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Usage additional swipe commandos:
– Swipe left: back
– Swipe right: skip
– Swipe up: main menu
– Swipe down: hide


The game saves are stored now in a persistent folder and should be available even when the game is deinstalled
Location: “(your device)\RenPy_Saves\com.koga3.thedelucafamily”

– You have to grant the permission for the external/second save storage use when starting the game for the first time.
– On some devices the game seems to stuck on the very first start after you granted the permission.
Please close the game completely and restart it, it should work after that without that issue again.


Download Walkthrough Mod


The Walkthrough shows points and or highlights the choices.


PC/MAC: Replace/Merge with the “game” folder.

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Quick write-up/walkthrough for first contracts – D Rank:

Completing Side Missions with the girls increases stats.
Completing all of Gracie’s increases Intelligence +3
Isabel’s increase Charisma +3
Luna’s increase Agility +3

Promotion Event will also provide additional stats. Make sure that you collect the Reward, with Luna!

SPOILER: Contract 1: Nimble Fingers
Contract 1: Nimble Fingers

Buy Stealth hat & the Stealth trousers from Shop.
Equip them in Equipment.

First go to the square furthest East and pet the dog x5 to receive a Painkiller.
Remember this square for later. When your Perception is +4, or higher, an old man will appear here. He will give you some back story about your Father, then give you the Lock Glasses (Legendary), Mission reward .

Go North to the couple.
At first you will not have much, in the way of stats.
The Stealth hat & trousers enabled me to steal the jacket, from the couple in the NE corner.
I did not attempt to confront the guy, as wanted more Strength first.

I then went all the way to the West.
Then North to the market & bought the book, for $20 (why I only bought the hat & trousers), without attempting to barter. This grants +1 Knowledge.
Go South, Explore, Interact.
Choose the “house on the left”. Stealth check here. (The Stealth from the hat & trousers will be enough to obtain the Jewelry.)
Do not approach the “house on the right”, unless you have Charisma +3/Knowledge +1 & Intelligence +4.

If you fail any checks, you can regain +1MP in the square to the East of the houses. Choose Explore.

Go back to the starting square and Interact, then Exit.
Repeat this until you rise up a couple of ranks & can purchase the Long Coat.

Once you raise your Attack to at least +3, you can go North to the Museum. Interact with the guard & choose Attack. Then be honest about being with DeLuca Family.
He will then provide you with a pouch, for extra money & XP.
You will also unlock Special Render: Snow Serpent.

When you feel confident with the couple, you can choose to confront them.
With high enough Agility, I basically Evade, until there’s something which suggests an opening, then I Attack.
Gained S Rank (zero failures) easily, like this.
Winning this fight with S Rank unlocks Special Render: Mommy’s Good Girl.
A Rank got me the Hardened Gloves (R). I failed Strength check, during the Fight. 1 failure got me the A Rank.

SPOILER: *Easter egg found here

Once you raise your Charisma, or Knowledge, + Intelligence, you can approach the “house on the right”.
Interact with Bikini Girl to gain her ring.
You have stat checks here. Needs Charisma +3 or Knowledge +1, as well as Intelligence +4.
Special Render: Floating Pink is gained here.

Ring & Book are one time only, so max return from this contract, once they are gained, is: Pouch from guard, painkiller from dog, jacket from couple, wallet after beating guy from couple in fight, Jewelry from house on the left.
Should provide around $150.

SPOILER: Contract 2: The Snooping Bonans (Evening)
Contract 2: The Snooping Bonans (Evening)

This one, you need to pass a few stat checks.
Initially head East, then North. Here you will have a Perception +3 check and a Stealth +7 check.
If you fail checks, you lose MP. Drinking in The Tavern, SW square, will fully refill them.
Head North and you will have a Charisma +3 check, this time you get the option to get a drink with Leilana, or kiss her.
Head West to get another Stealth +7 check & the Contract is completed.
This will gain you the Fedora (R).
Special Render: Spy Duo, requires Stealth 7, Charisma 3, Perception 3.

SPOILER: Contract 3: The Delivery Boy
Contract 3: The Delivery Boy

If you have high enough stats, this mission is very quick.
The opening conversation with the Nuns presents 2x stat checks, Intelligence +4 & Charisma +5, if you pass them both, you simply go West to the Market, Interact, collect the Delivery Package then return to the Church to complete the contract and receive Special Render: I’m A Hero.

To gain the Holy Pants, you need to fail one of the stat checks.
When you fail it you will need to go to the Market, collect the Flag, go to the NW corner & plant the flag. Choose “Screw this” and then return to the Church.
This will grant you a scene and the Holy Pants (Epic).
Then you can Interact, collect the cross from the Nun, return to the Market & collect the Delivery Package, then return to the Church.

SPOILER: Contract 4: The Bonanzo Meeting (Evening)
Contract 4: The Bonanzo Meeting (Evening)

Go West, Charisma check.
Go North, Agility check. Explore. Special Render: Spy Trio here.
Return South, then West.
Go all the way North, Stealth check here.
Mission ends.

SPOILER: Contract 5: The Painter
Contract 5: The Painter

This one go immediately North, then East to the Painter’s studio. Interact. Ask about the old man & the young woman.
Then go far West, to The Tavern.
Interact, choose “DeLuca family”, then “Take care what you say.”
You need Threat to be minimum zero to pass the stat check here.
Buy the round $20.
Finish the conversation, this will also add MP, if you need them.
Go North, to the square with one either side. Here you have a Perception check.
When you pass, you become aware of something to the East.
Go West to collect Special Render: I See Through You. (Where you’re wolf whistled by an old lady.)
Return East, Interact, “Look Around”. Perception check, then Stealth check here.
Complete the conversation, do not “Steal the painting.”
Go West, then North. Interact. Choose “Confession is good for the soul”. Charisma check here.
Go North, to Cemetery. Interact. Knowledge check here. Also Perception check here, for Special Render: Cute Gracie.

SPOILER: Cute Gracie Unlock
Return to where you met the girl. Choose “Confront the girl”.
Return to Painter’s studio. Interact.
This provides True Ending and awards the Bulletproof Vest (Rare).

SPOILER: Special Contract: Rescue the Assassin
Special Contract: Rescue the Assassin

To gain Special Render: Chibi Isabel, from the Entrance go North, then East, then South.
Requires Perception +6 & Strength +4.
Also awards 2 x Energy Pills + £1000.

Then travel South, to the furthest point, there are a couple of fights along the way, choose Fight for each.
When you get to the bottom room you meet Siobhan, The Scorpion Princess. She’s the girl we had the image of in the previews.
She gives us the Ombra Sigil, which means no more combat.
The square N, E, from her awards:
Ombra Pants: Almost all the way to the South, then East (the room with rotten food and other trash).
From there go all the way North.
Ombra Shirt: Almost at the end of the mission, furthest room to the North, Shower room.
Then the room to the East ends the mission.

n.b. Lower tier versions of some rewards are available, such as the Fedora.
Stat checks shown here are aiming for the highest versions, but lower ones are available.

You can also mail us at :-

Editor's Rating

Story - 93%
Visual - 90%
Engagement - 70%
Core Loop - 87%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 4.08 ( 71 votes)

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    1. Ah, apologies for the above, we got it to happen after going through Gracie’s story. Good Day/Evening, all! Hope you all enjoy your time with your games or IRL.

  1. Story is good and girls are nice (visual + interesting personality).
    I honestly can’t figure out how anyone can come up with something like that in a AVN but the contract gameplay is an absolute disaster. Seriously we are playing in a Adult VISUAL Novel…any struggles to understand VISUAL????
    Even in the 80′ games with the “go left, go north….right path is closed, left path is close….in front you see a building”….fuck, 1 render and you can save all the text and make it playable.
    Besides this the game is pleasant, good thing you don’t need build un skills by doing 100X gym, 100X sneaking, or grind with the girls 100X the same scene go get 1 step forward….
    No much lewd scenes but based on the current quality of animations…not a big miss.
    I especially like the pace of the relationships. Girls are not some lustfully sluts jumping on MC at first sight and he does have to create a real connection with them first.
    The logs could be improved as sometimes it’s not clear what Mc is supposed to do to move forward.
    Some little bugs like showing in places they are not (both sister in living room while none is there or same girls in 2 places (often bath)) during freeroam but nothing mayor.
    All in all, worth the play if not looking for a fap game.

    1. ok so i’m confused by the red choices normally red means bad so i have chosen to not pick them is it the same for this one or am i missing content by not picking them?

      1. Red choices generally are about choosing the bad boy path…like in most games red is not always about bad choice but diffrent path (Romance/love vs Dominant/Bad/Evil/Blackmail….).
        In most cases it’s about how some scenes roll out or different endings. Each path has generally his own content.
        The walkthrough can help your decisions.

    2. Apparently the retard dev doesn’t know what Adult means either since there is almost no porn in this useless trash.

      I guess if you like reading garbage for hours on end and staring at bitches you never get to do anything with like a goddamn cuck, then this shit is your game.

      1. well then since YOU don’t actually get to do anything with these girls yourself and your just staring at them regardless i guess that DOES make you a goddamn cuck

  2. There is a problem with the safe files. If you save and reload your game, you start from beginning with nothing in youre inventory. Playing for 5 hours was wastet time. Collect some legendary and rare items to lose them when I load the game next day… Please fix it as soon as possible. The game seems great but with the current problem it’s not worth playing…

  3. A couple of things that still need fixing with this game…
    The laptop doesn’t display Luna’s recordings properly.
    Gallery needs updating to include all video’s.

  4. Oh goodie. There’s another non-update of an update that does absolutely nothing with the story. Well, nothing other than milk the retards subscribed to the Patreon that is.

  5. Considering the length in time between the last time I played this and the current update; I had actually thought this was abandoned. Given that length in time – and the minimal framework in the game being honest, I can’t see why it IS taking that long. Not with what I can see in the changelogs. The system for advancement never actually showed more than RNG pass/fail (more often being one than the other in fact >.< ) The story is needlessly convoluted (and I'd expected to be honest that it would be Semi Incest with some secret blood connection to the family head for how special he was treated… except by ANYONE you can romance)

    You seem to deviate between wanting to threaten the MC because this is a mafia style game, and being at least marginally aware that he IS the MC. Which means avatar to the player and cornerstone of your whole game; so you CAN'T really kill him off, which means the threats have NO TEETH. That's tonally jarring. There's the fact that the excuse for why it isn't Incest makes less sense than it actually being some level of incest, as to why the Matriarch (who looks about 30 the last time I checked, so really that's attractive but also weird) would favor MC as much as she does. She CAN'T be a stone cold/ruthless bitch who reads literally emotionless [And a reference to the fairy tale The Snow Queen] IF she's going to be charmed by the dumbfuck you made the MC for trying to make a "blank slate" (Which fails because you gave him a freaking back story – which means he does have a defined character and personality, genius) Tonal dissonance.

    The girls are all fairly hot; but one of them is pointlessly married and perhaps sexless (would recommend definitely, as NTR is very charged – and frankly I would straight up prefer you just admit/accept this should be a HAREM game) one is the standard anything you can do I can do better, combat badass broken bitch that needs to be "fixed," the Ice Queen, the bimbo who's somehow the freaking smartest of them all… Right. * Cryptkeeper calls Bullshit * There's the girl who got put in a cell, and fuck knows where that will go, who now owes MC her life because of a failed assassination attempt. His own Mom apparently poisoned him to keep him alive if it was tried (which is a real life concept, I know. I've seen princess bride, and looked it up) which is still stupid because the consequence is shortened lifespan over all – It's STILL POISON! It will fuck you up even if it doesn't kill you… – There's the fact that you can date them all at the same time and is required to progress the freaking story [Hence Just add Harem in the tags already because fuck off if there's going to be ANY consequence that doesn't end with even the brother's wife carrying MC's baby at the end… and at least engaged to him, in a hand-fasting… but we'll get there. Don't worry]

    Adding in a combat system this late in the game is taking more work onto yourself than I think you really can or want to do. The renders that showed combat really only let the GIRLS be impressive and that does NOT speak well for your MC; who is technically not an actual part of the family and yet still treated as good as royal. Which WOULD work in a harem. It doesn't work otherwise. Him rising in the ranks as a work horse, does work if he can actually be shown to be learning to fight. So far as I have played since the last time I bothered with an update for the waiting length, you had not. So why bother, except to slow the progress to a snail's pace. When it already was to start with. Whoopie, you got engaged – and for some reason thought anyone here needed to know that about your personal life… o.O You know what that tells me? This game IS NOT and never will be your focused priority.

    I already wrote a review on it, for another site, and I meant every word. Based on what I see in the changelogs, I'll give the game one last shot – the NEXT time you bother updating it. Because there's not that much I can see that has any actual progress, and I'm not wasting gigs worth of space just to get 15 actual minutes of new playtime. So good job, congratulating yourself buddy. You know how pathetic that makes you seem, right? I guess not, but really. Good. For. You. You got engaged, and bragged to everybody playing a PORN game, at home. On a PORN site. That you have somebody. That someone valued you enough, somehow to choose you. Aren't you a special Pokemon. Do you feel shiny? That was truly legendary by the way. Might as well wait for Valentine's and suggest that 80% of us go buy a gun and do the world a favor. Jesus. [Your personal life is your own affair, and not necessary for your audience to know in the least; especially if it's going to conflict with the release of what I'd wager has given you enough money to be able to afford to date anyone. Which you were BEGGING for as a Paetron creator in the first place. I do not begrudge your happiness, but I'm not going to not call out when you potentially shoot yourself in the foot with your audience needlessly]

        1. Depends on whether or not you’re Matt Murdock; or have ADHD.
          Or use Twitch. If you’re any of those; I can’t help you.

    1. Saaaaadd!!
      Just watch porn.
      He does game as a hobby.
      When released he stated that there won’t be much lewd scenes in the beginning as he doesn’t have much time.Also it takes money.No money no work.
      Season 1 is finished.This games is a masterpiece.
      The writing and storytelling is amazing.
      Also in the game he says rendering will be better in future.Obviously lacked the necessary time and equipment.

      Unfortunately for you despite your thoughts…it’s getting a season 2.
      Number of patreons has increased and he is now doing it full time.
      And the number of people waiting for the release after that cliffhanger…wow!!
      Shot in the foot?? Not at all😭🤣
      The guy became a weapons master🙌🙏🫶

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