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Roommate Corruption [Final] [Love Seekers]

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Editor's Rating

Story - 32%
Visual - 88%
Engagement - 51%
Core Loop - 46%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 3.6 ( 51 votes)

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  1. Only problem is that it kinda rush and its too short. Everything else is great, should be more character development

  2. The story was simple, but had a nice touch to it. The description for the game wasn’t very fitting, I guess it is acceptable since I guess the devs were not native English speakers?

    This visual novel did not had any choices for you, but it was a short enough read for anyone, roughly half an hour or so for slow readers. Although it did not have any animations, but the art was put together nicely that it was acceptable.

    The tongue sticking was a bit overused for me, and crying not used when they first had sex was kinda of a missed opportunity; she should of bleed for extra points.

    Overall the story was wholesome, the art was great. 8/10

    1. Nice! I love the Aunt-Nephew kink! Thanks for the rewrite! You’re right, the images are fantastic, the original story not so much.

      1. Link works, just not for ppl in the US because it’s no longer the land of the free and brave. I had to use Tor. You could use a VPN with foreign servers.

    2. The score on this game must have been for a very early version, because this is a high 90’s game. It’s fantastic! Especially with the above re-script! Whoever did the re-script, you did an excellent job! You should write for game developers or something. Seriously, few typos but first-rate anyway.

      Perfect scenes. Great artistic ability and style. Not a single complaint. It’s a short story, but has good closure. Wish there was more! Not sure how good the original script was… I’d definitely want this re-scripting person’s talent in what is created next.

  3. it felt kinda rushed in my opinion (although many ppl prefer this way).
    a boy comes to live in a apartment owned by a girl, girl says dont ever come to my room and one day MC goes into her room and grabs her boobs from behind and suddenly she loves it ! and everything starts form there.
    good material for one time fap and that’s it

  4. I like this game in terms of beautiful hana characters and handsome mc even though the story is short and I also hope that the game developer launches a game similar to this game but in a longer story scheme and contains interesting animations in every scene

  5. The girls is cute, has perfect curves. Would love to change eye color and add more lewdness. Even if the game does not have animations, it’s still has a nice story flow, just wish there would be at least 2 picture loop made for a bit of an effort to get a hint of animation going on. It’s not that much more work (1 extra picture or already seen at different penetration length and a line of code that loops back and forth).

    I do not get negative rapist wibe at all. They share a history seen at end of the novel. To me it feels like couple that is roleplaying. Also, she is not mean, cold maybe but that also reasonable, as she did not hear from him and she is right, you may be hi from 10 years ago, but I don’t know who you are now, what changes you made, and I am ok with that and accept this, but this is how I like to keep living and you respecting this. I would say very mature.
    He started acting after a couple days has passed, so corruption did not start fast and she did tease by walking past him in underwear. She planted the seed, he did the same by touching her boobs and lifting the skirt but not touch, just shown that he is accepting her teas and if she continues, he is going to act on it and so the story progresses. She is very subtle, while he is less so and so it may appear to some as it corrupts. Well made.

  6. Rapist trainer. PASS!

    Your Rating: -500,00,000,0

    Add your favorite hyperbole here. Make it about me if you want! Have fun, rapists!

  7. WTF waste of time although the girl looks cute but bro games with no animated scene in 2023 seriously ?

  8. This is a novel, not a game. Nothing wrong with that, just so you know. Graphics are very fine, Hana looks lovely, story is so-so….

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