Become Taxi Driver [v0.33] [Neptuno]

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How to install?
1) Unzip and replace
2) Done!

What does this Media-Pack include?
Due to changes in the game to comply with Patreon rules, all the files that include sexual scenes were removed, but since I was a subscriber on SubscribeStar I got the files and re-uploaded them.

If you want to play the game with few images and text it’s fine, if you want the full action and more than 1.5gb of extra images and videos, then this media-pack is a must :devilish:

(I will continue to update as long as Neptuno doesn’t send me a PM saying “Hey, stop” He seems to be a good boy, so I’m pretty sure there won’t be any problems)

You can also mail us at :- [email protected]

Editor's Rating

Story - 59%
Visual - 40%
Engagement - 60%
Core Loop - 67%


out off 100%

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User Rating: 2.99 ( 13 votes)

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  1. You need to install JOI play from play store, open it and add html file from the folder you downloaded. Moreover, you can play pc games via Android. Just press on the link description above where it says learn how to play latest version on Android. And regarding the media pack it’s written just below it how to install it

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