Rebirth [Ep.5 Update 7] [LikesBlondes]

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The orig. save transfer unfortunately does not work in my port.
To start EP5 you can:
1. load default values at the game start
2. use the save below to start the game
3. New: I made an own, “manually save transfer” from EP4->EP5
(you need the save file created at the end of EP4 from my port)

Here saves from the very beginning of EP5-Part1:
Save file EP5-part1


Usage of the additional swipe commands:
Swipe left: back
Swipe right: skip
Swipe up: main menu
Swipe down: hide

The game saves are stored now in a persistent folder and should be available even when the game is deinstalled
Location: “(your device)\RenPy_Saves\com.koga3.rebirthep5”
You have to grant the permission for the external/second save storage use when starting the game for the first time.
– On some devices the game seems to stuck on the very first start after you granted the permission.
Please close the game completely and restart it, it should work after that without that issue again.

Download Walkthrough

Download Walkthrough, Music, Cheating Mod


– alternate game music
– voices/sound effects (like laughing, moaning, door knocking etc)
– a “jukebox” function to play all tracks manually
– a status/info screen
– some cheating functions (game points, variables)
– renaming the MC
– game choices help function (walkthrough)
– additonal game settings
– “RePlay”, a scene replay function (so far a Mod patch)

most of these functions are optional and can be turned on/off while playing)



– extract the archive in a temporary folder
– replace the *.rpy-files in your game folder
– move the extracted folders “audio” and “music” also into the “game” folder
See also the installation instructions in the archive file for further informations

If it’s the first time using my Mod you MUST start a new game!

This mod changes the game files heavily! Old saves will most likely not work anymore!
Also, saves with my mod installed will maybe not work WITHOUT my mod afterwards, too.
As this Mod overwrites game files, other Mods/addons may also not work after installing it.

Sorry about that.


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Editor's Rating

Story - 89%
Visual - 90%
Engagement - 93%
Core Loop - 90%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 2.06 ( 162 votes)

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  1. STOOOPPPPP!!!!!
    The entire page is all your fucking comments, whether with any of the fucking names you use to comment: anon, anonymous, toxic box, etc…

  2. As usual, super short “update”… and yet another missed opportunity. Tied up in a hotel bed with a naked Carmen and nothing happens but she changes clothes. Absolute travesty and the story telling is choppy and disjointed at best.

    1. Because it’s difficult to play, boring af, and has little to no, artistic appeal. The story is basically stolen from all the other vampire tropes, and put back together, very badly.

  3. Why so many chapters? I understand that the dev wants to keep the download size smaller, but there are better compressions to do it with.
    For me, it is not worth the download. It is not bad, but it is not good, either. There is mostly no sex in this visual novel. This is a standard visual novel with some nudity. I will not call this an adult visual novel. This is a poorly written visual novel with some boobies.
    The render quality is not good enough to keep me interested, because it is also not good.
    Not bad, but not good.

  4. This is so boring. I keep playing thinking there will be sex, but nothing is coming. Not even me. 🤦🏻‍♂️
    Also, the chapters are very difficult to install and continue.
    It will not surprise me if the developer stops making saves work, when the next Ren’Py update is coming out.

  5. Good game. Don’t know why so many negative comments. Although, it could use a few more sex scenes.

  6. Wow, this is long and boring. There is finally a sex scene, but only if you chose the right path. The writing is so predictable, that there aren’t any real surprises. It’s like I know what’s going to happen, before I read it. Also, the 5 separate downloads thing, is REALLY annoying. If you want something to fap to, this is NOT it.

    Hey, it’s a free download 9annoying, but free) so, If you want to read a vampire story to pass the time, and don’t care about good writing, then this should be fine for you.

  7. Pls conclude all episodes in one link..coz after playing one episode, second don’t run…it says pls complete chapter 1..

  8. This is a blue ball game with 10 minute updates. Barely any choices, and they choices really don’t mean anything. It’s a boring kinetic visual novel, with bad renders, and no sex in it. Don’t waste your time, there are so many other BETTER vampire visual novels out there, that don’t require you to download 5 different parts, just to read them. 🙄

  9. EP5 walthru mod is unnecessary. The new content is so short that you basically cannot make a mistake in choices anyway.

  10. Dunno how this gets a 91/100 rating, personally I gave it 2 stars. There are always problems with the duration of wait (lonbg) vs the amount of update material (usually minuscule). These vampires require full feeding to have sex which almost never occurs, many people’s complaints about the AVN are valid in that regard (if that is what you’re here for), but anyway the story progresses almost not at all between updates which makes you wonder why you even DL it. At least there aren’t 400 dl files showing anymore so that is small progress I suppose.

    1. User Rating: 1.97 ( 141 votes)

      So, you’re not alone. For some reason the site’s editor liked it when they played chapter 1.

  11. This novel is so boring I could cry. I can’t believe I wasted this much time reading this shit. Just when I thought that the story was going to get better, it didn’t, and I was disappointed again. Also, the chapter thing is really annoying. Just repackage the damn thing and quit wasting everyone’s time. There isn’t any sex in it, so if you want something to fap to, then don’t bother with this one. I don’t think I’ll be coming back to this until the very end of this blue ball visual novel. Maybe after 20 chapters that we have to play individually. -sigh-

  12. Yes there is not much sex in it , but the story is good . The only ones complaining are those who play games where the mc is some stupid idiot with a horse cock , who gets a hard on by just looking at a woman and they jump on his cock with no reason or explanation at all . So if your looking for that shit , this game is not for you .

  13. Pure garbage VN. I thought may be after episode 3 things will turn out different. But there were literally zero major choices or power ups in episode 4. This VN is a total joke and a perfect slap on Vampire genre. And how on earth editors score is 91%. It should be 40%. Dev has no idea where this story is heading. Just keep on adding useless dialogues.

  14. Getting stupid with the massively confusing number of DL files… You only need the basic and then if you’ve been keeping up, the most current ‘episode’ … no need to keep all the ones in between and complicate everything. AND UPDATE THE DAMN CHANGE LOG!!!

  15. I don’t know why I torture myself. 🤦🏻‍♂️
    Every time an update comes out it’s worse than the last one.
    This is so boring. There isn’t any sex in it.
    The writing is utterly predictable, because it’s all been done before.
    Don’t bother with this one, unless you want to read ANOTHER vampire novel. 🙄

  16. Loved this game, the story is so good (there’s very few sex scenes but it’s ok because I prefer story over unnecessary sex scenes :p).
    There are few bugs and dialogue error. But I think developer will fix this in the final version.

  17. This sucks. It’s just a visual novel with no sex in it. Just some nude scenes, and that’s it. The writing and the renders are nothing special. Don’t waste your time on this one. There are better vampire visual novels out there.

  18. To those who state this isn’t a sex game; it is. The problem being less that the writing is not good than the fact it’s actually based a little TOO strictly off the TTRPG Vampire The Masquerade from White Wolf. In that game, vampires CAN have sex, but it does cost them blood points to do so. Personally I think latitudes could be taken to make more actual chances to feed, upon whom and have it tie into building of power. Building of relationships and the actual formation of a Harem. Which really is what this game should be. The setting IS about the politics of power and climbing the ranks. Who you do that with, how you do should be up to player choice. The “blood dolls” or ghouls as they’re more commonly called (especially the main one but I can see them trying for Carmen too) did NOT need to become vampires. It’s FINE that the MAIN LI *** It’s what you’re billing her as the second you turn her into a vampire buddy, since you’ve been dicking people around HARD with Sharon this long. I’ll say no pun intended, but feel free to count it as an example of good writing *** is the MC’s Ghoul. Friend. Yeah, call me the Cryptkeeper, at least I’m not sleeping in one. That you guys know of.

    The problem is more in the pacing and the lack of clear direction. There are too many females placed above the supposedly “unique” MC in power. Either by rank in the social structure of the lain out world by the rulesets of Vampire The Masquerade, or the BS that the dev can’t figure out who MC’s Mommy should really be. [I do give some credit for doffing the actual mother – to a point, but do you really think a woman as nosy as she is, as needy as she came off would just disappear into the sunset because MC had one meet up with her so it’s fine now? Come on] Calisto needs to either NOT be such an asshole, or clearly become submissive to the MC because she chooses him for her partner. You need to let go of the red dream girl bullshit; or get somewhere with that plot and DO NOT make her more powerful than the MC without A) a damned good reason and B) the opportunity for the MC to actually WIN against her. If you’re actually setting her up to be the antagonist. [Nobody liked the invincible werewolf at the end of VTMB man, or woman as it may be… there’s NO point to an Antagonist you cannot defeat; and no a freaking magical athame that you have to play nice with your asshole vamp mommy whether you want to or not, does not count. Since it also DIDN’T WORK]

    I would have focused on MC navigating the world to take down Markus or whatever you called the meathead archon. Focus on TAMING Astrid in general (yes with MC’s cock) and working out the dynamic between Sharon and her to SHARE MC. With Lauren or whatever BFF to hell and back quite literally is supposed to be named. The relationships, and the RISE TO POWER are what matter in this type of game. Sex IS included in that. Blood points or not. Each of the power branches that you chose to create [Not just stealth or Charisma] should have been VIABLE to give the MC a means to make his way to the THRONE. Because he SHOULD end up the Prince of a City. If not before that, a Methuselah. (If the BBEG is Antidiluvian that would be the only way the Player MIGHT have a genuine shot – with all Harem points built up and empowered, and all Allies called – to go to war with the creature who’s now more a point of straight up mindfuckery as a plot device than a viable Antagonist, and to WIN) ** Hell you want to include Furry you can also stipulate the MC is more Gangrel than anything and actually have him bloodbond a werewolf to help take down the big bad at the end of the day. Just a thought, but then he might more like it doggy…

    It’s nice that someone did their homework on the core rules (which frankly have already been a little bent if I’m honest) but that doesn’t excuse the lack of lewd scenes in this work. It doesn’t explain the muddled pace, and the lack of a focused direction. For my two cents thrown into the pond, these are the areas you need to work on:

    – Improve relationships with all current females to the point it actually LOOKS like you’re making clear progress.

    – Branch out the vampire powers in skill sets that make ALL of those possible choices viable.

    – Come up with new stuff for both of the above at some point soon.

    – Figure out where you want to take the narrative; but offer the player choice that is clear, as to their ending.

    – If you’re going to make Ghouls or Blood Dolls, they DO NOT get to be full vampires because… Female. Fuck. That.

    – Figure out whose actual side you want Calisto to be on. Including just her own (with a sub option to MC in a dominance battle he CAN win, by player choice * You can logic it out by she cares for him more than she shows, and WANTS to lose but can’t admit it openly)

    – Play the long game [The correct way] IE give the audience of a sex site what we expect to see when we waste gigs/time downloading these games. Build a viable path to power that is more than just hey you’re a vampire so you’re a superhero… or you would be, if you weren’t a total NEWB! (Making Sharon the Archon was an asshole move, and no I do NOT forgive it just because you sometimes, somehow let MC call HER shots for her – since she only succeed by New Boy’s help and anyone with enough pull knows it, they should ALWAYS have been JOINT archons. Not privately said because Sharon decides she’s been blue balling the relationship so long she might as well throw the player a halfway bone for being a “good boy”)

    – STOP. Playing. Mind. Games. With. Your. Audience! The red dreams were an intriguing plot device for about five freaking seconds, but if you’re not going to do anything but muck with the player’s head with them, you’re being a Malkavian… and you should know how annoying most people find them. [There’s a reason that clan is only recommended for the 2ND playthrough of VTMB – and probably more safely a third or fourth, unless you wrote down EVERY response in the game]

    – Introduce back in the trainers and let the PLAYER choose to TRAIN the powers if they want, so they can actually TRY to fight things without your need of a Duex Ex Mommy Save My Arse with a magic dagger (that’s arguably a dick commentary if we want to get Freudian about it) that still DOES NOT WORK. If you’ve read up on the rules of the core game enough to bend the sex options over a table to take them all but out of the game for being “bad girls” then you should know how rare a true Antidiluvian is. The Big Bad does NOT have to actually be one. (She can seem like it, and be older than Calisto while technically being of the same Generation) ** I’m saying don’t try to pull a rabbit out of your arse to make an impossible to beat “credible threat.” The Main Character still Has to win at the end. Even if Pyrrhically.

    Now all that said, it’s a game that I still think, does have a LOT of potential. A little better structure in the story, a few new options for women to bond with, and an actual sense of power to gain and you have one hell of a V:TM campaign (My luck you’ll take that literally – which could still be cool… but I didn’t name my MC Lucifer) I’m not tapped out yet, but I can also understand where most of your hoped for audience would be. Keep going, work at your own pace, and hopefully you take this review more for the constructive criticism and genuine attempt to help foster creativity that I intend. I am after all, the one who first wrote: Red Dreams Are Made To Tease… so who am I to disagree?

    1. Not reading all that shit but id like to say .. If you have that much to bitch about and are so knowledgeable on how the “perfect” VN should be written you might want to write one yourself . If you have Please post a link If you havent you might wanna start . if you dont want to maybe keep your multi page long complaints to yourself. just saying .

      1. First, never in a million years would I claim I can write the “perfect” VN – Second; I write ACTUAL novels. Not visual ones. I have over 300 FULLY finished; I just haven’t been able to afford to self publish any of them because I am under the Canadian Poverty line. Second, constructive criticisms are not “bitching.” I shared means by which the dev could choose to improve the story, mechanically and otherwise. I shared my general opinion of the story, and as far as complaints go, look both above and below mine. The list is not short. There’s also the point that if you won’t read barely an actual page in paperback formatting, which is the general length of the comment I left, I HIGHLY doubt that if I ever did send you any of my novels to read you’d finish even one of them. Since most have at least 169 more pages to count. Some have 200 and one anthology series I did near the beginning of my work started years ago, is 661 pages long. In other words, you’re one of those that types TL;DR for a fucking page. If that, and you’d be screwed to try to read more.

        1. ” Second; I write ACTUAL novels.”


          (gasps for breath)


          Sure you do, mate. Put enough words down and it’s a novel. I just wrote a short story. I title it, “I’m going to bring this up so much from now on.”

  19. I didn’t think this could get WORSE, but it somehow has. Probably some dude who couldn’t cut it as a real writer, so he thought, ‘I might as well try smut writing.’… and then left out the smut. o.O
    The story isn’t even his story. He stole the stories from all the other vampire stories out there.
    That might be your thing, though. Read this VN if you don’t care about any sex scenes and just want to read a book, with the occasional adult teasing and flirting. Don’t read this VN, if you are expecting hardcore vampire sex and debauchery.
    It’s basically a romance novel with vampires and other monsters in it.

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