Who’s The Father? [Episode 2 v2.14] [MrVision]

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Episode 1

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Features for ep. 1:

It adds a walkthrough, a few “navigation” options and some Quality of Life (removes the flashing between scenes, the screen shaking, the delay in the text and the “random” text size).

I thought you guys may be interested, some ideas coming from here :)
Please check the Readme before installing.

Features for ep.2:

Highlights the game over options in red (was easier than making the correct choices green)​
Shows which options give what points (see screenshots)​
Removes “Brawl” from dialogs and replaces it with the MC name​
Removes all default names from the dialog and replaces them with the ones that you’ve chosen​
Removes the dialog timer (so you don’t have to wait around for more text to display)

Extract file from file to the \game folder

You can also mail us at :- [email protected]

Editor's Rating

Story - 87%
Visual - 90%
Engagement - 87%
Core Loop - 79%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 4.42 ( 249 votes)

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    1. My favorite character is Vanessa. Only her can make this game worth to be played. But also content is nice and very realistic art. Very hot animations.

  1. I sincerely don’t understand how this game has such great reviews. Based on that I thought it would be comparable with the best VNs such as Artemis, Intertwined, Chasing Sunsets… but damn, this VN is BAD. As it was already mentioned, the dialogue in this game suck. The ones on the first episode are full of “hmmms” and “wows” and due to that, you have to hit space/enter sooo many times in order to go through a simple and short conversation. It’s extremely irritating. Also, this game has a Game Over mechanic that only applies to certain conversations and it’s terrible. For the people who play these for the sex parts, there are just a couple of sex scenes and they are pretty bad, imo. Also, the developer must have the smallest dick in the world and is showing his insecurity by giving the character an arm-long and thick dick hahah.

  2. Nice story, very good hot scenes. I enjoyed this game very much! Please keep updated this thread everytime they release a new update from this dev. Thanks!

  3. Very enjoyable and very funny.
    Twisted plot full of surprises, exploration, adventures, action, and HOT action.
    Different than others. I love those gorgeous gym ladies. Very nice!

  4. So hot! I give 5 stars because I can’t give more! I enjoyed very much with this game. Very funny and hot. Those goddess females are really superb and made in a way that seems like they really went to the gym. I love the way their muscles are sculpted. And those angel faces, such as Vanessa, Suzie, Kendra, Yoko, Sandra, Sydnee, Rei, Hitomi, Alexa, Tane, Na… Wow! A ton of female characters from all ages and shapes! And all of them with different personalities, faces and styles… It is really incredible the amount of details and work made by dev to put this in practice. And story is catching with those twisted changes and surprises every corner! I just loved it.
    One of my favorite scene is the one between Kendra and Brawl at home playing spin the bottle. At the beginning, I thought it was a lewd scene without relevance in the plot (with the striptease and so on) but later I realized that Kendra is giving a very important information (in blue words) about next steps and how to solve those coming challenges. That was really useful to go straight to the point in Vanessa’s room, get into girls’ room and finally succeed in the last fight.
    Definitely a masterpiece with a lot of potential and hot surprises that I am enjoying a lot. I can’t wait for more content! Thanks, Mrvision! Keep this amazing work up!

  5. After checking out episode 1 I can see that the developer of this VN has a muscle fetish due to everyone having a 6 pack. Not only that but there is a lack of action in general. The jerking scene where Kendra catches the MC is just stupid because his got his back to the door rubbing one out and she supposedly can see his junk through the back of the chair while peeking through the gap in the door. Running through the game a second time to check the other options is rather long winded too because the skip button barely works and ends up in a click fest to get through the content faster. I don’t know how this got over 85% in rating as I would personally not rate this above 50%.

  6. This game sucks a lot, 100% not recommended, it’s written like someone vomited the words, also it’s heavily NTR focused and all the girls including mc’s family are massive sluts that will never have real feelings towards mc.

  7. Actually, personally I love the idea of controlling several characters. It gives more air, variety and freshness to the main story. For example, I love the scene of Sandra and her son Alex. Or the scene of Vicky hiding from Ludmilla. Or Vanessa spying Brawl. Or Yoko exploring the house. Same as Bobbie and his dream…

  8. “but you also control some other characters” A question: This ruin the game ? I prefer only one character to be more realistic, that’s why i’m asking.

    1. After played, I would say that I don’t think it is ruining the game (the fact of controlling other characters) at least for now. It is normally to follow secondary stories, watching story from the viewpoint of other character, doing special actions, etc. I think main plot and roles will keep holded by Brawl.

    1. Which means you have slog through all the shit that was unimproved at the beginning before you can start getting to the improvements. No thank you!

  9. The dialogue in this game is a disaster. English is subpar and everything is written …like this….. Voice “acting” consists of HAHAHA and EHEHEHE which becomes annoying instantly.

  10. I can’t really recommend this one to anybody. I played both parts, and the story is just all over the place. Not really well written. I am constantly doing choice boxes for single options. Really slows down the pacing of the game. If it’s only one option why do I need to click the option?

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