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Tragedy of Medusa [v1.0.2][Final] [deepglugs]

Download for Windows/ Linux

Download for Mac

Download for Android

  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe left to roll back
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
  • swipe up&down to toggle a small window with memory usage information
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

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Editor's Rating

Story - 94%
Visual - 79%
Engagement - 87%
Core Loop - 84%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 3.04 ( 7 votes)

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  1. Well, this is not exactly a game, more a simple Kinetic Novel with a couple of useless choices and just one path. The story is very interesting but it is not finished. I have to say I was really frustrated in seeing “the end” at that very moment.
    Two of the three gorgons have the face of Gal Gadot, cool! The other one has the face of Lara Croft in last videogame series. Cool. But it is not enough to repair the cutted ending. My vote is 2,5 on 5.

  2. FINAL REVIEW: It’s okay. It falls apart quickly at the end rushing to finish up this part of the story. TO BE CONTINUED!!! I would be upset if I paid for a sexual visual novel. It’s more a story with sex in it. I won’t be playing the next part but if you liked the story enough to continue then let us know.

  3. WARNING: I played this game. I will give you two things No will not: Context, brevity, and a sense of humor.

    There is non-lesbian content. In where I stopped there was more non-lesbian sexual content than lesbian.

    You can so far skip any sex scene presented. I didn’t but this is hopeful. The author so far respects the player.

    The graphics and animation are substandard but they have imagination and I think the creator tried to make something interesting. I like that.

    The story is fair but not great.

    I’ll continue playing this and post again if there’s something important to add.

    RATING: 86% is a little high for me. 82% maybe.

    1. I actually read this review. Not the long one, with all the bitching. Thanks for being concise, without over explaining and being repetitious.

  4. I understand creative lisence believe me; but my problem for this game – and other than the fact pure lesbian does fuck all for me as a straight man – is at least two fold. Being that I love Greek Myth in general.

    First: Medusa is the only recorded “immortal” of the three gorgons in most cases. Almost all of them, and usually in the ones she’s not, she’s quite mortal like her sisters. (This being one reason Perseus found it such a PITA to kill her – and NEEDED all those godly gifts to do so in the first place) * There’s also the fact that by including Perseus directly you are flagging it for a tragic end; or literally re-writing history for an ending that doesn’t suit your narrative. [Perseus ONLY succeeds in killing the Kraken and saving the city of Athens to win the hand of Andromeda BECAUSE he has the head of Medusa to use against the monster in the first place. Now, if you’re creative, yes you can in some context wiggle with the idea that it was a different sister he TOOK for Medusa. I believe there may be some variations where her immortality or guile helps her escape – Again, it depends on the lesson the orator wanted to share with his audience. However in almost every case, it’s taken for granted that Medusa falls to Perseus, as necessary to complete HIS quest]

    Second: The lesbian thing for her character at least, is pure bullshit. In one version of her myth (and really any version depended on the lesson the orator at the time was trying to impart, or their own personal belief meshed with what they needed the character to be to get said lesson across) Medusa is very willing to fuck Poseiden inside Aphrodite’s temple. Which gets her cursed for being a harlot, and disrespecting “the power of love.” [Who was also the goddess of beauty, sex and sexual expression – since her role was more all encompassing than her son Eros’] * I’m not saying it’s impossible due to consequence as trauma, or that it wasn’t the case for her less noted sisters. Medusa’s tale in general involves straight sex as the core of her “problem.”

    The other version that some won’t know, paints Medusa as a straight up dual victim. Because in that version she’s RAPED by Poseiden, and then afterward blamed for letting it happen to her (like she could have stopped a God – also a very Fruedian argument) by a Goddess who frankly could not challenge one of the three most powerful brothers and God-Kings. So there’s layering there that you COULD play with in trauma… but it may undercut the point of the tale. Which was that in this case, sometimes what is monstrous is only seen thus because of things that happen. [It could be taken as an argument about nature versus nurture. Or the fact that sometimes in life nothing is fair; and bad things can indeed happen to the best people. Whether we like it or not]

    Now as I said, the content listed does literally nothing for me, so I won’t likely care to learn your reasoning in the context of the story you tell. I do think it’s better that people who may be interested in the myths this particular game is based on, would look it up. In case they don’t, consider these a very quick and dirty version of Cliff Notes.

    1. You played a whole ass game you knew you wouldn’t like just to criticize it’s faithfulness to greek mythology?

      1. First to the one above my comment; I’m not saying you can’t like lesbian content. I said it does nothing for me. Personal tastes not withstanding, you’re free to do as you please. We’re all here to help ourselves have a good time, after all.

        To that effect, to the one below me that I am replying to; I wrote that I would NOT be downloading it IE “I won’t likely care to learn your reasoning…”, as explained the content listed does NOTHING for me. Very glad you took the time to read the comment. By the way, this is sarcasm, as my comment in general was criticizing the LACK of faith to Medusa’s mythological importance.

        Let me return your incredulity – You took the time to post a comment, without reading the one which was the whole reason you posted your comment?

        All that said, don’t take me the wrong way. I’m not looking to start an argument. So much as I’m willing to point out that part of learning is reading, and part of that skill is taking the time for proper comprehension. Personally I blame Iphones and texting, as well as social media for peoples’ dwindling attention spans. Do try to have a nice day. Other than constructive criticism, my original comment was not meant to offend. It was meant to encourage general interest in the actual tale itself.

        1. Admirable effort, and I agree on the facts in general, but honestly: The lecture is vain because the subject is a game, it’s fiction with porn-affinity. Criticise technical aspects or the creative realisation. Your critics would be understandable if it was about a historical novel or a documentary on tv. With your conveyed point of view there was only non-fiction allowed in the world – and this would be painfully boring…

    2. You insist you’re straight but you somehow don’t like women getting filthy with each other, and then write a wall of text about Greek mythology?

      Dude, just re-name yourself “Neckbeard virgin” (online and in real life) and save everyone around you the time

      1. To Blobby – Doesn’t discount the fact that you didn’t read the comment in the first place.
        It’s one thing to disagree, but if you’re going to post a comment where you do, it would behoove you to at least read what you’re so supposedly taken aback by. If you had, you’d have seen that it wasn’t THAT it was faithless to Greek Myth, than rather how. Most of the orators of those stories in general took some liberties depending on what lesson they wished to impart to their audience. It falls to the teller to make sense of the tale, and at least have explanations as to why it doesn’t mess up any other noteable mythological quest.

        To Bonni – Greek Myth is not non-fiction. It’s the way they explained certain concepts as far as they understood them in the context of what they knew of the world at that time. It’s criticism, not critics, but I understood your meaning. It’s not a lecture. As I said; I intended the comment to first be not too judgmental, but also to impart the truth of the story as was once told – down two separate variations (I even granted allowances for how their version might be possible, and more structurally believable without totally ruining the narrative of other tales) In context Greek Myth could be taken for a historical documentation. Since their history in that regard was only just finished being written at the onset of what most refer to as “the dark ages” wherein it was promptly lost. Their mythology as a societal learning point as all of the peoples of the world have told stories through out time, were done orally to that point. I have my views, and you’re all free to disagree. But to the one below: I am straight, I never said I care whether they get freaky with each other. I said it doesn’t do a damned thing for me, personally. I don’t currently have a beard, nor am I a virgin. However I will note that you couldn’t even be bothered to share a name yourself. So why don’t you go back to playing casper. Be silent, and give up you ghost.

        Do note: This will be the last comment I make on this page. I respect again and for the final time, creative license. The content is not to my tastes, it does play fast and loose very likely with Greek Myth – and borks more than one tale, if she survives. I meant no offense to anyone over anything. I was trying to encourage interest in a subject that is no longer looked up all that frequently, since that is the only way that Mythologies are kept alive. The stories DO mean something, to some of us. Whatever your beliefs, you can all kindly allow me to express mine, and be respectful while you express your own. Or not, and then I will be far less kind should I choose to reply at all. To all and sundry else – Have a nice day, and enjoy yourselves. After all, that’s what we’re really here for, at the end of the day.

        1. “Do note: This will be the last comment I make on this page.”

          Now that’s something worth wasting my time reading!

      2. You’re jumping to conclusions just as fast as No did, so I name you “Neckbeard Virgin’s Virgin Little Brother”.

    3. JFC! There’s so much content with straight sh*t out there. Let us lesbians have something without dicks in it.

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