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Strong Desire [v0.5.1.1] [TheBlueInk]

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  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe left to roll back
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
  • swipe up&down to toggle a small window with memory usage information
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

Download Incest Patch

Download Mod


Increase or decrease Text Size and Text Box Opacity. (Pic 3)
The walkthrough Highlights or shows points in the choices. (Pic 1, 2)


PC/MAC: Replace/Merge with the “game” folder.

You can also mail us at :-

Editor's Rating

Story - The game's story is a mixed bag. On one hand, it attempts to weave an intricate narrative with mysteries surrounding Anna's family, which has the potential to be captivating. However, it falls short in execution by introducing too many subplots and failing to fully explore them. The lack of depth in character development and the protagonist's passive nature hinder the immersion factor. - 56%
Visual - The game shows promise visually, with a variety of character designs and ages.However, the render quality could be improved. It's worth noting that the developer is actively addressing this issue, which is a positive sign. - 66%
Engagement - While the game offers some engaging elements, such as romantic interactions and interesting tags, the choices presented are often shallow, limiting the player's agency.Moments of empowerment are brief and not fully utilized, leaving players craving more meaningful engagement. - 49%
Core Loop - The core loop of the game revolves around advancing romantic interests and uncovering mysteries. While these are promising elements, they are marred by the issues mentioned in the reviews, including the lack of a compelling protagonist and underdeveloped storylines. - 55%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 3.81 ( 64 votes)

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  1. I don’t understand why this game gets such a low rating – the girls are pretty and vary from each other, the animations are good and the story is nice straight forward in a good way without dragging me into an unpleasant psychological abyss – I would say in comparison a very good VN after all

  2. No - Some of you are gonna liken this to Hailey's Comet... and some of you don't even know what that is. says:

    Since so many of you seem to think I never have anything positive to say about games on this site: The work on the pacing and the coherence in the plot has VASTLY improved since my last download several updates ago. The rendering was never what I disapproved of. The women are all at least fairly to very attractive. If more than half of them are a little older than I’d really want to be in a Harem. Not to say there aren’t some confusions; there’s a two week time jump fairly early in the story that at one point resets itself to the two weeks previous, just to share a point that in the plot SHOULD have gone before you skipped the two weeks in general. Then you’d only need the two weeks skipped forward. It’s less confusing to keep track of that way, and there was no real need to convolute that revelation.

    I will swear though that I thought with the big reveal, you were going to state MC’s Mom had an affair with Frank (You’ve written the MC’s “Dad” to be the Sub type, it wouldn’t be hard to see him as a cuck…) * You may still do that, I don’t really know. If you do, it won’t surprise me. She was only nineteen when they married… no one said he wasn’t the passive one, and who knows? Frank could’ve had her work long, hard hours. Been overly domineering (which she might like – and probably will with MC, since you seem fine with adding Macy’s connections into the list) or particularly charming, romantic & tender with her. It happens…

    There was a point where you’re introducing a LOT of new girls. So will they be added to the list? There’s the body guard chick, who has MC’s number now, I actually expected MC to have the choice to stay, just to get with her because she is hot – so I hope that WILL go somewhere. I don’t doubt you’re going to make the Flight Attendant you bothered to actually name get a second shot to make MC a Mile High Club Member… There’s Irene at the coffee shop, and whoever the hell was on the phone to Diana. I’d assume maybe that’s how we’ll win over some of the “competitors” (I’ll also assume since you seem to like married women, and MILF’s that she might be married to one of them; and hoping to bet on MC as a kind of heavily vetted “dark horse”)

    I’m hoping that 1501 thing was a joke… Dude, twenty would be hard enough to code in. Even twenty to twenty-five and their looks and personalities WILL start to blend. I mean if he’s got enough money to afford it, and you’re effectively Immortal… go for it. Balls to the wall, or in as many of hers as you want lol – But on that count MC better be made Immortal by all the junk Helen’s mucking around with. [There’s no saying the “Super” in the serum ONLY had to be about his little soldiers] We’ll just call him Captain I Want To Fuck Every Hot Girl In America… probably to infinitity, and beyond, if you count the breeding.

  3. I agree to what rocky said the dev is indeed just finding an excuse to make this a harem game without the drama so he made the fiancé a cuckqueen. lmao I mean I’m not complaining I guess the dev just wanting to cut corners or something no need for usual longer build up or something just go for the harem right away. I think I like it so far. Overall it’s not the best or the worst it’s pretty much just a fun game I guess. And that’s about it game is pretty fun and you don’t have to be careful that much which character you gonna pursue cause it’s already dead set to harem anyways lmao.

  4. This is a game where the player is given no choice at all, there is no build up, no seduction and you are being forced in to that dumb harem crap as if the MC is the only man in town. Text is there to skip because there is no story to follow, dev could make this a kinetic novel what it’s actually is. Visuals are nice, the only thing what is good about this novel.

      1. You are forced to fuck every woman in her family, that includes the four ugly bitches in the banner picture. And if you don’t want that you are gay, that is the logic of a virgin idiot like you.

  5. Good game. Rework of renders is an ongoing process and frankly it is needed.
    Story is good with a little drama but without overdoing it.
    Nice way to go for Harem with the cuckqueen even if some players don’t like it. So far, for those who did read the dialogues (obviously some with large comment did not), some mysteries about the past could explain a lot of events (friends or lovers …no need to pick …it’s called “friends with benefit”…but might be hard to understand for players that mix up a college with virgins and a harem).
    Most being sisters, when people have the minimum required to be considered “social” they should know you need to be at least “friend” with the family members. And if you are able to stay in relationship for a while…you might discover that your partner is still able to surprise you with new stuff….
    Anyway nice start…hope updates will come out fast with enough content.

    1. Is he still using the same model for most girls, because it’s confusing as fuck. And the mc isn’t given much choice, he is pushed to that harem shit.

  6. Hate to break it to you Dev; but it’s NOT a Harem if most of the girls you’re meant as the MC to pursue are a) Taken already, and b) have already been pregnant. Period.

    Not every character needed to be in a relationship (frankly MOST of them should be single – there also didn’t need to be “friends” who you go out of your way to say … No they’re Lovers. Jesus. Pick one!) The fiancee imbibing in ANY drink at all that would “increase her libido” is pure bullshit and code for you saying I just want to write a super kinky slut. With no character development to speak of. You’re deciding WAY too many things for the player = he’s already TAKEN and DOES NOT know that his fiancee has that Fetish (yes, I would in fact call ‘Cuckqueen’ a fetish) so you’re already making him opposed from the start, and “passive agressive” to pursuing other women. That’s WAY too much tension for a Harem to grow properly. Not every girl needed to be married, and if you’re going to make a girl an uber bitch she really does need to be the HOTTEST girl on your roster. Tsundere is an interesting character type to some people. Not to all, and it’s certainly not to be 90% of your characters’ roll call. I only got part way through chapter 1 before I got annoyed enough with their attitudes and your writing to just say No. Which should be counted ironic.

    The pregnancy as a tag, and as the kink most frequently espoused for a “fetish” is again; about the actual Impregnation. The risk of it. The chance it could happen. Because she wants the MC that badly, and doesn’t care. Or specifically wants his baby. It means fuck all if she has already been, and has a child off screened from the start. Vinna did NOT need to be a wife or a mother. It doesn’t matter if we never see their husbands, you’re protraying them as DISLOYAL. Guess what a harem in raw concept is ABSOLUTELY based on? It’s the same thing as a BDSM relationship. Trust, and Consent are Paramount. Period. Now it’d be a different thing for me if you made Anna miss one; and have that kinky scene you pulled have the CHOICE to cum inside of her, and have it be explained very definitely that she was ovulating. Which would in fact be a more appropriate cause for her “wild” behavior swing. (Women are more prone to risky behavior and raw sex when they are in fact ovulating)

    It’s not unsalvageable really – but damn dude. You’d have to do a LOT more than just rework character models in order to make this game something I’d want to keep playing. Or could at all recommend. So far the only Strong Desire I feel is the wish I’d never bothered downloading this. Unfortunately that’s as kind as I can be about this. There’s way too much side family, or friends connected to the family – and a freaking pyschiatrist/pyschologist? Come on man. People deal wit that stuff in REALITY. This is supposed to be Escapism. It doesn’t need to be that realistic. I mean you’re probably going to end up bending her over her own desk to breed at some point anyway, so what kind of help do you intend her to be?

    1. sorry, it’s not a harem game if one of the women is a mother??? you want all your pussy pristine and unspoiled, that’s the only way you can cum? y’all got some really complicated views on women holy shit. i got new for you about how the real world works pal.

      1. No dick on your head; the GENRE has a decided END GOAL that all females should be at least engaged if not married to MC, OR/AND pregnant in the best Harem Animes (I hate when the protagonist picks just the “best” girl – which is usually the first one he met; no matter how much of an asshole she is to him)

        I’ve already told you more than once to fuck right off. It’s not my fault this dumbassed Dev either doesn’t know the conventional formula to the genre he’s trying to write, or wants to Netori everything. Pregnancy is right there in the tags = and at least four of the women are likely to be a) too old to have any more kids (Because THAT’S the way the REAL WORLD works, Genius) or really by this point twenty + years too late, with several kids popped out to either douches or one of them is actually wheelchair bound… they’re not going to WANT to go through that again. So why bother with either tag?

        Single mothers also don’t tend to date well in real life. For a reason. Their time in a relationship WILL ALWAYS be divided against the needs of their children, and said children will ALWAYS come first. Which doesn’t tend to work in the longrun with quite a few men. Adding a mother who’s also STILL Married, does NOT inspire she’s going to be LOYAL. Which is part and parcel to a functional healthy harem – insofar as the fantasy aspect that fuels the genre. Adding one in a harem game is frankly way too complicated for a genre that champions a) POWER fantasy, and b) Escapism. But you keep right on proving you’re the biggest dick on the planet. Captain I have a micropenis so small that I literally had to put “Penis” before my name, just to distract everyone from the fact I have no brain. Go fuck yourself. This is the last response you will EVER get out of me. So go troll someone else. To me, your name is either DEADmike, or Invisiblemike. I don’t give a fuck what you think; and I refuse to give one for what you comment from this point.

        I’ve also recently stated in at least one other page, that my views as far as plot and genre are fantastical. I do NOT actually think that a harem would be viable in reality. It’s hard enough to get ONE woman to uncross her legs and trust she’d be loyal. I’m not gonna try for a hat trick. This ain’t a hockey rink. If you don’t understand the fact that when I talk about Harems, I’m talking to a specific well noted genre in FANTASY, you gigantic asshat; you’re the one with the problem.

  7. So far so good, I know the dev probably just finding an excuse to make this a harem without the drama so he made the fiance a “cuckqueen”. The only game that I played with cuckqueen right now actually WVM and this. so if there’s more like this game kindly comment down below. I want to know if there’s more game with a cuckqueen GF or Wife.

    1. You haven’t played “My New Family” or “My New Memories”? Both are made by Killer7, sure they’re incest, but if you’re okay with that (Which I assume you are, if you tried this game.), then they are amazing. They’re wholesome and cute. Genuinely recommend those if you haven’t played them. Other than that, I don’t think I know any.

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