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Raptus [Ep.9 P3 v1.2] [RedStarStudios by Infros]

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  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe left to roll back
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
  • swipe up&down to toggle a small window with memory usage information
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

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Editor's Rating

Story - 88%
Visual - 80%
Engagement - 84%
Core Loop - 85%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 3.73 ( 224 votes)

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  1. The best game, exploration for the brave, NOT FOR THOSE WITH A FEAR MENTALITY (pity or something like that) THIS IS JUST A FICTION GAME, don’t be like “A WIFE AND MOTHER” for 6 years MC(Sophia) has never had sex, cheated, never even given a BJ ,JUST GIVE GROPING AND FALSE HOPES

  2. this used to be an exciting project, not anymore.
    quality is going downhill. it’s like they lost their passion for this this work.

  3. I always find normies and their kink shaming to be funny, if fictional products should be condemn because it goes against some form of law or ethics, then all you could and should watch are vanilla porn. Plain simple father and mother after work missionary sex, then kiss and say good night, beacuse they have a job to get to in the morning. Is that any fun or arousing for you?

    I would even go as far as to say, even the entertainment industry such a as Hollywood would need to get rid of all the content by those people standards. I mean why shouldn’t they? Isn’t stealing robbing or killing against law and ethics? I think you get my point here.

  4. All feminist should be raped and let their cuck husband watch. Perfect game for gay ape lovers and cucks

  5. You have seen the TAGs, so you know this is a violent game with harassement, necrophilia, forced animal sex – you name it! But – seriously … this is pretty awful. Very basic graphics, no convincing story-line to speak of. You are just playing the worst brute you could think of. People say: who cares? Play if you are into that! … yeah, well … you might want to reassess your kinks.

    1. What fucking views have you seen in the world at all? That’s when you look at what and where and how it happens, you will understand that there are no views, rules or morals, there is only what you want and can get! You built such a world yourself, now live and don’t fuck around!

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    1. Yes, let’s subscribe to more faggot propaganda. As if there’s not enough already.

      1. USAtheGay
        How desperate is the dinosaur media that they are posting to porn sites?? They need to go extinct.

  7. ,This game is very good, but it could be better if it were extended with more options. What I mean is that when you decide to do something more “reckless” like, for example, raping the waitress and the woman you went out with in the last update, you simply reach the end of the game. Perhaps the developer’s intention is to show that by taking such actions you receive instant karma, like a moral of the story so that we can become “better people” by learning something without having to go through the situation itself. I don’t even remember what happened, a brick fell on the MC’s head, whatever. But the story has potential.

    1. Yeah… I tried because i thought “how bad can it be”

      Like 2 hours I’m a you rape someone and their kid comes in. This is a game you play when you want to go to jail.

  8. I hope this story has a good ending and that the MC get the death penalty by lethal injection or if you are against it, at least a frontal lobotomy without anesthetic and chemical castration.

  9. Ever talk to a crack head or dope fiend? They will give you a million reasons why it’s ok or not that bad. At least the ones that are too far gone. That’s the mindset of the apologists for the weirdos who like this shit. I get checking it out for curiosities sake. However if you are really into it and especially if you don’t see it as fucked up. YOU are fucked up! You are probably a danger to those around you. People like that are also incredibly self obsessed and lack empathy for others. I personally have been around such people and they completely get off if they have power over somebody else. Somebody who is weaker. These people need help and or to be locked up. The problem with “games” like this is it fuels such peoples aberrant selves. Like a slasher movie or shooter does. Some people need to refrain themselves from such things. The only thing that keeps them in check is the lack of ability to gain such power over others and the fear of the repercussions to themselves. Anyway stay away from stuff like this if you are that fucked in the head. Honestly stuff like this serves no purpose to anyone and shouldn’t even exist.

    1. he calls himself TRUTH and all he says is FALSE. Violence or any fucked up thing in games has been shown to have NO CORRELATION to how a person behaves in real life, or their affinity to commit these crimes. This retard named “TRUTH” is probably more of a danger to people than anyone who plays this game.

      1. There is a lot of money involved. So of course there are those trying to muddy the water. It’s like porn. For some they go after next thrill. Indulging in sicker and sicker porn. Why fag shit use has increased. Besides all the grooming. Anyway for some the increasing use of violent content can warp their minds. Just like rap music has helped screw up portions of the black community. Fueling their anger which eventually causes them to act out.

        There are also those who want the violence. To use as an excuse to take away our rights.
        To “protect” us. An old commie tactic is to, “never let a good crisis go to waste”. We often see the same psychos let out over and over for this reason as well.

        Unfortunately you are wrong. About the pixelated drawings being pixelated drawings part. I know what you mean and why you think that, I used to believe the same thing. It took over 30 years of studying psychology, sociology, and human behavior for me to figure out why people are the way they are so I can’t really explain this in a forum. But think of it like this, people from different cultures behave differently. That’s obvious. But why do they behave differently? That’s the part that takes decades. Humans aren’t just “born” a certain way. They are “influenced” to be a certain way. Yes, some things just are the way they are but the vast majority of non personal influence is directly infused into the subconscious. Because of how the human subconscious absorbs and retains information, what we see and hear (EVEN IN FICTION) becomes normal and even if we disagree with it or feel that it’s wrong, the more normal it is… the more normal it is. Anywho… most people don’t understand Pavlov’s Dog, or how it pertains to social engineering but that’s fine. Humans are easy to break, you can convince them that if they strap a bomb to their chest they can have 72 virgins. You can convince them that stabbing themselves in the gut is a good way keep from dishonoring their family name. The more they see it, the more they think “maybe it’s not that bad”.

      3. This is right up there with being bi-curious in college. No dude, if you take it up the butt… you’re bi. If you derive sexual pleasure from watching a rapist turture people… you got problems. Free speech, the right to expression or whatever, I’m not saying that the dev should be shot but everyone who downloads this should probably be on a list.

    2. definitely most ppl who experience this VN realize how “fucked up” this is.
      as you answered it, it’s the curiosity.
      in fact, I bet 90% of ppl who play these adult games are curious about their opposite sex and it’s the main reason why they’re here. whether duo to their strict living environment or religion or whatever.
      and saying “this stuff shouldn’t even exist” is wrong, because with the help of this game, a soon-to-be psychopath at the start of his/her journey, can get a grasp of what their future holds for him/her in a similar way of their vision about their future, so it might save them before it’s too late.
      and remember, psychopaths dont create themselves, we create them.
      this is reality, trust me bro!

  10. The most darkest VN you’d ever come across has everything from rape to punching a womb to a bloody pulp. The VN dives deep in to the psychology of a mass rapist murderer who has no remorse whatsoever. He feels nothing. He hears only the voices and the voices in his head.

  11. Horrific game. Absolutely brutal. I’ve played sexually extreme games before, but this one takes the cake. You literally rape, humiliate, sexually torture and even kill, if you wish so, throughout this game. You are extremely violent and unpleasant to all the women you come across. There is nothing funny about this game and I got off on it so hard.

    Hold on, doesn’t this make me the most loathsome person ever? In a way, I guess it does. However, I can separate fiction from reality. Anyone who does these things to a woman in real life must be subjected to slow torture and mutilation, if I had a say in it. I’m actually a sensitive and romantic guy, albeit with a very dark side. I would rather die myself if that would mean I could save a girl from this kind of treatment and yet I still get off on a game like this. Why? Maybe because I’ve seen too many messed up thing in my life that left me traumatized and this is simply my outlet; a form of twisted ‘therapy’, so to say.

    Alright, I just got a little personal on a website where there are undoubtedly more twisted individuals, and perhaps even darker souls, active. I hope it was educational for you.

    One thing I don’t get, though. Why do some people, that clearly can’t handle a game like this, willingly decide to play it and then subsequently whine about it in the comments? That’s like a person that’s lactose intolerant going to an ice cream shop, eating a lot of ice cream and then getting angry at the shop owner for getting sick. The developer literally warns you under the Overview tab for the contents of this game and besides that it has tags like ‘bestiality’, ‘graphic violence’, ‘necrophilia’ and ‘rape’. Really, what were you expecting? I might have a sick mind, but you are dumb as anal vomit if you still decide to play this game, in spite of the warnings, knowing you can’t handle it.

    Pfff, anyway… The game has some attractively drawn females in it and I’m curious to see where to story leads to. Maybe it will just stay incredibly dark, but I have a feeling there will be more to it. Regardless of what happens in future updates, I just enjoy it for the shocking rollercoaster of extreme depravity that it is so far.

    1. This site has more rants than reviews, and I myself follow suit from time to time. I must say that your perspective was one of the best on this site. I neither have nor have any desire to download this. If I did, I would have no one to complain to other than myself. Still, there is that dark curiousity that lurks in all of us just to take a look-see. Just like taking a second glance at a ghastly accident. One might fall for that insidious lure and find themselves horrified, but don’t blame the creator because we were seduced into taking a peek. It is only oneself who can take blame for their own fallacies. We are all twisted in some way.

    2. I’m here for the comments, not the game.
      The reason people complain is because they know what “feed the beast” means. The more we see something, the more we take it into our subconscious. “You” might not turn rapist but the more of this type of material we have around, the more “potential rapists” will want to give it a try in real life.
      Every teen show that I’ve tried to watch in the past few years I rage quit because someone either was raped or came close to it. It’s everywhere in all form of media and guess what, WE ARE AT AN ALL TIME HIGH for sexual violence.
      Back when rape was shunned by society, it was pretty rare and punished by castration or death. Now a days it’s a joke. They sing and dance about it and it’s punished by a few months in jail (they often get let out early).
      The main problem is that humanity just sucks. There really isn’t a perfect way of doing things. We have to watch ourselves and try not to take things too far. As for what “too far” is… everyone has their own opinion.
      I haven’t played this and I don’t plan on it because I personally feel that this type of content should be banned but I have some recommendations for people who want to try it out.
      1: If you are playing this thinking “that could never happen” or “dude, that guy is evil” or “I hope he dies in the end” then you are probably okay…ish just try not to over do it.
      2: If you are playing this thinking “ZOMFG this is the hottest thing ever” or ” dude, she looks like my neighbor” or “I bet I could…” STOP!!! DO NOT PASS GO! GO STRAIGHT TO THERAPY!!!!

  12. I couldn’t get into this, its just too sickening, the dev went off the deep end, even if you choose the non violent options, they’re still horrible, the mc is a total psycho. I don’t recommend this

    1. Do you enjoy playing games that are clearly not for you? Not only did the developer give a fair warning about its contents under the Overview tab, but did you miss the ‘bestiality’, ‘graphic violence’, ‘necrophilia’ and ‘rape’ tags? Really, what were you expecting? Stardew Valley? I really don’t get people like you.

      Can you explain your thought process to me? I’m just curious.

      1. Yeah, if you’ve seen my posts, I just go into random ones or whatever’s on the front page and try it out if I haven’t already. I saw this one a while ago w/o reading tags, then saw it got updated, and checked it out, went in blind and got disturbed by the content. So I just deleted and moved on. Just wanted to check in and see any replies.

        1. Ok, thank you for clearing that up, Destiny.

          Sorry if I came on too strong. Even though we’re all ‘anonymous’ here, I still strive to be civil in my replies. There are certain people here who are so obnoxious and toxic, that it gets a bit under my skin sometimes. I don’t think you’re one of them, though, so therefore I say sorry.

  13. Am I the only one who thinks this game is bad? I’m not talking about the content of the game, just the game itself.

  14. I tried this one, couple minutes in, major info dropped, this is an insane vn, some messed up things are done, ain’t for me, I tried but the moment this guy is free, the guy has the option to do some messed up stuff off the bat.

  15. I noticed such a trend as soon as they make a hard dominant ms man, then all this is a horror, a shame, bad, etc. but how do femdom when women mock men, etc. this is normal, so where is the logic, it seems to me that something is wrong here! Thanks to the author for a very bold project!

  16. This game covers all the kinks/fetishes. Female psychologist plays the major role in changing MC behaviour. She’s the one with twisted personality. Without dark kinks such as necrophilia, rape, bestiality, BDSM, Depravity etc this game is pretty much simple. MC’s inner demon is just next level psychopath.

    1. my mother burned my hand with hot metal when I was 5 because of a silly reason.
      so those scenes doesnt bother me at all.

  17. Missing tags; Bestiality, sharing, cuckold, racism….so I would say get ready for anything here.
    Pretty surprised author is on Patreon with this content.

  18. The game description warns about content, most comment do the same…so if you post a comment you certainly read other as well…no point to whine about it any more.
    Yes the games has violent content, yes MC is a fucked up psycho, and yes …player has very little choices to avoid it.
    Comment only based on gameplay up to day 3.
    Animations are bad. Story is very dark with almost every character being messed up, MC might even not be the worst in all that.
    Player has very little influence on MC behaviour. It’s almost about trying to find the path with lowest damage. S
    Some hard core kinks that can really be disturbing for some players (necro, drinking watersports, fisting, rape…) all this up do day2.
    Stopped at start of day 3 as MC went even further with the humiliating domination in his household…nothing for me but I don’t judge anyone liking this kind of story …..IT IS A FANTASY STORY!!!!

  19. How I can report this weirdest thing? İt is not a game also TEEN’s will play this, This bullshit must remove!

  20. Why is it immediately when something criminal happens that games are to blame for this?
    Don’t you think that games on the contrary keep such people from committing this or that crime?
    Why do they withhold because they satisfy their needs but at the same time without harming anyone!

    1. But such people then go and read morals to others!
      I have a question, how do you differ from the developer who did it and calls to kill him?

  21. i played it and my honest review is its trash. the story is garbage and i was expecting some horrific visuals but its not even that bad. 2/10

  22. stop being idiots my friends!
    you dont need to destroy something that doesnt exist.
    open your eyes and see the real crimes that are happening around us, most ppl never realize.
    this game is harsh for sure but the fact that you get to experience what is like to be someone like the MC, in a totally harmless environment, is an opportunity for you to make a better human being out of yourself.
    and if it made you worse, it’s not the game to blame.
    and if you simply couldnt keep up with the game to see what it has for you, it means this experience is just out of your level.
    I went through the most of the game with a soft smile on my face but I know I cant expect this from everyone.
    I have huge respect for the devs for their bravery.
    and know that, there is nothing obsolete is this world, nothing, NOTHING.

    1. TBH i cant force myself to like this vn I actually hate it.
      maybe you’re right, it’s just beyond me to accept.

    2. I dont give a fuck about your fucking philosophy.
      I like this game because I hate my fucking family and I can do things wish I could do IRL in this game.
      that’s it

      1. So It is only a matter of time you do these things IRL and put yourself in fucking jail then dumbass schizo bitch.

  23. To – The Movie Reference: Hey, only some of us are Nerds. The rest are geeks, and/or freaks. Not always between the sheets. Personally, I prefer pop rocks. ; )

    To Storm: I don’t think now is the best time for anyone to go to Ukraine. Considering a fair contingient of your peoples came to my country of Canada and elsewhere as refugees to escape being slain in a war most of Russia opposed, and your country didn’t want. Which is for some reason still being reported on, and somehow ongoing, as far as I’ve heard. It may be less dangerous now than it was then, but I’d wait until both armies withdraw fully and people can return safely to their home country if they so choose, before I’d advise anyone to go on a holiday there. No offense meant.

  24. You think wack job murders just start out that way? It’s incremental and for some people things like this push them in that direction. Why do think there is so much grooming going on today?

  25. i wanted to play this game because of the comment just 2 see but the more i read the more i dont want to play

  26. You can watch real life videos of this stuff if you really want to.
    As a game you know it is only a fantasy, not real. Not even as violent as GTA.

  27. Let’s just say that this game is for a specific public. It’s a really good game, bold, courageous and extremelly sincere in what it is. Like said one of it’s character, Ms. Stones: “An horrible world make horrible people”. Congratulations for the team behind this, maybe, “master piece”. If you like the works of Marquis de Sade, you will enjoy this game, jus be prepared to look into the abyss.

    1. More like if you are a sick fuck you’ll like the game. But nice attempt to sugar coat a massive turd.

  28. Let’s just say that this game is for a specific public. It’s a really good game, bold, courageous and extremelly sincere in what it is. Like said one of it’s character, Ms. Stones: “An horrible world make horrible people”. Congratulations for the team behind this, maybe, “master piece”. If you like the works of Marquis de Sade, you will enjoy this game, jus be prepared to look into the abyss.

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