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Throne of Blood [Ep. 2] [LeStar Studios]

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  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe left to roll back
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
  • swipe up&down to toggle a small window with memory usage information
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

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Editor's Rating

Story - 85%
Visual - 83%
Engagement - 84%
Core Loop - 85%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 3.73 ( 12 votes)

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    1. If you’re addressing me; I have no clue who that is. Though I imagine he’s an influential enough animator in general to be note worthy. If you’re addressing the Dev… I can’t really help you there either.

      There were two specific Hentai I was thinking of, but I did not name them, purposely.
      If he’s noteable as an animator in that regard, I admit even in comics I never paid attention to the names. I just like the artwork.

      * Since you seem curious; the first is – Tsuma Netori Ryoujoku Rinne.

      – Goes out of it’s way to “break” the titular female, but also goes back on the one promise that forces the “assertive” female to submit in any regard – and actively made me wonder if it was another woman with one point in the story. The actual story CAN be fixed not to be complete NTR, but it would require the wife to A) come clean to her husband. B) NOT have had an irreversible sterilization, C) Go to the police and take down the principal before he can get hooks fully into her sister and D) Very likely vow the same thing to said husband at the end that she gave to the principal… AND include her sister who should be at that point ammenable for raw gratitude that she wasn’t taken without her consent. Both end up forever claimed by a husband who actually gets to be firmly Dominant (The English Translation of title I read is “Husband Wants A Slave Wife – not Husband Wants A Wife To Be Used Like The Town Bicycle While He Jerks Off Worthlessly In The Corner”) and they both end up pregnant. With new jobs, or a new business together that suits who they both became and makes them enough money to support the family the titled female originally professed to want. The newest third one actually adds the very female that the main female hoped to find. Firmly turned to the principal’s willing bitch, and a domme. For no reason except ooo, look. Lipstick lesbians. (And Ikumi is still NOT) Which again, breaks the whole core of her arc. Since she now knows the point of her search for answers is done. The problem being as it’s left since she hasn’t confessed to her husband the author will likely leave it thus and consider her simply “too far gone.”

      Next – Daraku Reijou the Animation

      – Main Girl loses her viriginity to Main Boi… who is a good boi! (of course)
      * The sex between them is wholesome and he ends in a condom – which will be important.
      – Girl is bartered to save father’s company; to Asshole who IS NOT DOMINANT!!! [He IS a rapist…]
      – Girl’s encounter with the asshole IS recorded and viciously sent to Main Boi. Who of course can’t help but jerk it to “his” girl getting fucked; even when she begins to insult the hell out of his ability [Though again, she is clearly BEING FORCED – and speaking from duress]
      – Ends up being “mind broken” into a size queen, complete sub; Impregnated by probably 2nd Trimester quite obviously the assholes, because of condom. Willing to be returned to sender… for one last ‘goodbye’ rut. [With no definitive answer as to whether Main Boi tells her to get bent, and not in the fun way, like he really should]

      How I would fix: Give the blond scarecrow half a brain. Even just the half… She doesn’t have to be Barbie just because she’s got an hourglass figure and balloon tits. She knew what her father needed done, and obviously agrees… so do NOT make her go willingly into that good night. She took the condom; on a day she knew she was ovulating, and poured it back out into her pussy after Main Boi was gone. She knew what she was in for, and knew it wouldn’t be something she wanted to drag main boi into… so she leaves the rest as is. She is again, FORCED to say the things she says. She DOES still get pregnant – Key point: It’s with the man she INTENDS to father her child, and the man she truly loves – She has to PLAY as the good little sub to the asshole who doesn’t know what true dominance is. Main Girl will still go back to Main Boi after the alloted time showed originally, with the same distance. Only this time, she will play the part she does for the appearances, and then privately share what really went down. What she truly wants, intends, and has to accept in the interim. [The key point here would be it’s STILL within Main Boi’s full power whether to believe her, or break her heart for the deserved reflection of what she’s STILL done to him. Regardless of better fleshed out reasoning] However, for the purpose of happy endings, she will share that the child does belong by blood to him. That she never “broke” into sexual slavery, but is actively forced to pretend she has, so she can get evidence to gain back her father’s company and not cost their workers everything. In order to make Main Boi believe her, she’ll offer over willingly exactly the same as the asshole did, only she’ll promise to enjoy it more. They won’t tape it, because MC’s the true dom. She belongs just to him, and she submits Oh, so willingly to prove the truth of her heart. She does have to go back, and they’ll maintain distance to a point, but she will return at set points [Because Asshole will allow it, trying to rub it further in – he is that kind] and it will be how the two cement their plan.With her caught between both men; and loyal to just one at heart. Eventually she will either record Asshole firmly raping her, or she will find the evidence as a smoking gun she needs. In the settlement, and the divorce she gets everything she wants. Enough money to finally marry Main Boi (who will have fathered every one of her three kids) and the company her father sold her for. Which she will let Main Boi run as he was the one to help her come up with how they’d handle getting the evidence, and allowed her to play the secretly double agent.

      You get a far more machiavellian story, you could go on for several episodes in both series, while not denegrating your main characters. Down either gender. You rend something of what they started as, but not to the point of unsalvagable… and you grant them means to accept a new path. With a far more healthy outcome, and a still much happier ending for all involved. Except the bad guys. The girls still get to be a bit naughty. They aren’t completely irredeemable, or jarringly out of character. The main guys get to actually act like the have a set on them, when it counts, and end up getting most of the sex. Wins all around. It’s really not that hard.

  1. Going to give this a shot – though I do hope if playing as a male MC that the girl doesn’t come out on top at the end. Unless it’s on top of me; for breeding. That way we both win ; )

    As to the fact you wrote out twice that MC will cheat but the women won’t cheat on him: Good.
    NTR is factually – The dissolution of an existing relationship (usually on the female’s end – since for a guy it will just be considered cheating and doesn’t require a special name, as it’s an Asian word = that has existed for centuries and the English called it simply cuckoldry/adultery) by cheating. Which is brought about most often through coercion, or blackmail. It is a slow burn, but in every case BREAKS the relationship. Sharing is a different thing. Swinging, is a different thing – that will frankly lead to the same ending.

    [Side Note: There are a couple of Hentai I can think of off-hand that frankly try to play this. Too bluntly. However in the lore, the relationships in the hands of a skilled writer WOULD be salvageable, to allow continued episodes. Where the relationship would evolve into something different that suits both parties, necessarily. The original relationship at the end could still be counted as broken, to badly fractured. Which is a long way of saying you can do NTR properly, and even acknowledge that a break happened; but it does not have to END the relationship, or even be about cuckoldry in continuing onward]

    What you suggest is not NTR. Period. Because the MC has already broken off with – or chosen not to pursue the character in question. I will say at that point since she holds no further value to a sexually based story there’s no need to include ANY content with her afterward; but that has more to do with honoring the player’s choice not to be involved with her than it does for any concern about a tag that does not apply. I’m not as big on creampies if they don’t lead to pregnancy content. I don’t like Femdom, so hopefully that can be avoided, and frankly too much with foreplay scenes can just be the dev blue-balling the audience to draw things out. But so far, I’ll give you a shot to impress me.

    * One last point: I was kinda hoping this would be about vampires. How’re you gonna write a title like Throne of Blood and not make it about Underworld. Evolutions? o. O By the way, Kate Beckinsale in that catsuit MIGHT be the one way I’d halfway accept Femdom; so long as I eventually got to turn the tables…

  2. I didnt play it yet, but Reading the description that’s what i call a reamstic scenario, no loli, no incest bullshit, everyone is free to do whatever he want with what he/she got between hid/her legs, not because the MMC can f all women mean they can’t do the same when there’s no attachement. I’m downloading right now, will give a try at the end of the day.

    (Sorry for my english, not my language)

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