Shattered Minds [v0.10] [eXtasy Games]

Download for Windows/ Linux

Download for Mac - v0.09

Download for Android

  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe left to roll back
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
  • swipe up&down to toggle a small window with memory usage information
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

Download Cheats Mod

-Enables the console
-Pressing k brings up a menu, right now that only includes money and XP options. For XP use the cheat, then sleep.
-Press u to refill power

1. Right-click file, and save link as
2. Put ShatteredMindsCheats into the “game” folder

Download Incest Patch

Content Changed

Enables incest.

Patch Instructions

Windows/PC: Copy xyz.rpyc into your “game” folder.


Mac: Right click your  xyz app -> Click “Show Package Contents” -> Move xyz.rpyc into your “Contents/Resources/autorun/game” folder

Note: This patch will work for all future versions as well. Just copy the file for each new game version. It will always stay the same file.

You can also mail us at :-

Editor's Rating

Story - 83%
Visual - 92%
Engagement - 86%
Core Loop - 86%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 3.86 ( 162 votes)

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  1. Loving this game but currently stuck. Scarlett is at 30 corruption, have a quest to get her to 40, but it seems like I need to wait for her to ask for a favor and that hasn’t happened. I think every other quest is at “not yet included”…so either I’ve missed something or is that just as far as the story goes in the v0.10 update?

    1. Supermac’s is ready to serve McBully at decent price plus fish and chips on the house, for soft drinks you need to pay extra…

  2. Ha, I think I (along with a few others) completely broke murikan dreams/ penismike. Dude is ranting like an insane freak. I always said gays were nuts. To be expected. Especially those who believe in 50 billion genders and everything pumped out of san fran. Those people just ain’t right. Another casualty of those trying to destroy society. Versus those trying to save it. Suppose we should have sympathy for him.

    1. who are you ranting at comrade, those faggots from f95? have a shot of my vodka as you’ll never get to see pussy in your lifetime, better turn yourself gay to have more chances… LOL

      PS If you want quick action with them, choose to be bottom, with that dik you will not impress them anyway… LMFAO

  3. that spidey bitch left f95 or is lying her ass… she cried at me to leave her be, but how can I do that, you know how I am always helpful with those in need… LOL

      1. I’m having good fun… happy? Apparently the bitch is in holiday mind you, worked too much on that crappy game elleria and I disturbed her chakras… from where she has money beats me, not from the game for sure… I wanted a confirmation from the other side as I have trust issues with her, want to know if I use lube or not next time on her skinny ass…

  4. Can you bang the fatty yet? I’ll play just to finish that route. Sucks this was bait and switch. Made into a faggot groomer game. I’ll have to skip that shit if I want to see her. I like her due to the massive utters and she’s a bit shy. The kind of girl who would probably be loyal.

    1. This would be sweet if it wasn’t another lying peophile trying to look normal. You can’t let those people get comfortable for a moment. They probably want a parade in SanFuckCisco. Their time is coming.

      1. Now I caught you red handed, Truth is a minor and you’re trying your luck with his tiny dik, I called the coppers, they are on their way…🚓🚔🚁🚨

  5. Why android version is not the original?
    Please add original android version
    Not this useless ported version’s

    1. I want original android
      I want original android
      I want original android
      I want original android

      (I want) I want that you trust me
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      (I want) to control every heartbeat

      (I want) I want to hear your voices
      (I want) I want the peace disturbed
      (I want) I want that you watch me carefully
      (I want) I want that you understand me

      (I want) I want your fantasy
      (I want) I want your energy
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      (I want) to drown in cheering

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      I want original android
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      We want that you trust us
      We want that you believe all of us
      We want to see your hands
      We want to drown in cheering, yes

      Can you hear me?
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      I don’t understand you

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      I want original android
      I want original android

  6. every day is a great day with those melons in front of MC, genius idea… regarding moaning voiceovers, I hope in the future will be more voices as hearing the same voice is good but is mature so for younger girls doesn’t sound right… at least a younger voice would do well if not distinct ones for each… surprised to see Scarlett can cook, she’s a keeper now, waifu material, when she becomes annoying I’ll fill that sweet mouth with something and clean it too afterward… nice time spending on playground, good to know she likes things clean too, she can be as bitchy as she wants, clean beats all bad traits, a small gripe, why MC is wearing that coat indoors? all in all nice Scarlett update, good to see her human side and her sweet derrière in lewd scene… keep the good work… cheers

    PS I posted the update review faster than these lame admins can bring the game, such is the life in here I guess…

    1. That “murikan dreams” is #nohomo/Straight Pride/Truth. And later on as “Anonymous” he calls me a pedophile. I’d almost be worried if it wasn’t so obvious.

      1. because you are one, don’t hide in the shadows if you are clean… FBI is on you… 🚓🚔🚁🚨

      1. welcome to the real world boio, no admins to pamper and delete all the nasty comments to protect your integrity and secrets… stay in the sugar-coated threads and gingerbread houses you built…

    1. you fight your shit I fight mine, you knew that from 26th. I had my fun from the disaster BAD was, no hard feelings… 😉


      Hahaha, no, sorry, that was a funny aside, Straight Pride. This is the kind of factoid that’s fun to read. Keep it up!

      Just be aware, scientists have to suffer with the media taking something they said out of context to make it a sellable news bite. You hate The Media, so make sure to only get your evidence from the source.

  7. Really juicy update, like a ripe melon, keep up the good work and trust yourself, you ROCK, the “cleaning” part knocked my socks off, don’t take personally all these ineptitudes said by shmucks, may your reign be ever-lasting and patrons multiply tenfold. Cheers

    1. Eh, it would be misleading to what’s in the game and how. The Futa interactions are 100% avoidable, fortunately.

      1. I avoid everything with: spice, your choice, dream porn, orc and goblin, cuck tease, harem sandbox, holiday specials, last versions, mini games, point and click hell, roomy, back to school, incest, cross dressing, furries and practically anything that isn’t a male mc centric tittle.

        1. It’s good to know your limitations!

          Really, it’s good to know your limitations. Play what you love.

            1. OH NO #STRAIGHT_PRIDE IS TRYING TO CANCEL ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              From one person on a porn game website to another person on a porn game website, let me say with all due amusement, “No.” 😉

              Happy African American History Month!

  8. the game is really good for what it is, that jinx Ava is the spice that makes the game enjoyable for me, without her would just be soulless mind-controlling with little reward. I get your concerns about Bill being turned into Billie but the developer gives the option to cut ties with him too which is good, he needs to finish those schoolgirls’ quests first before advancing the story as he reaches the end of the game, and still stuff hanging as work in progress since day 1.

    1. speaking of kinks I think this is a good idea for the developer to keep on the back burner for when the time is right: as that jinx Ava keeps pestering MC in his room, he has enough and snaps at her, pins her to the wall rips her clothes and hatefucks her while still exchanging conversation looking eye to eye as they are both stubborn in their views, she will still provoke MC while humping with her iconic mug face when she is angry and MC tries to dominate her (up to the dev if he succeeds or not), after the scene it would be nice to see a glimpse in reality as idiot MC is humping the wall or the trashcan in his room, that would be hilarious.

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  9. The early updates were good. The most recent updates delivered no new content. Then it got weird with gay shit. Go fuck a goat, bitch-licker!

      1. seriously…goat fucking !? I’m going to have a look just for research purposes and pass along the data to a co-worker.

        I like the fatty too. Something about her rollie-pollie fatness made my winky-woo hard like a pencil eraser[measured to scale]

  10. Is this new update bugged? Can’t do anything beyond becoming master of house or something. All it says is wait for .09 update. Not even my girl teases me this bad. Good game mechanics but your gameplay content sucks bro. But it makes sense if all you want is money. I can see how much time you must have invested in this piece. I hope it won’t become a piece of shit like other good but abandoned mind control games.

  11. The game is great, in such development time that already have much contents.
    The game have a quest that I’m completely dislike is that : you can turn your best friend into a woman, F*ck that. You could have done this if blah blah blah , you could have been better if this – that – sh*ts and stuffs. But this isn’t one of them.
    Other than that, so far everything else is AMAZINGGGG.

  12. I liked the game but it’s now going queer. Typical gay grooming. You can turn your best friend into a tranny and you do faggot shit with some guy. Shame, I liked the female characters in game.

    1. You know on this you and I can agree. Warning would’ve been nice so it could be avoided. Please update tags, Admin.

        1. For what? Admitting when you have a valid point? If you had one more often it would happen more often.

          For further note, now that I’ve played through the game (and it’s getting boring to me), there is presently no anal intercourse with a tranny. Not yet at least. Do not let alarmist incels turn you away from something that hasn’t happened.

          What happens is that you have the option of turning one of the characters female. It is currently phrased as someone going to explore their sexuality and setting up letting them get hormone therapy, surgery, etc. I have no problem with that. Will not chose that path if that’s how it ends up but hey, people are people. Enjoy your harmless kinks if that turns you on.

          But this is a game about a demon with mind-rape powers possessing a guy and turning him into a manipulative asshole. It’s a mind-break game this is its thing. I would be honestly very surprised if this tranny path doesn’t become a full magical girl transformation, complete with sparkles and R-rated almost-nudity for kids.

          For now that’s not how it’s framed. We’re starting on gender swap path the traditional way. We will eventually see. Stay tuned.

          1. It’s gay and so is the homo crap you do with a jock. By the way I’m right on all this stuff. Believing what people have believed from the beginning of time Excluding a few obscure incidents and failing societies.

            We are in an era where feminism and the female vote (the majority voter) have taken control of the West and parts of Asia. It is an incredibly short period in human history and will not last. Feminism and the gay crap that goes with it has no future. Simply due to the demographic collapse it creates. This is not an “incel” opinion. It’s simple math.

              1. No, my math is very much correct. Demographic collapse is very real. Sure they are trying to offset it with massive waves of immigration. But if you replace the native people are you the same nation? Same people? No, you are not.

                Women have always been the majority. Men do more dangerous things (like fight in war) and women live longer.

                1. Often war and terrorism are interchangeable in male dominated societies. Considering nearly ninety percent of muricans own a gun, I guess you literally are making murica great again. Just speaking numbers.

                2. This is one of the closest times I’ve seen Nohomo/Straight Pride has come to providing evidence.

                  Maybe some day.

  13. why would there be image of a mans hairy gashole ? that ‘s disgusting . Tits and pussy or nothing . too many gay propoganda

  14. The characters look good. Look at those tits! I’m so glad I am not a mental defective who is attracted to a mans hairy, shitty asshole like they are trying to groom men into liking today.

    It’s a sandbox which isn’t so great but this is ok. Of course this game needs a lot more content.

    1. why would there be image of a mans hairy gashole ? that ‘s disgusting . Tits and pussy or nothing . too many gay propoganda

  15. Is this game where you mind control the girls to have sex against their will? Because if it is, then this game is not for me. Please let me know about it, if anyone is currently playing it.

    1. Yes, and more than that, you fuck up their minds and change their personalities to convert them into your slaves, so at the end you will end with a bunch of robots around you, I dont know where is the excitement in that.

    1. Bro do you now how to increase mind power and what is this in game (not yet included) plzz let me I am not able to play the game forward

  16. So little new content that DL is a complete waste of your time. I recommend only revisiting this one every 5 or more updates, you may actually get more ‘playing time’ than the DL time took that way… SMDH this one lasted about 5 minutes, much of which was spent on checking the quests log for what new to do.

    1. Probably y should play the game instead skipping through it, no? There’s actually a decent amount of tits in this update.

      1. Dude, did you even read that post?! It said the update was sooooo small that it wasn’t worth the time to DL… maybe you need to learn how to read.

        1. did you?? op said “So little new content was added” the other guy said that a decent amount was added if you just skip through everything to get to the lewd scenes then yea i can see why he says little content was added

          1. Oh ye of the tiny IQ. The OP statement stood and was accurate. No skipping, for that update new material lasted 5 minutes… hopefully subsequent updates are more substantial but the original advice stands, wait multiple updates between tries so you don’t waste your time. You must be reading other comments, which incidentally were also for OTHER UPDATES… dumbass, smdh.

  17. Well l read all the comments and its a mixed bag… My personal opinion, its an okay story and I don’t mind working through it… too much. The renders are pretty good, the girls are cute enough and it is an escape from my daily grind, I have followed for a couple of updates and here is my main problem with this: “QUEST LOG: NOT INCLUDED YET” repeated over and over… SO, IN CLOSING, DON’T BOTHER UNTIL IT HAS MANY MORE UPDATES AS ITS JUST A WASTE OF DL TIME.

  18. I was afraid this would be another simple “control everyone with your mind” game, but then it put restrictions on it, makes you work for it, stretches out the story like an expertly teased lap-dance.

    Good work! Want more.

  19. A few points just right at the beginning: First – it’s NOT really a good idea to try to mind fuck your own audience by telling them “yes, you will have superpowers that let you MAKE people do whatever you want,” but “No… it won’t be that easy.” Durh. Fuck off.


    Beyond those points, Siscon bursts into his room damned near half dressed, and at the age she is – DOESN’T know that he gets morning wood??? Come the fuck on. That’s not a reason to call ANYONE a pervert. Look the god damned word up you lazy sons of bitches. Do you have any idea how frustrating it is that you ALL overuse/inappropriately use that term. Here’s a tip: It’s NOT “dirty” talk if you’re using it in the context of an insult, with no romantically stabilized relationship. It’s not even actually healthy dirty talk in the first place. Because it LITERALLY means there is something WRONG with you. It’s not sexy; it’s highly insulting and it does nothing to endear the player to any fucking character that uses the term three seconds into starting the game. Bite me.

    Also: Metric or Imperial does NOT fucking matter. It tells most people jack shit about measurements. Feet. Inches and LBS. That I could read properly. Telling me a girl is 165 CM doesn’t tell me a fucking thing about how tall she is – and I SHOULD NOT need to put the info into some fucking converter online just to know why she only comes up to my kneecaps. Dipshit. 62 kg ALSO doesn’t tell me a damned thing. And yes – I put in metric. Because that’s what my country uses. You SHOULD JUST TELL PEOPLE THE ACTUAL INFORMATION. Is she 5 Ft fuck all, with A cup tits? Is there a reason her ass is her biggest set? Poundage. Not kilograms. Not stones = but I can throw one at your head if you want and see if you get the freaking glaringly obvious why didn’t I just do it the right damned way the first time kind of point. >.< Jesus Christ on crutches I swear some of you assholes design these games to be sadistic, or in the dark. Seriously, who looks at a girl and says oh, she must be X CM tall. That's not how anyone would speak, so that's not the information that will be helpful.

    Between this and the mindfuckery in your intro; you're short sighted as fuck dude. The whole point of the game is that the douche you designed to look like that ends up having super powers and can make every girl his own personal fuck doll… SO YES. It SHOULD be that easy. It's not a hard concept. You can either deal with the idea that your whole bloody premise screams NON consent, and run with scissors away with it… or you can – and probably will – make the MC a constantly second-guessing, hesitant little pussy about using his powers on any girl he likes. If you do it that way, I'm just going to say the only reason is to blue ball us for lewd content.

    1. About the first half of your rant, no comment but…

      About the metric system? Dude, not everyone is descended from the british empire. We europeans use the metric system. If someone says; so and so is so many lbs, I have the same reaction you just gave, it doesn’t mean jack shit to me. So just STFU and search for converters like every other person instead of whining that you can’t comprehend the metric system. I can’t comprehend the imperial system, do you hear me whine at every game that uses it? Nope

      And if I read your comment further… from my point of view, its almost this comment is written by an elementary schooler who didn’t do his/her homework… seriously you don’t know the meaning of the greek word kilo? what is 500k then huh? Use your brain before you go rampage in the comment section.

      Oh and here it gets better, your own fucking country uses the metric system and you are still ignorant about the metric system? Have you never been to school? Like seriously a child of 10 years old can easily tell you how tall he/she is in (centi) meters. And no, people don’t say we’re so and so cm tall, we say 1 meter 70 or whatever. You should have known that if you weren’t an ignorant asshole.

      the last part of your rant goes about the game, since i didn’t play the game yet… no comment

      1. First off ASSHOLE: I did attend school and was very good at English. Above University level in fact. I’m not brilliant at Math; guess what happens to be more common. One is good at English, OR math. Dick. Couldn’t bother to come up with a name, or play the damned game… but can spare the time to write paragraphs insulting me because I don’t think asking the fucking idiot dev to use normal systems that EVERYONE can read (Pounds and Feet, and Inches) is too much to ask. Why the holy fuck should I have to look up a converter which I’m also not guaranteed to read well, to figure anything out IN. A. GAME? And just what the fuck do you think that has to do with my general education level, genius. You do realize people have different skill sets, right? Or can you not comprehend that. Frankly it wouldn’t surprise me.

        I’m not the only ignorant asshole, and there are plenty like me who don’t use centimeters to tell height. So you can feel absolutely free to go fuck every centimeter, inch, or Stone of yourself. As hard as you like. Hey, if I tell you what cliff to walk off, wanna guess how many feet I’ll care you fall down? Bloody fucking hell this shit is EXACTLY why I’m deciding to stop commenting on games now. One troll, and one bridge too far. Fuck off mate. But since I can’t stop you, sure. Go on another pointless tirade that does nothing but show how easy your switch flips, for banal reasons. Ignore the rest of my legitimate criticisms, for the one otherwise legitimate issue I take that you apparently disagree with. Oh, by the way, I could not write this coherently if I’d never passed grade school. You dense troglodyte. (Which I also couldn’t spell if I hadn’t gone to school, as a final point) Why am I betting you might actually be the dev? Let me count the ways…

      2. Well, about time that No dude gets a tap to his head.
        At the beginning I kinda liked his comments, but the more he writes, the more he showcases about himself.
        No-dude, obviously you read books and you want to go deeper into whatever topic than standard, but you’re starting to embarrass yourself.
        And fyi: you will ALWAYS look smarter if you let go of all the unnecessary cursing and telling other people you don’t know they’re dickheads and whatever.
        My guess from what I’ve read of you? you’re not even 20y old. Come back hwen you have REAL life experience and THEN go berserk on every dev that works hard to be creative. If you still would, it would prove a lot of my points

        1. One last comment then, to settle things. Since you insist; would you prefer then I never get angry at all? People curse when things piss them off. Some of the devs can be assholish, especially when challenged and frankly a LOT of them are NOT that creative. That’s the writers. Coding is a different skill set, and very technical. You might want to watch the white knighting. Paetron and scam artists make bank on comments like that.

          I am not actually embarrassing myself at all – and I am 41 years old in November, thank you very much so on all counts, you are WAY off. I’ve repeatedly stated in comments my caps are for ennunciation. I’ve tested in college bridging at higher than able to take the course. University level English. I WRITE books. I don’t just read them, so when it comes to plot structure; story ideas and what works for a cohesive tale, I do know exactly what I’m talking about. I have 34 fully finished series. Series, not novels. All around 175-200 pages. In one case 661, but that was an anthology. Just because I’ve not been able to fund publishing yet, does not mean I have no credit as a writer, and I was gainfully employed as one on a site called until misunderstands and being mucked around on payments rather soured my desire to continue with them. The pseudonym I used was Wolfe Hearte.

          No one needs to know anyone, to call them a dickhead, and you don’t know a thing about me either. Though at least you didn’t call yourself Ibangedyourmom. By the way, my Mom is dead coming on two or three years now. So I hope you like necrophelia buddy. Come the fuck on guys = this is exactly why I said I am done commenting. I mean it. This, will be my last. I am tired of the backlash whenever I express my opinions, the same as all of you do. Apparently it’s fine when it’s you, but I’m a bridge too far? Could I do so with less swearing, yes. Do I choose to, because half the time I’m writing when X game has in fact peeved me off, check my name. So again, thank you for at least some of you bothering to actually read and not just type TL;DR sarcastically. To anyone else, Have A Nice Day. Like Bon Jovi said: It’s MY life. I’m done wasting my time with trying to help any of you. Devs, or commenters.

          You know what else makes you look smarter? Not offering commentary when you don’t know a thing about the person you may be insulting. Exactly like you say to me. It applies both ways. You and people like you are why I stopped trying to do actual reviews. Here or anywhere else. There are some that have said the site needs more like me, but if the only thing anyone who can give credible reviews is going to get is insulted; why bother?

          I’d say don’t respond, because I won’t be here to read it, but really as I’ve commented to others, it’s not like I can stop you. By the way, I ever meet you in person, you’ll be the one getting a “tap to the head.” One you won’t soon get up from. You have no clue what someone’s confidence level is, so you do not get to judge when an ego should be knocked down a peg. You want to tap my head, come to Canada and give it a try. By the way, your name is missing an A. Not an O, to the last word capitalized.

          1. To be honest, I couldn’t care less about you being angry or not. Those would be your emotions and I don’t take them on me, from anyone. I’ve got my own set of them.

            I totally agree on everything you said about the writing aspect. That’s one of the reasons why I said I kinda like your posts on this forum, and I will ALWAYS read them because I know there will be some very legit points in it. Not in the least about the writing.

            Where you started embarrassing yourself was with the whole metric/imperial system part of your comment. It was a big part of your original comment and it showed to me that next to all your spot-on comments and reviews, you just really LIKE to rant about just about anything. Ranting for the sake of ranting so to speak. The dude before me wrote it better than I can, and as I’m also European, it is just total bullshit from you to take the piss out of it. It’s a non-issue and it should be for you also, unless you’re that typical American dude, of which the rest of the world thinks that he really thinks that America is the center of the earth. America is a city and all the rest is parking lot, so to speak.
            BUT, now I read that you’re Canadian, which baffles me even more ’cause Canadians don’t tend to have that same egocentered view of the world. UNLESS, like I said, you just rant to rant, and in that case: Feel free to continue to do so, but grow an extra pair of balls cause you’re gonna get even more backlash from other people.

            For a guy who does nothing else then giving critique on just about anything, you sure can’t handle some critique at your own writings.
            Well, as I said before, I don’t care either way. If you’re out because of this, your tows are way shorter as I expected and frankly, I’ll miss your comments and reviews. I don’t view yours as help per se, cause I will always play a game to see so for myself. I can form my own opinions.

            As for the rest of your words directed personally to me, I hope your ego felt good about the machismo, but I’m never impressed by that kind of theater. And since English isn’t my main language, your last sentence didn’t hit the spot it was intended to hit. But my name has nothing to do with any English word, so I’ll leave it there.

            See you next time when I disagree with you, that is, if your inner child doesn’t stay as bruised as it seems by some comments on an internet forum about adult games.
            Now THAT cracks me up!! The situation I mean, not the person. I try not to criticize people and certainly not laugh at them, but I have LOTS of fun with situations. He/she who gets offended by that takes it way too personal and has been shown a weak spot if he/she is aware of his/her blind spots.

            Later dude, do come back!

      3. Funny thing is he prob also does not know history because they were planning on implementing the metric system in the us long time ago but the ship with the instruments to do so sunk(and yes you can look it up) so it got never implemented

      1. At least you have a name, but the stick’s not in my ass buddy. If it’s up yours, that might be your problem.

        I have no clue what JFC means. Spell the words or don’t bother. And the asshole above you says I didn’t finish school… Ah, Jesus. Fucking. Christ. What, were you worried you’d offend God? Come on man. Consider this my last comment. To anyone. On any game. Thank you all very much, for predominantly being trolls. I’ve never said you have to agree with me, or give a flying rat’s ass what I think. I was just trying to help devs improve their stories, and improve gaming for everyone. But if lash back comments are all I’m going to get then fuck it. Why bother? The devs will do whatever they want with your money, and it’s your fault if you pay them. We get no actual say in story content anyway and maybe one percent overall will actually listen, or respond.

        I’m done as of today.

        1. Fucking hell this guy is funny.

          I use metric system, so like you said, its not so fucking hard to leave pounds, inches and whatnot aside. And no, youre not done. You come back here to read these messages and hit yourself in the head because you cant reply. Hurts to have an ego bigger than your mouth, right?

    2. “most people” [sic]
      Another delusional US individual ignoring that everybody in the world (beside the US, Myanmar & Liberia) use the metric system: blame your ignorance of it on your backward gov and its misplaced sense of exceptionalism.

      1. I don’t want to be part of globohomo. It’s ok if everyone doesn’t do the same thing. Globalization is evil and only benefits a few. Not your average citizen.

  20. prob. worth playing in 3 years time…. a tiny update every 3-4 month…yepp…but as long as plenty of morons pay monthly why would developer hurry…

  21. I like the helpful info you provide in your articles. I?ll bookmark your blog and check again here regularly. I am quite certain I will learn many new stuff right here! Best of luck for the next!

  22. Needs a lot more content. Other than that it’s a decent game. Maybe in a couple years it will have enough content.

  23. Can anyone please help me whenever I tried to open game it is not opening and don’t even showing any error
    It is not even appearing in task manager what should I do

  24. “Mind control” is an interesting theme, but just like w most attempts, you *REALLY* can do very little. [yet?]

    *** SPOILER ***

    can’t even change some of the bad lines or your total BITCH sister! [or be more polite instead of ignoring people…]

    Still very very VERY new: Map doesn’t even have “home” location yet.

    Needs map or overview of house.

    So far “superpowers” story is very poor. [most news agencies wouldn’t even cover it w/o a *LOT* of PROOF! what can they do? 0 evidence.

    some “no options” SUCK [he’s not a super jock of course MC has no chance w cheerleaders!]

    1) sis BITCH can lock her room, but MC can’t lock his!
    2) WTF dev?!? MC [FORCED!] 2 steal bra but get caught (always happens in these things, choose *NO*!)
    3) sis actually *KNOCKS* 2nd time, [when not self?] but just walk in (no knock) 1st time
    4) TOTAL BITCH SISTER—-& 1ST time she’s *NICE* 2 MC—-lets MC see her in underwear w/o any bad comments—- [FORCED!] & he tells her to LEAVE! WTF? WORST CHOICE u could make dev! [no choice at all 4 MC]

    5) simple action won’t work on friend [stand up & walk in circle, etc] *BUT*, more complex & unlikely actions worked on sis who’s normally a BITCH?!?
    6) *NORMAL* stuff [cooking breakfast, ride to college] is *NOT* a good test of even minor small mind control!
    (this is stuff they might do anyway—“placebo effect”—-MUST BE EXTREMELY UNLIKELY TO HAPPEN NORMALLY [like sis being nice & in underwear] otherwise, proves nothing & not a valid test.
    7) Everything is *WAY* too forced & scripted [Dev: I need to see….] QUESTS means MC should B able to do what they want.
    8) offices need READABLE names/labels.
    9) Most college age people [or long b4 that!] have their own car/bike/motorcyle/etc Transportation
    10) OMG! way way WAY too much time/dialog w bill! [why can’t MC do even 1/3 that much w a girl?!? (no wonder some wind up bachelors…) ]
    11) powers R way too vague. [all control is manipulative] all important choices R left up to DEV, not MC
    12) Going to a school b/c your “parents moved” [& u live w them] is a HIGH SCHOOL thing, for kids, not a college thing for adults.
    Very few college kids live w their parents anyway.
    13) JOB?!? [no blackjack doesn’t count!] Most of these—& this in no exception—-have MC spending $, so, NEED INCOME! Hopefully not something boring & lame. [female MCs usually get the best jobs!]
    BTW how’s MC even paying for college?
    14) HOBBY? [lots of places/pics/people—-camera/photography?]
    15) Sarah [1st—only?!? good convo w girl!] hey Dev! missed out [rain] really good change 4 wet-T shirts pics!
    16) “exploding blue” [power use] ya some of us get headaches. NOT COOL!
    17) [sarah—but good example] OMG way too much BS! just have MC say “just change right here totally fine it’s not a big deal you don’t have anything I haven’t seen before.” [OMG WOMEN get MALE (even worse, male MCs) to change in the same room, & they’re not even soaking wet!
    18) Obviously, [#17 is case in point!] DEV decides what works & what doesn’t, when, where, everything.
    19) ya, forcing MC to call himself names [hey FEMALES can B PERVERTS TOO!] —-even female MC don’t get forced to call themselves names! have some RESPECT!
    20) too many bad logic mistakes [if u get soaked in the rain, u go to BATHROOM 1st, not dripping water all over bedroom carpet! etc]

    Graphics R good, but, more frustring & headaches than anything else.

    1. You hit the nail on the head. There is a lot of potential in this idea, but the creator just doesn’t seem up to the task. Also the MC kinda feels like a self insert to me. Especially considering that none of the choices seem to matter. They are also leaning way to hard into the dumb, horny, lazy teen persona.

  25. This game is only compatible for 64 bit operating systems if you are having 32 bit operating system congratulations bro you won’t be able to play this..

    1. Very few things R only 32 bit; (some R both) even 10-12 yo computers w Win 7 on them, *OR*, [Linux is FREE!] get something dirt cheap & put Linux on it.
      [I run ~ 99% of Renpy in Linux]

      FYI Dev & folks: 64 bit is *VERY* common & standard now (maybe not some phones, but seriously, who wants to do these on a tiny tiny screen?)

  26. This game is only for 64 bit operating systems if you are having 32 bit operating system congratulations you won’t be able to play it….

    1. Eh… most of the 32 bit files are trojan infected anyway. 64 bit has been the standard for a very long time now (and I harken back to the days when Atari proudly proclaimed 64K was all the RAM YOU WOULD EVER NEED)…

  27. sigh yet another dumbass fucking VN with a mc who has the ability to force woman too do whatever the fuck he wants because he’s a beta faggot pussy who can’t get anyone without using his abilities lame not gonna bother with this garbage

    1. It’s not.

      You didn’t try it and are trying to look badass to horny pervy strangers because you have no friends and have to come here for attention since you can’t get anyone either. “Beta faggot pussy” is you. Lol.

      WARNING: This game is presented decently with a story that will go somewhere if the author continues it. The models used are different and I like them and that’s very welcome. The sandbox is not the best kind but it lets you decide what to do next. You get to fuck your own mom and she has big boobs. Four stars.

      1. murikan dreams did you seriously just insult yourself??You did try it and are trying to look badass to horny pervy strangers because you have no friends and have to come here for attention since you can’t get anyone either. “Beta faggot pussy” is you. Lol.

  28. Its pretty much in alpha state, not much content. But the content it has, is pretty good. A diamond in the rough so to speak. Some scenes are so funny LMAO can’t wait for future updates! =D

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