthly. Consider that most patrons would subscribe to the $5 tier that makes it $67,195 monthly, minus any fees that patreon might take from him he’s averaging 50k a month).

        Why would you want to produce episodes faster when you’re making so much money monthly?

      2. yeah man he is not even at least giving us 3 episodes per year.. that guy is too slow but shame this game is the favourite game.

    2. Hey I want to download the game but it’s 4.4 gb and it’s not downloading so do something about this 🤔😑

    1. Why, because it doesn’t have any disgusting shit in it like incest? It’s easily one of the best AVNs, if not the best.

          1. Funny that the apparent most basic bitch in this coment section thinks he is the the morality police for a fucking game/VN. If you can’t seperate fantasy from reality that’s a you problem, not a “everyone else has to confirm to your boring ass taste” problem

            1. Incest isn’t a “taste” you depraved nutcase. You’re fucked in the head and I’m going to continue to assert that. I don’t give a shit if it pisses you off, you deserve it.

            2. Incest isn’t a “taste” you depraved nutcase. You’re fucked in the head and I’m going to continue to assert that. I don’t give a shit if it pisses you off, you deserve it.

  13. i play on android. Just completed episode 7 but it crashes when clicking done on the ending. Help please really want to end the story

  14. Hello!, having issues with texting jill at the Halloween party, this seems to pop up whenever I try to message her, is there a fix to this problem?

    if it helps, I have the cheat mod installed.

    I’m sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

    Compiling ATL code at game/scripts/new_phone/apps/pack_quest_app/mphone_pack_quest_img.rpy:181
    File “game/scripts/freeroam/episode9/ep9_freeroam_diks1.rpy”, line 731, in
    File “game/SanchoMod/scripts/chat_app.rpy”, line 2, in execute
    File “game/SanchoMod/scripts/chat_app.rpy”, line 2, in execute
    File “game/SanchoMod/scripts/chat_app.rpy”, line 52, in execute
    File “game/SanchoMod/scripts/chat_app.rpy”, line 65, in execute
    File “game/SanchoMod/scripts/chat_app.rpy”, line 69, in execute
    File “game/SanchoMod/scripts/chat_app.rpy”, line 80, in execute
    File “game/SanchoMod/scripts/chat_app.rpy”, line 95, in execute
    File “game/SanchoMod/scripts/chat_app.rpy”, line 108, in execute
    File “game/SanchoMod/scripts/chat_app.rpy”, line 109, in execute
    File “game/SanchoMod/scripts/chat_app.rpy”, line 110, in execute
    File “game/SanchoMod/scripts/chat_app.rpy”, line 111, in execute
    NameError: Name ‘mod_gr’ is not defined.

    — Full Traceback ————————————————————

    Full traceback:
    File “scripts/freeroam/episode9/ep9_freeroam_diks1.rpyc”, line 731, in script
    File “renpy/”, line 928, in execute
    renpy.python.py_exec_bytecode(self.code.bytecode, self.hide,
    File “renpy/”, line 2245, in py_exec_bytecode
    exec(bytecode, globals, locals)
    File “game/scripts/freeroam/episode9/ep9_freeroam_diks1.rpy”, line 731, in
    File “renpy/”, line 298, in interact
    rv =, **kwargs)
    File “renpy/display/”, line 3315, in interact
    repeat, rv = self.interact_core(preloads=preloads, trans_pause=trans_pause, pause=pause, pause_start=pause_start, **kwargs)
    File “renpy/display/”, line 3735, in interact_core
    root_widget.visit_all(lambda i : i.per_interact())
    File “renpy/display/”, line 568, in visit_all
    d.visit_all(callback, seen)
    File “renpy/display/”, line 568, in visit_all
    d.visit_all(callback, seen)
    File “renpy/display/”, line 568, in visit_all
    d.visit_all(callback, seen)
    File “renpy/display/”, line 436, in visit_all
    File “renpy/display/”, line 3735, in
    root_widget.visit_all(lambda i : i.per_interact())
    File “renpy/display/”, line 447, in per_interact
    File “renpy/display/”, line 637, in update
    File “game/SanchoMod/scripts/chat_app.rpy”, line 2, in execute
    File “game/SanchoMod/scripts/chat_app.rpy”, line 2, in execute
    File “game/SanchoMod/scripts/chat_app.rpy”, line 52, in execute
    File “game/SanchoMod/scripts/chat_app.rpy”, line 65, in execute
    File “game/SanchoMod/scripts/chat_app.rpy”, line 69, in execute
    File “game/SanchoMod/scripts/chat_app.rpy”, line 80, in execute
    File “game/SanchoMod/scripts/chat_app.rpy”, line 95, in execute
    File “game/SanchoMod/scripts/chat_app.rpy”, line 108, in execute
    File “game/SanchoMod/scripts/chat_app.rpy”, line 109, in execute
    File “game/SanchoMod/scripts/chat_app.rpy”, line 110, in execute
    File “game/SanchoMod/scripts/chat_app.rpy”, line 111, in execute
    File “renpy/text/”, line 1669, in _scope
    return self.set_text(self.text_parameter, scope, self.substitute, update)
    File “renpy/text/”, line 1693, in set_text
    i, did_sub = renpy.substitutions.substitute(i, scope, substitute)
    File “renpy/”, line 270, in substitute
    s = formatter.vformat(s, (), kwargs)
    File “/home/tom/ab/renpy-build/tmp/install.linux-x86_64/lib/python2.7/”, line 563, in vformat
    File “/home/tom/ab/renpy-build/tmp/install.linux-x86_64/lib/python2.7/”, line 585, in _vformat
    File “/home/tom/ab/renpy-build/tmp/install.linux-x86_64/lib/python2.7/”, line 646, in get_field
    File “/home/tom/ab/renpy-build/tmp/install.linux-x86_64/lib/python2.7/”, line 605, in get_value
    File “renpy/”, line 228, in __getitem__
    raise NameError(“Name ‘{}’ is not defined.”.format(key))
    NameError: Name ‘mod_gr’ is not defined.

    Being a DIK 0.9.1
    Wed Apr 19 06:08:36 2023

  15. Hey guys plss tell me some way to get out of that Bella – Jill loop in Android. Does going back to the last save for season 2 and using cheat to deactivate Jill route prevent it?

    1. Make a replay with skipping to speed it up. Don’t do chick moves around Jill, nor Isabella. Wear the dik helmet. Don’t choose to move to Isabella and don’t go to see her when there is a possibility of it.

    1. it meant to be for small devices such as mobiles because the screen is smaller hence there is no need for high res render.
      so yeah render quality is lower but its not noticeable is small screens at all
      the quality of normal version of BAD is 4K !

    1. I’m not an expert in this kind of games, but I played a few and Being a DIK is clearly my favourite.
      I think College Kings is very similar to Being a DIK.
      Also I just finished Leap of Faith what is really a rollercoaster of emotions, but I made only 1 playthrough, so don’t know how much your choices affect the story, but it worth a playthrough.

  16. Man what did I just played I want more VN’s like this recommend me more this type of VN’s anyone?

    1. if you want more story-rich VNs like BAD i can suggest you some, but if you want something similar to BAD ? there is no VN similar to this one.
      BAD is the -the jure- king of this college-ish VNs

  17. How do i install the mod and walkthrough for season 3? It says extract game folder, but the mod zip does not have a game folder.
    And when i add the mod into the brandy001 folder the game crashes

  18. I am on android. I am in ep 6 at the point were it introduces the repair the mansion stuff but when i tells me to remove nick from the team i am unable to click the button to remove him can sombody help?

  19. I’ve left some reviews of other things I’ve played on this site, most of them aren’t very good reviews… Having said that, the guy making this game is just a genius. I admit that there are many good games here, such as “Leap of Faith” with its huge roller coaster of emotions. But this game is so complex that it is perhaps humiliating for other developers of similar games.
    I’ve completed Season 1 and 2 and I’m writing this as I download what’s up to date for the third installment. I’m 1000% sure it will be as good or better than the above…
    The game has its little flaws, that’s for sure, but the story, the construction of the environment and the characters is so perfect, so absorbing that all you want is to keep going and keep going, it even makes you think before even completing it, that later you must play it again trying other options. The game is very long and is not yet complete, but it never tires you, never. If you haven’t tried it, do it, you won’t regret it.

      1. Sage’s route is utterly complicated in fact
        remember the ending in episode 8 ?
        Jill ? yeah… kinda, but there is a mystery about her mother and MC’c mother witch makes the affaire pretty much the same as others.
        awesome VN though but personally E9 totally ruined the my hype about this VN
        i didnt even finished it becuse i wasnt enjoying it

  20. Hello in the episode
    Download Compressed is only the size of the file reduced? Is nothing removed from the game?

  21. Just wish to say your article is as amazing. The clarity to your submit is just nice and i can assume you’re an expert in this subject. Fine with your permission allow me to clutch your feed to keep up to date with coming near near post. Thank you one million and please continue the rewarding work.

    1. 1.Dreamland
      3.chasing Sunset
      4.Summers heat
      5.Fog of war(they don’t have it in this site)
      6.leap of faith
      7.yesterday’s crossroads

    2. 1. Rise to the Top (abandoned)
      2. Sexbot
      3. Her Hearts Desire
      4. The Awakening
      5. The Patriarch
      6. Chasing Sunset

  22. I really would love if you bring the mod which is in season1 and 2 in the episode 9th version….I one that is currently there feels very shitty to use….One more thing that the walkthrough pdf is also very confusing….The pdf for season 1 and 2 was best…plz fixxx

  23. MY Favorite Games–(Story)
    1.Being a dik
    3.Where it all Began
    4.The seven realms
    5.Dreamland(just chapter 1 released till now)
    7.Cybernetic Seduction.(JUST CH 1 RELEASED ,it has some potential)
    8.Chasing Sunset .
    9.Summers gone
    10.Yesterdays Crossroads(just prologue released till now)

      1. Freshwomen—I didn’t like the mc and girls(dev made them little excessive )
        Amnesia—boiring sandbox
        A mother’s love –I haven’t played it,I will give it a go …
        No more secrets —- –I haven’t played it,I will give it a go …

      2. Freshwomen—-i didn’t like the mc and love interest are little excessive to be honest
        Amnesia—-booring sandbox
        A mother’s love and no more secrets —–I haven’t played it,I will give it a go …

    1. Eternum is another awesome game but yes, This game is just crazy good. I feel like I actually live his life, like I’m at that university. And it’s not just a regular VN, it’s a game. I for one love the part where you have to rebuild the house.

    2. lol loser!
      Dreamland has too much lag and is unplayable.
      Being a Dik, epic!
      The rest of your choices are bullshit.

      1. In your ‘crap’ PC,but it works perfectly fine….if you really played anything then you already know if that games are good or not ..

    3. Summers gone should be higher mhen. Matter of fact SG is the closest thing to BAD…
      My top 10

      1. Being a dik
      2. Summer’ Gone
      3. The Unbroken
      5. Summer heat
      6. City of broken dreams
      7. Hillside
      8. Sword bearer
      9. Race of Life
      10. Welcome to Freewill
      Bonus: intertwined

      1. I played 8 of them …..summer heat, sword bearer, stwa unbroken,race of life is totally worth it…..

  24. Haehnchen don’t listen to this dude u can use the cheat walkthrough mod someone posted the hotfix for it and it works perfectly just put the files where it tells u and your good to go dpc has no control over anyone modding his game the dude uses renpy he ain’t a AAA game company/dev

    1. get renpy sdk, extract, translate whats stopping you from fullfilling your demand? You entitled on “warez site” much?

  25. I don?t even know how I ended up here, but I thought this post was great. I do not know who you are but certainly you are going to a famous blogger if you aren’t already 😉 Cheers!

    1. I downloaded season 1 and 2 for android but the game does not run for me and it gets stuck on the running page and it comes out of the game
      Do I need to copy the game data to a specific path?

  26. i have a question before i get too far into this can u actually persue bella and jill together or will i have break it off with one of them?

  27. i don’t really get why people say this is the best vn ever it’s total garbage the sand box sections are trash it’s way too easy for u to get knocked off a girls path without u knowing then fact that this fuck boy mc forgives the girl from the start and the girl he ends being basically raped by models are mediocre this garbage has so many fucking bugs it’s clear he has no intention of fixing it and as that one guy said he’s a prick his attitude towards people is disgusting college kings might be pretty much the same as this but far more engaging and fun plus u get too choose which side u wanna go with rather than being forced into it because it’s called being a dik u have to be one garbage

    1. Dude, it’s a free game, quit your fucking crying about it, or stop playing it altogether. Stop trying to ruin it for those of us who actually like the game…

    1. Cut the season 2 Transfer save file and paste it into the season 3 Game folder….I’ve been having trouble for a long time and got it this way.

  28. How to load the saved game file from mobile to pc? I always get the error “I’m sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.” Etc etc
    And also in android i get the same crash, i have tried to import the season 2 episode 8 saved game file so that i can start season 3, but that too also crashing. Could someone help me?

  29. This is THE adult VN. It should be what others are compared against. I guess maybe if it was professionally voiced throughout that would make it perfect and would warrant a 100% rating.

  30. How to load the saved game file from mobile to pc? I always get the error ( i think you know what the error says, i dont have to mention it)

  31. Can someone please help me out, i dont find any hint where to click, in season 1 episode 5, where the character and derek has finished hell week and later go to peek inside preps house with a drone and i am not getting any hint where to click, i tapped in the windows but still it doesnt do anything. Please help

  32. Can any one tell me how to start the game with out any saves “and I mean by that the gallery too” like it a new game I tried so hard and get nothing

  33. all cheaters deserve crashes haha imagine cheating in fucking VN , you guys cant get laid irl and you cant even get laid in VN so you need to cheat ahahah

  34. If your game crashes at the dialogue between Tom and Jacob about “scary mansion”, it was because your previous game save (which you imported for season 3) used cheat Mod. All you need to do is to install the Season 3 cheat mod. Then when you are close to this dialogue you will receive a prompt “your previous cheat mod will crash the game. Click here to automatically fix it”. Click it. Then you can get past this dialogue and see the animations.

  35. bruh.. 14000+ patrons + steam + gog so its unlimited money for any hardware upgrades and yet it took DPC almost 10 months to create episode 9. So basicly we have 1 episode per year now? well i kinda get it why hurry if you earn like 50-100k usd per month.

    game is great btw, i’m just salty because i waited for year and i get interlude episode and episode 9. You can complete both in like 1-2 days if you dont hurry

      1. he didnt meant E9 couldve been made is 2 days, he meant you can finish interlude and E9 is 2 days.
        BTW, DPC is a very stubborn and selfish person because he refuses to hire someone to help him.
        says it’s because he wants to keep the quality as highest as possible, but i laugh at this. there many talented ppl out there
        conclusion: the guy is a fucking milker and knows how to keep his subs motivated

  36. I do accept as true with all of the ideas you have presented to your post. They’re very convincing and can definitely work. Still, the posts are too short for novices. May you please extend them a bit from subsequent time? Thank you for the post.

  37. for those who are having trouble transferring their saves into the new launcher in Android…. copy all the save from 0011 folder to brandy0011 run the season 3 launcher, then import and you’ll be able to play the game

  38. I still grasp to understand how this is a one-man project. It’s on a completely different level than others AVNs and just the rooster feed alone is just nuts. Thousands and yet thousands of comments that really just brings flavour but nothing more. All the mini games, the free-roam. I’m so glad I finally found this one, perfection.

  39. i have a bug when you start ep 9 tommy and jacob are talking when jacob gets to the line something like “Mansion is scary” or something like that the game crashes to desktop, and ive redownloaded ep 9 from here a few times and from another website but i keep getting the same problem

  40. Think they’re labelled wrong, playing the interlude played out the entire party.

    One year wait for one party with 90% talking….

  41. To fix the LOOP just CHOOSE ONE PATH.
    Atm, you can’t choose more than one.
    Use the Cheats menu and change the variable EP 8 chose

  42. I have a bug on episode 9 of being a dik I don’t know if it comes from the mod or not. At the end of the second free room I have the dialogues with Jill’s relationship and then Bella’s and it’s dialogues repeat to infinity can anyone help me??

    1. right now, seasons 1 and 2 are fully integrated, but season 3 interlude and episode 9 are separate. perhaps, once season 3 is completed, he’ll opt to integrate somehow, again(add to the preexisting launcher, maybe, or make a new one with all 3). since it is likely to be at least 18 more months before he’s anywhere near complete, and more if there are life interruptions, we’ll have to wait and see.

  43. I have a bug on episode 9 of being a dik I don’t know if it comes from the mod or not. At the end of the second free room I have the dialogues with Jill’s relationship and then Bella’s and it’s dialogues repeat to infinity can anyone help me??

      1. in short, the tap is in Nick’s room, on his bed. if you use fast navigation, you can go straight there, then to the main party room, to tap the keg.

  44. I have not tried all playthroughs, but judging from what i’ve seen this far by being a pure massive dik and playing the sage path, and from the interlude and zoey’s back story, it would only make sense that MC will end up with her, so the best path would be “the others” path, it will have a lot of fun, a lot of sex, no drama and no broken hearts at the end.

  45. The game is total dogshit and Dr. Pinkcake is a fucking prick. Why do I say this? Because he’ll falsely accuse you
    of cheating on the game in front of everyone on his patron page. This is just to make himself feel better and look cool in front of his patrons. So again fuck that piece of shit.

    1. save each playthru at the end of season 2. then in the separate client (interlude/season3) you can push “import” and it will show you all the applicable saves you did on the season1/2 client.

  46. What do you think is the blinking red light thingie that Derek finds on the ceiling? You know, when he is sleeping in his closet room, during the final scene of the episode?

    1. I think the light was just a flashing light that he had there for the party, and he was drunk and just passed out when he fell on the bed and didn’t turn it off. But it looks like possibly a hidden spy camera he finds when turning it off. I’m guessing it may have been placed by the Scarecrow chick and her friends, as she mentions that she had done something that Tara (the ghost chick) would like/find cool if you put on the ghost sheet costume when Tara uses the restroom. Just my guess, though.

    2. I was suspicious of Vinny but after thinking im almost sure its the girl with the black mask. Im sure her name is Priscilla and she was hired by Sage’s father in her phone call after dinner.

  47. This was obviously due out by Halloween hence the change from season 3 to season 2 ep 9. I’m guessing the band withdrawing license of their music delayed this release. This is obviously a Halloween special.

    1. it’s season 3, interlude and episode 9. season 2 is episodes 5 through 8. nothing changed. and it wasn’t due out any time in particular. the halloween party was just what was being planned in episode 8.

    2. this was not due out by halloween. the halloween party planning was where things left off in episode 8(the last episode of season 2). episode 9 is the first full episode of season 3, with interlude being a little back story on zoey. as to the release timing, it likely wasn’t ready to release until after december 1st. you read way too much into what part of the game you are playing, relative to what time of year it happens to be. episodes are ready when they are ready. he’s a 1 man show, so it’s entirely up to him when things come out, not what part of the story they are relating.

  48. it shouldve been a harem game.
    having branches for every main girl makes the game much more demanding and time consuming for developer .
    and since this game in being made by only one person ( DPC ), it’s not surprising to see it getting updates only once a year .
    i know this is a very especial VN but from now on he unarguably have to hire some folks to help him out in his project .
    not mentioning that i expected more from episode 9

    1. Yeah, I feel the same about it.
      Another possibility is that the dev laid down the foundations of a whole lot of content at once, and he only released the halloween party this time around.
      I hope so, cause then we’ll get another update relatively soon as he must know himself that a whole year without another updat is gonna make a lot of people move away from BAD.

      I also expected a lot more content and even with having just finished playing all the branches, I was a little disappointed there wasn’t more content…
      I’m gonna bet on my own theory 😀

  49. Hi, I downloaded the android version for my Chromebook of season 3. When i open it up there are no save files shown and i still have BAD season 2 downloaded with my save files on it. The season 2 is a modded version however i am confused on how to get my saves over. Can someone please help me with this issue?

  50. There was not much action in EP9, but I’m glad it came out and I think the story and art are pretty good.
    I continued my Sage path, she was both cute and sexy this episode… 😛

  51. great content. just one complain and its honestly a big one for me because it involves the best girl riona, and there is no new scene with her? i am so bummed.

  52. Jill’s path experience in ep. 9 was underwhelming and don’t understand why dev made her such a silly goose after the amazing buildup in ep. 7 and ending on a high note in ep. 8. She was uncomfortable in that banana costume, you were also around her feeling like you’d be in hell week taking the silly goose to prom to complete a taskboard objective, what was the point to degrade her?

    1. I think because Jill is the most prude character of all the girls, she only advertises when she’s available. And also maybe its a pun of the rooster post you can choose to post (#TurtleJillIsBestJill).

      My first thought on the banana costume though…. ITS PEANUT BUTTER JELLY TIME! xD

    2. You see Jill is committed to you when you’re in a relationship with her and will only show her body to you not others….Read between the lines when talking her…There’s a reason she’s has pure chick affinity.
      When you’re not in a relationship with her she wears a sexy outfit to get your attention. She really likes the MC even if the MC has dik affinity.

      1. Exactly my point, though tbh Jill could wear something else and still be modest. The banana costume is more a joke or exaggerated to abstract to make a point.

        And the reason why Jill, Isabella and Maya are pure chick affinity is simple;
        Jill is an inexperienced virgin that is easily embarrassed, has a lot of social inhibitions and is very prude. Therefore you can’t behave like a horndog who pervs on her at every opportunity. And the thing with her liking the mc while MC has dick affinity, is because of her “backstory” when you follow her route. She thinks she’s “destined” to be with the MC.

        Isabella on the other hand has bad experiences with her (former) husband, he couldn’t keep it in his pants and got her fired at the library. Left her for unknown reasons for 3 years. And in all that time she stayed faithful to that bastard. Therefore you can’t also behave like a horndog, because that would be more a turn-off for her than inviting. Though if you melted her ice-shell (also a reference to one of the d&d endings in-game), she becomes wilder. Though she has the sense of humor of a vulcan.

        Maya has chick affinity because she was raised in a strict religious or traditional family with a control freak of a father. Because of that, she starts very prude but will lessen if you’re in the relationship with her and Josy. In E9 I was pleasantly surprised at how forward she was.

        Josy is a bit of a mixed bag, yes she has chick affinity, but she’s a wild one. She has also dick affinity humor. So I would rather classify her as a neutral affinity. Out of all chick affinity girls, Josy has the most compatibility with a dick affinity MC.

        1. Maybe it was just me, but the exaggerated banana joke and goofy face to prove she was a prude didn’t land, it felt like she took Arieth’s place at that party. I see Jill as sensitive introverted, and not goofy that brags “I have a boyfriend” to everyone she meets.

        2. Maybe it was just me being butthurt during the playthrough, but the exaggerated banana costume and goofy persona to prove Jill was a prude didn’t land, it felt like she took Arieth’s place at that party behaving like that. I see Jill as sensitive introverted, not standing out, and not goofy bragging “I have a boyfriend” to everyone she meets. Every time we tried to kiss her banana cap fell on her face just killed me, remembering the strange situation when MC was wearing the DIK hardhat and sleeping with her.

          1. What you dont understand is that she was always the same. Tell me where do you see the difference?

            Best girl Paths. 1 BElla, 2 Sage, 3 Josy & Maya, 4 Jill.

  53. Most of the H-content is for the “other girls” storyline. Which, is my main playthrough, so I’m very happy. You get at least (not sure if there were others to unlock) the choice of threesomes (Sarah/Melanie or Nicole/Lily)or a night with Quinn. Both threesomes were 10/10 scenes. Quinn can be your DOM or a switch. I prefer her switch, as it goes well with her unpredictable personality. Every full scene with Quinn is 10/10

    Still the best porn game of all time and keeps getting better.

    If you’re a Jill main, you’re basically asking for boredom. So yeah… idk why you expected anything different.

  54. ??????????????????Meeeessssiiiiiiiiii????????????????????

  55. This update is not to the standard. Disappointed. I played through sage, jill and Isabelle paths not huge difference but just who you can pound is all the difference is. Not upto Dr pink cake standards. 90% of is free roam which is BS. There is a 2 sex scenes with sage, 1 with Isabelle and 2 with Jill. And a blowjob from heather as a revenge on tommy.

    1. i agree with you. Around ten months wait but the update was kinda lackluster to say the least. Just free roam over and over again

  56. I add the fixed file but i m stuck in a LOOP (i dont use mods or cheat) its just the game clean and i m stuck in a loop with Jill and Isabella at the party outside talking and then again inside all the time the same skin !

  57. Do you even need a mod for season 3? Because my saves except for the neutral save, has a permanent affinity towards dick or chick. Even if I acted like a dick while being a chick, my score at the end would still be +20 or -20. Also the interlude doesn’t really have any consequences except for the end with the phone situation.

    Anyways, season 3… wow what an amazing animation quality. Especially with Isabella scene. Almost life-like. Bravo Dr. PinkCake *applause*, you made it clear to me why your avn is my favourite!

    1. Bella has the most beautiful face. But her body is a caricature of a woman! She does yoga, so she shouldn’t have monstrous breasts and buttocks. That’s why I chose the Josie/Maya path.

      1. I’m going to guess you don’t have a lot of experience with Latinas. That’s how a lot of them are built. Physically active or not. I’m Puerto Rican, so I’m pretty familiar with how they work. Heh.

  58. Anyone having issues in Season 3? When I try to talk to Maya and Josey in the hallway, Zoey shows up and then it starts the game over from the beginning.

  59. New file is only Chapter 9. S3 Interlude is older and should bez posted second from the end. Everything works fine without any errors

  60. What are you even doing playing adult VN’s for then Nancy? Go play checkers crybaby, you are obviously in the wrong place.

      1. i dont think so professor !
        we all already have enough confusing crap in our lives!
        need no more
        anyway E9 was a disappointment

    1. Even with this you still get stuck in a loop at some point of the game , apparently this is all anti cheat measurements implemented by the developer , so if you used mod you need a clean save or delete the game and start from the beginning (which btw i’ll never do in a million years i don’t have time neither the energy to grind that hard so i’ll just wait for the mod to be updated) .

    1. This is not android game. Game is designed for PC. You have to wait until someone port for Android. Dark Assasin, Estrada 777 usually do ports for these games. Check there.

  61. Played through the whole episode twice with 2 different game save and had no issues, zero crashes just great gameplay. Amazing update.

  62. season 3 ep 9 is crashing right after the intro while talking to tommy i have tried the compressed and the full both versions but the problem still happens. pls help!

  63. When the downloads get this messy, oversized and too many pieces, IT IS TIME TO CREATE AN END AND START A NEW STAND ALONE that fits a reasonable DL size without complications. Too many developers with decent product make this oversize mistake. You wanna do seasons, make each a stand alone with imports. Make life more efficient for all.

    1. turn around when you go into the basement and read the note. will prompt a new “scene” when you click on the cage with the skeleton after.

      1. Could u tell me where espec.? Cause when i read the note the only scene that triggers is the goo key, when i enter the cage and click the skeleton nothing happens

      2. yep got that scene. But unable to get a clue of the position of the third key. Dev made the cage too dark. Kindly help me please

        1. You have to go inside cage and arrow up to the upper frame. The key is not visible by light. You will have to klick on it by chance.
          In the middle of picture if you click on the cage bar going vertically from the back side to the right almost at crossing of the second tiny bar going vertically. Almost as it is placed there. It is ‘rusty’ so it pups up after you click it.

  64. have anyone find a solution for the crash? i really can’t play it because after 20 sec the game crash at the same point.

  65. Great update as always, Had a blast playing. Looking forward to even more content in the future see you late next year diks!

    1. I agree it’s been a great update. Not much naughty action, but story was captivating and visuals are top-notched.

    2. I only finished one storyline, the one where I chose to be single (and even in that one only one of all possible endings).
      Still need to play all other branches.
      I even want to go back to the beginning to make sure I’m DIK instead of neutral, because it really matters where you ended on …

      What a game … Still in my top 3

  66. there is nothing more hilarious, than watching the “alpha-males” turn into middle-school k-pop fangirls when someone makes a critical statement about the games they like. they come out of the woodwork like a band of thin-skinned, bitch-made termites. guys, there is nothing “alpha” about being a whiny little bitch. *eats more popcorn*

  67. My game crashes in the beginning of the game, when jacob is talking about the mansion. already re-download the game 2 times and nothing changes.

  68. The update patch(windows version) for season 3 contains virus and my anti-virus detected it. Be-careful while downloading that shit people.

    1. Is this version 9 from chapter 2 or chapter 3?do i need to download it and play chapter 2 again or skip it and play chapter 3?

      1. Download windows version 9-Season 3-episode 9 directly instead of the update patch(contains virus) and yes you need to play chapter 2 to understand the story and then play chapter 3. When you play chapter 2 and complete it, the game tells you to saves your import file for season 3. If you don’t have the save for season 3 epsiode 9, then that means you didn’t save your import from chapter 2 in the end.

    1. Hello i just downloaded the game today and it always crashes in the beginning when jacob is talking do you know how to resolve this if you know what’s the problem or the way to fix it pls let me know

    1. I’m confused. I wanted to download everything and start over again. I got played until chap 8 last time never played interlude. Which one should I download? I delete my game from before.

  69. guys…guys… all the episodes of season 3 will be released at the same time? (like Netflix :D) or should we wait for an episode once per month or two months?

  70. Release is announcedddd woooo 😛 dec 16th for top tier, 19th for mid tier, and 30th for low tier (from patreon)

    1. Low tier is the best, since people who will play on 16th will wish they could’ve played the episode all over again…..I’m telling you, patreons on low tier in Drpinkcake channel always have the last laugh…

  71. Games that i liked a lot, without repeating any of the previous list.

    1) Rebels of the College
    2) Rise to the Top
    3) Holiday Island
    4) Lust Theory / Echoes of Lust
    5) Summer Heat
    6) Where The Heart Is
    7) Her Hearts Desire
    8) On My way Home
    9) Amnesia
    10) Depraved Awakening
    11) Midnight Paradise
    12) The Awakening
    13) Red Lucy
    14) F.I.L.F.
    15) Nusidm Shcool
    16) Welcome To Free Will
    17) Power Vacuum
    18) Three Rules Of Life
    19) Become A Rock Star
    20) Thirsty For My Guest
    21) The Sword bearer
    22) Milfs Of Sunville
    23) SexBot
    24) Lust Academy

  72. I leave my reviews about the games that i played and my point of view.

    1) University of problems ++
    2) Fresh women ++
    3) AOA academy / Lots of feelings, little action.
    4) Eternum
    5) Once in a life time
    6) Lust epidemic / awful game. A bit of discovering things but nothing more.
    7) Treasure of nadia +
    8) Genesis order +
    9) Ataegina / good story, science fiction. Horrible adult scenes.
    10) A struggle with sin
    11) Peasant quest +
    12) City of broken dreamers +
    13) Desert Stalker / good renders and story. sex scenes are mini videos. not recommended.
    14) Photo hunt (sandbox game)
    15) Big city pleasures(sandbox game) +
    14) My cute roommate( sandbox game) ++
    15) My cute roommate 2(sandbox game) +
    16) Motherless
    17) My pleasure +
    18) Intertwined ++
    19) Love Season farmers dream / the story more or less. very little animation
    20) Away from home +
    21) Through Space & time +
    22) Dusk light manor
    23) Nursing back to pleasure +
    24) Sunshine love ++

  73. Other similar games that you might like and are worth it and I ain’t into sandbox games but the 4 sandbox games I mention below surprised me when I played them. True it has grinding but you will be rewarded for that…
    1) University of problems
    2) Fresh women
    3) AOA academy
    4) Eternum
    5) Once in a life time
    6) Lust epidemic
    7) Treasure of nadia
    8) Genesis order
    9) Ataegina
    10) A struggle with sin
    11) Peasant quest
    12) City of broken dreamers
    13) Desert Stalker
    14) Photo hunt (sandbox game)
    15) Big city pleasures(sandbox game)
    14) My cute roommate( sandbox game)
    15) My cute roommate 2(sandbox game)
    16) Motherless
    17) My pleasure
    18) Intertwined
    19) Love Season farmers dream
    20) Away from home
    21) Through Space & time
    22) Dusk light manor
    23) Nursing back to pleasure
    24) Sunshine love

  74. Try downloading it again and save it in a new folder. In that new folder you have overwritten the files that appear to you. Then just there delete the old folder with problems.

  75. In who’s world “real men speak with each other a lot of hard jokes and insulting”? Are you spending your life in a prison? VNs aren’t a real world.

    1. “VNs aren’t a real world”
      Then why you wants a game that offers you choice like real world. That guy was right author can’t create 1000 different paths, that’s simply not possible for an Indy game developer.

  76. I’m sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

    This keeps showing, how do i transfer the saved file to the new chapter?

    While running game code:
    File “renpy/common/00start.rpy”, line 273, in script
    File “renpy/common/00start.rpy”, line 273, in script
    File “renpy/common/00start.rpy”, line 275, in
    Exception: Could not find font u’collegiate.ttf’.

  77. I keep getting an error on macOS Ventura saying “application can’t be opened”. Any idea how to resolve this? Is an updated version of the app coming?

    1. Are you guys actually complaining right now? This game is not free, if you want the dev to update faster, go and support them.

      Bunch of ungrateful assholes.

  78. I was in college when I first played this game. I’m almost out of university now. How many seasons will this game have?

  79. Question. Every time they update a game, if I don’t overwrite each save in the next update, the saves don’t appear. I have to save them one by one in each update and it tires me a lot. does anyone know how to fix that

  80. Very Good Games:

    Acting Lesson (finished)
    Stay True Stay You
    Her Hearts Desire
    Holiday Island
    Simple Days
    Nusidm Shcool
    Confined with Goddesses
    Lust Theory
    Melody (finished)
    Girl House (finished)
    Long Live The Princess
    Umichan Maiko Classroom Havoc
    Real Drems
    Inside Jennifer
    Depraved Awakening
    My Cute Roommate

  81. Very good games:

    Stay true Stay you
    Her Heart´s Desire
    Holiday Island
    Nudist School
    Simple Days
    Acting Lesson (finished)
    Melody (finished)
    Girl House (finished)
    Long Live the Princess
    Real Dreams (adult games on . c o m )
    Lust Theory
    Where the Heart is
    Umichan Maiko Classroom Havoc

    1. based on the most recent weekly status update, ep9 sounds 1 to 2 months away (realistically) depending on render speed because rn a lot of animations are just queued to be rendered (which takes a good bit of time)

      def wish we would have had the halloween party episode for halloween instead of xmas though :/

  82. I have played multiple games like this, but this game is by far the best of all of them.
    So much diversity in girls and choices, so many paths, yet every girl and every path is a unique and still beautiful one.
    A lot of interaction, your choices really matter.
    I played this game twice from beginning until the end with one time being a DIK and the other time a CHICK and they are both worth to see.
    I am still trying other games out, but there is no other game that comes close to being as good as this one.

  83. Is there a way to import save files for season 3 on Android?? Ive beaten episode 1-8 finished game and saved to transfer to season 3 but does not show in Interlude. Any help?

  84. Never said it was useless, but it’s not to sure path to glory as many paint it, many a people have hit it big without ever stepping into college or university, and if you have the means, by all means go for it, but I’ve met people indebted for a hell of money while having little to no penny at all, waiting for their dream jobs just so they have to pay all the money they owe every single month, my problem isn’t that a character is unlikable, my problem is when your whole cast of characters is unlikable, you need to balance it somehow, but if all your characters are unlikable, then you just suck as a writer, you need someone to hate, you need someone to dislike, that’s aight, but if I dislike all your characters then what the fuck is keeping me interested in your history? And that was my problem with this, in the first hour of game play I didn’t meet any likable Character at all, that’s too long of a gameplay time and should be interested already, but nah, I’m sorry if I offended you by not liking the shit you like though

    1. im sorry dude seems like you’re having a tough time
      if you cant enjoy anything in your life, its a warning sign
      maybe quit fapping for a few days and spend some time on nature ?
      a mountain walk would do great too
      wish you all the goods

  85. Cheating or not Tybalt gave dude major trauma and cte. Poor guy comparing hunter x hunter to being a dik. Its like explaining the color of his cock to the blind man himself.

  86. You realize the android mod let’s you cheat right? If someone didn’t like the story they just didn’t like it, their opinion is as valid as yours.

  87. Also dunno if you ever read something great like lord of the rings, or hunter x hunter? What do you call a great story? Because as a guy that has read more than 50 books, 200+ mangas, manwhas, manhuas, and nearly the same amount of fanfics I can tell you this story sucks huge amounts of dick and is not great in the least.

    1. You’ve read more than 50 books?! You think college is useless and love manga?! Wow, such a superior intellect!

      Dabi, we get it. You’re an absolute retard. You don’t have to drone on about it. You didn’t like the game… big whoop. We don’t need you to smear your autism all over about it. If you want something where all the characters are likeable, go read Clifford the Big Red Dog. I’m sure you can masturbate to that just as easily.

  88. Huh, I’ve to say, this game is the biggest fucking disappointment I’ve ever experienced, I don’t like the fact that all the girls are already taken by, never better said, DIKS, they all treat mc like a pushover too, I don’t care if he gets to retaliate or not just the fucking intro was already enough to drive me away, I didn’t like a single Character aside from mc and his father, every other Character is, again, a massive DIK in some way or another, I’d waste no time in getting to know or socialize with any of these characters irl and, at the start, I’d have been alright with the story being over when mc was thinking of the logical choice of just going home, he could’ve made big bucks in ufc or something, not having an education is not the end of the World, I’ve many people indebted for over 100k waiting for their “dream” jobs while having near to no penny in the bank, Most of the guys that go to college or university don’t “triumph” either, it’s really random and luck-connection based, you either luck out or you don’t that’s life, and well, I didn’t luck out with this fucking game I guess.

    1. Bahahaha what a beta male you are. Your whole rant makes me think you went through several tissues before finishing. Crying your eyes out.

    1. Lost favorite girl? Which one, I wonder: one of two weirdos; control-freak rich virgin; mum the cow-tits or Sage the magnificent?

      Jokes aside, yes, it is overrated if you are after just porn. There is not much action compared to some others; but on the other hand it has good story, characters and dialogs.

  89. I need game suggestions similar to this one if you know any; more interactive games compared to most adult games, similar to this game. I don’t care mature content, you can even offer non-adult games as well.

    Thanks in advanced.

    1. AOA Academy, Summer’s Gone, Color of My Sound, Eternum, University of Problems, How To Fix the Future, City of Broken Dreamers, Intertwined, Hillside, Leap of Faith, Chasing Sunsets, Tales From the Unending Void, FreshWomen,

      1. TY for answer.

        I will check “Color of my Soul” and “City of Broken Dreams” ASAP.

        In addition to that, “Haley’s Story” is another game if you interested in story (over mature content). Good and sad story, despite all sabotage attempts of its own writer.

  90. I can’t find the import files in BDK3 from BDK2
    I tried everything !!
    Help me if there is any other way please ?

  91. Just ignore it if it doesn’t work…u will be able to use it for another task…when that happens use that chance to complete both tasks(swyper actually doesn’t have any impact on the main story so dont worry.. except the chat with the character Cathy… that’s a one time thing so it won’t be a problem)

  92. crazy awesome game .
    btw i’ve heard DPC are making this VN alone is that true ?
    if so, with THAT amount of money he gets (probably more than 100k$ monthly) i can say it’s a big fucking scam
    no wonder why each episode takes so long
    while he can hire a whole team of artists!

  93. My saved files of being a dik season 2 is not showing in season 3 that I downloaded from here ,what should I do ?

  94. i think we just need to wait for the opportunity a better training and so, the mc know how to defend himself but not how to punch a little more of script and thats fine.

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