Sexploitation [v1.0][Final] [Dumb Koala Games]

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  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe left to roll back
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
  • swipe up&down to toggle a small window with memory usage information
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

You can also mail us at :- [email protected]

Editor's Rating

Story - 55%
Visual - 91%
Engagement - 85%
Core Loop - 70%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 3.73 ( 49 votes)

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  1. hehe this game is not really my style. but story is quite okay. and also worth mentioning that male chara look exactly like robert downey jr lol.

  2. any father has the right to have sex with his own daughter and its none of anybody’s fucking business
    its not like they are fucking your slut daughter or sister
    and if you have a problem with that, again remember ?, its NOT YOUR MOTHER FUCKING BUSINESS ! so dont be an asshole
    we refer sex as making love, so why wouldn’t anyone love their daughter or sister or mother ?
    because they have filled our minds with shitty beliefs ? i dont give a fuck about that
    and indeed they were very successful with filling people’s head with bullshit about many things
    i fucking hate it; but instead i can love your daughter, sister or mother or even all of them at same time! FUCK YEAH

  3. Not a fan of Koala games, but only for artistic and personal taste reasons in fantacy, I think she can do a lot better with her renders too, however, the reason I’m writing my first post is to callout the idiocy in comments here…
    People calm down, this is 3D cartoon, is not real, is fantacy. There are games here depicting animals, I hate that, yet, I don’t go trashing their games, same for rape games or slavery, is just fantacy, the same way when you dream while at sleep you can’t control the dream, you can’t control the author;s fantacy, if you don’t like it, don’t play it period.

  4. If a game with a 13-year-old girl excites you, you are sick, there are no excuses for it to be a game!!!!!!!
    damn perverts. report them!!!!!!

    1. In 90% of the games you usually kill other people… what about them? You want to do something about? It’s a game, just don’t play it if you don’t want to.

  5. I played this and another game from this developer and was delighted.
    These are very stylish games with good angles and pleasant renders in the eye. Everything looks aesthetic and beautiful. There is a plot in the games, it is logical, the actions of the heroes are justified and there is no obvious nonsense in the plot. The games themselves are short and not tightened. I like that the games are finished because you can often find “Abandoned” or alpha version.

    I did not study this topic deeply, but my attention was attracted by comments under this game and I decided to get a little information on Wikipedia.
    I appeal to everyone who mentions pedophilia.

    The developer is a talented girl. Judging by the pictures of the rest of the games, you can see that the characters in games look like teenagers. I like it because I love a beautiful and perfect female body.
    If you draw a parallel with real life, then representing the body of a teenager, we understand that it will be more beautiful than the body of an adult woman, because the girl’s body at 17 has good and clean skin, there are no stretch marks on his hips, no wrinkles, no marks, But there is a raised chest and a fit ass, which over time, under the influence of gravity, will sag. The older the girl, the less beautiful her body becomes.
    In addition, I would prefer a relationship with a 16-18 year old girl, because it is easier with them. They want to have fun and fuck, and not start serious relationships and family. They are not worried about how much money you have. An older one is more difficult with girls, and the greater the age, the more complicated. They already need serious relationships, wedding, children. You must be responsible, you must have a good job, you can no longer have fun and fuck with everyone in a row. There is a routine, duties, fatigue, scandals and hysteria. Thinking about this, one can easily understand the reason for the craving for younger girls – this is psychological comfort, freedom, lack of obligations and fun.

    But I’m talking about a girl only after 16 years. If anything, then 16 years is the age of sexual consent (in my country), so by law an adult has the right to have sex with a girl of 16 years old. Also, the marriage age is 16 years old, but it can be reduced to 14 years. Therefore, in my country you can marry a girl of 14 and after the wedding, sex with such a girl will not be considered a crime. This is by law. It is a fact. So everyone who is talking about pedophilia – try arguing with the law.

    A few facts:
    1. Pedophilia is an attraction to children of a subububertic or early puberty, that is 10-13 years. The difference between children and adolescents should be understood.
    2. There is also epibophilia – this is an attraction to adolescents (15-17 years old).
    3. There are still such criteria:
    – The age of adulthood
    – age of sexual consent
    – Age of marriage

    In different countries, there are different numbers, somewhere around 14, somewhere 21. What is illegal and immoral in one country is completely normal in another. Alien laws and traditions should be respected, even if you disagree with them.
    In Islam, adulthood occurs during the occasion of menstruation or at the age of 15.
    In the Faroe Islands, adulthood occurs at 14 years old.
    If, according to the laws of his country, a person has reached the age of 14, then in any country of the world this person should be regarded as an adult, even in the country where adulthood occurs at 21. This is by law.

    4. The reproductive age in women is 15-49 years.
    Biologically, as a result of evolution, women are ready for fertilization and bearing offspring from the age of 15. This is the biology of the body, and not the conventions and prejudices of society. So from the biological side, a girl can have sex from the age of 15, because it is the result of evolution. Her body is ready for this and there is nothing wrong with it.

    Sometimes a girl at the age of 15 looks as if she was 20, and sometimes a girl at 20 looks like she is 15. Just look at Phillipins. They look very young and they have a very small breast. The appearance is not always an indicator of age.

    And these were facts about real life and real people. And this is just a game.

    In the game in appearance, one cannot judge the age of the characters, and besides, the games very often distort proportions (breasts, priest, waist, head, eyes) and exaggerate age, for example, when the mother of 3 children looks 25. This means that it works in the opposite direction – the author can distort the type of character and although he is 18 or 30 years old, he may look at 16. It can be the result of the wrong 3D model.

    The game is a fictional reality, fictional actions and fictional characters who do not have a document that indicates their age and place of birth. So we can’t always know where the game character comes from and whether he reached the age of sexual consent and adulthood according to the laws of his country. And if he reached according to the laws of his country and moved to another country, then he is considered an adult.

    Interest in the game does not make anyone with a pedophile or epibofille. Even sex with a teenager does not always make a person with epibofille (I read it on Wikipedia).
    Pedophilia is understood as attraction to children – to real children from flesh and blood, and not to the characters in the game consisting of 0 and 1 that cannot have age because they are not real. I’m not even sure that if you play such games, it can be regarded as epibophilia, because we are talking about information bits. Playing games is not prohibited, and this does not harm anyone.

    If you want to deal with pedophilia, so start with the church, because there are real people, not game characters. And a lot of innocent children becomes victims of pedophilia. It is easy to scream about the game on a porn site, threaten reprisal for pedophilia, instead of going and fighting a real problem in society with real people. Hypocrisy.

  6. It’s hard to believe that this is made by a woman. Dumb Koala is a woman, and she makes all these sick games. She must have some serious “daddy” issues!

    1. Keep your fucking opinions to yourself, especially when all your underdeveloped brain can think of is to armchair psychoevaluate someone you’ve never met. I’d be willing to bet that not only do you not have a PHD in psychology, you probably never got your GED, let alone diploma.

      There’s rape games on this site too asshat. I loathe rape, but I promise you won’t find any comment from me on those games disparaging it’s audience and calling them rapists. That’s because I can see the difference between a creative fantasy and an actual taste for real life actions. Also, why would I even stay long enough on the page to comment when there are plenty of games on the site for me to find that portray my own kinks. You probably have a kink or two I find disgusting, but you won’t find me insulting you about that. No, it’s just your self righteous attitude and inability to understand the idea of each to their own.

      But who am I kidding, with an IQ as apparently low as yours, you probably don’t understand half of what I’m saying anyway. Pearls and swine…

      1. Fuck you, mother fucking pedo son of a bitch!!! I’ll fucking kick your ass if I ever find out who you are. And then I’ll fucking kill you and make you suffer on the way!

        1. Because of pixels? Relax.
          You should understand why CSAM is illegal and immoral in the first place, and it’s because it’s hurting real victims that cannot consent to the atrocities they’re put through.
          This however, while arguably gross, it is hurting no one because the characters are purely fictional (I HOPE, otherwise I have no argument)
          Learn to distinguish fiction and reality, I cannot speak for everyone doing that here as I see actual pedophiles into this, but you’re calling someone that is likely not even a pedophile, a pedophile.

      2. bro what the fuck is wrong with you, sick fuck. I have a little sister and I can’t fucking imagine even thinking about that shit, how fucking sick do you have to be

    2. seems like you are the one with the problem here. how about fuck off if you dont want to play or download. no one cares about your opinion.

  7. Loli bullshit! Not interested! Sorry, but girls that age (10-13) don’t have figures like that. This one is for pedos and pervs; you sick fuckers!

          1. What’s it like living life like a complete pussy-ass pedophile? If I knew who you were, I would kick your fucking ass! If I saw you anywhere near my daughter, I would fucking kill you!

    1. I am kind of curious how Toxic Box KNOWS how naked 10-13 year old girls look. Methinks he doth protest too much.

        1. I would love to meet you and pleasure your girls behind your back, lol. I love people that go on like this and are oblivious when someone is playing with their kids.

          1. Genuine pedophile right here.
            Game is questionable and they’re not real and honestly kinda gross. But this comment… this is too far

        2. A person writes that he has 5 children. I think this is a lie. The one who has 5 children must work 16 hours a day to earn enough money for clothes, education, food, entertainment, gadgets, and much more. And he should also engage in the upbringing of his children, help them with their homework, spend time with them, play with them, take them somewhere to the park, in a cafe, etc.
          And he jerks off on porn games, sits on a porn site and tries to prove something to someone, while he does not understand the topic that he raised. It’s stupid. When and who on the Internet managed to change someone else’s point of view? His behavior is more similar to the fact that he is a teenager, and not an adult who has a family, children and work, a bunch of obligations and affairs.
          I wonder how he manages to masturbate at home when he has a lot of children in his house?
          I somehow lived with only one girl and I could not find the time and a place where I could calmly masturbate. If I sat in the toilet for too long, then suspicions began. And then he has at least 5-6 women in his house… He probably hides with a laptop in the basement like a troll and jerks off, looking around or he has to leave the house and jerk off in the bushes.

          He threatens to find and kill someone. Empty and funny threats. This is not like a sense of responsibility of an adult and fear of leaving his 5 daughters without a father, and a family without money while he is in prison for a western murder.

          I would like to look at the photo of his girls. Preferably in swimsuits.

          Lord, 5 girls … I think this guy simply does not know when to stop … It seems that his life does not teach anything. He simply does not understand that he needed to pull out his cock and it was necessary to start doing this after the second child. Maybe he should tell him about contraceptive tablets and condoms?

    2. I actually know a girl with a figure exactly like the ones in this game, she is a tiny little thing, small chest etc… quite beautiful and she just turned 30 last year!!!

      My own mother had a small chest and not a very curvy figure, so t hey do exist. Not every adult woman had a fat ass and huge tits. Time for you to come back to reality kid!

    3. Go outside and you might find that there are plenty of adults 20-30 with figures like this, and sometimes even young looking faces. I think you may want to cut out on the television and porn if you think all woman have DD breasts and huge asses and maybe experience real life social interaction.

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