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White Russian [Ep.1-8 Part 6] [Nekoma games]

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  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe left to roll back
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
  • swipe up&down to toggle a small window with memory usage information
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

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Editor's Rating

Story - 70%
Visual - 82%
Engagement - 77%
Core Loop - 71%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 3.04 ( 31 votes)

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  1. Putin is a power hungry fascist wannabe dictator who sees the USSR through his rose-tinted glasses and thinks imperialism is the best way to scratch his nostalgia itch. people in power will always abuse it when given carte blanche on how they wield it, and thousands of innocents have died on both sides of the conflict as a result of his hubris. However, for none of the aforementioned reasons: this game is pretty bad.

      1. coming back to this because i think it’s an important distinction: if you can’t form an opinion about a war without making about your guy vs my guy, guess what you fucking gobbled up the propaganda and asked for seconds. i wish ukraine all the best with repelling nationalist invaders, and i pray for the health and safety of their people. i do not give a fuck about zelenskyy. i could not give less of a fuck about who their leader is, because it doesn’t matter. people are dying for nothing, and if you think anything else in this matter is important then you’re not very good at thinking for yourself. and to keep it relevant: this game is pretty bad

  2. In the Budapest Agreement russia, America and England promised to support Ukraine if attacked. With France and china signing as supporters. In return Ukraine gave up it’s nuclear weapons. Within a few short years after they were all dismantled russia attacked. We have an obligation to support Ukraine. In fact we should give them their nuclear weapons back.

    1. “Give Ukraine nuclear weapons”

      And there it is, folks. Literally the dumbest post on the entire page. 😂👌

      Did you give beggar Zelensky access to your bank details so Ukrainian politicians can flee the border with your money in the back of their car trunk?

      Yes, keep supporting the scam. 👏👏👏

      Turn of your electricity and freeze this winter. Anything for Ukraine.

      1. Poland, Finland, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, Australia, Germany, The Baltic States and maybe a few others should be given nuclear weapons immediately. Bullies only respect strength.

        1. What you want isn’t happening because the US doesn’t have the capability to do it. But don’t worry baby, the US has the ability to turn laundry detergent into chemical weapons and invade to steal Middle East oil.

  3. What a page full of dumb Zelensky faggots.

    This game was 100% pure shit which I deleted after less than 10 minutes, but how retarded must you be to be in a porn game comment area with your faggoty Slava Ukraini garbage?

    Yes, glory to a corrupt dump of a country that doesn’t even matter for anything other than money laundering and one people can’t even find on the fucking map. Glory glory hallelujah all day long.

    1. the state of the modern GOP would have Reagan spinning in his grave so rapidly you could use his casket as an electric turbine and provide power to a small town. if the US was invaded by either of our neighbors under the pretense of “eliminating the Nazis” (which, if you didn’t know, this country has PLENTY of, just look in a mirror), i think your tune would change pretty quickly on who you think the oppressors are. the Putin dick riding is so insane to me and just more proof that y’all got brain worms. so much for being free thinkers, enjoy your kool-aid.

      1. IKR?

        Because Ukraine totally doesn’t have an Azov battalion who even run around in Nazi patches.

        Cool made up propaganda story, bro. 👍

        Simp it again.

        Maybe you can get together with some gay trannies and paint your hair Ukrainian colors and show your support for whatever made up current thing is the current thing of the day.

  4. Ебал в рот русофобов. Натягивал ваших мамох на свой Русский 25 сантиметровый хуй.

    1. Translation:

      Hello, I’m a piece of shit baby killing Russian who raped his own mother with my 2.5cm dick and then masturbated in her own feces.

  5. Nearly 250,000 Russian pigs killed.

    Don’t worry little Russians, I hear hell is rather spacious.
    There’s plenty of room for more.

  6. The Russian simps and Putin cocksuckers are strong on this page.

    That Putin dick taste real good, don’t it? Shine that knob, bitches.

    1. And Russian king cocksucker Medvedev keeps wanting nuclear war. If their dismal war in Ukraine is any indication, go for it. They won’t even work and NATO will just turn Russia to glass.

  7. By the way I play games like this to get away from politics and reality, life is depressing enough without hating on each other.

  8. I don’t really hate any country, but I feel like I can safely say every country has corrupt assholes in the government and every country has good people and bad people, I do have control over whether or not I’m an a****** though so I try not to be. I am from the US and have been to multiple countries on multiple continents and I can say that I’m glad I live here. But of all the countries have been to I think Korea (obviously South) had the nicest people, just my opinion.
    I think this game is funny and light-hearted and cute and am really enjoying it. 😁

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    1. Why don’t you stfu and go upload some gay dicks up your ass?

      Nobody wants to play your garbage games anyway.

    1. You know how dumb you are for believing everything that comes on the news how about you go the war and find out look at zac Efron beer run movie with Russel Crowe for example not everything is what it seems your just some dumb American who hates first without digging up information how many times us Americans when our American soldiers raped women during war why do you think people dislike us Americans and plus it’s hate like that, that’s the reason the reason this country has fallen joe Biden instigated that war he got involved and threatened pudin if he attacked Ukraine and it led to that if you want to dislike someone dislike joe Biden a child molester and the reason I say this about joe Biden look up video of him whispering in a young little girl ear she was clearly uncomfortable 😣 so no dont say fuck Russia I say fuck you for believing in lies and being so completely stupid you believe the first thing that you turn on tv to hear the news if joe Biden threatened pudin and if pudin just sit there and not do nothing it will show he’s a weak leader and other countries would attack him or there would be someone trying to overrule him so yeah pudin had to do what he did because joe Biden got involved and plus the Ukraine president is a coward who flees in a war to another country to discuss whatever behind closed doors and the reason why joe Biden threatened pudin joe Biden has his son’s business over there in Ukraine that’s why he sent so much money and was worried about his businesses Ukraine president clearly left behind his people while they were dying, if the Ukraine president loved his people he could have surrendered and avoid this war but it was there pride for there down fall so before you say fuck Russia think about the Ukraine president and joe Biden the Ukraine president could of surrendered and avoided this largely body count in there counry at least Japan surrendered to American and refused to have anyone die but look here Ukraine president didn’t give a fuck so your one stupid person who needs to focus on graduating the first grade

      1. I think you missed a few history lessons. Sucking Trump cock 24/7 and flossing your teeth with Trump nut hairs has that effect on many.

        Japan lost how many million and were nuked not once, but twice before they surrendered? That’s a far cry from “no one died”. Get some history lessons, retard.

        And yes, we all know. Russia is doing so well in Ukraine just on 500 days in and they haven’t accomplished anything and are now relying on Iranian equipment. A “super power” should be able to do better than that, but Russia is a super nothing, so there you go.

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        2. funny fact, Japan surrenderred because of Muskovy invasion, they didn’t care that much bout those two nukes. actually, nukes gave them great excuse to explain shameful surrender to the folks.
          but that’s kinda irrelevant to our current problems with orcs.

    2. you’re being stupid.
      I hate Russian gamers because most of them are annoying as fuck in online games.
      but if you meant the war? you dont know the truth. youve been fed by media.
      and even if it’s Russia who’s being villain here, you sholdnt judge the whole country by what the gov does.
      and believe me, USA is a much more of a corruption and threat to the world.

      1. Without the US, most of you would be speaking Chinese.

        Don’t like the US? Quit begging for US handouts and stand on your own.

        1. Won’t happen. These foreign third world cucks will constantly cry for American help and protection and then bitch about how bad the US is.

          I wouldn’t waste one tax dollar on these cucks.

          1. Lol stfu you obese monolingual twats, everyone knows that USA is just an obedient bitch controlled by their Israeli overlords. Where was your oh so great military when the jews sunk your ship and nobody seems to give a rats ass about that incident.

            Go protect your own kids from school shootings lunatics before you talk about “”””protecting”””” other countries. And lastly, we speak English because of the Brits you illiterate moron.

              1. Lmao yeah instead of making healthcare cheaper thats where all your taxpayers money go to. No wonder americans would rather die than go through such a dogshit healthcare system. Must suck to have a senile old man as a president lol

                You should visit central Europe if you want to see what proper first world countries looks like.

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