A Couple’s Duet of Love & Lust [v0.9.5] [King B]

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  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe left to roll back
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
  • swipe up&down to toggle a small window with memory usage information
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

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Editor's Rating

Story - 77%
Visual - 75%
Engagement - 70%
Core Loop - 70%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 3.29 ( 72 votes)

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  1. Looks like a comic, and wtf why is it mandatory for the mc in ntr games, to be humiliated by blacks to get any content. Reject the fucker and you get nothing in the game at all.

  2. 1) The absence of lustful sex scenes, the developer does not understand how to do them at all and what really excites and what only infuriates! 2)The angles of the scene are terrible, the developer does not understand what needs to be shown and what does not, he follows the easiest path that is easier to draw! 3)The plot of the game is for degenerates and puppeteers. As a result, the project is simply terrible in all aspects of this genre, the developer does not understand how to draw normal sexually beautiful scenes and what angles should be and the plot is written by an idiot!

  3. I son’t have a problem with NTR , but i don’t like Niggeretorare , how low can you go to let your wife getting fucked by an ape.

    1. All blacks have big black cock and white womens are going crazy with BBC inside them. have you heard the news norway princess married with black hobo guy? go ahead search it on google this news is still new maybe aired 3 to 4 days ago so you can see in reality all white women are just sluts for black guy no matter if your wife is a housewife, actor, singer or even princess etc no one can resist BBC.

  4. bet people wouldn’t have problem with NTR if the person being cocked is not the protagonist that they are playing as.

    1. Oh, they never do, what is a Harem game really? The inability to commit. There are a ton of those games.

      1. Actually Harem is one Lead; usually Male but in Reverse it can be Female, who decides to “commit” (you say tomato, I say Collect…) to several women at once. They all agree that he is allowed because they ALL want him. Same deal in a reverse harem. It’s no less commited, it’s just about the number you’re willing to commit to, and what your varied partners are willing to allow. There’s a reason the girls can’t fuck around – and yes it’s a double standard = it also PROVES that they want him. Because they can walk from the relationship at any point and they ALL know it. He goes through a lot of Grinding (usually – and if we’re talking realistically it’s a LOT of effort to woo ONE woman. Do you want to consider how much more it would take to invest in 3 – 10?) You have to be pretty damned determined it’s the lifestyle you want, and that the women you keep are WORTH collecting.

  5. these people with deceisive stereotype or should I say fantasy, thinking that all blacks have monster cock is almost apealing as a racism.

  6. why do dumb fkrs download a game that clearly tells you it has NTR in it, can`t these fkn morons read are they that fkn stupid stop fkn moaning just read what’s in the game it clearly tells you if you don`t like what’s in game then don`t download game , PS i did not download this because NTR isn`t my cuppa tea but i won`t condemn anyone who does sadly there are losers out there that will have ago at people get a fkn life losers and stop preaching your beliefs to others because in the end we have no real idea what shit your into.

    1. Stfu you fucking goddamn cockdinger. Go get cucked, you fucking homo teabagger retard.

      All mother fucking NTR loving cuck bastards need to be hung by the fucking balls and beat with a hammer.

      1. Who says they download the trash? Maybe they saw what it was and rightly ridicule it. As everyone should.

  7. I wonder if the husband will be able to punish this bitch at the end of the game… I only play to see her at the bottom with her hopes shattered, it’s bad that she has a choice, it’s not fair. I play this game only because I want to see her at the bottom with broken hopes, it’s bad that she has a choice throughout the game, it’s not fair. But in general, the game is great, it tickles your nerves very well =)

    1. I guess ur talking about the wife,
      she can be a slut/bitch according to early game choices, choosing the vanilla path she is not and act in a normal way with her hubby, the opposite of a bitch, brushing off a few guys and being faithfull.
      Husband jealousy and insecuroty can push her in the wrong way, it’s your choices so you recolt what you choose her to be so there is no point in punishing her.
      Most events try to push the couples in complicated situations but you have choices not following it, so there is no unfair point if you choose this to happen and punishing her become pointless because you must punish yourself for the choices you made, the in game guide clearly show you what expect about your choices.
      The writing is around fidelity, cheating, cucks and ntr and can lead to the humiliatation of the husband (more content this way ofc because it’s the plot of this).
      A young married couple must not follow the wrong way if there is communication, understanding and trust for each other (vanilla path), if not better get a divorce than living this kind of story, unless you choose for it and like it, getting mad a a situation you initiated is no the way to go.

      1. I agree with you bro, but why do men have to suffer all the time…? Where are the female cuckolds. And if you go only vanilla path in the game, then there will be no content. In my opinion, the choice of a wife is superfluous here, if the husband does not decide anything anyway. I tried to play for an honest husband, but her choice still makes him a cuckold, that is, you cannot punish or humiliate her in response for cheating on her husband.

        1. Don’t worry bro I got it but I think both men and women can suffer when feelings is involved, key is communication but not always easy to manage, on my experience of old bastard I can say men are maybe way worse than women and more prone to cheating but they have to work harder ^^ and there is cuckqueen trust me on this.

          For this VN I don’t care about ntr stuff as a fantasay, not my thing but I feel it’s just a fiction for me, must admit as you said the writing is good on tickling our nerves about it and that why I took the vanilla / exhib path to see how it goes and right now the wifey is still faithfull and keep things under control.
          The cuck and ntr part needed more story devellopment, things happen to fast.

          The main problem on VNs about cuck/ntr is the way most of the times the husband is pictured, a weaker lover/sex partner forced on humiliation path he’s the only one that can’t pleasure his wife, feel insecure with a Dick size complex … completly shiting on body anatomy πŸ™‚ like you need a 10inch dick to pleasure a girl and make her scream, thats complete bullshit. Devs are just following porn trends to get audience like the interacial stuff, colors doesn’t matter in sex and feelings, pink,grey,yellow everything is fine.

  8. I wonder, husband will be able to punish this bitch at the end of the game, I only play for this… I want to see her at the bottom with broken hopes, It’s bad that she also has a choice =)

  9. More useless NTR garbage. Good job cucks. You are the lowest lifeform in existence. Even flies and maggots have more of a purpose than you.

    1. No one has any respect for any Individual who hides behind the name anonymous and starts ranting about the things he secretly likes but won`t admit we get it you don`t like seeing yourself in these games

    1. funny how you bitch ass faggot niggers always cry about ntr yet here you are posting for attention about a ntr game. fucking gay ass faggot bitch

  10. The visuals are different… almost like shaded cell, but not really. I can’t say the visuals are great because they aren’t; however the static images are good while the animations are a bit weak.

    If you like to roleplay a cuckold, this is a game for you.
    Fairly decent start, but also has a lot of reading vs action.

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