Ataegina [v0.7.1] [Kthulian]

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Download for Windows/ Linux
Act 1

Download Act 2

Download for Mac
Act 1

Download Act 2

Download for Android - Act 1

Download for Android - Act 2

  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe left to roll back
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
  • swipe up&down to toggle a small window with memory usage information
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

Download Walkthrough & Gallery Mod


  • Updated walkthrough up to v0.5.0 (Tried to keep the format the same)
  • Properly labeled some past Ending indicators
  • Fixed the v0.4.7 end-of-party trigger from leading to a premature end-of-version notice
  • Made it so you can see both the v0.4.9 Mida scene and Kat scene without having to choose one or the other
  • Very very few grammer/spelling edits
  • Threw a quick fix for the aynalove error in there that may or may not work
  • I had to remove the scene replay gallery due to a case of menu overlap.


PC: Unzip the mod and put the folder named “game” from the mod in your “Ataegina” folder.
MAC: Unzip the mod -> Right-click your “Ataegina” app -> Click “Show Package Contents” -> Open the “Contents” then “Resources” folders -> Hold the Option key and drag the folder named “game” from the mod to the “autorun” folder -> Click merge

You can also mail us at :- [email protected]

Editor's Rating

Story - 91%
Visual - 88%
Engagement - 81%
Core Loop - 92%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 4.49 ( 37 votes)

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    1. Hey how should I play act 2 it’s not working in-game it says play act 1 first I have played act 1 so what’s the problem?

      1. Make sure you have kept your saves. Act II requires your saves from act I. If that fails, then copy over your last save and put it into the saves folder of act II. If there is no saves folder inside the ‘game’ folder then create a new folder and call it saves, then just put the last save from act I inside of it. When you launch the game, your going to need press the ‘load’ button, from there just select your last save, and continue with the game.
        It’s annoying when you have to do things like this, its caused by the game saving to the saves folder, rather than in the windows winapp renpy folder for the game.

  1. I am so happy they have released this in time for xmas (iinfact it was some time ago i played the first act, and played it through to act II 0.56 and its so well made, I think it deserves a second playthrough imo). its made my christmas and birthday all in one, and with wartribe due to be released tomorrow and a few days ago The Genesis Order from the guys who made Treasure of Nadia. Just played a couple of really good space game avn’s, they are still in early development, but I am very impressed by them. the story telling, the animations…everything in fact.

  2. more to the point what happened to the IC mod that we could use from earlier versions of this game? I believe it said, it could be used for future updates.

  3. This developer is wonderful, frequent updates and the game story is fabulously written with love and care. The female characters especially ryo she really is a well developed character. I love how the mc and her don’t just jump on each other because if you’ve spent any real time with her etc, you can almost feel that palpable sexual tension in the air. On top of the fact her and her body guard are easily the most beautiful women in the story, but they all have these nicely developed personalities.
    You can tell the developer has put his heart and soul into this game, really right from the beginning the has been nothing to criticize, I have enjoyed every single moment of this game.

  4. hi i have recently played the game its very good nothing wrong with it at first i was like i might not like it but then i played it for the first time i was like omg its amazing very was good expect that there was no free roam i n act too but i still enjeyed it never the less i hope we get an update soon. i forgot to add full stop to sentence.

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