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Editor's Rating

Story - Prepare to embark on a wild ride through a world where the story might not be the main dish, but it certainly spices things up. - 78%
Visual - Hold on to your screens, folks! - 64%
Engagement - Ah, engagement – the heartbeat of any game. - 89%
Core Loop - Now, let's talk about the heart of any gaming experience – the core loop. In - 92%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 3.13 ( 28 votes)

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  1. The system of passing the graphics, I fucking came to the mathematical porn circle idiocy. Because of this crap, the plot turns out to be ragged, not clear, the scenes are no longer interesting, it just kills all the desire to play this sludge!

    1. Can you stfu and learn how to use a fucking search engine, you freeloading niggers. This is not the fucking welfare office where we are all here to give you free handouts.

      1. it would have taken less effort to type the answer to this question. what’s it like being so filled with hate? you’re just a sad bully.

        1. Shut up Mike, not even you typed any answers, if he’s a bully, you’re just a stalker then.

          Greg, go to their official sites and pay if you want the latest update.

  2. Yes it is very easy and fun, but despite the easiness what I appreciate is that the dev tries to give all the girls individuality and to bring variety how the MC approaches the girls. In this way, it is entertaining to see all the different ways of getting acquainted with the girls.

  3. I like this game because it is so easy. The girls are nice to look at, the animations are good – perfect for times I want to relax my brain and not be challenged by complex stories or games.

    1. Stange. I never saw the first ad. Ads are for faggots. You must be another dumb faggot that doesn’t know how to disable ads.

    1. Bless your little heart. You’ve finally found what a dictionary is! And here I thought you were just the brainless twat you always are on here.

  4. an island filled with almost only sluts and whores …
    no REAL conquest for the MC since all women are preselected and want to be fucked by him.
    so not much buildup. it’s just a fuckfest with no real story.
    i couldn’t make it through all girls before getting bored.
    alot is wrong with this game
    but i guess it’s a honest game with no big ambition to be some groundbreaking experience.
    positive is there are no other males or that trans stuff and there are some good looking girls.
    standard HS graphics and animations. no music/sounds.
    but again almost all of them were selected for pretty much being ran through cum dumbsters
    and only one real ‘pure’ girl.
    they also sometimes mention some of their previous escapades. quite a turn-off for me.
    my other concern is with MC already being able to fuck all the girls pretty fast
    there is a very real danger that the dev will introduce fucked up fetishes in hopes to keep the players attention.
    for guys wanting a brainless quick fap it servers its purpose.
    not my cup of tea though.

    1. Watching the responses to well thought out posts is hilarious sometimes…whether or not I agree with the post makes no difference!

  5. So many characters and none but only one of those is male. Why so restricted? But whatever, with so many girls why there is Sleep Sex, you fucking rapist ?

    1. so not only are you getting angry at something that’s not real your also saying your interested in fucking dudes your also a beta cuck trash faggot who wants NTR?

      1. So to you “NTR” is not ok but “Sleep Sex” (one of many form of raping) is ok?
        And I’m not angry, just pointing out some things and questioning.
        And NO, I despise NTR too.

      2. @ISeeDeadPeople
        You know, your propensity for making assumptions is really shining through. As unlikely as it may be, it is possible that Anon here is actually a woman and that they are straight.

        1. oh i’m sorry did my comment some how bother you my assumptions are exactly that MINE you make it sound like that is some how a new thing and that i should some how feel bad for making said assumption well sorry to disappoint you but i don’t i am allowed to think and say whatever i feel like regardless of if it is right or wrong just like you and that anon i responded too, if that some how bothers you or that anon then that is both on you not me

      3. Then why do you masturbate looking at a picture of a woman on the computer that you don’t know at all, and that woman doesn’t like you, she likes another computer picture, but you, the third party, hate ntr?

      4. Then why do you masturbate looking at a picture of a woman on the computer that you don’t know at all, and that woman doesn’t like you, she likes another computer picture, but you, the third party, hate ntr?

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