The Shadow over Blackmore [v0.3.3] [Darktoz]

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  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe left to roll back
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
  • swipe up&down to toggle a small window with memory usage information
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

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Editor's Rating

Story - The biggest positive quality of The Shadow over Blackmore is the way it introduces intriguing characters at a comfortable pace, allowing curiosity to flourish. The developer has skillfully fleshed out these characters without overwhelming players with excessive dialogue or lore. The aesthetic designs of all characters are outstanding, drawing players into the world and contributing to the captivating femdom scenes. - 78%
Visual - The visual aspect of The Shadow over Blackmore shines brightly. The game presents captivating aesthetic designs for its characters, which play an essential role in the overall experience, particularly during the femdom scenes.The game's animated scenes elevate the experience beyond static images typically found in similar titles, making it a standout feature that players will appreciate. - 86%
Engagement - The Shadow over Blackmore offers a satisfying and immersive experience overall.The game delivers significant content that leaves players yearning for more. However, certain scenes feel like missed opportunities, reducing their impact. - 70%
Core Loop - The core loop of The Shadow over Blackmore revolves around exploration and interaction with the game's intriguing characters. The allure of the femdom scenes creates anticipation and enhances the overall experience. However, there are missed opportunities to provide the protagonist with a more active role in certain scenes. - 61%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 3.31 ( 26 votes)

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  1. More tranny trash gay grooming garbage. Trying to create more deluded crazy faggots.

    1. Stay in you bubble world continuing thinking that if this what you want.
      Anyway, you can erase this reality in the game by pulling the cursor to the far left when requested (5th preview image ; the text and image changes according to the value of the cursor).

  2. And lol, among all the possible forced sex scenes, you think that the rime-job was the one to put ? Yes there is no penetration with this practice, but this is also one the most disgusting (for me at least).
    Anyway, the whole shower scene don’t make any sens since we all know that she don’t have to shower him herself to ensure that he is showered.

  3. Well, the graphics are good, the French translation looks ok (though, could have been better if reviewed by a real translator), but the questions and answers related to the why he should drink the fucking mixture are blank and stupid.
    You could have avoid giving us such bullshit by replacing the current mixture with a more appealing one that have sufficient LSD in it. Yes, it would have made the whole scene shorter, but at least it would have been more credible with less bullshit.
    Also, the part concerning how they’ve find about him is also blank. Yes, we can find many thing about someone, but you still have to know that this someone exists first. So the explanations and the lack of interest to this part from the MC leave to be desired as it stand currently.
    Well, the answer to the last question (just above the choice to drink) would make anyone with a modicum of common sens retract.
    So in short, an explanation revealing a more subtle approach involving a mixture that might do asks less questions would have been wiser.

    1. Ok, forget about the LSD now that I understand better the whole thing, but still, the explanation as it is currently would raise many question to anyone.
      Also, the parts I see that are still in English show that the English version should be reviewed too (I guess the original language is Russian).
      Anyway, though the MC seem not overly dumb, he sometime state things that really make little sense. For example, one of the most obvious stupidity he show is when Elliot says that they all have the same kind of dreams and he ask to himself : “How the fuck does he know that!?” ; Well, the answer is pretty obvious for anyone with more than three brain-cells.

      I would also like to inform that the scene where Nico is at the gate is either bug-ed or very lag-ed.

      There is also a certain path that I tried that made me at the same time angry against the organizers and sad for the other boy knowing what’s waiting for him (and knowing that it… well, you know).
      Anyway, I’m curious to see what the future updates (if any) will bring. Curious about what it will be with Vivienne but also about what’s the deal with the lich (well, just my guess in what it is).

  4. Very nice femdom game. I like this. Cool wooman, nice picture. But i want the whole games, not part)) many time passed from the presentation. Please, finish game)))

  5. If there was a way to choose to BE THE DOM, or to turn the tables; I might bother downloading this.
    As it stands, none of the content is what I’m into, and most of it would piss me off.
    If it floats your boat, you can give it a shot, but it’s a pass for me until MALE DOM is a viable option.
    I’d mind less that FemDom is in the game if it wasn’t the core, or I had the option to deny the scenes.
    I like far less that there is no CHOICE.

  6. I posted this before but it got deleted. Just like many of my comments. I’ll have to update my tactics because the nwo wants you weakened or dead and the gay agenda is part of the dead. It’s a death cult.

    Anyway I will explain what a pervert is. A pervert is someone who does perversion. In that they use something in a way it was not created to be used. Like having things shoved in your ass. The asshole is for expelling waste. Sex is for procreation. Just like eating serves a natural function. If you eat gravel you are trying to pervert this function and you are being a nut job to boot. Just like being a fag.

    1. The dictionary definition of pervert is actually: someone who engages in sexual acts which are outside of the societal norm. Hence they do things that are considered odd. Strange, or outright wrong, to most people in their society. Anal frankly no longer counts (though it is less common for STRAIGHT men to engage in on themselves, at any rate; there’s plenty of examples on any porn site)

      Things like bestiality, sex with the underaged, necrophilia are all fine examples of actual “perversions.” Most people, and most Devs who use it to neg their male main characters are in fact using it wrong. It’s not “dirty” talk. It’s an insult. Directly. There’s no debate about it. Someone calls you a pervert, what they’re actually calling you is a sexual freak that they don’t agree with.

          1. Everything predicted is happening. Also the Soviet Union used to say you were nuts and tried to put you on drugs if you didn’t go along with their failing bullshit.

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