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The Fiery Scion [Update 17c] [Vander]

Download for Windows/ Linux - PART 1

Download for Windows/ Linux - PART 2

Download for Mac - PART 1

Download for Mac - PART 2

Download for Android

If you have a PowerVR GPU and the game is crashing, then Download this and put it in Documents/DA/da.game_name/game/here

This is part 2. If you are a new player, download part 1. If you are a returning one, your save should be transferred automatically, as long as you saved at the end of update 12, when it asks you to.


Modder Note: The mod for part 2 uses an updated mod core, compared to part 1.You should have a look at the mod settings and reset the filters, since they will be different and might filter out the wrong choices! Click on Quick Menu > Mod > Settings > Route Filter > Reset

  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe left to roll back
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
  • swipe up&down to toggle a small window with memory usage information
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

Download Multi- mod

SPOILER: Features
Change MC’s name
Choices that set flags are marked and
Those choices can be changed via the mod menu
Options to customize the textbox
Select routes
Optional auto-forward for single choice menus

SPOILER: Installation / Deinstallation / Change-Log / Dev-Notes

SPOILER: Installation
Download archive
Extract archive
Copy/Merge with game folder

SPOILER: DeiInstallation
Delete folder “PathToTFS/game/mod”.

SPOILER: Change-Log
2023-08-16: Initial Release

SPOILER: Dev notes
The game is mostly linear and choices are often more flavour than anything else.
So, it’s mostly a UI-Mod with some walkthrough functionality. If there’s more to come I will update it, but not every update will bring new choices that actually matter or set any variable.

You can also mail us at :-

Editor's Rating

Story - 80%
Visual - 65%
Engagement - 75%
Core Loop - 71%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 4.45 ( 33 votes)

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  1. These idiots think that they are cool by typing such nonsense they don’t even understand the point why he married to elf princess and rejected the marriage proposal of princess Sarah. And yet they are giving him orders what to do what not to do. They even have not paid the developer if want do this nonsense atleast support him on his patreon page or else won’t say anything just enjoy the game.

    1. If you’re referring to my post specifically I’ll tell you the same I told Vomond. READ the post in full, before you spout off. I was not confused as to either event; I was confused as to why the dev WOULD allow one, but NOT the other. IN. A. HAREM!

      A suggestion is not an order. I do not expect to be obeyed. I do not demand to have X happen. I may sound like I do when I type a comment angrily, and guess what; so do most of us. Ask me if I think the dev really gives a flying ‘how do you do’ about what I think he should do. Come on man. We’re all some rando on the interwebs here. It’s his game. The best I will ever be able to do, and I will say it plain as I have explained it several times under a different name; is offer help. Suggestions, or critique. Means to improve, as they so choose. Or not.

      You could take your own advice, much like Vomond, and re-read your own last sentence. You won’t, I know, but you could. Frankly even those that PAY the dev do not get the full guaranteed vote on what they’ll put into a game. It’s more like hedging a bet. Even then it’s money down a well until the game is fully finished and put out completely playable. There are plenty of devs that can and should be able to fund their OWN work. Not all of us can afford to donate to every game we play, and I don’t consider myself “lesser” for it. Do you donate anything to the games you enjoy? Think about that before you write such comments. Because if you do, then fine. You’re better off than a LOT of players here. If you don’t, again… might want to re-read your own last sentence and take your own advice on it.

      1. given how the story is going and what is said between the two chars yours and the princess human one it is likely they will end up married at a later date in the game as it is mentioned the only reason your char refuses is due to the queen trying to force you to do so which is due to the advice of the demon posing as her advisor but you do mention to the princess this is the reason for not agreeing and that you do find her good looking and if things were different you would marry her so im thinking it may come later once things between the royal family and yours are fixed

  2. For those who first came in, do not listen to the comments that are written by these stupid incomprehensible haters! The project is very beautiful with a very beautiful plot and good graphics download and take a look! What I can note from the minuses is not the top animation! PS. For the Developer, do not listen to haters, continue to make your fantasy as this is your story and not someone else’s!!!!

  3. First, I would question why you will allow a marriage between an elven princess and MC; but you disallowed the marriage that Serah WANTED unequivocally (she was not pushed into it, politically as far as we know) it’s a little curious. I will say if you had brought up the fact maybe MC doesn’t trust the demonic influence point; or what she will actually do about her elder daughter, and wouldn’t want that to affect whatever comes with Serah until X pans out… that would be a better explanation for his refusal. It shows he does have some sense besides “I don’t like that she’d be the one calling the shots” (Which again, if she’s married and at all aware of any sort of submissive tendencies, or that it’s medieval times in general, would only happen in public as the Queen. When that happens; and he would still have influence with her, privately even more so, as the King Consort)

    I am pleased that you’d allow the elf princess to be married – I would have made it less dithering about it, but at least you’re making happen what should. It’s a little low brow to make one of the girls comment that he’s taken worse looking and less talented females. (Sour Grapes?) But again, you went through with it. Personally, I kind of would like to see it become a princess collectathon now. [ It would even let you make the joke in party of “Your Princess Is In Another Castle…” ] Which would grant that Serah could still become a potential wife in the future – regardless of what MC seems to think at the moment (which should still be player choice – and at the end of the day, it would have been nice for the marriage to the elf to be player choice as well. Wherein the player could take or leave the intended consequences, and as well get final say about who is in the MC’s Harem)

    You do get major points for the Tiger cub by the way. Now the question is, will you actually let the Player name him?
    Is he going to be a Battle Cat; or a Thundercat? Like The Beastmaster, it could be one way to give MC Sight Beyond Sight. Since he’s sort of a- Ho! (I do forget whether you gave him a sword, or an axe… but hey, at least it’s not Golden. Yet) Final point, Arwen’s sister also seemed rather interested and there was a point in the wording that made her seem like she would be down to marry MC as well. So if we’re going for strict political advantage to shore up the ratification = there’s no reason to settle for JUST the princess. On a chess board, there is no princess marked. End of the day, it’s your call. It’s your story, and even if I’ve disagreed with a few points or might be jumping the gun on some important revelations about MC in the long run, I did and do want to be supportive.

    The lack of player input in story choices is frustrating. The fact MC is so stubborn; and considers themselves so worthless is perhaps too much projection on your end. He is powerful, his heritage allows for literally any cap you want, as you haven’t named what his father is yet. He should believe he IS worth following; and no woman will stick with a guy so inclined all of the time to put themselves that far down. Humble and modest do not mean beat yourself into the ground. He’s going to rule at the very least one township so far. He’s GOING to have to LEARN to be more political. To take charge and make decisions. If you can do it for whether or not he kills a freaking troll man; why exactly did you feel the need to make the horniest man on your fictional planet thus shown, have to call “Daddy” to figure out whether it’s okay that he wants to stick his dick into a hot little very willing elf girl? Especially when he was told multiple times this WOULD solve the political conundrum. He’d not a seven year old, and he shouldn’t need that much support. Not if he’s going to rule even his own home. Nevermind a castle or a township. Or even a nation, or a continent. Needless to say there’s still a lot of work going forward, but I will share that I can see you’re at least willing to listen to criticisms. Make improvements. Whether they be mine at the end or not.

    1. What a warming feeling when there’s an idiots plot ripping their asses! I can advise the developer to continue in the same spirit and listen less to the upper Internet!

      1. thats a dumb take. anyone making content is open to critique. the fact that the commenter was willing to put so much time into showing his constructive criticism about the project shows care for it (plus his warranted frustrations), not distaste or hate

      2. First, Thank You, I will always appreciate support – Pip

        Second – Vomond:

        That WAS me being nice. I’d commented under “No” before, and I’ve received criticisms that I’m too negative. Even to the point people don’t seem to understand the name is an in joke I find personally funny. So I tried to be more contructive. More polite. You still call me an “idiot” without offering your own conclusions about the game, and somehow consider me “upper internet” (which actually implies higher tier in content) but I’m the idiot? Okay.

        I WANT to like this game. However, a harem is a specific genre; and a RULER which he states the MC will eventually be, HAS to be able to LEAD. There is a certain level of confidence expected on that point. There is a level of Player Choice implied in the whole genre. Which thus far have neither been shown, nor allowed. That will irk more players than it draws in. Even if the only thing this Dev cares about is the subscriber count. The plot point where he denies Serah was unclear as to why exactly – except for a flawed vision of Matriarchal rule, which actively denies the LORE of why Harems are important to this world and allowed. Nevermind encouraged. As well as denegrating men for no reason, which as the MC he also does far too much to believe any of the females would truly stay with him. Nevermind want to follow his commands in battle. The fact that he made it seem like the MC would again reject a potential suitor in the Druid just because he didn’t want to risk political engagement – WHILE ALREADY politically heavily engaged to start with I might add – is not well done. I expressed gratitude that beyond drawing it out, the dev did not repeat the same choice made against Serah’s actual proposal of marriage unbidden; and even gave a more cohesive reason why he might choose to refuse it. Which left the point open to the fact it could still in time be resolved. There are several paths still open to the dev to create a unique, interesting story. I am open to see it unfold; but I am not pleased with how the dev’s handled certain events currently, and I offered solutions they may or not choose to consider. It will be their call. Absolutely. Like anyone that gets frustrated enough may choose to unsubscribe, or stop downloading it. No matter how far it eventually gets along.

        IF I were an idiot, could I do any of that? Perhaps instead of proving yourself what you accuse, think about the content expressed and comprehend it well before you decide it’s best to just hurl random insults. I’m neither stupid, and as you commented above about my reviews as No; if you can’t comprehend my writings, that’s more a problem on your end you might want to deal with. If you will choose to. A person willing to be a student, can never stop learning. A true idiot, will never admit he might want, or actually has to. Good day.

  4. The “Update Only” file is missing all graphics so once you hit the new content from your old save you get text with black screens. SMDH.

  5. So the latest update has a monster fight. 1 question though. why do they look like Reaper Queens from Ark Survival Evolved?

  6. Ugh, the writing for this is juvenile and inconsistent at best. Dialog from the protag doesn’t even remotely match the described character, the dev seems to have a penchant for obesity on many of the peripheral characters and I couldn’t progress because the ugh and cheese factor was just too much. For those that aren’t put off by the juvenile writing and inconsistency, enjoy.

  7. Okay, so after playing this last current update:

    – First, the disease thing was just an excuse for you to put black hinky shit all over the character models. You’re not going to kill anyone off. Dumbass.

    – Next: There was NO reason to release the elf slave from service = pull that BULLSHIT and you may as well release ALL of them; agree with what Estrid was saying and completely fuck your entire Classist premise. Fuck off with that. She did well and she gets to be MC’s woman. You are DONE.

    – Next: The druid better become either a concubine + or a party member/both. Do it as a point of actual diplomacy. The priestess from Ishtar can join too. [I still want to see a resolution with the queen’s cleric daughter. Serah does deserve BETTER than you’ve treated it in story; also what do you have against Player Choice??? If you’re willing to reward a house elf dipshit, you can reward the one good and actually useful princess – who is a powerful cleric, and I originally thought you were death flagging Maria with – who also actually WANTS to marry MC… There are not enough faces to palm here. I could palm every face currently in the world, and it would not be enough] * If she’s underage in canon and you intend to add later, it would have been nice to have that written out, or put in brackets for the player to see as Dramatic Irony. So you don’t piss a chunk of the fanbase off, trying to cock block a Harem Lead for no logical reason.

    – Next: A dwarf. A fucking dwarf… is the ONLY sex scene in the entire update. While you have the queen’s daughter. You have Adah; Erika. Kess. You have Estrid who frankly didn’t need to be such a CUNT (and I really hate that word…) You literally had Avilla and Aofie ask to share MC’s bed… and you MAKE us watch him fuck a damned dwarf. Who later admits she’s “Middle Aged” and “difficult to get pregnant” What. The. Fuck?!? [Again, I mind it less in general than I find great offense that there IS NO PLAYER CHOICE!]

    * It’s fine if you don’t want to take my advice, but Jesus dude. Just because there’s more than one race, and just because there’s a lot of “fetish” you can induldge does not mean MC has to be attracted to or fuck all of them. If the point is to breed more women in general – you do know that ATTRACTION plays heavily into that. Dwarves are generally not considered that attractive. Neither are Gnomes. Neither are goblins, in case you get any bright ideas. What’s next; you gonna make him fuck an orc? (I swear to Christ if you do I’m going to know you’re a troll Dev and I will stop bothering to download. Because if you’re going to bork your own story just to get one over on your audience, you don’t deserve support)

    One more chance. That’s all. Go somewhere with the story that either implies things will move forward with the IMPORTANT females (Serah, The Queen, the elf druid princess/her mom/Avilla and the marriage or the OTHER party members) or you can fuck right off for anything else you put up. There’s only so much leeway I’ll give to the excuse of being new to programming. Yours is just about done. There’s also as I’ve said, the clothing designer who’s Daddy said no; and the priestess you’ve now just shunted off to the side. Brilliant move that. Frankly, make the druid take a few days to a week to heal – do the Ishtar quest in the interim, escort the bloody idiot elf. You are done, no one is pissed off. She doesn’t have to be up and at em just in time to bork the intended quest that’s already scheduled and fairly important to a RELIGIOUS individual (Historically, you should know it was those in power of religion that vested a king or queen with their “divine” rights… so the Queen can fuck right off with her assumption to jump the line – if elves are that eager to war, let the MC burn them ALL)

    ** Also = Stop Underpowering the MC! The gulf between Karla and MC should not be similar to the gulf between Daddy & MC. Experience does NOT necessarily trump raw magical output. You’re mixing up your canon. You already had Daddy spout on about how much potential MC has and how powerful he is at base… DO NOT fuck with that. I don’t care if you want to say the MC is self-deprecating, depressive, overly hard on himself, or not the best judge of his own powers’ scale. Just fuck off. He is Daddy’s Heir. Which means the more experienced male believes he CAN do the job. Read my above comment about ascension. It SHOULD be your end game, and then you also don’t have to worry about what you said as far as concerns in power. God trumps mage. Even an arch mage. There is a right way to pace things, and scale them up, and then there is what you’re doing. Best I can say is I’m giving this story one more chance. Then it’ll be Good luck, good day and I wash my hands. Next update, all that black fungal bullshit should be gone, and never come back again. You do realize that most of us play these games for at the very least, tittilation. Guess what doesn’t arouse me? Seeing every freaking character look like the black ring I can’t get rid of around my damned toilet. : /

    1. It’s funny how you think the dev is reading your comment.

      You understand that you are on a pirate website, right?

      1. Devs do actually read them, sometimes. It’s how some of them will learn what they need to fix in coding. There are certain sites they’re more likely to check, but it’s not impossible. So if they ever choose to, my critiques or demi reviews are there for them to do so. I actually did get at least one response on this site from a dev on “My Dorm.” Beyond that, when I was a professionally paid reviewer on another adult game site, I wrote a review that was commented on by the dev. Battle for Luvia: Armored Romance. Both sites were “pirate” websites. By the way, if the devs post them for Free Downloads, it’s not really a pirate site. It’s just spreading word of mouth hoping to catch a fish or a whale in many cases who will pay their way.

    2. If you’re not going to make Serah a possible choice – fucking stop bringing her up. At all. I don’t give a rat’s ass what the political reasoning is (and so far you haven’t shown me a damned thing that says she couldn’t be the sort of queen that would BEND FOR HER CONSORT!!! – She might be queen; but she DOES NOT automatically NEED to be the boss, dipshit) Now you’re just trying to piss your audience off.

      Again, fix this. Fix it, ASAP – I dont’ care if it’s a build up to Serah literally BEGGING MC to marry her; because there IS NO ONE ELSE!!! – Just Jesus fucking god damned Christ man. You are the one that billed this a bloody harem. Guess what that means = Players GET TO CHOOSE who the fuck they take into the harem or NOT. Dumb Ass. It’s one of the absolute CORE pillars of the genre. And you have fucked it around with more than just the blasted princess. I’m counting this as two and a half strikes. Freaking put it in brackets before you begin the next god damned part of the story with the next update – yes or no. Because other than that you’re just writing the MC to be an arse for no reason. Screw off with that.

      1. What a warming feeling when there’s an idiots plot ripping their asses! I can advise the developer to continue in the same spirit and listen less to the upper Internet!

        1. You do realize you calling anyone an idiot when you copy and paste your damned responses is absolutely the pot calling the kettle black, right?

          Also to the Dev: FUCK OFF with “You can only marry one priestess…” IT. IS. A. HAREM. GAME! There IS NO CHOOSE BETWEEN GIRLS. It’s DO YOU WANT TO FUCK AND KEEP THIS GIRL? Yes, or No. That’s it. Joan AND Helen had both better be able to marry MC or THIS IS NOT PROPERLY A FUCKING HAREM. Learn the genre you tag your own game with. Jesus fucking Christ it’s almost as bad as you making MC deny a marriage with Sarah out of hand. I still have not forgiven you for that oversight, and am waiting for you to correct it. And by the way; The shop keeper’s assistant??? Really… The SHOP KEEPER WAS PERFECTLY WILLING TO MARRY MC Before you made her father be an ass about it. With him yeeted out of the game = SHE SHOULD BE IN THE GODDAMNED HAREM!!!

          This is NOT hard math buddy. Once again you’re on thin ice. I’ll give you two more updates to start working toward getting all of the girls you introduced into the harem officially.

          The list stands at EVERY GIRL IN THE ADVENTURING GROUP.
          – Sarah.
          – Adah
          – Viveine (the muscle girl with the giant axe)
          – Suter
          – Sariel (Fuck off, it’s the MC’s Power Fantasy and the best way to do that is to RULE)
          – What the hell happened to the slave MC took for her crimes against the crown? Because she’s on the list too.
          – The pretty elf girl that was bathing in the stream and seemed interested (You pick some weird assed names and fuck me if I can recall them)
          – Literally ANY other hot girl you render in game.

          * By the way: Exhibitionism DOES NOT MEAN I WANT, OR NEED TO SEE ASAMBE FUCK HIS WIVES IN A HAREM GAME!!! The ONLY GUY WHO SHOULD BE FUCKING WOMEN IN A HAREM IS THE MAIN GODDAMED CHARACTER. YOU DUMBASS. They can either fuck off screen, after watching MC fuck the new girl; or Asambe SHOULD DIE IN THE BATTLE = MC should get to claim his women, including the sister (and NONE OF THEM NEEDED TO ALREADY BE PREGNANT!!!) You are fucking around with a kink you clearly don’t understand as well as you think you do, and fucking up the core of a genre.

          1. As of this current update of 16b = Thank you for finally getting Sarah right. I also like the compromise because of the WORDPLAY in the contract.

            Just REMEMBER: Sariel COUNTS as one of that house’s women. She SHOULD be pursueable/breedable as well; and the reward for all that waiting in pay off is that we get to give BOTH of them MC’s jewelry to wear, and have them be willing to be his woman. (Yes, I know that Sariel should also be the VERY LAST on that list. For however many cousins/aunts/neices/Sisters and servants you decide to create) * By that point: Sariel should be impressed enough/desirous enough of MC’s abilities either as a battlemage or a breeder, that she WANTS to have a go at it. Even if it’s her last one. Especially because you might be a dick, and make it her last one.

            I’ve nothing bad to say about this update really other than it was a bit short. I do hope you’ll include the skyboat captain in the harem list. You just can’t give her such beautiful tits and then say no man. I’m still very hopeful we’ll add Arwyn’s sister to the list as well. Frankly you could go BDSM and have MC able to punish Arwyn’s Mom by order of his new wife the elf queen; by breeding her and breaking her into a ball of molten sexually satisfied pleasure. Not all of his women need to be “Good” if you’re going to do the slave aspect. They just need to be willing, and obedient. ALL of the priestess’ of Ishtar – and now at least the Asian looking Sister of whatever the hell you made the war god faction. Also, don’t leave Laura on the side lines much longer. Let the MC go for a ginger hat trick. If she’s willing to let him fuck and breed and keep her daughters; why shouldn’t she get a happier ending? You basically made the same damned character with slightly different body types three times over. As well, all of the females I listed in the comment (which is my own) that I am adding on to with this reply, I’d still want to see added to the harem. I’d even say Asambe should end up flambed, by someone OTHER than MC; and all of his women should petition to be claimed by MC (The pregnant one could lose the child in the battle while trying to protect Asambe, or have to give birth early by stress, and have it die by complications – which leaves her free to be claimed properly, and fixes – if inelegantly -the fuck up of making her pregnant by another male in the first place…) because MC’s the strongest male in the city that can actually protect them. But that’s just me, and as I said, I don’t think ANYONE else besides the MC should be doing the fucking of women in a harem game. At all. It’s not necessary, it confuses the core of the genre, and it makes the power fantasy blunted. I waited long enough for you to give in about Sarah. I don’t mind waiting longer to see that this game ends as a proper harem, with player input given to the list as is best done. (I genuinely do appreciate you’re being willing to bend about Sarah. Means you are in fact willing to take constructive criticisms and improve the work)

            ** Special point: Can you please stop fucking around about Kess’ body image issues just to cock block her from joining the harem? The same thing with Erika and you have to beat the fuck out of a demon before I’ll let you breed my ornery arse. (She CAN’T beat a demon! = There is NO VIABLE reason for her to have such an illogical expectation before she spreads her legs) Frankly if you DO make him a half demon; that would be a point you could argue he beats the demon in him EVERY. DAY. She KNOWS based on what she’s seen that the MC has a FAR BETTER chance than she ever will (without serious upgrades to her weapons and armor) of actually besting a demon in combat. So the arbitrary bar is just you blue-balling the audience. Most of us know this; and I doubt many are all that pleased about it.

            I also still want to know what this bastard’s father was. There’s got to be a reason for the no neural degeneration thing. Ifirits were pretty close to gods. He could be a minor fire god or a god of the forge. I’m still of the mind the MC doesn’t necessarily need to be mortal at the end. Nor is the story best served by making him half demon = unless you get to the point it really doesn’t matter that he is to his women at the actual end of the story. Because he’s got bonds he wants to protect and WILL side against “His own people.” (Because his women are the ones he counts as his true own people)

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