Trouble in Paradise [v1.7 Part 2] [Syko134]

Download for Windows/ Linux - v1.0.0 Public

Download for Windows/ Linux - (Part 2 v1.7)

Download for Mac - v1.0.0 Public

Download for Mac - Part 2 (v1.7)

Download for Android - v1.0.0 Public

Download for Android - (Part 2 v1.7)

  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe left to roll back
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
  • swipe up&down to toggle a small window with memory usage information
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

Download Update Patch - Part 2 v1.7

Download Walkthrough & Gallery Mods


  • Adds an in-game walkthrough for the important choices.
  • Unlocks all Scene Replays in the gallery.
  • Adds textbox options in Preferences. Text size, and textbox transparency.
  • Adds option to Name Saves.
  • Adds option to toggle Quick Menu via Q on the keyboard or in Preferences.


PC: Unzip the mod and put the folder named “game” from the mod in your ” TroubleinParadise-0.*.*-pc ” folder. Overwrite files if required.

MAC: Unzip the mod -> Right-click your “TroubleinParadise” app -> Click “Show Package Contents” -> Open the “Contents” then “Resources” folders -> Hold the Option key and drag the folder named “game” from the mod to the “autorun” folder -> Click merge

Download Incest Patch

Patch Instructions

Just copy the mapping file to the (root) game directory.

Download Multi- Mod - Part 1


Adds an in-game walkthrough, allows to choose multiple options at once, follow multiple paths at once.
Adds a gallery unlock option.
UX/UI options: Text Size slider, name saves, Q button toggles the quick menu, choice background is removed, you can use keyboard numbers to make a choice.


PC: Unzip the mod and put the folder named “game” from the mod into your “TroubleinParadise” folder.

MAC: Unzip the mod -> Right-click your “TroubleinParadise” app -> Click “Show Package Contents” -> Open the “Contents” then “Resources” folders -> Hold the Option key and drag the folder named “game” from the mod to the “autorun” folder -> Click merge

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Story - 78%
Visual - 82%
Engagement - 49%
Core Loop - 78%


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  1. Look, you committed two cardinal sins in the genre as far as I’m concerned, and everyone who’s a fan of Harem would likely agree to some extent. You gave the MC a time limited lifespan; and you broke the harem for MOST of that time limited lifespan just to go edgelord for a season. Tokyo Ghoul did that and it didn’t make any sense then. Why do you think it would go any better for you?

    Here’s how you can fix it, so you DO get more support & Continuance until you decide to end the story:

    What should be fixed:

    – Alyssa being FWB (it’s not actually what she wants, and the distance/being shut out SHOULD make her realise it)
    – Olivia + Asshole = Olivia’s 2 night stand with MC alters her to the point she WILL wait for MC to be done being stupid.
    – Anna = Alice & Iris + anyone else team up. Drug her father’s drink; slit his fucking throat. His power is GONE.
    He can survive, but he WILL leave EVERYONE the fuck alone. Permanently.
    – Iris: Informed beforehand. So is EVERYONE ELSE. Iris can guide them all to act like they don’t know with her power.
    This SHOULD be a POWER PLAY. Instead of a heel turn for MC.
    *** You were the genius that made the Mom want to brain wipe her own kid again; and it wasn’t the recommended choice then, so why the fuck would MC ever listen to her AFTER being told she wasn’t the smart one in the family, when he knows this choice “for her protection” will harm more than it will ever help???

    What should be granted as reward for people putting up with this BS season:

    – ALL of the girls you showed in that title card with the throne belong permanently to and or with MC.
    – Hanna, Emily, Nicole, EVERYONE. Including the ice queen info girl. And probably Mia. [Non negotiable]
    – Alice once she beats the ever living shit out of an MC that lets her (for reasons I’ll go into shortly) who will kiss him deeply afterward and confess the reason she’s spent so much time out of his orbit is just how much she wants to be his.
    – EVERY girl near or at the point where you will offer impregnation option for them. Every. Single. Fucking. One.
    – MC loses NONE of the original built harem. For any fucking reason… [Non negotiable]
    – The revelation of MC’s TRUE Physical Sequence…

    Here’s how you can swing all of this:

    – The MC never had Super Strength; it just looked like that was his squence because what it actually was, a panic reaction to his own subconscious ingrained desire to protect Iris and what is his.
    – His ACTUAL power is: Adaptation to counter ANY weakness in himself. [Hence will eventually become Immortal]
    – This frees him up to still lose as many times as you want him to; the tension is not gone from battles, but if he can survive he will be stronger. [He has already faced his father, and has Mind Control… what. Gives???]
    *** Make Daddy Dearest sit absolutely still for about oh the next X years. (His time would run out, and he could do nothing. You Do NOT let him get out of it…)
    – The Chimera will have Evelyn figure this out for him = Renewed reason to want MC on his side, to hunt him after.
    – He WILL NOT tell MC. MC will figure this out on his own, or Alice battle will open his eyes.
    – He will from this point, still be super strong, but he will grow in powers until he has literally no vulnerability.
    – Not age, not disease. Not death. [Trade off: He will be unable to pass this trait on to any children]
    * Genetic luck of the draw with the massive strike in a karmic lotto that is as good as it seems, and also cursed…
    – MC will be able to battle The Chimera and his Father, without failing when he is ready.
    – Daddy Dearest is now on the Chimera time limit (I would actually excelerate it as not a natural occurance)
    – Caroline becomes a member of the harem eventually as the member of the team that comes up with plans the enemies DO NOT LEARN AND CANNOT FUCKING COUNTER!!! [Chloe actually encourages this as her fetish – MC does not lose her.
    – The story can continue down the dark path to X point; and it will still be stupid but it will begin to make sense.
    – The time limit you foolishly put into play for the MC goes away. The original harem only has to look like there is a break.
    – The new seasons can continue building with whatever powers you want, that will empower MC at the end.
    = As long as he survives the battle [Adapting Hannah’s healing power in training with her as he folds her into his harem, would help this along] ** Lucas already gave MC his blessing, recall. Don’t be a dick about it and renege. >.< (You CAN'T fix the mental conditioning; it's too deeply ingrained = you are done. Hannah cannot go back to Lucas, and becomes MC's girl permanently in gratitude for helping her get closure in as many ways as possible)
    – All of the girls you put in the game thus far, have their damage and dangers dealt with (I don't like that some will have to be off screened, but oh well) and ALL of them will be treated as important. The harem will be able to move forward, and grow unimpeded from this point onward. [Alyssa should BEG to join the harem; because of the FWB bullshit…]
    *** It's NEVER just Friends With Benefits; so make HER be the one that does want more. The issue is fixed.
    – Iris will grudge that MC will outlive all of them eventually, but this is why she accepts that he loves them all equally.
    For the time they have together NOW. He will very likely marry her (or become Mayor of the city/King of the Island = Somehow change the laws to allow multiple marriages at once. That I will leave up to you)
    * You still have the option to make the MC lose battles, so tensions and impact are not completely lost…
    = with a get out of jail free card for the game over screen. Because Loss makes him stronger if he survives.
    – This path forward would get you away from the Omniscient Antagonist problem you've created.

    This is as much as I can help you with ideas to untangle the crap you're assholishly putting your characters through right now. I may wait a few updates to see if you bother implementing any of it. I'm tapped out right now, and I'm not even sure you're going to agree with or use any of my suggestions. It's really up to you. It's not that the story doesn't have potential, or I wouldn't be so bloody pissed about it right now. There's only so many corners you can write yourself into, if you can't figure out how to get out of them with a large enough leap in actual logic.

    1. No - Against my better judgment, I did give the second season a chance. This game gets exactly one more... says:

      First, taking Alyssa OUT of the game does not fix the idea that she should have just JOINED THE FUCKING HAREM!!! (Put her back INTO the game or I’m going to be even more pissed with you in general) * Okay = maybe next time don’t word it like you’re writing a character out of the damned game for no reason… put it in brackets or something that she’s still a love interest. Jesus Christ dude. I mean I was hoping you weren’t that stupid… but I played all of last season.

      Second: This season is EXACTLY why you NEVER break the Harem! If the girls all missed him so damned much and can’t function without him – You are spending WAYYYY too much time making them SUCK at showing it. : / (You do realize most players are here for the H Scenes and the tittilation, right??? Guess what a grim dark story doesn’t do for moods)

      You also nerfed his powers with a bullshit “cure” that’s not even that effective if it only gives him a week… for what??? I GAVE you a better way to work in a power that DOESN’T fuck him over. I gave you a better story line that KEEPS the grim dark, has BETTER REASONING – and a heads up to all the girls SPECIFICALLY so they WON’T actually BE pissed at him… but still have to PRETEND to be. Jesus. Why I bothered I’ll never know. It’s clear you either don’t know what the hell you want out of this game – because it’s NOT a harem game if you BREAK THE HAREM: AND THAT INCLUDES WRITING A PERFECTLY FINE GIRL OUT OF THE DAMNED GAME!!! – OR you know exactly what you want to do, and it’s obviously to confuse the fuck out of the audience. If you don’t want to use my ideas, fair enough, but that’s on you.

      ALL of the girls need to piss off with being “mad” at him; that DOES NOT justify being bitchy to a guy you want the audience to believe they STILL WANT TO BONE AND BREED WITH!!! Fix that. ASAP. Because if it goes on longer than one more update, there won’t be more than that LAST chance from me.

      Also: FUCK OFF WITH PUTTING HANNAH WITH LUCAS! Or insinuating you still might. For any reason. Lucas is the Best Friend Character. In. A. Harem. Game! = He DOES NOT GET LAID ON SCREEN, OR GET A LOVE INTEREST! Hannah not being MC’s girlfriend by this point is only because you skipped most of the six month time gap and didn’t give the player yet the OPTION to MAKE HER HIS GIRLFRIEND. Jackass. You need to do that before this update ends or WHY THE FUCK did you even keep her alive in the first place?!? She DOES NOT belong with or to Lucas. He can move on, or not. Doesn’t matter – he’s been enough a prick to MC that he should just straight up be dead. So come the fuck on. Use your damned head. It’s a harem game. It’s marked in the tags. That means NO ONE but MC gets the girls, or gets laid. If you can’t even get that right, why the hell are you designing games? Hanna had BETTER tell LUCAS she’s NOT interested in him that way – and actually let MC make some moves. Because other than that you’ve AGAIN, BROKEN THE HAREM! (Or actually write them both the fuck out of the game) Either works. I would prefer to gain Hannah as an LI and give her a chance to rebuild her life with someone that CAN protect/understand her… but you’re not listening to me anyway, so what does it matter.
      [If “Hannah” is NOT Hannah – you have an easy out. Lucas can accept the loss; for what it is. Then realize that if MC is the one that makes this “Hannah” feel the way the other one did about Lucas… she belongs to MC. You are done. Problem solved. Harem is intact, and no convoluted bullshit necessary. Lucas can play up the stoic tough noble guy that lets “his” girl be happy… because she’s really NOT his girl anymore. He GOT the closure he wanted knowing that she’s still alive in some sense… but he also needs to move on to HEAL from that trauma. He’s NOT going to do that by trying to claw back her ghost, when all he’s ever going to get are wisps of her memories. That belong to someone else now]

      Putting Olivia back with her husband was just stupid – though I am glad you at least said she didn’t do anything with him… because it would be another case of why the fuck was she even a character in the first place, if you had let them fuck like a husband and wife should. So what if MC wasn’t there. She should be living either with her sister (and been SMART enough to make that choice her damned self) or on her own, thanks to the little time she had with MC ACTUALLY INFLUENCING HER TO STAND UP FOR HERSELF.

      Again. You get exactly ONE more update. Alyssa and Alice need to be put firmly IN the harem. Hannah issue needs to be resolved. Whatever you’re going to do with Evelyn (and who the fuck is Emily??? You are starting to have too many characters to keep track of) should be done. Anna and Lucy and Violet all need to make their plays to make MC aware that they are still his women. It DOES NOT get to JUST be him apologizing. You put this asshole through HELL; and he’s still dying. Dipshit. THEY ALL need to say they’re sorry they treated him like shit too.

  2. For a start – the whole stay away (be cock blocked for sex scenes) from the Harem because MC “can’t control” his powers, was pure BS. First strike. Second strike; this thing with ‘The Chimera.’ He DOES NOT get to win. Period. He does not get to be stronger than the MC. Ever. For any reason. The very fact you made him stronger borks the whole idea of why in the hell he’d be letting MC talk to him like this (and also stop trying to make Iris the damsel in distress when you’re painting her as the worst one to get angry. Fuck off and pick one!) * The Chimera nod tells me one of either two things: You are intelligent as far as scientific studies with a vested interest in biology and specifically genetics; or you watched the one Episode of CSI that dealt with the serial rapist that kept getting away with it because he was one himself. Either or.

    The idea that Nicole is irreemable – or not? – again, pick one. She is either a stone cold bitch you can claim into the harem as a cock sleeve/breedmare for pure revenge in a BDSM nod relationship ONLY, OR she genuinely does love the MC; knows she has massively fucked up. Is selfishly concerned first with her own survival and threw him under the bus every time = which by now she may ernestly believe she can never make up for… and would thus accept the choice of either genuinely joining the harem as one of his women (which you should make clear she does not feel she deserves) or being the above cocksleeve/breedmare… only this time to make as best up for MC’s pain as she can do. In the only relationship he will let her have back.

    Ava did not need to be a Chimera. You said there were six. Including MC and his Twin = 4. Or five depending on your count. I am not certain but I do not think it’s a genetically inheritable predisposition. Like Porphyria. The Chimera having a daughter (which would also have to be a twin herself, and the stronger one) who had the same defect, isn’t impossible, but it does stretch likelihood a little too much. It’s a plot convenience. It also very much kind of deeply borks whether she can effectively JOIN the harem without fucking up any plan you as the writer may make, to counter the Antagonist’s supposed Omniscience. Which he also shouldn’t be either. You run up to the problem of having to constantly one up your own writing that way. It’s creating an obstacle that doesn’t need to be there. The enemy is supposed to lose – and DOUBLY so in a Harem Game.

    So far as I’ve played the first chapter – it’s not terrible. It’s not at all what I thought the story would be, considering the synopsis and what I’ve read about it on other sites. I do think if you stretch out the Antagonist too far with You Can’t Win, it’s going to demoralize the audience. It would also mean there’s less focus on building relationships, and getting to the point where marriage/kids is any sort of issue. I’m not looking for an end to the whole game by season 3, BUT I will hope that you come up with a genuine way to BEAT The Chimera by at least the end of Season 2. Other than that, it’s just going to devolve to pointless drama and dues ex every update, to keep the will they/won’t they ever win thing going.

    1. You JUST came up with the point that the chimera wants Iris’ blood – so he can have it because she took a power supressor (and THEN decided DESPITE MC having a TIME LIMIT on doing so, that you would put them ON VACATION where he CAN’T meet the damned deadline…) and still having to wait til MONDAY which was PAST the deadline; just to create a scene that didn’t need to happen when Isabella warned the player what would happen if he actually got a REAL copy of her fucking blood… and of course he DOES. You dick! Now you NEED to make a way to fix that – or fuck right off.

      Because there was NO good reason to let that counter measure go out the window; when MC is already a “team leader” who is SCREWED on a count of 5 fuck ups (that he also has to enact in order to keep Anna “SAFE”) Are you TRYING to tie an anvil to every character’s ankles? o. O Make all the damned anime references you want. Keep at it with insulting the fuck out of the MC and then having it instantly wiped with “I love you” (NOT how that works by the way, and NOT ok) keep going with the hare-brained schemes to counter schemes all you want: BUT because you just pulled that, I don’t give a flying fuck.

      You can put in whatever BS amount of sex scenes you want, I doubt very highly you’ll actually let the MC WIN at the end at this rate, so I don’t even particularly care that you’ve not bothered to even mention pregnancy besides the fact that a very few girls note he doesn’t pull out – and Iris is on pills (which don’t actually have 100% effigacy rate in the first place – though they might be the reason for her bipolar moodswings) At this point the part of the story you NEED to be concerned with is A) It’s a FUCKING. HAREM. And B) THE MAIN CHARACTER DOES NOT LOSE IN A HAREM!!!!

      Stop trying to put the girls in danger dickhead; it’s not going to be much of a game if they all end up in cages. Unless you train the MC up Goku style, you just screwed the pooch with the last scene I saw = and it was almost enough to make me rage quit. I know there is a second season you’re working on, so you have to have not been that colossal a moron but considering you went out of your way to bork the counter plan that YOU came up with to let the PLAYER win against an otherwise “omniscient” Antagonist (and by the way; fuck the “This Is Not Even My Final Form” Bullshit – You set the rules as MOST sequence users have ONE power. MC has 3 for no stated reason; and the CHIMERA should have 2 Because genetic Lottery Cheat Sheet. The fact that MC has 3 Powers SHOULD be the reason he CAN win.

      You can make the Chimera a threatening dick all you want – but at the moment it’s not doing more than making me want to break YOUR damned face. He’s the Big Bad… we get it. Now off you fuck, as you’re so fond of saying. With that whole damned concept. The Big Boss at the end is FAR more effective the LESS we see of them. If you don’t understand that point, I don’t know what to do to help you. Just stop being an asshole to your characters. ALL of them. Stop trying to piss your audience off. That will not win you any fans in the long run.

      1. No. There IS a point where you have to EARN the title of Harem; and buddy = you just burned it. So call this Atlas Shrugged, because the next time you update; I'm out. says:

        After I’m done playing this intro to the current update for season two pal – JUST for what you pulled in the beginning with the TIME SKIP (hopefully AVOIDABLE dark future BULLSHIT!!!!!) You lost a supporter. Of any level. Paid, unpaid, might have been paid. You get to fuck absolutely right off.

        First – for six months in time skip which IS lazy assed writing and doesn’t account for player inputs in the last season.

        Second – You literally made the MC be a DICK = For No stated reason; To the point THE MAIN FUCKING GIRL THAT YOU SPENT HOW LONG IN CHAPTER ONE BUILDING UP AS A MASSIVE GOD DAMNED COCK BLOCK TO THE OTHER GIRLS – KILL HERSELF. While pregnant! Are you trying to lose about 90% of your fucking audience dipshit? Unless you want to go right ahead and change the god damned genre to lonely simp can’t get anywhere with ANY of the ladies you do not HEEL TURN A HAREM LEAD. Or if you are going to = BRING THEM THE FUCK INTO IT SO HE DOESN’T LOSE THE GIRLS THE PLAYER WORKED THAT HARD TO GET. You absolute Genius. Yes, by the way I am being sarcastic. No I don’t give a fuck what mental damage you might have. At this point, this is the 3RD time you’ve managed to piss me off with content in general. Your story is NOT nearly good enough to pull this kind of crap and think you will maintain any kind of heavy sub count. Jesus fucking christ. I’d ask what the hell is wrong with you, but at this point I don’t want to know.

        You lost me about the time you made Chimera all but unstoppable. Then you REINTRODUCED a father with a mental power (He didn’t have a HEALING power = should have STAYED DEAD) AND a four year old Chimera that YOU say is stronger than the MC… WHY? Other than to take the piss out of the audience/crank things up a notch on the pointless drama scale. You realise he did NOT have to leave to start training to be stronger. He SHOULD have fucking been doing that the WHOLE god damned time!!! The time skip is jarring for no reason and no – dumbass, you DO NOT get to treat it like it was just a dream and warp back after you jar the audience that badly. Most will just nope the fuck out. There are limits to how much of an asshole you can be, in a continuing narrative. There IS a point where HOPE to win, BREAKS. You tie too great an anvil to the character’s ankles and you’ve effectively painted them into a corner. You turn one too quickly down a dark path without explaining things, and it will just cause people to think you either suck at writing or obviously don’t give a crap about your own work.

        End of the day, Trouble In Paradise is one thing… BUT it has to GET to any sort of Paradise to start trouble there. You gave the player a lot of options to build a HAREM. Now in the beginning of the second season you want to act like you’re going to rip it away = Fuck that. Fuck you, and fuck ALL of the rest of any updates you make. One girl. One fucking girl out of the like thirteen you had basically sidelined. Including Isabelle and Caroline [By the way – fuck the idea of Chloe ending up being a cousin. That’s just too small a damned world. Bad. Writing] Just because you call it Trouble in Paradise does not mean you have to create more than one Over Arching obstacle for the endgame. Jesus. If you don’t understand that as a Dev and a Writer, I do not know what the fuck you are actually doing.

        1. You gave the simple fuck (who you write to be a TUTOR = NOT dumb; STILL manage to make a blittering idiot 90% of the time… somehow) 8 Months to Live. That was the premise you went with to up the stakes. 8 MONTHS. And in the beginning of the 2nd season without ANY progress on how to avoid that BULLSHIT, you skip ahead 6. You must be REALLY bad at the mathz huh?

          Here’s your answer that would solve things = ONE Physical Sequence. Fuck Super Strength. He doesn’t need it. Make. Him. IMMORTAL. Literally cannot die. CANNOT. Not by age, not disease. Not destruction of his body; IMMORTAL. One sequence, which you could state is an adjunct of how efficiently he heals or how quickly. Don’t care. Tie it into the 3RD power in synergy boosting his capability to the point where he IS effectively completely immortal. (There is also an actual single celled organism that has this trait and is effectively ageless because it just keeps renewing itself – so there is at least a semi scientific basis for it to exist, like your Chimera point) No dickheaded time limits to worry about. No need to go dark; because Chimera bitch DOES have a time limit (you could even argue this point as a better hook for why Chimera hasn’t/won’t kill MC = He literally CAN’T… But he would also want what MC has, so the tension IS NOT lost) It would also explain why MC and Iris will eventually let him form a Massive Harem. He’s going to be the last thing on this world = he will connect with many hearts, whether Iris will always be there or not.

          It keeps to your own rules [Which Alice also maybe breaks with her needless set of “cool” eyes by the way – or at least leans into seeming to; and she SHOULD be part of the fucking harem, but you seem to be too invested in making her compete to build her fucking own… the only clue we get that she might even remotely want that is in Chapter 1: one up skirt scene, one implication the two might have done more than one kind of “training” together at some point (which is rather derailed by a 6 year pause that didn’t need to be just so you could randomly retcon in your new female MC) and Anna specifically stating that Alice “talks about you all the time” = What the hell are you actually doing with this girl???]

          I still maintain that unless you find a way to fix the massive fucking cluster of WTF is wrong with you that made you break the harem (again!) in the first place… just to what muck around with your audience or reset the bar back to one to make the player have to re-grind everything? WITHOUT a fucking walkthrough [Also – fuck you for making it a choice BETWEEN Nicole and Emily. The same as in Chapter 1 = there should NOT need to be a Mod to have the option to pursue both; it should just be enough stated time in game to do that naturally. There is NEVER a good reason to be that kind of prick when Harem is tagged. When you’ve actually mentioned that MC is building a harem, and all the girls are (mostly) okay with it – so don’t any of you bright bulbs here come at me in the comments with it was never promised to be that >.<] Fix this whole damned season, or get the audience up to speed that the Major Girls WERE in fact informed beforehand, Including Alyssa damn it, she was already on thin ice with that bullshit FWB idea; and you stated there was more to her story, so if she EVER chooses to go for anyone else for any reason, in the whole dumb fuck time you ripped MC away from the Harem… I will take it out on your damned hide. Informed beforehand = MC Had to ACT like this was a "breaking" in order to TRICK both Chimera and 'Dickead of the Century Award' into believing MC had gone truly bad – REALLY, REALLY ham-fisted way to do it backwards, if that was your plan all along and NEEDLESSLY jarring to the audience – It's not completely unsalvageable yet. However I don't trust this is where you will go, or what you will do. I do not trust you to be a capable enough writer at all, to have thought any of this out yourself. As I said before, the anime and manga references will only win you so much leeway, and so many points. Suspension of disbelief is not an endless rubberband. It will eventually break, and snap back on you when the audience checks the fuck out because you expect us to just roll with whatever messed up shit you want to pull because YOU don't take the story seriously enough. There is only so much a sane woman would forgive, and while we're at it you left a 6 month time gap in between the point where Olivia was stated to be LOYAL AND DUMB ENOUGH TO KEEP HER FUCKING USELESS HUSBAND…. did you forget about that? They'd barely established it WASN'T a one time deal between her and MC. This is what I mean about too many useless NOT attached Side Characters. Too much in the periphery. You really expect me to believe either Alyssa, OR Olivia would wait that long for a guy they'd barely bothered to even claim they wanted. That Claire would not run right back into problems with the creeps that promised revenge??? That Anna's dad was just gonna stop using her as a fucking punching bag for six months straight… There are SO many reasons for YOU DO NOT BREAK THE GOD DAMNED HAREM just in the mental damage you gave most of your females… but you did it anyway. So again, If you can somehow pull another rabbit out of your ass, more power to you. But it's gone beyond belief for me – and I would not trust ANY of the girls that have been abandoned for 6 months to believe that they should be loyal, or have been thus far. Or that he has been. Or will be. So what the fuck are you really hoping for with this you colossal asshole? I'm not going to waste more effort re-grinding affection with them to get back the bullshit I love you so much etc, etc… just because you can't figure out how NOT to break the thing you should be building.

  3. Walkthrough just doesnt work, cant even extract it as the file just freezes every time I try to open the game file in the mod. It shows it as 10GB but its really just 9mb so not sure whats up with it but deff dont trust it

  4. LMFAO its a anime based game what did you expect?
    I mean I get not liking something but to go to a VN that is clearly Anime based and say its too cartoony has to be the dumbest thing I have ever heard of.
    I am guessing you didnt even play the game but instead just looked at the screen shots and commented correct?

    1. yea, you idiot, what that other idiot means is probably that graphics are awful – yes, we can see that on screenshots, and that’s exactly what they are for…

      and basically everything in this vn is shit. from my experience, when something is made in koikakaisu you can expect it to be terrible.

  5. Alright… Really good story….once the sis gets involved….

    Wow the story really begins…just wait for it.

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