Simple Days [v0.17.6] [Mega Lono]

Download for Windows/ Linux

Download for Mac

Download for Android

  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe left to roll back
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
  • swipe up&down to toggle a small window with memory usage information
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

Download Update Patch (v0.17.5 -> v0.17.6)

Download Guide

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Editor's Rating

Story - 77%
Visual - 91%
Engagement - 75%
Core Loop - 59%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 4.23 ( 108 votes)

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  1. Can’t stop playing this game instead answome different choice infect people and it funny how th Mc try to act bad 🤣 😂, just hope that the game not abandoned because game was just about to get interesting ,I pray please God make an update in this year’s please

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  5. Here is the problem of the “New House” Mohoro. Post of it´s Dev on patreon:
    v0.17.0 – MC teleports to the new house (no moving day ) THIS IS A BIG BUG !!! .. i will try to catch it and fix it today !!! (Download v.0.17.2)

    The small file here is update from 0.17.2 -> 0.17.3 (location.rpyc)
    If you are NOT with Moko .. you will not be able to trigger the moving. This will fix it.
    If you are with Moko and Naomi don’t need this update.

    1. What are you talking about? Yeas, you can buy a new house. You will see the new house. BUT could pass 100 days and no one is “moving” to the new house!

  6. If i get pregnant someone, what i gonna do? this is the kinda garbage that makes my brain hurt it’s not the worst i have seen but still makes me question the devs intelligence. the sound effects made my ears bleed so had to mute them hate the side image shit the animations are mediocre story sucks and sorry but what fucked up person has the thought of sabotaging the condom to get girls pregnant i don’t mind pregnancy content but that just screams scummy cunt

  7. Mega lono has released a bug free app. 0.17.4
    Please upload it here.

    Somebody from the comments If you find a link to the download paste it in the reply.

    1. Sandbox = do what you want and when you want.
      Grindfest = repeat the same things on the exact day at the exact time.

    1. Yea, and Android version is 17.0 when 17.2 is advertised… Guess that 17.4 bugfix download is the thing.

    2. It’s not even 0.17.2 also it’s 0.17.0 only . It is showing on download page as 0.17.0 but it is 0.17.2 in this page.

  8. Please, provide next version of this game as soon as possible, I’m very excited.
    This game is very interesting. 😃😃

  9. Hahahahah, diabolical! I want to be able to cuck the dad and impregnate the mom, including Anna’s mom, … also shouldn’t MC get a shot at boss lady Millina? … For more content there could be gym customers as well. Oh well, I’m not the dev, but if I was since everyone is getting MC’s baby juice it only seems fair.

  10. Great game I like the parts where I can rob the thugs that are trying to rob me ( Never take a knife to a gun fight ) LOL I made 750 buck off that thug .. Hell yea . I have the dark web now and wanna be a pimp for the stripper hookers
    Jokes aside This is a great game with lots to do even if it is repetitive with strippers pimps & thugs oh my

  11. Fantastic game. Love the use of the sounds in sex scenes…far above other games imo. Visuals aren’t perfect but enough to keep balance of game size for downloading.

  12. First; ALLOW the player to USE THE RED SYRINGE on EVERYONE. Period. Because the ovulation system is STILL broken.
    It SHOULD NOT be chance based. At all. There should be NO girl (Paola) who is such a PITA to pursue – who originally has to be DRUNK to be persuaded to fuck you and breed with you in the first place; who can then DENY the PLAYER’S CHOICE to breed, on the day that she’s specifically set to ovulate. You do realize risky behavior is INCREASED when that’s true, right??? Fuck the idea at all, because it BREAKS the fantasy that you are catering to with both the Harem & the Pregnancy content. Full stop. Theodora is another point – and Ema I will get to, don’t worry; because the MOMENT you stick your dick into her = even drunk, in that washroom, she should realize who “James Jr.’s” real father is. IT IS NOT a harem if BOTH genders can have multiple partners. Harem = ONE Leader/Many females or males. Reverse is less common because of A) a sexual double standard, but more B) the fact that women tend to be provided for. Not do the providing, financially. So NO! If you want to make the pregnancy content a continued resource drain, then DO NOT deny the fantasy. Do not allow the females (who are supposed to be desirable – for any number of reasons – to the Player) have multiple men. Fuck. That. Right off the side of a cliff. Resolve the points where Ema is with James. Where Theodora is with Ronald, and where Linda is with her dumbass willing cuck boyfriend. Pronto. Ema in particular has been a tease for WAY too damned long. [I’m also getting vexed by that threeway/orgy comment at the end of the day that’s been there forever by this point] At least Elena is no longer listed as with James. So that’s one point I do credit. Which is ironic, because the second Ema found James to be cheating/comes to MC to pretend to be herself, should be the point where EMA is no longer listed as “with James”. If you really want this to be a Harem game rather than a Sharing game (I will make allowances that frankly, if some people WANT that content, I can see the option to ask being laudable Player Choice – but I will always want to fully possess/own what claims to be MINE. Sue me, I’m dominant minded) I also would have liked an option to pursue Secret without requiring to drug her to get pregnant. It’s like in order to win some of the girls to your harem you have to be a complete bastard. That doesn’t sit right.

    Now, that said: There should be several paths to resolve things with the Madame. (Including making her join your harem – I’d recommend using the green/red syringe on her by going to Edmund first BEFORE going to Madame, and also having black mail from your tech geek friend as well as doing the gang recruit. So that if you are patient and dilligent and you DONT WANT to play along with her; you don’t have to. And you can still get what you want out of her – WITHOUT sacrificing the only large means to counter the insanely stupid resource cost of the two things that for a greater majority of your audience ARE. THE. DRAW.) We should also be able to wipe her out [Keeping Desire & Secret] and then perhaps in a more Mob Boss route if desired, use the green drug to counter anyone who’d oppose MC. The red drug on the harem (to counter the stupid percentage thing – WILLINGLY, so make them talk about it!) or again find a way to work with the Madame that again does NOT fuck with YOUR profit margin. Or sacrifice your lab geek. * It could be a mark of “I have done the due dilligence to wipe your operation out, and I have dirt on you that would screw you hard… but I’d rather do that myself… what do you say?” There is a way to do this smart. To be nice about it, but again not get borked. To be neutral; and not a door mat. To be dark, and just go all in hard.

    The game DOES have potential, but really from the last two updates, there wasn’t THAT much that was changed. You have no actual bigger house yet, but you can ask people to move in. You can have more babies – again; Paola, good luck with that! – you can buy cars. Which again… MOST all of that either borks your resources with a permanent negative weekly, is still expensive, or isn’t in the game yet to mark progress. It was months since the update that read 15. I get that this is slow, and I admit I don’t entirely agree with the progress of doing 1 game day, or 2 game days every update like some games have. Though at least that is consistent. I like this game. I really do. As far as raw potential it’s in easily my top five. But, there didn’t really need to be this level of antagonization. There didn’t need to be a law that enabled women to have multiple partners the same – if a guy that gets her pregnant is expected to shoulder the cost; that should be considered you are done for any other partner. Until X guy dies. I am not expecting everything I laid out here to be immediate, and I will continue playing. I’m less angry than a bit disappointed. Ema’s already been a slow as hell build to even the 16 love she’s been stuck at. I’m willing to call Paola’s stubbornness fair game = BUT if you can freaking poke holes in the condom with Dora in the beginning; what gives? [Player Choice SHOULD trump character’s stated “realistic” desire, especially in a fantasy game]

    Side Note: I WOULD find it hilarious and interesting if you could get Anna’s Mom to join MC’s harem – You know Moko IS that insane for breeding, as long as it’s not her. Unlike some, you actually designed her to be hot enough to want; and she’s big on kids anyway, so I’d say why not? I’d also appreciate the idea that your original employer’s daughter might contact you in coming to Mohoro, so that she can “thank” you personally – and then MC could decide to let her join the harem/breed with. (Which if you want to argue to still fuck over the blue pill factory in resolving the Madame issue: Stronger/blood ties to your original employer – I do forget her name – would be a way to get a larger foothold into the legitmate industry since you’d do this after acquiring all the planned upgrades to the spa, and proving you can be massively profitable. That’s a potential work around that would also suspend disbelief; introduces a new (previously established) character in the game, and rewards the player for proper invesment without forcing MC down a dark path. It could also be a way to reintroduce Vicky, if she’s more a journalist. Or you could make the daughter a journalist type, who can help you get the meat on Madame, and wants to reward MC for saving her in the first place. Which would explain why she needed to be. Just a few thoughts. Either way, still one of the best laid out, and potentially fun games that doesn’t punish too hard. (I will say I’m very glad it seems you’ve removed the sandbox element) Hope you continue to put out the same quality of content, and all good fortune. You do deserve all my accolates. Even if it’s not the same name I’ve used to comment/review this game in other places. As a last point, hopefully by the time you can buy/upgrade the strip club, you will allow MC to start actually adding the strippers & Abby into his harem + Breed with them. Including Bombina (Even if, and especially BECAUSE we impregnated her sister) Any and all of these ideas should keep you set for content for at least the next several months to a year. Maybe longer. I’m by no means saying they’ll be easy to implement. But you’ve shown a great skill for the structure thus far. It’s not a compliment I throw around to say this is in my list of Top 5 games. (Back when I had a list to speak of… which I’m a little salty about, I admit) Hopefully the next update will not take six months, but I’m okay with waiting three if it’s a good size. Best of luck. Though I am only half Irish, so it may not count for as much.

    1. Glad to see this came out; I was waiting for the next release since 16.2 for a LONG time. It’s a game I’d still call worth the wait. Though I don’t like that sandbox elements snuck in the VN side of the game. (I picked VN specifically because I knew in the first few updates you could fuck up the blue pill questline and fail the game)

      A few points, and then some suggestions for progression going forward. If anyone actually cares to read:

      – Ema’s hint was actually pretty confusing on the VN side (it’s a plot event so it will happen, but I had to get everything ELSE done first EXCEPT the citizenship part – which even though I’ve completed every task that isn’t “repeatable” has not shown up in game yet, and it’s been about 2 weeks in game since I did) ** I am aware this might be tied to a pregnancy issue? I am not sure. As far as Ema and James; no. She does not love him, and never really did. Not to the point where she would have been certain about marrying him – IF MC hadn’t gotten her pregnant in the first place. Panic is natural, and it was a bad decision, and she can own that if she wants to move on with MC = who she should still somewhere deep down realize IS the father of her (currently) only child. [Hopefully at some point in the next update or two you will at least share with the audience when she does ovulate…] The fact that she literally said in this current update I’m choosing to be with someone I can actually count on means she already sees MC should be/should’ve been her Husband. Not James.

      – Sasha could be fucked in the last version; which was nice. In this version they talk about pregnancy alot and the idea she can get there = I don’t think it’s actually coded in the game yet. Being made aware of when a cap on the kids HAS been reached, or pregnancy content is not available might be a good idea going forward. Not just when they ovulate. Also, Zara and Theodora ovulate on the same days: I should NOT have to choose between which one I want to impregnate (It’s still a bit wonked sometimes if you don’t do it on the exact day of, and there’s the point that Theodora at least isn’t really available on weekends) None of the days should conflict with each other.

      – I personally find it weird that the MC who is progressing to an “adult” and has X billion kids on the way daily, and Umpteen wives with hopefully more to come; would want to live with HIS parents. At all. Bring them to Mohoro sure. Live with them? No. Same thing with Anna’s Mom [Should definitely be added and breedable at least 2 times if you want to cap it at that] Her Dad is basically just there… so it’s kinda going against the Harem grain to me. I also don’t think Elena needed to be “shared” content. Elena was already problematic for me as the one to break up the marriage; and I think if she was going to be involved with the MC James should have to eventually find someone else. Or deal with the fact 2 women who he’s cared for/loved have decided his best friend is the BEST MAN [In the most archaic sense as well = They’d call it the best man because first; he would actually help drag the wife to the altar if she was going to run off, and because his role was basically the best man to take the husband’s spot if said husband turned chicken shit on the day of] I’m not saying Elena’s a bad character. She’s just not really needed for anything but the break point with James and Ema.

      ** The point above is also tied to DAMN IT man! Please just code in some fucking way to actually make it so we don’t LOSE any more money for wanting an “Irish/Chinese/Italian/Indian” family. [By which I mean huge… and I wasn’t speaking First Nations but if you want to add one of those in I’m down to play wit Pocahontas. I can paint with all the colors of her… Ahem, Winds. ; ) It’s fine to say you don’t want to do the mafia aspect, but I can see on the list 3 things so far that SHOULD be able to make more than enough money to counter any kids I’d want [I would also realistically cap the kid amount at probably 12 as the High Max for each girl- it’s not the middle ages] * Moko, Paula and Naomi are still being bitchy about having kids (Though you did at least add an option after moving in houses to counter Paula so thank you very much for that) so I’m pretty sure there doesn’t need to be a point of any girl going for 20.

      – Theodora’s at least open to leaving Ronald McDonald, and Ema’s not listed as with James anymore, with the start of an actual relationship so that’s great. Julia should probably head that way soon. She’s already getting incredibly frustrated with her Gorilla Bf who’s probably got nuts the size of a pea from steriod use. So there’s a potential exit there as well. I’d like to see all the strip club girls (including Abby and Tristy – Bombina’s sister) get into the Harem [and as a bonus round: use them to get information on the other wealthy families, that can help MC get an in with certain Key Daughters – I’ll bring up why in my suggestions, which I’m about to move on to]

      Suggestions Going Forward:

      – You said you want the MC to get into politics, and the minister of Defense wants to help him; but you don’t need to stop there and if you REALLY want to make this a “power fantasy” epic, consider that a militaristic mind will think the fastest way to ascendance is assassination. (Especially if he disagrees with the Emperor about policies) The minister will use MC to block preparations with the families who want to make Mohoro manogamous… but in his power play, those families will counter by setting the Emperor to think he wants the throne. [Which he also kind of will] IE: No one can block my moves if I am the King! From the MC’s point of view, why settle for playing White Knight, or the Rook?

      – MC’s play then becomes, Aid the Minster far enough to get engraciated with the powerful families as Mayor. Buys up all profitable properties to continue making more money (I would say INCLUDING the BDSM club – since even though I agreed to the deal except to have permanent access to the club I DID NOT ever see the option to go back there. Even though Suzy was listed on the paetron progress logs as something added = Premium content?) * I still think it was stupid to nix the ONE viable counter to any loss of income, so buying the club with legit fundage and turning it profitable SHOULD also include Breeding both the redhead, and the “Mistress,” and getting back access to Edmund’s little venture. [Remember before you’d argue this shouldn’t be possible: MC still knows how legally SCREWED she is for the red syringe point thanks to Edmund, and you just left that leverage off, in a Harem Game??? First, buy up the police station/Bone the Chief’s daughter to add to MC’s wives, THEN “complete” your coupe d’etat with the BDSM club ownership. Mistress surrenders to you for lenience in NOT going directly to prison or even being arrested. She will even let you use the Red Syringe on her. Then have your hacker boy wipe the one point on tape where you use the Red Syringe on Secret. You win] You don’t have to do it Mafia in order to make a killing on profits with a Monopoly on that product. There’s also no reason to do away with the best monetary gain the player had to work with. When you buy out the bank as I believe you mentioned that family was the one as a roadblock in the minister’s visit; make a deal with the “rebellious” daughter who wants to sign on to MC’s harem as his wife… because she DOES like the lifestyle, and have her work on her Mom.

      – By that point, you’d own the city, and tensions will have been building between the emperor and the minister, to the point they decide the only way to settle the thing is a duel. Now, there are two ways I could see this part going = and do keep in mind these are open suggestions: A) The emperor has begun to hear about MC; especially if you buy out the BDSM club and “legitimize” it, and will personally invite him to meet the family… wherein one of his daughters (or his favored wife really either works) will get pregnant and join MC’s harem. In which case the Emporer will for saving face, name MC his heir apparent because he’s only gotten Daughters [A cheeky nod to the fact I see a lot more pink than purple names… and it did take me this many updates to realize I’ve been giving the purple ones girl names too * Purple is too neutral, switch the color to navy blue and you’d confuse less people] OR B) The minister kills Emperor in both cases, but in this path MC is the most powerful person left alive since they both kill each other in the duel. So Mohoro has NO Choice but to bow and accept MC as the new emporer ** Which could also put him in position to “negotiate” terms with the stubborn families, and bring either daughters or wives into his Harem, to cement his reign.

      Before anyone shoots this down – the MC was very clear about his goals for Mohoro, and that probably hasn’t changed. So I don’t see him settling for 2nd, 3rd or even 5th place in a power structure. These suggestions would be plenty to work toward, slowly in updates foward. I would not at all expect them immediately. However it keeps to the power fantasy fulfilled endgame structure of the Harem Genre. No one has to agree with the ideas, and I’m not saying the dev will or has to implement them. They are purely offered help, if plot points are strained. It could be done in at least 3-5 chapters if you want to stretch the work out. I’m not asking you or your team if you have one to burn yourselves out.

  13. Simple Days – Version 0.16.1

    Improvements :
    1. The stat screen -girls . You will see all girls and more details for each of them.
    2. Info app (Quest/Tasks) – Will have a new screen and more information on it (it will be not adjusted fully, but I don’t want to delay more)
    3. Enter a custom name for your saves
    4. Chapter 1 – add and improve some sex animations (anna, dora, moko)
    5. Chapter 1 – add and improve some images/audio/dialogues

    1. Oliver – we found him. Introduction of Ch3. (Business and Politics)
    2. Elena – Here is our baby. Can you buy me a car?
    2.1 Elena – repeatable sex after the first child
    3. Anna – 2 new sex animation
    3.1 Anna now can have up to 6 kids
    4. Alina first kid and ask her to move into your new house
    5. Sasha – Joy of natural….. sex. (you have to be on vegetarian path)
    6. Teodora – working late night.
    6.1 Teodora can get pregnant second time, if you go during ovulation (no kid in this update)
    7. Julia – Boyfriend is back… do you want to spend some time together?
    7.1 Julia can get pregnant with second child (no kid in this update)
    8 BDSM will be unlocked (if you made good deal with Madam) and it will have repeatable sex (now only with Suzzy)
    9. Secret is pregnant and first kid (if you used red syringe on her)
    9.1 Secret – do you want to move to my new home? (If you have kids with her)
    10. Zara – ask her to move to the new house (if you have kids with her)
    11. Betty – I have to find a new place.. the rent is too high. I have a free room at my new house.
    12. Paola – I bought a house.. can you come with me when I move there?
    14. Ema – Hey, do you know I have a big house? No need to pay rent.
    15. Dora – new sex animations
    15.1 Dora can have up to 6 kids
    16. Rebeca – New sex animation (BJ and Doggy)
    16.1 Rebeca now can have up to 4 kids.
    17. Naomi – New sex animations (without Moko)
    17.1 Naomi now can have up to 4 kids.
    18. Office computer – new app to track projects

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