Thirty Days [v0.06.10] [3DRComics]

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Download for Windows - Serenity's New Gig(Formerly Known as "Alex's Side Story")

Download for Windows - Serenity Goes To The Movies is a commissioned story.

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Download for Mac - Serenity's New Gig(Formerly Known as "Alex's Side Story")

Download for Windows - Serenity Goes To The Movies is a commissioned story.

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Download for Android - Serenity's New Gig(Formerly Known as "Alex's Side Story")

Download for Windows - Serenity Goes To The Movies is a commissioned story.

  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe left to roll back
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
  • swipe up&down to toggle a small window with memory usage information
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

Download Update Patch (v0.05.00 -> v0.05.01)

Download Multi- Mod

View Stats and Routes

Not sure how I missed this one before.
There is allot of stats for various reasons, and i do get a lot of questions about them because right now from appearance it looks as if some of them don’t do anything.

So let me run though these real quick, and some of these don’t effect much until later in the game.

For the most part its a scale of 0 to 20, but may go over or under, like Ava’s -99

Self Image: Obviously how the girls feel about them self. This will change the appearances as the game progresses. So lets say Alex’s self image is low, she may wear something that covers herself more, but if its high, she may decided to spend the day running around in something skimpy. (Later story elements due to rendering requiremets.)

Perversion: As you build your relationships, the higher the perversion, the more likely they are to make sexual comments, grab your dick on the male route, grab your tits or crotch on the female route, and they are also more accepting of you making perverted jokes or passes.

Corruption: or curruption as it says in the game because I can’t spell worth shit. Is a route switch, if this is over 10 it will enable corruption route options.

Romance and Affection: Just realized romance isn’t showing in phone, Ill fix that. Both of these are romance route triggers. But they have slightly different uses. If romance is over 10, then they are accepting of your romantic advances. If Affection is over 10, They can make romantic advances towards you. There will be a balance in play in some situations for cases where romance is under 10 and affection is over 10.

Arousal: Trigger for multiple things. The girls masturbating, you masturbating, Alex’s sleep sex. as relationships are built, them coming to you for sex, or a helping hand, etc, If you play with full LI interactions, Them helping each other.

Humor: Mostly a Kayla route thing, but will show to be useful in some other characters. As I am sure its obvious by now, Kayla is rather stubborn and not accepting of much. But she likes humor, and funny things, so raising humor allows her to be more accepting and open to allowing other stats to rise, The more you play into the humor the more she will let her guard down. Humor can be negated a bit by playing into her fetish ;).

Likes you: How much they like you. Later in the story, even if romance is maxed out, if they don’t like you at the moment, you won’t get any happy time. So basically, you can piss them off. This can cause interesting things on the corruption route.

Mental Stability: New stat as of 3.5, added for a very obvious reason, but will be added to other LI’s and will have other effects as the story continues. But mostly this relates to the emotional stability setting in the phone. Basically, Lets say you start a relationship with Alex, you fuck her, then pretty much ignore her after that, Things will get interesting as she will start to get jealous if she sees you with Kayla or anyone else, will become moody, angry, and may start begging for your attention.

Corruption and Romance Routes.
One thing I want to say about these 2 routes, They can both be active at the same time.

On the male route in day 4, your conversation with Alex in her room, where she confesses her interest in you and wanting it to go further. (This will happen in the female route later in the day.)

if you have 3 options there, you have both romance and corruption routes available to you.

Accept – Nicole: is the romance route start
Accept – Confession: is corruption route start
Reject: Rejects her. For now.. This can actually be turned into an alternate romance path later.

Neither one of these choices is final, The relationship dynamic can be very fluid and move between the 2.
And even if you only had 2 options at this section, doesn’t mean you are locked out completely from the other route, you just need to up the stats you need to get those options enabled.

But I warn you, Going down a very specific path in the corruption route. Can hurt your relationship pretty bad, and if you push to hard with it, Will lock the romance route completely, and can eventually end the corruption route if you aren’t careful and you will end any possible relationship with Alex. Alex is a sweet girl, be nice.. ish ;)

Each route can be independent per character too. So you can be on romance with Alex, and Corruption with Kayla. and if you are running a harem route later. One of them can be accepting of it, Another can be forced into it. and with LI with LI on, One of them can just become a toy for you both to use together and/or separately.

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Editor's Rating

Story - 84%
Visual - 86%
Engagement - 84%
Core Loop - 71%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 3.73 ( 90 votes)

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  1. What is the point? It seems like nothing in this forum has anythingthing to do about the games. With all of the flaming arguments, people impersonating, fake post, deleted post and everything, what is the point?

  2. Reply
    Awam says:
    I remembered something from my past and although it really has nothing to do with anything, I still just want to share it.

    Many years ago, when I was still in high school, a bunch of us had a going-away party for some of our friends who were going off to war. Well, to say the least, it got pretty wild! Many of the girls were giving those guys private dances (clothed) even in front of their boyfriends. Regardless of what many in this forum might claim, they were not ‘Beta Cucks’ for they had enough confidence and self-esteem that they were honored with that privilege.

    There was drinking, rocking, laughing, and crying. Many tops were lifted and boobs were displayed. These three kings were guys we always looked up to and there were others in there that would soon follow their path. Then there was a compilation video some of the guys made. It was porn, but nothing near erotic. They had worked long and soft to find these shock clips for our entertainment. It included great-grandma and great-grandpa orgies, an extremely obese individual being ravished by a group of little people, various animals, and even things comparable to… two girls, one cup. The latter I cannot stomach to think about.

    Well, after everyone had been wincing, but still had to take a slight peek, we were told that we would like the next one. It was real twincest. For reasons that I would rather not go into, I was not jovial. I do not mind it as long as it is not an obsession. Of course that announcement got the attention of most, but when the video started playing, they were aghast. Yes, it was in fact a real video of two identical twins having sex with each other, but it was brothers instead of sisters. Although I did not care for gay content, I was busting out laughing and for the first time in my life, blurting out lewd comments in public.

    There were a few saying derogatory statements, but they were quickly silenced in a proper fashion. Not so much for myself, but for one of the soldiers leaving at sunrise. A year earlier, when I was a freshman, I was his date to his senior prom. I was not his girlfriend, nor was he my boyfriend. When we showed up for his mother to inspect, that was one of the happiest days of her life. Not just because of seeing her son in a tux or going on his first date. It would be the only date he would ever have in his life.

    He was gay. He kept it hidden, but everyone knew it, and he did confide it to me. And still to this day, with no regrets, I am honored and it was a decision I will always cherish. Anyway, watching that video sort of reconnected me to him. Each in our own way. That was the last time that I ever saw him.

    It was a closed-casket funeral when they brought his body back to the US. Still, his own mother, who deep down always knew, never came to terms with the “Man” that he was. Now I know that I might receive some comments from ones claiming to be ‘Alpha’ males stating that the world is better off with one less ‘Faggot,’ but those people are still alive and have the freedom to be able to express their ideology into fonts.

    Why I wrote this, I do not know. Can I hit ‘send?’ Well you already know the answer to that. I do not know why we do the things that we do. I am in no way a politically correct person, but I just try to do my best to find happiness without wishing ill will to others.

    I know that this statement probably doesn’t belong here. Still, most of the remarks on this site are out of line, so I don’t care. Even though I do.

    Have a good day.

    1. So, does the game crash? Are the models messed up? Is the story coherent and free of grammatical or spelling errors?

      I could care less of your sob story on a pirate porn site. Just give a review of the game.

  3. Reply
    Awam says:
    In response to whomever wants to read this,.

    I have no illusions that I will change anything in this forum, let alone the world, but all I can do is be me and do my best to respect others for who they are as long as they do not cause harm to anyone.

    Regarding the anti-gay sentiment, I do not agree with it. Still, I value that everyone has a right to their opinion, as do I. Sometimes people get apprehensive when others do not agree, then get upset when the same is done to them. My intention was not to start a debate, just appease my own curiosity. If someone wants to start a confrontation, they can. I knew this place had the stench of kerosene; I just don’t want to be the match.

    Now to the response of ‘nohomo’ (I still can’t believe I am typing that moniker, lol.) You did answer in a polite and courteous manner towards me, even if many take offense to your opinions. I have no intention that I could, nor do I want to make the effort to change your outlook. Still, you have proven that you can react in a civil fashion and that is a step in some direction other than most of the replies many have noticed from you. So thank you for that.

    Now to ‘Reaper,’ (which, I must say is easier to type!) You have the right to your opinion, but I hope that you do realize that you are doing the same thing as you are claiming he is doing. You stated, “Stop talking shit about gay games while you are playing NTR games which are closet gay “fetishes.” There is probably more hostility over ‘NTR’ than anything else on this site. I stated in another post that I do not understand this conflict. Most people watch porn to view others have sex. Do you not think that some might play these games to control the character of others doing things that they would not implement in their authentic lives? I kind of like watching group sex, but in no way would I want to participate in a real orgy. So I guess that means I like NTR. Does that mean that I am a closet gay? I do not think that makes me a lesser person.

    Just because one might have dark fantasies doesn’t mean that they want to live them out. That is where these games come into play. They provide a medium for one to experiment with their lurid desires. There are themes such as murder, rape, and younger than appropriate fetishes that are prevalent on this platform. Even adultery and pornography are looked down upon by some, but people only care when one’s vice is not their own. And yes, I have my own turpitude that I would never ever do in the real world, but none of this is true. If it was, then it all should be banned! Except that wouldn’t solve anything.

    There is something that has been bothering me. Something that I want to mention. I might, or I might not. It is something that I remember from my past. I think I will, but not now. Have a good day.

  4. These are some of the messages that were deleted and I don’t know why. Maybe it was an accident. If so I will give it another try.

    Awam says:
    To Nohomo,
    I know I’m way down on the list of comments, but just out of curiosity, what do you like? I am being serious and not trying to be inflamatory.

    no homos says:
    Being a DIK, Cosy Cafe, Ripples, Twisted Memories, The Headmaster, Photo Hunt, Solvalley School, Young Again, A Mother’s Love, Confined with Goddesses, The Visit, Summertime Saga, Harem Hotel, Milky Touch, Zombie’s Retreat, Genex Love (I really like this one), Reboot Love 1 and 2 and Kana Sensei. Are all games I liked to varying degree.

    There are games that start out interesting. Go behind a paywall and become milkers. Never to be finished. Some of those are on my list, unfortunately.

    My problem with the gay games is they are part of the grooming death cult of suicide trying to destroy civilization. Absolute madness and it must be stopped. It WILL be stopped. About 1/3 of gen z think they are queer. This is INSANE! Is nobody thinking what this means for civilization? Amount of gays more than doubling every generation? In time society will be destroyed. This is a much greater threat than “climate change” or some other bullshit the media goes on and on about. We are literally watching civilizations collapsing over this madness.

    Awam says:
    Wow! I am shocked, but not in a bad way. I guess that I didn’t expect a reply, and if so, it would be much less polite. Why am I even interested? I don’t know. I think that the flaws in the human condition are enticing. Maybe that is wrong and maybe you do not feel that way, but none of us is perfect and are stuck in the mind, body, and soul that we were granted.

    For me personally, male gay erotica content is not my thing, but I do not let it consume me. I honestly believe that the responses that you get are due to the hostility you reflect in your remarks. Homosexuality has been around since antiquity and will be present as long as humans stay humans. If you do not agree with that, well that is your perogitive, but I find it highly unlikely that any of your comments will change anything in our lifetime. If you do what you do because of a matter of virtue wanting others to repent against sin, well this is a place of sinful virtues.

    Although there are many genres that I do not care for, I do not feel the need to debate about my fetishes. I think that the point that I am trying to get at is that if you want others to respect your point of view, you must be able to handle the fact that others will differ from time to time. When your statements appear contentious, expect others to respond in an adverse manner. Many enjoy participating in that combativeness; I’ll just watch.

    When I asked, “What do you like?” I was more referring to genres or types, but I wasn’t really specific. You were gracious in responding with actual games, so I checked the one that you said you really liked, Genex Love. You left a cordial comment which was refreshing. In response to “civilizations collapsing,” I still have faith in humanity and have the belief that the world will still turn long after I leave it. Have a good day.

    no homos says:
    Oh it will continue. But it will be vastly different. For one thing whites are going to lose most of their homelands. Most Europeans are around the birth rate of Japan. 1.2 per couple. What amazes me is even during collapse whites are killing each other as in Russia and Ukraine. Two countries with horrendous birth rates. Fighting over land they wont even be able to populate.

    The only people having kids are Amish, Muslims and Africans. Ethiopia and Amish around 7 kids per couple. You have to ask yourself what does this mean? Basically people the least educated who didn’t create anything are going to take over the world and much of it’s land. Including advanced weapons systems. They did not create. No, people are not all the same. You can’t just replace people with others as the greedy multinationals believe. There are going to be repercussions. A couple more of those is the ending of feminist supremacy and the homo crap that goes with it.

    As to gay crap being around forever. Sure, but it’s significance is being WAY over blown. To somehow justify the gay madness of today (pervert propaganda). People have trouble with ratios. For whatever reason they can’t visualize %. The gay crap was always underground and looked down upon, repressed. As was feminism. Because it is destructive and everywhere it started gaining a foothold it literally collapsed. Even things like single motherhood were very rare and looked down upon. Even though it could happen. It was never encouraged. There is no way around it. Without families (that aren’t queer). Your civilization WILL collapse.

    As to what I say won’t change anything? Probably not. But at least you have been warned. Somehow, someway. The message of truth being repressed and silenced is leaking through. It will continue to grow because Truth will not be silenced forever.

    Reaper says:
    You do realize that some of the games you said you like are NTR and not avoidable as well, also A mothers love has not been updated for over a year and a half if not more until recently? I really don’t understand people who say these games are grooming when for hundred of years we have been groomed by society, religion and media, so seriously stop this BS about gay games being grooming cults or whatever and except the fact that people are different and do not have to conform. I am a straight man and I have zero issues with anyone who is different as long as they don’t cause harm to others they can do and believe what they want.
    PS: Stop talking shit about gay games while you are playing NTR games which are closet gay “fetishes” ( which are not real to be clear cause it is just for guys whop like dicks to hide behind while talking all manly like they are straight ) If you need to see a dick to get turned on take a hard look in the mirror and stop pretending.

  5. My comments are being purged again due to the gay grooming agenda. Anyway on this page there were many comments going back and forth. All of which have been purged to protect the gay agenda and the butthole cult. Everyone is being groomed. There is no freedom and democracy anywhere in the world today. You are either controlled by a dictator or wealthy special interest groups. One of which is the pushing of the gay agenda.

    1. Actually, mine were as well. By the way, I do not know if you saw mine or not, but the ones I posted were not anti-gay. What was deleted was the side string that I started. Also the views to this site actually went down so I am assuming that it was a site glitch, but others that posted were not deleted. I actually do this while I am working, so yes I am getting paid while I post. I usually have a lot of free time, but now I am busy. Check back later and I will repost them if they allow it.

      P.S. You indentity is not well hidden, LOL!

      1. I think they just purged everything associated with my ip. It’s happened before. Your comments were deleted as they just scrapped the whole thread associated with my ip. There were other threads on other pages. All of them gone. This is the world we live in today. On certain subjects the “elites” have decided what you can and cant say. What you can and cant think.

      2. Probably because you were in the same thread. It’s still going on for me today. I’m guessing they are blocking my ip. So I’ll use a different one for every comment.

    1. As I said before you only know these things by experience …The old saying goes, Takes one to know one doesn’t it Homono

      1. Of course, the old shamming bs language by globohomo cultists. So if you don’t like murder you are a secret murderer? Piss off dumb fuck.

    2. I see that you took my advice and started insulting lesbians as well. Too bad you can’t think for yourself, but maybe we can get you out of your QAnon echo chamber into one that’s more useful. Like a suicide cult.

    3. Hey Homo ? Why do you keep coming back if you hate it here so much ? I believe you’re the reason the site keeps shutting down. Well guess what Homo? We’re about to shut you down for good

      1. He says this on everything on this site. He just comes here to blow steam. One day he’s going to end up blowing something other than steam with his shorts wrapped around his ankles and Diarrhea between his ass cheeks because they just used it as a lubricant.

  6. As if you being here was thinking with the right head ? I’m so glad you thought your comment through, this makes it so much more funny. Which is rather typical for you isn’t it Toxic Box ? I can see now why you have the Avatar that looks like a turd, Because you are so full of shit

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