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The Assistant [Ch.2.8] [Backhole]

– Start a new game
– If you experience language problems at the beginning of the game, such as playing in English and reading sentences in Spanish or vice versa, start a new game, once, and the problem will be solved

Download for Windows/ Linux

Download for Mac

Download for Android

  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe left to roll back
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
  • swipe up&down to toggle a small window with memory usage information
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

Download Update Only - 2_7 to_2_8

Download Incest Patch

Content Changed

Enables incest.

Patch Instructions

– Unrar the file
– Copy the “game” folder and paste it in The Assistant main folder (not in the “game” subfolder). Replace files when prompted

Download Gallery Unlocker


Make sure the filename is gallery_unlocker.rpy and place in the /game/ folder.

You can also mail us at :-

Editor's Rating

Story - 71%
Visual - 83%
Engagement - 67%
Core Loop - 62%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 4.27 ( 107 votes)

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  1. This rating should be much higher – very well written, beautiful girls and animations, and a really nice erotic atmosphere and build-up

  2. wow, this game is very underrated. This is what an AVN should be. Really hot scenes. lots of hot girls anywhere from 18 to 40. most of these games are aimed at men for men. So why are so many AVNs written like their revenge on men? If you don’t believe most AVNs have an agenda just look at the score this game got. Should be in the top 90%. Animations could be better but it’s just a fantasy game. Not a deep story that makes you cry (because that’s what I want out of avn) Nope just a porn game made for men that just wanna live out a fantasy. Simple!

  3. Pretty women abound, young and milf, maybe even slightly older, with lots of choices. I will join the patreon when I start my new job.

  4. Great game. Unusual game, that it has woman with different body types. Some are really beautiful and some are ok, but that just makes the game better. Also rare that MC acts like adult horny man. More common behaviour for MC in these games is horny teen, even if the MC is 40 year old. Nothing bad in “shy teen MC” games, it is just refreshing to have MC that does not try to manipulate his way to suck mommy’s tit.

    Writing is good and feels like story is moving all the time. There is good balance on how much people talk about their history, emotions and how much the story moves on. It never feels like reading encyclopedia about NPC #7. Story itself is ok and does its job. It doesn’t feel like choices matter on story that much, but maybe ending will be different? Sex scenes, that are great, are main thing affected by choices. I personally don’t find these “violent torture criminal” -stories fitting for why i read these. It isn’t that erotic setting in my opinion. Almost perfect game 4,5/5

  5. Why are games with a plot of female domination in the comments 90% satisfied, but as in the game of male domination, every comment is written by all perverts and bastards, etc. It’s very strange. The game showed a real man and not a rag, which makes me very happy, but all the faggots and femmes bitches .!. Suck it! xD

    1. There is one such relationship (femdom) and you can avoid it. As for male domination, I am quite always through it and nothing too overt. So, I am not sure what you are talking about, which is usual since you seem to talk out of your arse most of the time.

  6. groop sex is GAY b-caus there are offen MEN in it and taht’s GAY and taht’s WOEMERN’S FAULT for letting GAY be OKAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hate women is only way 2 be NORMAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. No idea why I downloaded this game, as there was nothing that initially appealed to me. O no, wait, it must have been the anal sex and urination tags, haha (yes, I’m very naughty). However, once I started playing it, I got so much into the story, that the sex actually became secondary to me. I just wanted to help out and do the right thing!

    The main character reminded me of myself, from back when I had more hair on my head, and his brother also reminded me of my own brother (bald and bearded), so that hit home a bit. As far as the other characters go, none of them were appealing to me, but at the beginning Lisa stood out the most. She seemed like a good girl. Later, I also took a liking to Sarah, although I can’t get over her silly looking Minnie Mouse hair. I don’t know any girl in real life that has her hair like that. The woman I liked the least is Gwen. She looks like one of those liberals who repeatedly scream the same slogans over and over at you and then hits you over the head with a sign with a rainbow flag on it, just because you bring up facts and logic. Gross. Now, her daughter, however… son of a monkey, what a freak. If a girl like her exists in real life, I want to meet her, lol.

    The choices you make in this game have real consequences and I like that. It will affect your relationships and determine whether you will have a good or a bad ending (whatever that will entail, because the game is still being developed). You can choose to play as a good guy or a bad guy. I liked playing as a good guy myself and have meaningful relationships, because the story is better for me like that. That didn’t mean I never ended up doing some very naughty and twisted sexual things, but overall I tried to keep it clean. Oh, and for those who might have some reservations about certain perverted sexual acts, know that things like anal sex, rim jobs, ass to mouth and urination are optional, so you can completely avoid them.

    Overall, I enjoyed this game way more than I anticipated. Igor, the antagonist of the story, really is a scary bad guy and with the cliffhanger of the latest update, I am holding my breath to see what’s next (not literally, of course, because then I’ll die and miss it).

  8. The writing is pretty rough, but the game isn’t bad, and the animations and models are well done.

    I’d give it a try if you’re in the mood for some young cute models. The MILF’s aren’t too bad either.

    The choices matter, so save your place, and go back to play additional routes. There is a scene gallery though, so you don’t really need to play a different path, just go into the gallery and see what you missed.

  9. Dude; unless you intend to add NTR to the tag – go fuck yourself for everything involving Sasha (who shouldn’t even have a route if you’re just going to dick around whether she gets turned into a whore or not = you had her perfectly able to walk out on her own, and save her damned self… then you fuck it over to introduce a femme fatale who COULD have been introduced RIGHT AFTER that character was out of danger of ANY NTR content… come the fuck on man. It’s not that hard to figure out!)

    I think no matter how cute the renders are, or whether you actually do get sex with a harem, or pregnancy content that is the point where I drop this. Because if you’re even willing to hint at that bullshit, the answer to every other kinked thing I don’t agree with is NO. The same as my usual name on this site. Iris is ALREADY submissively bent and DOES NOT NEED TO BE BROKEN TO IT; so the idea that Creampie is one recommended choice and another says “best for Iris’ Submission” can absolutely go fuck itself. What do you think a girl has to be to let a guy knowingly come inside of her. Jeez.

    There are too many women that frankly are doing too much to screw around with Femdom. That’s not to everyone’s taste and honestly you should assume that 90 % of your given audience ISN’T going to want to be out of control of the sexual situation. Sex is hard enough to get with any guarantee in real life. You don’t need to be that level of dick to the main character. And also; Harry = should have straight up beaten the shit out of both women, and or choked the boss to make HER submit, and broken his bitch of a wife into enjoying what he did to BOTH of them. They should BOTH have gotten pregnant (the boss that very day – for being that level of asshole) and the divorce was NOT a thing that needed to happen. There’s NO need to EVER emasculate someone like that. That’s just your writer projecting limp dick energy.

    The principal shouldn’t have been made to eat Sarah’s ass before she’d even actually had her first real sexual experience. Not every girl likes anal and by the way genius; it has fuck and all to do with actual dominance. Making it so we don’t get a choice where to come except one fucking time with Iris (sorry – three times so far) is massively stupid. It does kill the mood for some players. Not all of us like anal content. By the way, another point, Beatrix should NOT have bought Iris that dildo. She can buy one for herself, in her own damned time. That’s just fucking with your audience about whether she was going to be a virgin or not (I will admit being relieved you DIDN’T make a scene with her using it, because that would have been insanely assholish – the draw with the pure hearted good girls IS the taking of that one special time they can give… and YES, you CAN lose it to ANY level of deeper penetration. A dildo fucking counts as “full sex.” I really should not have to point that out, but I have a feeling someone’s going to counter in comments that it’s doesn’t matter. It does. It always will.

    The build up with Pamela is massively stupid. You can fuck her entire god damned family in daughters, before you get anywhere with her? Really. Seriously dude. No, it doesn’t matter that they’re over age. They’re all her DAUGHTERS. They all fuck the same man. No matter how convoluted your storyline gets with the mob bullshit, no actual mother would excuse that point. Never mind fuck him. If she was fucking MC beforehand, that’s an influence. Then you have leverage to be allowed to fuck the daughters. Especially the young rebel, who should be her most protected. Also, also: What is it with you devs all thinking urination means we all want to piss in a girl’s mouth??? Wanting on occasion to watch someone pee doesn’t mean we necessarily go anywhere else with it. Fuck. Me.

    At this rate you’re either gearing somehow to make MC confront people directly when he doesn’t have super powers or an army… to save a girl who frankly got him into this mess because her sister’s ALREADY a whore. There’s NO saving Noa from those memories, and she’s already broken. All you did was put her sister in the same god damned situation = but you were dumb enough to put her on the character list of relationships FIRST. That’s a NO NO. If you were gonna pull the shit you pull with Sasha it’s better that we never have anything to build with her. If you want to make MC be the one to take down the syndicate or whatever the hell you built the Big Bad to be… he’s gonna need a LOT more guns. Or Wolverine’s healing powers, and Colossus’ Guns : / (anything other than that, looks too much like it’s going to be NTR and that’s GOING to cost you more subs than it earns, very likely) Just let the game that is basically building with the walkthrough to be a Harem, actually be a harem. You styled the main character in the vein of “loving” that encapsulates a Harem, so this isn’t me “whining that it should be” It already is. It’s just not tagged, and never yet mentioned. Hell you can even go fuck the waitress if you want and still take Iris home to fuck afterward, without consequence. How would you all NOT call that a Harem? [Which again, NTR CONFLICTS entirely with]

      1. Only if you’re a woman – and if you are you can like all the others absolutely go fuck yourself. Probably with a bad dragon on pornhub to make a little extra cash and pretend it’s not your most current Boyfriend fucking you in every damned video. There’s some DOMINANCE for you.

        Your opinion matters all of jack and shit to me. But you just had to comment – without any viable critique of my criticisims or offerings of your own takes. Jesus Christ I wish the only way you’d be allowed to comment on these game pages was actually having an opinion ABOUT THE GAME!

        Every second comment is some trollish ass calling someone else a faggot or worse. Or doing the same to people like me who actually take the time to post reviews and critiques. Fuck off. I have no time left to deal with any of you, and I never had the patience but I can guarantee you if you are a girl and you said that to me the next thing you’d be seeing is stars. You and everyone like you that thinks a woman can say whatever they want because consequences don’t matter – you can ALL burn in hell. There’s a reason for everyone whining about violence against women; because you all think you can run your damned mouths however you like and a guy’s just supposed to let you. Fuck off. Fuck femdom as a concept, fuck you for thinking you had any right to an opinion that matters, and fuck every single cunt that thinks anything like you at all. There’s a reason most men won’t fucking date anymore. Take a guess what it is. If you can summon the brain cell you have left to bother.

  10. Nice game with a good story. Would be more credible if the MC wasn’t so ugly. Some choices don’t work, think it’s because the dev thinks everyone is a pervert.

  11. If this game had the same renders and animations as the ‘life in santa county’ or ‘shut up and dance’ etc , this game would be top notch.

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