Ataegina [v0.9.9] [Kthulian]

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Act 1

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Act 1

Download Act 2

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Download for Android - Act 2

Android Installation:
To install the game on android you need to check what is your Android version:

1º – Check if there is an .RPA file and an .APK file in your download folder, RPA is the big one, APK is the small one.
2º – Move/copy the “assets” file (The big one) to — Android/data/org.ataegina2.the66/files/game — folder
3º – Run the .apk file (Small one)
4º – Play

1º – Check if there is an .RPA file and an .APK file in your download folder, RPA is the big one, APK is the small one.
2º – Move/copy the “assets” file (The big one) to — RenPy/org.ataegina2.the66/game — folder
3º – Run the .apk file (Small one)
4º – Play
5º – Optional – Delete the previous version that was left in the data folder (If you played the previous version obviously)
Touch Gestutres
  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe left to roll back
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
  • swipe up&down to toggle a small window with memory usage information
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

Download Walkthrough & Gallery Mod


  • Updated walkthrough up to v0.5.0 (Tried to keep the format the same)
  • Properly labeled some past Ending indicators
  • Fixed the v0.4.7 end-of-party trigger from leading to a premature end-of-version notice
  • Made it so you can see both the v0.4.9 Mida scene and Kat scene without having to choose one or the other
  • Very very few grammer/spelling edits
  • Threw a quick fix for the aynalove error in there that may or may not work
  • I had to remove the scene replay gallery due to a case of menu overlap.


PC: Unzip the mod and put the folder named “game” from the mod in your “Ataegina” folder.
MAC: Unzip the mod -> Right-click your “Ataegina” app -> Click “Show Package Contents” -> Open the “Contents” then “Resources” folders -> Hold the Option key and drag the folder named “game” from the mod to the “autorun” folder -> Click merge

Download Save File

Extract file from file to the \game folder and overwrite when prompted.

You can also mail us at :-

Editor's Rating

Story - 91%
Visual - 88%
Engagement - 81%
Core Loop - 92%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 4.18 ( 114 votes)

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  2. Fun game so far, but as soon as I do the whole super-saiyan thing (your health and mana increase by 50, your skills by 10, you’re covered in light, etc), then the game crashes out. I’ve tried reinstalling a couple times because my game still says 0.9.5, but that hasn’t worked. Anyone else having the same issue?

  3. Very good game, but i would recommend to play the true route, MC with good karma. (spoiler) the MC with bad karma his transformation look like his brother form, dark god and we also miss the sex scene with the godess of creation, the mother of the MC and the dark god so im kinda dissapointed about that.

  4. A good game developer needs to allow the player to decide the sexuality of the girls. Do NOT EVER in your life force a sex scene. do Not ever force the player to like the kinks. give options. avoidable options. like the lesbian fetish, I’m on the straight side of the map. I don’t do homosexuality. Why not just add an option to avoid it? or the girls being either sub or dom…why not give an option to choose what relationship you want with them? You ruined such a good game with dumb things that could have easily been avoided. I hate the new developers. it ain’t how I remember it.

    1. “this game does not specifically cater to my vanilla hetero-normative sexual preferences and therefore is bad” is a pretty faggy thing to be mad about. not everything is for everyone, hope this helps.

  5. First off: IF it’s EVER going to be a HAREM = STOP putting the damned main girls that are LISTED with hearts in DANGER.
    (Yes I include Alma in that – and NO she did NOT need to be an automatic Lesbian. It’s retarded that you made Mida that in the first place; being a God does not mean the MC automatically changes a girls Orientation. Idiot!)

    Next: If it is going to ever be a fucking Harem there is WAY too much Lesbianism or implied Lesbianism that DOES NOT involve any focus on the MC (And most harems do not involve 3ways as the only fucking type of sex scene so come off of Mida trying to be involved in bloody everything. She’s the main girl; we get it. LET THE MC BE THE ONE IN GODDAMNED CONTROL! – He is HER GOD. Not the other way around. The scene in the pool with her and Alma DID NOT need to happen and SHOULD NOT go any further = especially if MC said fuck off and let me do it, when choosing whether to let Mida influence Alma toward a 3way. That’s just ignoring the answer given in your own binary choice question. Again, Genius!)

    Last two points: If there IS NOT going to be a harem by the end; STOP fucking talking about it. You’re cock teasing those of us that want it to be one, and the BULLSHIT three paths you’ve chosen (which for all I’ve played of both light and dark are almost unilaterally THE SAME in main story) only make that outcome less likely at the end of the day. Fuck off and choose whether YOU as the DEV actually want to invest in BUILDING THE HEARTS and ADDING ALL OF THE GIRLS TO THE FUCKING LIST, so that it CAN be a HAREM! Or don’t, and like I said never bring the point up again. You’re being an ass about it now.

    Tied Point: If you’re not actually willing to confirm that a girl IS pregnant, and will be heavily showing at least, or actually have had the kid (or two, or three) by the end, then again STOP freaking mentioning it. We’ve had two scenes now with Mida in the tower where she does. We’ve come inside of her about a billion times and during at least some of those she SHOULD have been ovulating. Besides; the fucker is a GOD! Again, no healer, no matter HOW POWERFUL she is should be able to trump a fucking DEITY!!! So screw off with the anti conception potion nonsense. Kat does NOT get to be a cockblock to MC or the Player’s desires just because you’re too lazy to program in some early to mid to late stage pregnancy images for ALL of the damned girls MC has finished inside of (including that stupid one night stand with the married bitch who IS on the list even though we’ve heard fuck all from her since that one night at nearly the BEGINNING of the game in ACT 1!!!) Decide whether pregnancy is a thing you are TEASING; or actually willing to put your money where your damned mouth is.

    Also: Fuck Pride. Fuck Sunako or whatever the hell he is now, and fuck the idea that Berdita can lose – or be implied to be raped on the GOOD path. You asshole. Fuck the idea that the MC ISN’T ready to beat Pride’s ass. You created the magic system. You created the stat system – that didn’t give us ANYWHERE NEAR ENOUGH STATS TO BE FACING YOUR DUMBASSED BOSS MONSTERS! And barely differentiates any sort of playstyle at all) And to compensate for my bracketed points, you created the “skip” button on the battle screen. That’s ALL on you as a Dev. You want to half ass copy Skyrim, go for it. But don’t get your panties in a twist narratively and overpower the bad guys against AGAIN A GOD, when we tell you the combat system in the game does not fucking work. There’s A LOT you could do to improve this game… but you’d rather do your edgelord OMG the hero’s gonna lose so bad narrative. So have at it. If the best you can do is cock tease Alma in a bloody dream sequence after four updates of half heartedly chasing her… as far as I’m concerned you get ONE more shot bud. Then I don’t give a flying rat’s ass what you do with this story. Because I am absolutely done.

    Alma = Straight. Maybe Bi Curious: and FOCUSED on the MC!
    Mida = Fuck off and stop trying to make her Dom. MC is the Dom in the relationship, and that should be CLEAR.
    Every other girl on the list = Needs FUCK TONS more screen time and the ability to max hearts out. Jesus.
    Harem should be your end goal on ALL fucking paths. If it’s not why the hell do you bring it up no matter which path???
    Diplomatic marriage to the Elf Queen/BOTH of her daughters = Mandatory.
    Diplomatic marriage to Yotul as Clan Ruler by the end = Mandatory.
    Diplomatic marriage to Ryo/Kammi/Princess Slut = Mandatory
    Diplomatic marriage to Anya/Berdita as the new Archmage = Mandatory
    Marriage to Fannay and Liliana = Mandatory
    Chaining Kat’s ass to the bed to BREAK into FULL SUB to MC= mandatory (Also breaking her potions to BREED her!!!)
    Marriage to Kaneko (Mida’s friend) = Mandatory: arranged marriages are BULLSHIT – it SHOULD BE her choice/MC!!!
    Marriage to Cerea/Calli (demon girl you rescued from Lust) and the brothel girl you “break to own” = Mandatory
    Marriage to Isabella/Jen/Mom Char = Mandatory
    Marriage to any other female you render attractively that the player might want by EndGame = Mandatory.

    In ANY story unless the writer is a complete asshole; the HERO wins. Not the Antagonist. Jesus. There is NO QUESTION that we as the player should win. With the magic system set up, and the morality lines it should ONLY have been a question of HOW we wanted to win. Again, the dark side path SHOULD have just been the BDSM/ACTUAL OWNERSHIP path. The grey side could have been the realistic path where the girls are all who they’d otherwise be, but still very much eventually in love with MC and in the Harem. The good side is everyone fawns over you, yada yada power fantasy as normal. Come on man, this genre is NOT that hard to write for…

  6. 95% Male MC straight path
    5% useless peeping tom in another boys.

    Not animated. But a 5-10 images to represent 3-4 positions in sex scene. Worth a try if you have no problem with lack of animations.

    Maybe 20+ sex scenes.
    If you love magic stuff, worth more.

  7. Hi everyone, i can not start the game. It has happened from ver 8.0, but I still can play the old version. Do anyone know how to fix.

  8. It’s not convenient to download through Mega, why don’t you upload to Pixeldrain . Мне придёт первый акт устанавливать с другого ресурса 😒

  9. Last time I will comment and VERY probably the last time I will bother downloading this game.

    For more than one reason:

    1) You are the one that wrote HAREM. It’s fucking IN THE TAGS. It’s written to be jokingly expressed by the females in the game. So fuck right off and GET TO THAT POINT!!!

    Kat does NOT get to leave the tower in general, when she is the fucking healer and alchemist. She can bloody make a potion to stop a GOD from impregnating her (bullshit by the way) and everyone else, but you’re going to tell me she doesn’t know how to make one that HEALS her AGE??? It’s Magic dumbass. You can basically do whatever you want.

    Also: Harem = do not fuck with any of the girls in chains to a demon I have ALREADY fucked. I don’t care whether it’s in dreams. I am on the GOOD path in the only playthrough I’ve cared to complete. Alma IS MINE. So is her mother; so is her sister. So is EVERYBODY I CHOOSE. That is harem. Fuck off with mind-fucking your audience and by the way EVERYTHING you do to her that is sexually tinged/implied or otherwise DOES count as NTR content if your ass is dumb enough to put her in the harem afterward. So what the fuck is the point? You’re not actually LETTING the MC act like he gives a flying fuck about any of them and you only take the training wheels off to make his retarded ass go super saiyan because you constantly write him into fucking corners. So screw it. I don’t want LESBIAN anything. I don’t like that kind of shit in a HAREM. The focus SHOULD be the MC. For ALL OF THEM. Period.

    Breeding IS part of that. So again, fuck off with the characters constantly saying Nope. There’s no point to a creampie that doesn’t bloody do it’s natural job. Half wit. Berdita did NOT need anything but Friendship with Anya. Lilliana did NOT get to steal Fannay from me. Mida I can excuse because her lesbianism turns out in MC’s favor anyway… by being FOCUSED on him. Jesus, how the fuck do you get exactly one character’s motive right while also admitting she should be gay, and then fuck EVERYONE else up? You again, made a HAREM GAME. That’s on you.

    The three paths should ALL lead to you get ALL the girls. End of. No debate. No dumb fuck mind screwing, just because you want to be a dick to your audience. Dude, it’s a wonder you still have any god damned subs. So yeah. Go on with the story all you want; try to make your literal mentally retarded (a god am I, but only when the Word Of God remembers to write me to be that powerful… opps) find a way out of the shit you put his world through. I don’t care how. I don’t give a flying rat’s ass what characters you add, or what ranks you give with stupid fucking disrespectful bullshit early endings. I don’t even care who you might be able to breed – in about nine hundred actual years, you block head – it does not matter. Because this update was your last straw. I’m done. None of the characters needed to leave the tower (it borks the ability to build relationships you numbty ignorant… Gah!) You actively STILL have most fucking relationships in the heart bar at fucking 2-4 at best. very few half 5-7 and as far as I’ve gotten only Mida, Kat, Rei and the elven battlemage now have potential to max love stat… and they are none of them Permanently at HOME in the fucking Tower. What the absolute unholy god damned fuck is wrong with you Genius? Do you think we’re all just going to wait a decade while you sort out what the fuck you want to do with this piece of drawn out shit? Because you can build to the end game WHILE accepting that you have to allow progress in BUILDING THE DAMNED HAREM. Which includes getting to the point that the girl’s admit they WANT his kid. Multiple times over. You don’t get to keep showing a dream/future sequence where Mida had his child, and is pregnant again, but it’s just her. Fuck right the hell off the shortest possible cliff with all of that. The elves, The orc. Everyone on the god damned Heart list. All married to MC, and Pregnant. That; is your end game. Not a damned thing else. You literally said it’s an unending cycle, so screw off, and make him ACCEPT THAT. Hell, have him breed the next generation because he knows damned well he’s going to need one for help. There is a LOT you could do with this game. But you won’t. Because you’re having too much fun milking cash for playing head games with your own damned fanbase. So good luck with that. Hope it goes well, but since you like demons so much you can also just burn in hell.

    1. Okay. I was VERY pissed off the last time I wrote; so I figured one last update.

      See if you turned things around.

      Instead you spent most of the update on too long a sex scene with Mida that STILL does not get her pregnant. You insinuate that Lust wants Alma to go to MC anyway – and yes; I do recall that MC has already BROKEN a conflicted, strong willed character out of service to Lust = so you NEED to go there again! No matter what fucking path is involved. She is not someone I want to see fucked over just because you want to go Grim Dark and you NEED a way to show that MC HAS DEFINITIVELY become too powerful for Lust to do anything about – She CAN be the only demon other than Cerea that CHOOSES to join his harem. That’s how you do that right. Especially on the Light Path.

      You do not take away females – for any reason in a harem game, and NO. I do NOT forgive you for going there. The game DOES NOT need bad endings. Kat is still an asshole; she still should NOT be able to viably create a potion that can block a God’s Potency – and if she can why the fuck was she worried about aging??? You have too many females you’re doing fuck and all with. Not nearly enough of an antagonist to bother with. So really; Where. The. Hell. Are. You. Goddamned. Going? With all of this.

      You cannot keep teasing a harem. You cannot introduce new characters that are hotter than the base list – never add to the heart list/never actively increase hearts with most of the fucking women on it anyway, and there’s still the adultress on the list who shouldn’t even be on it because so far she’s a bloody one night stand the MC wasn’t even really supposed to have!!! You again, have teased harem. Have teased pregnancy. Lust is acting in accord to wanting MC but frankly – He has fucked her at least twice mentally so far as I’ve played so she should KNOW that he’s NOT her enemy, and recruiting Alma was bloody pointless except to piss at least a portion of your given audience off. I will warn you right now: If you do not make MC without Failure to do it as a possibility, save Alma the same way he freed the demon girl ** Never mind Lilianna because fuck rubix cube answers, don’t want to do that PITA AGAIN ** Then you can very certainly forget my support. In recommendation or otherwise. I will not be downloading this beyond the next update if Alma is not saved, and in gratitude willing to immediately join MC’s harem (as the means to also draw her Mom and sister in as well, here’s a hint)

      You have to lay off the mind fuckery, and actually let the player BUILD magical stats. You would not have to add a skip button to the game for combat if you’d come up with balanced values – In THE PLAYER’S Favor! – There was no point to spell scaling if you were just going to get to a certain point and say fuck it.

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