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Story - Sex Prison VR presents an intriguing concept, offering a unique role-playing scenario within the realm of VR porn games. The game sets you as the lead character in a sex prison, with plenty of girls and various rooms to explore. While the story may not be ground-breaking, it manages to engage players who seek a different experience in the VR genre. - 72%
Visual - While Sex Prison VR doesn't push the boundaries of visual fidelity, it maintains an acceptable level of quality without putting excessive strain on VRAM. The girls' models, though basic, are fully animated and respond convincingly to player interactions. However, there's still room for improvement in terms of the girls' appearances, as their design could benefit from more detailed and lifelike characteristics. - 68%
Engagement - Sex Prison VR manages to captivate players by providing a decent number of girls and diverse rooms to explore within the prison setting. The game caters to both seated and standing gameplay, accommodating various playstyles. However, the audio aspect falls short; the music is annoying, and the repetitive five-second moan loop can become irritating over time, hindering the overall engagement. - 67%
Core Loop - The core loop of Sex Prison VR revolves around engaging with the girls in the prison, exploring different scenarios, and experimenting with various interactions. The game succeeds in delivering a unique role-playing experience, setting it apart from common asset flips found in the VR genre. One drawback is the control scheme, which could benefit from further refinement, particularly in terms of one-controller compatibility. - 75%


out off 100%

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User Rating: 2.63 ( 8 votes)

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